WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/13/13…Rated R Smackdown

2 days away from Night of Champions, we are in Ottawa, Canada, with Michael Cole and JBL welcoming us to the show. Tonight, we are in for a treat with a Cutting Edge, featuring Edge’s guests, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.

Here comes The Big Show.

Big Show has to be punished for what forbidding HHH’s orders on Monday night for not knocking out Daniel Bryan. So, Big Show reads a heartfelt apology for letting the locker room down by not setting a good example as a locker room leader.

Here comes HHH.

HHH informs Big Show that he runs a business, and with any business there are rules. And if those rules aren’t followed, then consequences have to be paid. He has no other choice but to….

Show begs for HHH not to fire him, and Hunter assures him he isn’t, but he will suspend him without pay for tonight. And for someone like Big Show, that is alot.

He leaves, and The Shield enters.

Big Show fights them off, and dares them to come after him at the announce table. When they think they have him, he fights back. He brings them back to the ring, and tries to chokeslam them. Somehow, he fights them back, and is about to knock out Rollins, but Reigns nails him with a chair.

They talk trash to him, saying this is his fault, and deliver a Triple Powerbomb.

That was a fun segment kicking the show off.

Believe in The Shield.

Tonight, Cole will interview Heyman and Axel, 2 days before their match with CM Punk.

Another 6-Diva match with Total Divas Vs WWE, the same match from Raw, with AJ Lee joining us at commentary.

AJ causing the DQ again, running after the Total Divas, and they all corner her, and deliver their respective finishing moves.

Later tonight, Dolph Ziggler will face Dean Ambrose, and if Ziggler wins, he receives an US Title match, at Night of Champions.

Vickie Guerrero is on her way out to the ring, next.

And Vickie’s surprise for us? A WWE Dance-off for the superstars.

The competitors of this contest are R-Truth, Fandango, with Mrs. Fandango.

The Miz comes out, dressed in 1970’s attire, I guess he wants in this contest.

For this night only….he will be known as Mizko Inferno.

Here comes The Great Khali.

Why not?

Well, The Miz won this contest, he tried some twerking, but didn’t work out. Truth was funny though, dancing with everyone. Fandango of course was offended, and tried to fight off Awesome Truth, but they fought off Fandango.

They should just reunite the tag team.

When we come back, Vickie tells us there is a new interviewer backstage, and that is none other than Ryback.

He is interviewing Robert Evans, from Ottawa, Canada. He weighs 185 pounds, and is in ring attire.

Ryback is now bullying this guys, because he dares to dream to wrestle for WWE.

Ryback slaps him in the face, and says his dreams is to beat the holy hell out of people like Robert Evans.

Vickie is in her office, Ricardo Rodriguez was summoned.

For the best for business, Ricardo is not in RVD’s corner at Night of Champions. She is looking best for Ricardo’s safety.

Ricardo is freaking out, and Vickie says okay, he can be in RVD’s corner at NOC, but tonight, RVD can be in Ricardo’s corner when he faces Alberto Del Rio.

Later tonight, Michael Cole will interview Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman.

Damien Sandow is in action, next.

Damien informs us he will defeat Santino Marella, to help out pathetic minds, eh. You’re welcome.

Santino Vs Sandow, now.

Wow, Santino wins with a Cobra.

Nothing more to add there.

Heyman and Curtis Axel are next.

Michael Cole is in the ring, introducing us to Heyman and Axel.

We see video of Punk and Heyman.

Cole brings up that ever since Punk lost his WWE Title, their relationship has detonated. And with CM Punk’s guarantee that he will get his hands on Heyman, how can these two coexist as a team?

Axel asks Cole can’t he see that Heyman has lost sleep? He knows how important this is to Paul, which is why Punk will not get his hands on Heyman, because Curtis will beat him.

Heyman brings up he is a man of peace, he is not a fighter. Which is why he is making this a general boycott of this Sunday’s PPV. I mean do we have to spend our money to see Heyman get beaten down on? Doesn’t your wife need new shoes? Or the kids need a college fund, how about saving money for that? Because Punk will get his hands on Heyman. Not because he is a better wrestler than Curtis Axel, not because he is a better fighter, but because Heyman taught him every dirty trick he knows, he is the prodigal son of Heyman.

This Sunday, CM Punk will get his hands on Heyman, he will slaughter him, he will beat him up so bad that this will be the last time we get to see Paul Heyman.

The crowd loves this.

If this is the last time they get together, Heyman will always love CM Punk, but he will never forgive each and every one of us.

The crowd sings na-na-na-na goodbye to Heyman.

Earlier tonight, HHH suspended Big Show without pay, and here comes The Shield taking out Big Show.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Ricardo Rodriguez is now.

Del Rio pins Ricardo with a reverse Super Plex. He tries to give Ricardo a Cross Arm Breaker, but RVD stops him, and gives him a Five Star Frogsplash.

World Heavyweight Title match is this Sunday.

A video now promoting Orton Vs Bryan, this Sunday at Night of Champions.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Dean Ambrose is up now.

The Shield runs in and causes a DQ, but here come The Uso’s to help Ziggler out.

Excuse me…

Vickie comes out again to confirm with the DQ win, Ziggler will get his chance for the United States Title against Dean Ambrose, at Night of Champions.

But now, we have a 6-man tag match, next.

The Shield wins the match when Rollins pins Jey, with a gut stopping a Body Splash, and win the match.

The Cutting Edge, with Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton as Edge’s guest is next.

Here comes Edge.

HHH says he brought back Edge, because it;s what’s good for business. But Edge came back, because of the fans.

He won’t forget what HHH said Monday night, he lost respect for the man because he married into this business, and at some point, he lost his genitals. He also won’t forget what his goon squad, The Shield did to his best friend Christian. And Christian, when you come back, don’t come back for one more match, come back to tear them apart.

The Cutting Edge is also a show where we cut the crap. So how about we get to that, with Edge’s two guests. “The Viper” Randy Orton, and Daniel Bryan.

Nobody gets a reaction like Daniel Bryan does, nobody.

Edge asks Orton how it feels to be a sell-out?

Orton brings up how he is a 10-time champion, and Edge is a has-been.

Edge is an 11-time champion, but this is not about him.

So these two need to talk.

Orton brings up he is not a sell-out. He did what Daniel would have done, what Edge would have done, what anyone else would have done. He took advantage of a situation. HHH and Stephanie were talking about what is best for business, and while Daniel is good for business, Orton is great for business.

Daniel tells him to shut up.

Daniel has heard enough of this best for business. Numbers aren’t important to Daniel, its dreams. His dream has always been a WWE Champion. He felt that, and wants it back. He knows he can beat him, and will do so this Sunday.

Orton tries to hit a RKO, but Daniel reverses it with a Yes Lock, and Orton is tapping out, with officials coming out to break them up, and end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This just wasn’t a good show tonight to set up Night of Champions. The only true highlights were beginning and end of the show. Every thing else was just there, including The Shield’s match, because they did what they always do…..cause a DQ, get set up as a tag match, and win.

But I loved how they eventually tamed the giant, and seeing Edge again is a good thing.

Regardless, Night of Champions is this Sunday. I am guessing Show will come out, and cost Daniel the match, by order of HHH. I will be shocked if that doesn’t happen.

What were your thoughts of the show? Send them my way.


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