Impact Wrestling 9/19/13…AJ Styles Calls Out Dixie Carter

Just moments before the show starts, Jason Hervey interviews Magnus. Magnus was this close of winning the BFG Series, and he left everything in the ring. Bobby Roode confronts him, and the rest of EGO attack him from behind, but we see officials come over and break this up.

Last week, Bully Ray took care of Mr. Anderson, with the brothers showing everyone whose side they are on….Bully Ray.

Also, AJ Styles won the BFG Series, tonight, he has a message for Dixie Carter.

Impact Wrestling is now.

We are in St. Louis, Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

Magnus is coming to the ring.

His ribs hurt, his knees hurt, he hasn’t been able to chew food for a week, and it’s because he was this close to winning BFG Series. He believes AJ Styles is the best in the business, and he thinks he will become new World Heavyweight Champion. But he has an issue with three men that came to the ring during the match. St. Louis, the greatest city in America, we all know St. Louis is Mafia Country.

He wants any of the three men that have the guts to come out and fight him.

Kazarian comes out first, but here come Daniels too.

Here comes Roode.

Enter Sting and Joe.

We might have a 6-man match tonight. Sting confirms it, and it’s official.

Tenay and Taz show us video from last week with AJ Styles winning the BFG Series, and calling out Dixie Carter.

These two go face to face, later tonight.

Next, Jeff Hardy Vs Manik.

Sabin is backstage, telling it takes guts for Manik to go to Hogan and demand he wants Hardy. Sabin is a big fan, and he is here for him, he believes he had a big part of Manik’s success, and he just wants to back him.

Hardy Vs Manik, next.

Sabin and Velvet Sky come out to the ringside to watch the match.

Hardy wins with a Swanton. Competitive match, but the veteran prevails. Hardy and Manik shake hands after the match.

Sabin comes to the ring, he raises Manik’s hand, and than nails him from behind, turning heel. He runs away when Hardy comes out. Velvet seems to be surprised too.

Earlier tonight, Dixie Carter enters the building. Hervery is trying to drill questions, and all Dixie says is she has alot on her plate.

Still to come tonight, a face to face with AJ Styles and Dixie Carter.

Why did Sabin attack Manik? He is very disrespectful, everyone disrespect him. A former 6-time X-Division Champion, a former World Champion, former Tag Team Champion. He is a trailblazer, and nobody gives him his respect, especially the fans. So he is going to take that respect.

Knockout Title match is up now, ODB Vs Mickie James.

ODB becomes a 4-time Knockout Champion, pinning Mickie with a Bam.

Eric Young and Joseph Park come out to celebrate, and here come The Broskis.

What’s going on here, bro? Eric Young is married to “that”, but Joseph Park is just a third wheel loser, bro.

Joseph has the mic, who the hell do you think they are? Trying to diminish the new Knockout Champion, ODB. How dare you two try to besmirch the holy of matrimony. And how dare these two try to embarrass St. Louis by wearing those ridiculous outfits.

If he wasn’t wearing this suit, he’d put up his dukes, and teach them to a lesson.

In Broman’s words, it looks like Joseph is trying to challenge him. EY informs us that Joseph has a suit on, but unfortunately for them, he does not.

EY Vs Robbie E. now.

And just like that, a rollup to get a count of 3. Very quick match.

Robbie wasn’t ready for EY, he wants Joseph. But Joseph has a suit on, and Robbie asks him if he’s scared of him, you fat bastard.

The match is on, next.

We come back to the match, and Robbie charges the ring, but misses Joseph and Park rolls him up for the 1….2….3.

Broman’s attack both men, and lay them both out.

Joseph sees his own blood, and transforms into his brother, Abyss. Chokeslam, followed by Black Hole Slam.

EY sees what happened, and smiles, giving Joseph a hug.

We still don’t have a medical update on Mr. Anderson.

We see video now from last week at No Surrender.

Bully Ray and Brooke Tessmacher are on their way to the ring, next.

Hogan wants to know what is going on with AJ Styles. Dixie ignores him, and tells him she will take care of it.

Aces and 8’s come out with the World Heavyweight Champion, Bully Ray.

Everyone is happy to see him, and where is Ken Anderson>? He couldn’t quit make it, could he? He has a question for the not so smart St. Louis fans….do you know who he is? He’s Bully Ray, the World Heavyweight Champion, and president of Aces and 8’s. There is nothing we can do about it.

He couldn’t win last week if it wasn’t for someone special to him. He goes up to the boys, thinking it’s them, but it’s because of Brooke. He is like the wing beneath his wings. The way she came to the ring, and hit Ken Anderson in the nuts for him, that is why he is the World Heavyweight Champion.

He sees Wes Briscoe, who isn’t happy. He thinks this should be about Aces and 8’s, but then just her came into the group.

Bully tells him to shut his mouth, and Bischoff shows he has a set of balls, telling him he needs to set his priorities straight.

Bully can appreciate his passion, but he shoves him to the corner, and tells him don’t he ever step out of line. He made both of them, and if they ever talk back to him again, he will slap them both in the face.

What about Knux? He has been in this club since day one, they used to have 25 members, now they are down to 4. What does that say about leadership? Bully Ray is forgetting about the first rule in the club….bros before ho’s.

Bully Ray shoves him, and says don’t he ever refer to the beautiful Brooke as a ho.

Knux went right after Bully and Bully bails out of the ring, before getting Brooke out of dodge.

Trouble with Aces and 8’s.

Sting is rallying The Mafia about their match tonight. Magnus is ready.

Chavo and Hernandez are going to face Gunner and “Cowboy” James Storm, now.

I guess not, Chavo is injured, and the doctor has not medically cleared him, so no fight tonight.

Gunner came out to fight, so before he leaves the ring, he is going to fight someone.

How about Hernandez? Gunner Vs Hernandez, while Storm stands at ringside, drinking some beer for Gunner.

Gunner beat Hernandez with a Kneebuster, pinning Hernandez.

AJ Styles is in the building, later tonight, he goes face to face with Dixie Carter. But next, Roode, Daniels, and Kazarian facing Sting, Joe, and Magnus.

Ego Vs Main Event Mafia in 6-man tag action, now.

Sting had Daniels set for the Scorpion Death Lock, but Roode came in with the bat, and Magnus sacrificed himself, was nailed by the bat, and pinned. Ego picking up the win.

Next, our face to face with AJ Styles and Dixie Carter.

AJ Styles has been here since day one in Nahville, Tennessee. The Asylum, just a band of brothers bonding together to put TNA on the map. Then poof, it happened….Dixie Carter bought her a wrasslin’ company. No blood, no sweat, no experience in wrestling at all. The problem is she broke up the chemistry that made TNA what it was. Because she had stars in her eyes. What happened to Jerry Lynn? Lo-Ki? Dixie traded those two talents for guys that needed 2 year paid vacation, then send them back where they belong.

Booker T, perhaps?

For what? So Alex Shelley couldn’t be here? Jay Lethal? Petey Williams? All of these great wrestlers are gone. And it pisses him off. He asks the crowd is he’s not the only one pissed off about it.

But here is her biggest mistake, and it’s staring you in the face. He has an opportunity of winning the World Heavyweight Title, and despite what the internet says, he doesn’t have a contract here. When he says this, there isn’t a contract back there that has any respect for her. All of the band of brothers she picked off one by one, she has one left standing. He’s going to win the title for him, for those band of brothers, for the fans. He is going to make her get on her knees and beg, then make her pay.

Here comes Dixie.

Oh wow.

He dares her to say something, he would expect a tweet, but say something.

She has known him a long time, and honestly for him to come out and say these things, he means them from his bottom of his heart. She is sorry, as president of this company, she is held accountable. She is held accountable to her staff, to these fans. She is held accountable to AJ, and she is sorry.

Dixie just turned heel.

She is sorry that she never told him he was just a little better than any fish in the pond, and she means any pond. This whole Phenomenal One thing is just an illusion that she created, just a marketing gimmick for all of the 5 star matches he used to have. She can’t even remember the last time she had one.

Everything about him lately has been sub par that he is lucky she isn’t calling him a submarginal one. She is thankful for him, to allow her to come to her ring, on her show, and to have a chance to respond top the crap he has criticized her lately. By the way, without her Daddy’s paychecks, he would still be in a trailer, and this house he so-called built? This is HER house, and he is lucky she still allows him to play in it.

AJ has the mic, and says now she must know where that mic she is using truly belongs.

She order his mic to be cut off, and we quickly end the show, the lights go off and we immediately go to Bellator Fighting.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very interesting show here, not quite as good as last week, but this certainly made The Road to Bound for Glory more fun.

AJ Styles Vs Dixie Carter, this reminds me of CM Punk a few years ago, when Punk spilled his guts to the world about his situation, and having Dixie turn heel was an interesting twist. The replies she made to AJ hurt AJ’s heart. AJ’s comments about his band of brothers was fantastic, and Dixie twisted the knife in his back.

Where do we go from here? Because we must now see Bully Ray added to the mix with this.

I liked Ego and Main Event Mafia go head to head, and this will continue. Magnus sacrificing himself was a good, added touch. He’s a rising star.

Nice to see ODB with the Knockout Title again, and right now, this appears the end of Mickie James, but with her singing career, and how WWE may disapprove that, she could be back in TNA in a few months. Problem though is how do you rebuild the Kncokouts Division, because who is left to challenge ODB?

Chris Sabin turning heel, eh, if they turned him into a bitch, they might as well turn him heel. But he’s going back to the X-Division? Is he ever going to get his rematch for the World Heavyweight Title?

Let’s see where Impact Wrestling goes from here? What were your thoughts of tonight’s show? Send me your thoughts.


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