WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/20/13…There Is a Mutiny On The Horizon

Video clips of HHH’s interview this week with Michael Cole.

Tonight, we are in Cincinnati, Ohio. Vickie Guerrero is in the ring.

Excuse me?

She is here to get an explaniation from a man that has held the WWE Titles for a little over than 24 hours.

Here comes Daniel bryan, calling Vickie a corporate stooge, and he loves his life. These two bicker, Daniel makes it clear, he knocked out Orton, and he would have been out for 20 seconds.

Well, we get a look at the 10 men that helped Daniel Bryan, they are Primetime Players, Uso Brothers, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, RVD, Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel. We are going to have an 11 on 3 Gauntlet match, with every man facing all three members of The Shield.

Paul Heyman defeated CM Punk at Night of Champions, and Ryback is in action, later tonight.

Our first match tonight is AJ Lee taking on Naomi in a non-title match, with Natalya at ringside.

AJ wins the match with a Black Widow. Nattie and AJ stare each other down after the match.

When we come back, Santino Marella will go one on one with Jack Swagger, after Zeb Colter gave us a run down on Santino, and if he’s illegal or not, whatever.

Santino wins with a back slide, nothing more, nothing less.

We The People

Ryback is in action, next.

Vido footage of Ryback helping Paul Heyman on Sunday night.

And here comes the man, with Heyman being wheeled by Curtis Axel.

Ryback’s opponent is Nick Mardone.

Heyman is giving us the same promo he gave us Monday night, almost word for word. He’s the best in the world.

Shellshock, match is over. Heyman and Axel were impressed.

“The Viper” Randy Orton makes his way to the ring, next.

Daniel Bryan will face Orton in 2 weeks at a PPV called Battleground.

Randy was the WWE Champion, and he went into Night of Champions as WWE Champion, but then he lost the title. The title was held up, and now nobody has the title, and he has himself to blame, for losing.

He surpressed his feelings, because he thought rthat is what we wanted. He went to anger management, and came to a better place in his mind. But then HHH and Stephanie wanted the old Randy orton back, and we see what took place this past Monday night when he took out Cleveland’s favorite son, The Miz, in front of his parents.

There is no champion, but after Battlground, he promises to get that back, and will become your….no my WWE Champion.

Here come The Shield.

Gauntlet match is next.

Darren Young is up first in fighting The Shield.

Spear by Reigns….next.

It’s Titus O’ Neil.

Triple Powerbomb, that is all she wrote.

I’m here to show the world…

Ziggler is next.

Ziggler is counted out, and Kofi Kingston is next.

Kofi is done, getting pinned by Ambrose, with a reverse driver.

RVD is next.

RVD has the Five-Star Frogsplash set up, but here comes HHH to stop the match. He is upset at Vikki for setting this match up, ordering her to join him at his office.

HHH wants to know why she put this match together. 10 guys, what happens next is we will have 20 guys coming after you. She will put The Shield in a 6-man tag match with The Shield taking on The Uso’s and Daniel Bryan.

We go back to Monday Night Raw Rebound, and see Stephanie McMahon giving Dusty Rhodes a proposition.

HHH wants to talk with Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder. HHH wants to apologize for Vickie’s mistake, they thank him for doing that, but they want competition. Hunter tells them to go to the ring, and they will find out who their opponents are, bro.

Zack and Justin are facing off against The Wyatt Family.

Wyatt Family wins the match when Luke Harper nails Zack with a wicked Lariant.

Bray nails him with a Sister Abagail. He promises that as long as they put these people up, they will keep putting the down.

Follow the buzzards.

Tonight, The Shield will face Daniel Bryan and The Uso’s.

RVD is checking on the trainer’s room. HHH asks him how he feels, and he wanted to say Vickie had everything to do with putting them in the match, and at Breakdown, he is going for the World Heavyweight Title match against Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio attacks RVD from behind, and takes him out.

The Truth comes out to rap for us. His opponent is the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio makes Truth tap out to his Cross Arm Breaker.

Our main event is up now, The Shield facing The Uso’s and Daniel Bryan.

Daniel wins the match with a kick to the head by Daniel. Daniel is on a roll, he is headed to Battleground to face Orton.

The show ends with all 6 men starding victorious in the ring.


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