WWE Monday Night Raw 9/30/13….The Rhodes Family Unite

I hope you had a great weekend, it was a great sports weekend for me. I live in Canton, Ohio, so I am a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan, and they won Saturday night. Cleveland Browns upset the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Cleveland Indians made the MLB Postseason yesterday. Ohio sports fans have suffered through alot the last 20 years, maybe we are turning the corner?

But now it’s time for Raw.

Here we go.

We are 6 days away from Battleground, and CM Punk kicks the show off.

October is Cancer Awareness Month, get used to hearing this, because WWE is teaming with Susan G. Komen Foundation all month-long.

Punk is okay with everything that happened last week, because this ends with Punk making Curtis Axel go to sleep. This ends when Punk shows Ryback what truly happens to bullies, and this ends when he finally gets his hands on Paul Heyman.

This could end this Sunday when Punk faces Ryback. This could end next Monday night on Raw. Or this could end tonight, live on USA Network, on Raw.

Punk is in a fighting mood for months, and he doesn’t care if its Curtis Axel, Ryback, or Paul Heyman himself. The record books might say Heyman pinned Punk, but he is going to put his hands on Heyman.

And here comes Brad Maddox, without any music.

Brad can understand if Punk wants to get his hands on any of those men, but it’s not good for business. He does get Ryback this Sunday, so what else does he want?

Punk wants aggression, and enter Big E. Langston.

Is the match on?


Punk wins the match with a GTS. Impressive win.

Tonight, we get a Face to Face with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.

Now, a video talking about The Rhodes Family.

Tonight, we get a Family Summit with The Rhodes Family.

It’s Summer Rae, and Fandango.

He is going to face Kofi Kingston.

Kofi picks up the win with Trouble in Paradise, beating Fandango.

We’re here….

The Wyatt Family are out now.

He always wanted to know why things happened to him, and if it was ever going to end. But then he realizes what he must do. One by one, they all must fall down.

Follow the buzzards.


At the Battleground Kick-Off Show, we will see Dolph Ziggler take on Damien Sandow.

Brie Bella is the Number One Contender, and will face AJ Lee for the Divas Title, this Sunday at Battleground.

Randy Orton wants to congratulate Brie Bella for her wedding engagement to Daniel Bryan. He wants to know when the wedding is. She does not answer, and the reason he asked is he wanted to make sure the wedding was before this Sunday, so he can walk.

Renee Young is standing by with Paul Heyman.

Punk seems so obsessed on getting his hands on Heyman, and it’s something that won’t happen. CM Punk is a nobody, who became a Paul Heyman guy. A Paul Heyman guy that became the WWE Champion. A WWE Champion that forgot about us.

Curtis Axel and Ryback are waiting for Punk to be a trap, but Heyman says he is a trap, because CM Punk wants to get his hands on him. He has a big presentation for tonight’s show, and he dares Punk to see it front and center.

Los Matadores will debut tonight….Ole.

Los Matadores are coming out with a little bull. They are Diego and Fernando, and will take on 3MB.

Los Matadores won their match, and El Tortillo is happy.


They show us Big Show knocking out Dusty Rhodes.

Our Rhodes Family Summit is next.

Go to Komen.org and find out how you can fight Breast Cancer.

Here comes HHH and Stephanie McMahon.

What’s so odd is about 13 years ago, they played an angle of Stephanie and HHH in charge of WWE, and now it’s a reality.

HHH wants to invite The Rhodes Family to come down to the ring.

Cue American Dream music, and Dustin has a suit on, with his face painted gold.

Stephanie congratulates Cody on his wedding. The Rhodes are not amused.

HHH asks them how many opportunities have they given them? Cody had a chance to face Orton, and keep his job, but he failed. Dustin had a chance to win Cody’s job, and he fails. Dusty had a chance to give Cody his job back, but he failed.

HHH calls Dusty a failure, and they offered his son a chance to get his job back, and Dusty told his wife to go to hell. And he got knocked out for it.

Stephanie tells Dusty that he trains future superstars, and he holds their careers in his hands.

She’d like to give Cody his job back. How about Dustin? Well, he can have a job. All they have to do is beat the World Tag Team Champions this Sunday, at Battleground. If they win, they get jobs. But if they lose, they will never work for WWE again.

Dusty takes his mic away from HHH.

He is big on getting into people’s faces.

One stipulation, Dusty in his boys corner, and he’ll be HHH’s huckleberry all night long.

Steph tells him he is on, but he seems to be in a fighting mood. Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.

The Shield attack The Rhodes Family from behind, and gives Cody a Triple Powerbomb.

Curtis Axel is going to take on R-Truth.

We hear CM Punk’s music, Curtis is waiting for him, but Truth wins with a Little Jimmy, and picks up the upset win.

Heyman realizes he has been had by Punk.

Brie Bella will be in action, next.

Trish Stratus is now the mother of a brand new baby boy, named Maximus. Congratulations Trish.

The story of Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan.

Brie is going to take on Alicia Fox.

Brie wins with an X-Factor.

Later tonight, Dolph Ziggler and The Uso’s take on The Shield.

We are backstage, Curtis Axel is walking around backstage. Heyman tells him that Punk is right in their hands.

Ryback shows up. He tells Heyman that if he wants us, they can go right to the ring.

Heyman tells Ryback to get something to eat.

Heyman has a man-crush on Ryback. He is going to go out to the ring, and propose to Ryback.

A video showing what The Big Show has done the last few weeks.

Renee Young is backstage, with The Big Show.

He is holding up as well as he can right now. We see last week on Smackdown, Big Show was about to erupt, hitting HHH.

His financial situation is being held over his head. People say be a man, do the right thing. It’s real easy to say when it not your neck on the line. He is being forced to choose the lesser of two evils. If it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t choose evil at all. He is a good person, but he is being forced to do horrible things. He knocked out a WWE Hall of Famer, a man he idolized growing up. Yet, he had to choose that, or watch The Shield take him out. There is only so much he can take. But Big Show can’t take it anymore, he won’t take it anymore. He is going to find HHH, and show him exactly how he feels.

He is going to knock HHH out.

When we come back, Truth wants an Intercontinental Title match with Curtis Axel. Brad Maddox will take it under advisement, and Big Show comes out, wanting to know where HHH is. He wants Brad to find him.

Zack Ryder is going to face Alberto Del Rio, now.

Del Rio makes Zack tap out to the Cross Arm Breaker. This Sunday, Del Rio faces RVD to a Battleground Hardcore Match.

Will Paul Heyman propose to Ryback? We will find out, next.

Go to Kormen.org/WWE to see what more you can do to fight Breast Cancer.

Paul Heyman and Ryback come out.

Heyman makes it known he owns CM Punk, and no matter what has happened, Heyman is one step ahead of Punk.

We check Exhibit A.

Punk’s beatdown from last week.

Heyman says that Paunk has a committment to break his face. But the reason why he is smiling, is because of one man who independently stopped CM Punk, and that is Ryback.

One thing Ryback hates is a bully. All of that knowledge that Heyman gave to Punk, all of the friendship he took from Heyman, all of that hatred he has, and hurl it all in front of Heyman. Paul is a genius, and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for him.

2013 is such a progressive year, where people can come out and feel the way they can, without the superficial feelings they may have. Paul has an extra step, he can smile, and that’s because of Ryback. Which is why….

The crowd interrupts Heyman.

This needs to become a full committment, you can call it partnership, marriage, all commitments are permanent. From the opening match, to the main event, he wants to make this committment work, and dammit, Heyman wants to make an honest man out of Ryback.

Heyman gets on one knee, and he asks him to be a Paul Heyman guy, what else were you thinking? Come on now.

Here comes CM Punk’s music, again.

Punk jumps over the barricade, and he hurt himself.

It was very quiet, as Punk tried to get some help, even Heyman came over to check on him, and Punk found a kendo stick, and oh boy did he have some fun.

He whacked Heyman, took out Ryback, and put Curtis Axel to sleep.

1 of 3 so far.

The Shield is ready for their match against Dolph Ziggler and The Uso Brothers.

The Shield wins the match with a spear by Reigns, pinning Ziggler.

Big Show is in HHH’s office, waiting for him. Will he show up?

Big Show is waiting for HHH, but Stephanie McMahon and the police come in. There was a disturbance, and Stephanie wants to make sure everything has been taking care of. She explains that Show doesn’t even know his own strength, and now there is a mortgage payment. She did speak to his wife today, and she revealed to Steph he hasn’t measured up to her expectations at home either.

Again, what is the point in all of this?

Youtube.com is showing RVD’s Top 10 Extreme Moments.

RVD is with, I am assuming Renee Young.

Alberto Del Rio doesn’t even know what hardcore means, you have to use your imagination. The perfect translation to hardcore in spanish is simple, even ADR can understand it….RVD.

The Great Khali Vs Antonio Cesaro is next. Lock the doors, and put the wife and children to bed, folks.

This Friday night on Smackdown, we will see The Big Show face The Shield in a 3-on-1 Handicap match.

Zeb Colter is on the mic, telling us that Mississippi is awful, or something.

We The People.

Santino Marella will face Antonio Cesaro, I guess. Not Khali.

Santino wins the match with a rollup. Not sure why, but he did.

Trumpet dance for everyone.

Face to Face is next, with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is in the ring, and he brings up that Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are engaged, and here comes Daniel Bryan.

Now King welcomes Randy Orton, and here he comes.

King reminds them this is a verbal confrontation only. That never ends well.

HHH made the decision to strip Daniel Bryan of the WWE Championship after Night of Champions.

Orton was upset at first that HHH didn’t hand him the title, but now it inspired him. “The Viper” no longer is watered down to cater to the fans. Now he is “The Viper” who took out The Miz in his hometown, and his mother begged him to stop.

But Orton is genetically superior to Daniel’s goatface B+ troll.

Daniel tells him he talks a great game, but why did HHH feel the need to motivate Randy? Maybe because he is marketable, put him on DVDs, or maybe he knew he can’t reach his full potential without it. Daniel might be a goatface B+ troll, but he never needed motivation to reach his full potential.

At Battleground, he will beat him, and become the new WWE Champion.




Orton says that just because the fans can chant one syllable word, that things will happen just like that. Daniel is on a roll, after all, he is marrying a Bella. And that begs the question of what is wrong with her. But one day she will realize she is not married to a greek Adonis, but rather married to a barnyard animal.

Daniel attacks Randy, and the no-fighting rules are out the window.

Randy hits a draping DDT on Daniel, while Brie Bella comes out, begging him to stop.

Randy flips off the monitors on the announce table, with Brie begging him to stop.

RKO off the commentating table.

Officials are out, tending to Daniel, and the show ends with Randy in a comatose state walking away.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I don’t like 2 PPVs in the same month, because it’s not enough build to either of the PPVs, and tonight’s show did nothing to really make me want to see the show, except for one thing….The Rhodes Vs The Shield.

The best segment of the entire show, I love Dusty’s passion when he lays out a promo. I just want to see a video, about how important of a match this is. Let’s go in complete detail over Dusty’s relationship with The Shield, how he worked with them for FCW, and his relationship with his two sons. Do it WWE.

Also, I don’t care about Orton vs Bryan, because they didn’t put the emphasis that we don’t have a WWE Champion. Brie Bella was also a heel just last month, and now all of a suffen, we care about her?

And again, what the hell is up with The Big Show? He is the largest man in the business, yet HHH can mock him?

I am just over with this new corporation, and when it’s all said and done, John Cena will be the hero of WWE.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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    Dusty Rhodes better have an ace up his sleeve if he want his sons to beat the Sheild!

    • I think it’s a very real possibility that Dusty has something up his sleeve. It was the best part of Raw last night.

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