Impact Wrestling 10/3/13…Whose Side Are You On, Brother?

Tonight, we will find out who’s side Hulk Hogan is on, and Mike Tenay tells us that Magnus has challenged all 3 members of EGO to a Gauntlet Match, and here comes AJ Styles.

AJ tells us it’s put up or shut up at Bound for Glory. He doesn’t have a contract, but will win the World Heavyweight Title. He’s all in, and is the most dangerous man in the company.

Enter the World Heavyweight Champion, Bully Ray.

Dixie is in AJ’s head, he said he hopes to win. If he was a true champion, he would know he will become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Dixie is a gorgeous woman, but he doesn’t have to worry about her October 20th, he has to worry about Bully Ray.

Look at what he did to Hogan, Sting, Hardy, Anderson, his own brother. What can he do to AJ? He wants to be clear about this, AJ doesn’t have one thing he wants, except the fans. He wants to take that away from him. Everywhere he goes, he hears the fans chant AJ, and they won’t chant that after October 20th.

AJ tells him he is just like Dixie Carter. He uses people, and leaves them for dead, just like Dixie.

Bully feels a complement, she is a millionaire, he is a millionaire, she is ruthless, he is ruthless, she is somebody, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, and AJ better hope and pray that he has a shot in hell to beat him, or else he is sending him packing to go back to his wife, and 3 miserable kids.

Styles brings up he needs to stay focused, and even focus on his match tonight. Bully Ray says he doesn’t have a match, and Styles brings up Hogan has set up a match, and he is going to kill you….Joe is going to kill you.

Bully Ray is upset, he doesn’t have a match, but I guess he does.

Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. We are in Little Rock again.

We will see Joe Vs Bully Ray. Magnus has issued a Gauntlet Challenge, and we will hear from Hulk Hogan, whose side is he on?

AJ and Dixie have a confrontation. He is only obligated to wrestle at Bound for Glory, she tries to kick him out, but he leaves. He is done for the night.

Austin Aries joins Tenay and Taz. Our first match is Kenny King and Chris Sabin face Jeff Hardy and Manik.

Hardy and Manik win with a Swanton, pinning Kenny King. It’s amazing Kenny competed in the double tapings, and he had stitches put on his head.

Sabin tried to take out Manik and Hardy, but Aries had enough.

If Sabin wants to be an opportunist, then Bound for Glory, they have a Fatal 4-Way with Hardy, Manik, and Sabin. Jeff one-ups him….Ultimate X Match.

They all agree, and match is on.

We come back, with Sting and Hogan. Sting has Hogan’s back, no matter what. Dixie has a gift for Hogan, a watch. Let the games begin.

We now see last week, when EGO took down Magnus and Sting came into the dressing room to check on Magnus. Magnus needs to have a Gauntlet Challenge match with EGO. He has to beat them, but himself.

That match is next.

Magnus Vs “The Ring General” Christopher Daniels, now.

Magnus defeated Daniels, and Kazarian is next.

Kazarian tapped out with a Cloverleaf.

Roode is in now.

Roode made Magnus tap out to a reverse Figure Four, hurting his knee in the process.

After the match, Sting comes out, and Magnus is upset with himself. He feels he doesn’t belong with MEM, always losing. Sting assured him everything is cool, but Magnus said losing bothers him. So what does Magnus do next? All he wants is that stand up moment to take him to the next level, like Sting had with Flair. Magnus studies those tapes, he idolized Sting growing up, but what can he do?

Sting said a match at Bound for Glory against himself.

Magnus seems surprised by this, the two shake hands, and we have our match.

Austin Aries comes in, he wants Hogan’s take with Dixie. Hogan still doesn’t know, and Aries gives him a bit of an idea. He sees him in two sides, Red and Yellow, or Black and White. The choice seems obvious. Take care of the watch.

Video of Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan.

Tonight, will Hogan join Team Dixie, or Team AJ?

Sabin is backstage, he has to worry about himself. He has to worry about Hardy, Manik, and Aries. He is going to drink his diet soda, then do some yoga and meditate to plan our his strategy.

Next, Brooke Tessmacher Vs Velvet Sky, to determine the Number One Contender match to the Knockout Title.

Earlier tonight, Bobby Roode made Magnus tap out, and win his match.

They want to tell Bobby that he is being inducted into the first ever EGO Hall of Fame. The ceremony is next week.

Brooke Tessmacher Vs Velvet Sky, now.

The match never happens because Lei’D Tapa makes her return, and destroys Velvet Sky, topping off with a Samoan Drop. She made a statement.

Still to come, Hulk Hogan will make his choice, and we will see Samoa Joe Vs Bully Ray, next.

Etan is coming, and we see him entering a restaurant. We don’t see his face, just his back, but he is not amused.

Video on “Cowboy” James Storm and Gunner. Remember, they are World Tag Team Champions.

We have the Bound for Glory Countdown, and see a Tag team Gauntlet, with the winner going on to Bound for Glory to face Gunner and Storm. Daniels and Kazarian Vs Bro-Man’s Vs Chavo and Hernandez Vs Joseph Park and Eric Young.

Kurt Angle will make his return at Bound for Glory, and we see video of Kurt.

Joe Vs Bully, now.

Bully is DQ’d when he has a chain, and uses it. But Earl sees it and calls for the DQ.

When Bully is about to take out Joe, AJ Styles comes through the crowd, and nails Bully Ray. He runs away from security, and celebrates with the crowd.

Hulk Hogan’s decision is next.

Dixie Carter comes to the ring, with a smile on her face.

She understand alot of us haven’t been happy with her decisions lately, but it’s people like us have no concept what its like making these tough decisions. Bless our hearts, we don’t know any different, we are just reacting. She gets that. But now she calls out for Hulk Hogan, and here he comes.

She wants to know if Hogan is ready to take it to another level. Hogan is wearing his watch, and Dixie calls it a token of what can happen for them. Will he take a ride on the Dixie Train, or will he force her to make a decision of her own?

He has thought about everything he has done in this business. He has always dreamed of having a power couple like this. At the end of the day, it’s amazing how high they can get, but at the end of the day, it’s an amazing offer, for someone else. He quits.

Dixie begs Hogan to stay, he refuses to do so, then she gets up, and screams he is fired anyway. She never wanted him in this company, and the show comes to an end.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

It was a better show this week than last week, in fact, it was an enjoyable show. But I still have to wonder why Dixie isn’t having more fun with this character. I mean really, take it to the next level. I mean people can’t stand her anyway, so have her say some heated things to the crowd. If she wants to copy Stephanie McMahon, then study her. For everything she has done, Stephanie has built a legacy in WWE, and she played a bitch role very, very well. Dixie needs to watch tapes of her, study her movements, really get the crowd against her. But don’t call AJ more or less a “B+” talent.

They finally put Bully Ray and AJ in the same ring, which I loved. The beginning promo set the tone for their match at Bound for Glory. We also had AJ interfere in the Bully Ray-Joe match, which was very good. It’s a start, because at the end of the day, Bound for Glory is about AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray, and not AJ Vs Dixie.

We also saw tonight a few more matches set for the PPV, Ultimate X Match and Magnus Vs Sting will be very good matches. We also found that the Tag Team Champions will defend their titles against the winner of the Gauntlet Tag match earlier in the night at BFG.

But who is Bobby Roode going to face? Kurt Angle?

Is Hulk Hogan gone? Either way, it wouldn’t surprise me. I can see Hogan coming back to TNA, or I can also see Hogan get one more payday with Vince, and compete at Wrestlemania 30. If that happens, he has his back surgeries to go back to Vince, not to see Bully Ray Vs Hogan. Then what was the buildup for then?

What were your thoughts on the show? Send me your thoughts here.


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4 Responses to Impact Wrestling 10/3/13…Whose Side Are You On, Brother?

  1. ultradude13 says:

    Dixie Carter telling the Impact Universe that her decisions are what’s “best for business”? I have to admit,TNA rips off the WWE a bit too often.The best part of that encounter is that Hogan quit…..if only Big Show could take that cue and tell Triple H that!

    • Or at least Big Show knock out HHH…LOL

      • ultradude13 says:

        I’m hoping he will!

  2. ultradude13 says:

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    Impact Wrestling 10/3/13…Whose Side Are You On,Brother?

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