Impact Wrestling 10/17/13….We Are All Bound For Glory

3 days away from TNA’s biggest PPV of the year, we have a clip from last week when Kurt Angle interrupted Bobby Roode’s Hall of Fame inception into EGO. Also, AJ Styles was jumped by Bully Ray and Aces and 8’s.

Impact Wrestling is now.

We are in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. Dixie Carter opens the show, with security, carrying a briefcase.

Dixie is here for opportunities. Last week, she offered AJ Styles a boatload of money to just walk away, he declined it. So tonight, she is offering someone in the back $50,000 to take him out. We are set for a Contract Signing later tonight. If someone takes him out before, they can get that Title shot at Bound for Glory, instead.

Enter Bully Ray.

He is not on Team Dixie, but he appreciate what she is doing, and since he took out AJ last week, he figures he can get paid for doing it tonight, and he doesn’t care who he faces.

Here comes Magnus.

Magnus is not impressed with this idea, because for the last three months, 12 wrestlers put their bodies on the line to compete for a chance at the World Heavyweight Title. Yet, the man who earned that opportunity isn’t getting along with Dixie, so she can change that. No wonder why everyone says Dixie sucks.

Dixie sucks chant is over Tulsa.

Magnus brings up $50,000 may seem like chump change to Dixie, and Bully but it’s alot for himself, and the great fans. But he wants to beat up Bully Ray for free.

Do you know who I am?

He brings up how Magnus is the future of this company. 6’5, chiseled, not an ounce of fat in him. The crowd believes in him, Sting believes in him, but Bully Ray is going to speak the truth. Magnus has been a big disappointment, he doesn’t have heart, and he surely can’t take tough breaks. He is such a disappointment, he might as well be from Tulsa.

Magnus slaps Bully Ray out of the ring, and the match is set for later tonight.

Kurt Angle entered the building, he is here now.

Bully Ray is having a meeting with Aces and 8’s. He loves the beatdown last week, it seems like it was old school Aces and 8’s. He promised them they would have the glory, and the spotlight. Tonight, Knuxy can take care of the $50,000 bounty tonight, and he knows Bischoff can watch his back, and if they need him, Bully Ray will have their back too, just like he knows they have his back this Sunday at Bound for Glory.

Our first match is a Fatal 4-way between Eric Young Vs Robbie E. Vs Hernandez Vs Christopher Daniels. The winner gets the last spot in the Gauntlet Match.

Robbie E. pins Daniels with a roll up, after everyone else did the dirty work. As it stands, Bro-Men’s are the last one entered in the Number One Contenders match, and winner will love on later in the night and face Gunner with Storm, for the World Tag Team Titles.

It hasn’t been a good day for AJ, and we see Jessie Goderitz try to sidetrack him, but that didn’t work.

AJ made it short and simple, he just wants to fight, so he challenges anyone to come down, and fight.

Aces and 8’s, specifically, Knutzy and Bischoff are ready to collect their money, but here come Storm and Gunner to counter them. Storm and AJ goes face to face, and AJ leaves. Our match instead is Gunner Vs Knux.

Knuxy tried to get Bully into ringside, but Gunner nails a spear for a victory.

Sabin is going to go after that $50,000 challenge, he will get something nice for Velvet.

Still to come is an official contract signing.

Aces and 8’s are not amused by Bully Ray not answering for their help.

Video of Lady Ta-pa.

Brooke is taking pictures of her ass, Gail wants to know fi they are on the same page. They sort of will, someone will go for the title, and bring on Lady Tai-Pa.

Video on The Ultimate X Match. All five men are ready to steal the show.

Backstage, Sabin is looking for Styles, but he finds Joe instead. Tonight, it’s Sabin Vs Joe, and on Sunday, they will compete in the Ultimate X.

Joe Vs Sabin is next.

Earlier tonight, we saw Magnus and Bully have a confrontation. Later tonight, they get a match.

Chris Sabin Vs Samoa Joe, now.

Joe makes Sabin tap out to Coquina Clutch in what was a very good match. Now Austin Aries come out and gives Joe a dropkick, yelling at him for getting into his match. Hardy comes out, lays Aries out and has a ladder. Sabin tries to stop him, but is met with a kick. Manik shows up, lays a splash on Aries.

Ultimate X match with these five men this Sunday.

Bad Influence are trying to take out AJ Styles, but AJ has a fire extinguisher, and escapes.

Next, Magnus Vs Bully Ray.

Ethan Carter III is being photographed. He has a message, EC3 is going to be Bound for Glory. He will make Aunt D proud. We need more lions.

Magnus Vs Bully Ray, now.

Bully wins the match with a low blow. Sting came out when Bully had a chain, and tried to stop him. Referee Earl Hebner is trying to stop it, and with his back turned, Bully took advantage.

Magnus and Sting are bickering, and Sting told him he saved him from the chain. Magnus gives him a very quick handshake, and walks off.

Tonight, we will have the official contract signing, and next, Kurt Angle will speak.

When we come back, Sting and Magnus are having words backstage. Magnus wants to prove he can beat Sting, without anyone’s help. Joe tries to get in between them, and Sting said point-blank he will get his chance this Sunday.

PPV rundown.

Here comes Kurt Angle, out to the ring.

Bobby Roode reminds Kurt of himself five years ago. But when he tries to reign in his most important day of his career, being inducted into the Hall of Fame, you just made it personal. Roode, you might be that good, but when you dig into someone’s legacy, you might dig into your own grave. Bobby Roode, you’re very good, but you will never be Kurt Angle.

Here comes Roode.

Roode will never be a Kurt Angle? You’re right, but Bobby is okay with that. He never wanted to be like Kurt Angle. 2 years ago? Maybe. 5 years ago? Yeah, 10 years ago, of course. He looked up to Kurt, always wanted to be as good as he is. But Kurt last week ruined what was supposed to be his night, his induction into the EGO Hall of Fame. You know damn well Kurt, Bobby is more worthy of a Hall of Fame induction. Tell Bobby what he has done lately. The last two years, what is the best thing he has done. The last time he could think of is 2 years ago, Kurt beat Bobby at Bound for Glory for the World Heavyweight Title. But he did him a favor, he woke him up. Soon after that, the “It Factor” was born, and Roode went on to become a World Heavyweight Champion. Not only that, but he became the longest reigning World Champion in history, longer than Kurt Angle. This Sunday at Bound for Glory, Bobby isn’t going to be a Kurt Angle, Bobby is going to defeat Kurt Angle.

How can you beat Kurt when Bobby is going to be the one tapping?

Bobby said that won’t happen, because….he nails him with the microphone. Daniels and Kazarian come out to help Bobby.

Bobby stops them, he wants to do this by himself, he slaps on the Crippler Crossface, and Kurt taps out.

Bobby reminds us he is going to make Kurt tap out.

Those two lock up this Sunday.

Dixie Carter is out next, the official contract signing is coming up.

JB is with Dixie Carter. Introducing us to Bully Ray.

Here comes “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles.

Bully Ray signs first, he didn’t waste any time to sign the contract. He is going to make this simple, redneck. He can’t beat him. He doesn’t have the balls to beat him, he doesn’t have the passion in his heart to beat him, and he doesn’t have the thunder in his fists to beat him.

Bully is giving him a history lesson. 1985, Ric Flair destroyed “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Then Rhodes came back a month later to say Flair brought Rhodes some hard times, how Flair put the wrestling business in hard times. How Flair put the wrestling fans through hard times. Families on hard times. Fast forward almost 30 years later. Do you know who he is? He’s Bully Ray, and for the last year and a half he has put the wrestling industry through hard times. He started off with Jeff Hardy in the cage, defeated him and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. He defeated Sting at Slammiversary, and Sting never will get a World Title shot again. He had Chris Sabin run back to the X-Division, and make no mistake about it, he chased Hulk Hogan out of TNA and put him through hard times.

What does this have to do with AJ? In 3 days, he will put AJ through hard times. He will put his fans through hard times. But mostly, he will put AJ through hard times that when he goes back home in his trailer park in Gainesville, Georgia, he wouldn’t be a bit surprised if his wife and three kids weren’t there. Bully Ray is the Darth Vader of the business, and AJ isn’t Luke Skywalker.

AJ’s time to sign now.

AJ appreciates his little story, but let him remind Bully, he is no Ric Flair, and AJ isn’t Dusty Rhodes. Those were in the past, we are in the future, kid. The fact he can compare himself to Flair shows his just who he thinks he is. Now let him remind him who Bully is…..a big, dumb….bitch. He has no idea who he is getting in the ring with. He has everything to lose, and everything to gain. He has to win this Sunday. To make him lose the World Heavyweight Title, and everything he has gained. He is the most desperate man he will ever get into the ring with. And he will beat Bully Ray at Bound for Glory, and he will make Dixie pay and become the next World Heavyweight Champion.

AJ signs the contract.

Bully is taking it back, he won’t put his title on the line, but he will cash in the money right now.

Bully tries to nail him, but AJ stops him, he has the briefcase and nails Bully Ray with it, and opens it up to spill the money.

The show ends with both men chewing each other out. Bound for Glory is this Sunday.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Bound for Glory is set, and tonight’s episode did a very good job of setting the show up.

I loved the final two segments with Bobby Roode Vs Kurt Angle and AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray. Those are the two big matches for the event Sunday evening.

Two good matches tonight, and minimized Dixie. Speaking of Dixie, it seems that EC3 is going to be Dixie Carter’s nephew, and he will be there this Sunday at Bound for Glory.

Pre-show starts at 7:00, with the PPV starting at 8. What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.


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