TNA Bound for Glory 10/20/13

Tonight this is an opportunity for TNA to shine. We are 30 minutes away from the pre-show, which will air on Spike TV. We will see a Tag team Gauntlet match to determine who faces Gunner and Storm later in the night for the Tag Team Titles. Bro-Mans Vs Bad Influence Vs Hernandez and Chavo Vs Joseph Park and Eric Young.

But tonight is about the World Heavyweight Title match. Can AJ Styles become a 5-time World Heavyweight Champion? Or does Bully Ray have another ace up his sleeve? Tune in here throughout the night and find out, we are all Bound for Glory.

We are live in San Diego, California. JB begins the show backstage, and we see Dixie Carter.

AJ said that he will make her pay after tonight’s main event. Dixie said AJ should have played ball, because tonight, it will be a No DQ match. Good luck with that AJ, who is going to pay? It will be AJ.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

Bound for Glory PPV rundown, some big matches are set for tonight.

Earlier today, Jeff Hardy enters the building. Gail Kim arrived for her match. Magnus enters the building, he has a big match against Sting. And the challenger to the World Title, AJ Styles enters the building. The Champ is here too, Bully Ray.

JB is backstage with the four teams involved in the gauntlet match. The winner will move on to face Gunner and “Cowboy” James Storm at Bound for Glory.

They draw the numbers, the team that will enter third is Eric Young and Joseph Park. And that means the match will begin with Chavo and Hernandez Vs Bad Influence.

They all brawl as we go to a commercial break.

Bro-Mans are confident about their match tonight. Big-Bro is here, Phil Heath, Mr. Olympia is here.

Ultimate X is here tonight, and we see a video featuring the match.

Jeff Hardy is mentally focusing on tonight’s match. The stakes are high, with Austin Aries, Manik, Samoa Joe, and Chris Sabin.

We have a newest member of the TNA broadcast, Gill Vercin, interviewing Bad Influence. TNA has been against them since day one, but tonight, is their night to beat all of the tag teams, and as Kazarian brought up, we all can worship them….now.

A special look at the Hall of Fame dinner, with Kurt Angle.

Video celebrating Kurt Angle’s night. We have a Jeff Jarrett sighting too, sitting with Kurt at the table.

Joe is having a pep talk with Main Event Mafia. Kurt enters into the dressing room. The family is back together.

It’s the Mafia’s night.

Our gauntlet tag match is up now. Chavo and Hernandez Vs Bad Influence will kick this match off.

I just have to say before this match starts, Christopher Daniels is my hero.

We are 30 minutes away from the PPV to start.

Bad Influence win the fall with Kazarian pulling Chavo off the top rope, and Daniels hooking the tights.

Eric Young and Joseph Park are in now.

Eric Young and Joseph Park win with a Fallaway Slam, Park delivering the move on Daniels, and Eric pinned him.

Bullshit, how the best tag team in the company can’t face Storm and Gunner on the biggest PPV of the year is unacceptable.

But of course, Bad Influence lay out EY and Joseph, and nail Joseph with the Ultimate X structure.

As Bro-Mans make their way out with Phil Heath, Joseph is being sent away, bleeding.

Will we have an Abyss sighting?

Bro-Mans win the match, giving EY a Hart Attack, wow….Bro-Man Vs Storm and Gunner at the PPV? That will be a bathroom break.

Bully Ray is heading to the ring, next.

Eric Young is looking for Joseph Park backstage, and he sees something he wasn’t expecting.

Camera is cut, we now have a PPV rundown.

AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray video, featuring Dixie Carter.

Enter the World Heavyweight Champion.

Do you know who he is? He is Bully Ray, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, and he is the president of the Aces and 8’s. We all think Aces and 8’s are finished, don’t ya? We think they are about to implode? That’s what Bully Ray wants us to think. It’s about resurrection, it’s about a rebirth. AJ Styles is going to pay, and now, AJ Styles is bound for glory.

Dixie is backstage, she wants Bully to assure her that tonight is AJ Styles’ last night in the company, and he just smiles and walks off.

The big PPV….Bound for Glory. Ultimate X match, for the X-Division Title. Austin Aries Vs Manik Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Chris Sabin Vs Samoa Joe will kick things off.

Here we go.

Chris Sabin used Velvet Sky to distract Jeff Hardy for a moment, so he can climb up a ladder, and win the X-Division Champion for a 7th time.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray is now a No DQ, No Countout match.

Is this the last time we see AJ Styles in TNA?

Video of AJ winning the first X-Division Title is being shown.

Earlier today, the challenger arrived in the building.

Bad Influence are making their way to the ring.

Not since the premiere of “Brokeback Mountain” has two men been screwed more times.

The fact they aren’t fighting for the World Tag Team Titles is an embarrassment, not only to the company, to the best tag team in the biz….but also for us turds.

Daniels brings up this is supposed to be the grand showcase for TNA, but they are TNA. They are the best team the company has ever seen.

Here are some facts for us….Fact…They defeated Chavo Guerrero III and Sean Hernandez, Jr. Former World Tag Team Champions in their own right. Fact….Eric Young and Joseph Turd aren’t even a tag team. Fact….TNA loves to pull swerves, we have 5 men in an Ultimate X Match, we have 3 women compete for the Knockout Title. So let’s add the World Tag Team Title match a 3-way?

Here comes Eric Young.

He isn’t here for any trouble, he already beat them earlier. He is a scientist. Bad Influence created a monster earlier tonight. Everyone knows they should run.

The crowd chants to run, and Bad Influence attack EY, and here comes Abyss.

Oh, brother.

Abyss hits 2 Black Hole Slams, and Abyss helps EY up.

A new tag team formed?

We are sent to JB.

JB is with Gunner and Storm. Gunner brings up Bro-Mans shouldn’t worry about their gym, their tan, or their hair. They need to focus on the match, and he is here to say Storm and Gunner are ready.

Storm tells them they were lucky earlier tonight, but they better be good now.

Sorry ’bout your damn luck.

World Tag Team Title match is up now, Storm and Gunner Vs Bro-Mans.

Bro-Mans are the new Tag Team Champions. They hit the Hart Attack again, and pinned Storm. “Cowboy” hurt his knee, he has a big cut and is bleeding. He is sure to get some stitches.

But we have new Tag Team Champions.

Kurt Angle Hall of Fame video is playing again.

It is time for the Hall of Fame induction for Kurt Angle.

Sting is inducting Kurt.

Sting brings out Kurt Angle. Its interesting here, because Sting is completely dressed in his street attire, without face paint, presenting Kurt his award, and Kurt is completely dressed to wrestle.

This induction means more to Kurt than we will ever know, and the crowd chants thank you Angle.

He can’t describe the words he feels about TNA, and the people working here. Sting hands him his official TNA Hall of Fame watch.

Kurt looks to be choked up.

The crowd chants that he deserves it.

What Sting said, and the response the crowd just said, made him realize how important this moment is. The truth is he let his peers, and his family down. The example Sting has set is the reason why he is respectfully going to decline this. He wants to set a new example and a new standard for himself, and for this industry. And when he is ready, he will join Sting with the Hall of Fame.

Video from No Surrender 2009 when AJ Styles became the new World Heavyweight Champion, beating Kurt.

Dixie is on the phone, she wants AJ’s gear to be on sale with his merchandise, she wants it all gone by this week.

Ethan Carter III, or EC3 shows up. Dixie has his opponent picked out, but it won’t be easy.

Knockout Title match is up now, ODB Vs Gail Kim Vs Brooke.

Gail Kim defeated ODB and Brooke with some help from Lei’D Tapa, with the referee knocked out. She slammed ODB on the ramp, and powerbombed Brooke outside the ring, and into the ring.

It seems Gail is associated with Lei’D Tapa.

All of the heels won the titles tonight, so far.

Gail Korsey is with the new Tag Team Champions, BroMans.

The party will continue all week, bro, including going into Salt Lake City, Utah.

Protein shakes, bro.

JB is with Bobby Roode.

Bobby mentions what he said this past week on Impact is true. That what Bobby has done the last two years is more than what Kurt has done in the same span. He is in his head, and he is bound for glory. He made him tap out last week, and will make him tap out tonight, because it pays to be Roode.

Roode Vs Angle, now.

Roode pinned Angle when Kurt had him in a Superplex off the top rope, and the ring knocked Kurt out. Bobby staggered up to pin him.

A fantastic match, hands down the best match so far. Kurt is knocked out, and is being checked on by EMTs and officials.

Angle refused the stretcher, and gets up to head to the back.

Incredible match here.

Bound for Glory 2009 now with AJ beating Sting.

Now showing AJ in his locker room, getting ready for his match. Now we cut right to Bully Ray, talking about a club that is reformed. When you ride with Aces and 8’s, you never ride alone.

Now we are getting EC3, and his opponent tonight.

Oh boy, we are getting EC3 against San Diego’s own Norv Fernum.

EC3 wins with a modified stroke. This match went too long.

I wonder if this will represent the return of Jeff Jarrett?

JB is with Magnus.

Magnus brings up how this is the biggest night of his life. The previous night was July 4th, when Sting, Kurt Angle, and Samoa Joe brought him in. He has everything to lose, he knows that he is hostile territory, in Sting’s own backyard. But Sting, he has a date with destiny, and she is getting impatient.

Sting Vs Magnus, now.

Magnus wins the match with a Cloverleaf. We saw Sting pull off a Flair Flop.

After the match, Sting wanted to shake his hand, and Magnus more or less blew him off.

AJ Styles winning the BFG Series at this year’s No Surrender on Impact.

Our next match is the main event, for the World Heavyweight Title. AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray in a No DQ match.

But first, JB is with Bully Ray.

Bully believes that AJ has fear. He doesn’t want to kill him, he doesn’t want AJ to die. He wants something worse, he wants AJ to live. He wants to live with the fact that he lost to Bully Ray. He wants AJ to get into the pickup truck, drive back to Gainesville, Georgia, to that double wide trailer, he calls home. He wants him to tell his wife he lost to Bully Ray and no longer has a job. He wants his son, little AJ to look at AJ into his redneck eyes, and ask Daddy, what happened?

Do you know who I am? I am Bully Ray, and welcome to my jungle.

Styles Vs Bully Ray, now.

AJ Styles won with a Spinal Tap, and is now the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. This match was physical, AJ did a 450 right on the ring table, we also had Knux and Garrett Bischoff try to interfere, to no avail. Bully ripped up the ring, like he did at Slammiversary, even Dixie Carter came out to bully Earl Hebner when she had to, but at the end of the day, the right man won. AJ went through the crowd as we celebrated, with the show ending here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Overall, I liked this show. It wasn’t the best Bound for Glory, but we had 2 great matches, and the rest of the show was good. Interesting choices to have Gail Kim, BroMans, and Sabin all win the respective titles, but at the end of the day, AJ Styles, the face of TNA won the match, clean. I was expecting a returning Ken Anderson to help him, and screw Bully, but it just didn’t happen.

Now, as Mike Tenay said it, the ball will be in Dixie’s court. How will she handle a guy who so-called doesn’t have a contract with her title? At least, that is what they want us to believe.

But back to Roode Vs Angle, I love the story those two told too. I hope Kurt is okay, after that sick bump he took with the Superplex. And the story of him rejecting the Hall of Fame watch, and spot is interesting. But if they truly want to go there, why not go full force? Just have Kurt say he went into rehab, and he feels ashamed of being looked at as one of the best right now. Maybe, they have a long-term story of Kurt winning the BFG Series next year? I don’t know, but I expect this story to continue, starting this Thursday night.

What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

4 Responses to TNA Bound for Glory 10/20/13

  1. adztheman says:

    BroMans with the belts only emphasizes how weak the TNA tag division is…pathetic…why was Velvet not involved in the title match? Why are getting a smaller version of Awesome Kong at this point, when the Knockouts division is pretty much finished?

    So A-J is the champ…is that enough to save the company? Why are Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe going after the X Division belt? Why?

    • They do have Velvet involved in a big story, because when you see Sabin, you will see Velvet. She is the “manager of champions” LOL

      People say TNA is done, but with Spike TV, they will be there for quite some time. TNA is the highest rated program on the network, they give them a demographic that they need. TNA just needs a big storyline to get them going, maybe this is it? They have the wrestling, but can wrestling get more people interested in tuning in?

  2. adztheman says:

    I love the way Velvet is doing her hair..she looks cute with curls…Spike likely likes having them around..but I’m reading that the house shows are drawing fleas..if that..
    Maybe if they quit paying Hogan $35,000 per show to sit on a couch and pontificate, and maybe go out to the ring once in a while, they’d be able to pay some guys..

    But why is time wasted on non entities like Joseph Park? or Bromance? why? They’ve had guys who could work the stick and perform–the Pope comes to mind–and what happened? Where did he disappear to?

    • Well, they aren’t paying Hogan anymore…LOL And maybe Joseph Park is done, since he turned into Abyss last night. As far as The Pope goes, I don’t know. They dropped the ball with him, and they allowed Jay Lethal to move on to ROH. Those are two talents I would love to see back. Pope is at OVW right now, so maybe they will bring him back?

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