WWE Monday Night Raw 10/21/13…6 Days From Hell

We are 6 days away from Hell in a Cell. The question becomes will there be a WWE Champion next week at this time? I certainly hope so, they show us the events that happened last week when The Rhodes Family defeated The Shield to become new World Tag Team Champions, thanks in part to The Big Show.

We are live in Memphis, Tennessee. Jerry “The King” Lawler, Michael Cole, and JBL welcome us to the show, with The McMahon Family making their way to the ring.

Last week on Smackdown, Big Show knocked out Brad Maddox, and he has a concussion, so he will not be here.

Tonight, there is an official contract signing with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, with Shawn Michaels at the scene.

Steph and HHH share a kiss.

This Sunday, one of the most brutal PPVs will take place, with Daniel Bryan facing Randy Orton, inside Hell in a Cell. We also see the return of John Cena, when he faces Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title. We will also see AJ Lee defend her Divas Title against Brie Bella. CM Punk Vs Paul Heyman and Ryback inside Hell in a Cell.

Shawn Michaels will serve as special guest ref in the WWE Title match, because we voted him in. HHH brings up the fans trust Shawn, and so does he. Because he respects Shawn more than any other man in WWE.

Big Show chimes in live via satellite. Big Show believes the word respect being used by HHH is a joke. He disrespects all of the boys, and HHH says he only treats Show by disdain, because he has made millions of dollars, yet he always is looking for the handout. There is no free ride with HHH anymore, because Show is done.

Is HHH mad because Show is suing HHH for slander and other things? Or is he hostile because he woke up on the wrong side of the bed? But then again, with who he is married to, every day is waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Stephanie shows us her power by cutting him off, and HHH reminds us there goes the career of Big Show.

It’s on to the show, our first match. He introduces Dean Ambrose, but Daniel Bryan comes out instead.

Bryan Vs Ambrose, next.

Bryan wins the match, making Ambrose tap out to the Yes Lock.

CM Punk will speak, and he is next.

Here comes Chicago’s own CM Punk.

This Sunday, Ryback and more importantly Paul Heyman will be locked in the Hell in a Cell structure with Punk. It ends careers, and defines legacies. He knows his career will be defined by what he does to Heyman. But Paul believes Ryback can save him from the beating he deserves. But he can’t because when that door locks, they will deal with the devil that knows what he must do. But the plan is to put Ryback to sleep, and then he will watch and enjoy Heyman wiggle around to find some room, and then he will corner him like a dog, and then he will put him out of his misery like he deserves. Three men walk into that structure, and one man will leave knowing he survived, and that one man is the best in the world.

HHH and Stephanie brought in Vickie Guerrero to handle the little stuff tonight, so don’t screw it up.

He and Steph enter the office, and find Shawn Michaels.

Power tie, power suit, probably wear power underwear. Shawn asks if Daniel Bryan can be the WWE Champion? Sure, but he doesn’t have the face for it.

Shawn understands that point of view, but they said the same thing about him, they said the same thing about Hunter, and look at how they proved them wrong.

Stephanie is all upset about Big Show coming up the feed, and Shawn reminds her that DX used to do that to her father, and she found it funny. It was funny, but this different. They fired the Big Show.

Stephanie tells him things have changed, and Shawn has noticed it, and it’s a shame. But if you don’t mind, one of us needs to have fun.

Now we see Santino Marella, Great Khali, and Hornswoggle all dressed like Elvis.

Santino faces Heath Slater, now.

Santino wins with the Cobra.

Santino honors Jerry “The King” Lawler.

And King is dancing, having fun with Santino.

WWE App time, which of the following matches would we want to see on WWE2K14?

“Macho Man” Randy Savage Vs “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase from Wrestlemania 4?

Shawn Michaels Vs Razor Ramon from Wrestlemania 10?

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Vs The Rock from Wrestlemania 17?

The Undertaker Vs CM Punk from Wrestlemania 29?

The winner is Punk Vs Taker.

That match will be available on WWE2K14, available next week.

“The Viper” Randy Orton is in action with Dolph Ziggler, next.

Orton wins the match with a RKO.

Orton Vs Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell, and later tonight official contract signing.

John Cena video is playing now.

This Sunday, Cena Vs Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title.

Still to come, contract signing with Daniel Bryan Vs Randy Orton, and Shawn Michaels will be here.

The official theme song for Hell in a Cell is “Out of Time” by Stone Temple Pilots.

AJ Lee makes her way to the ring, she will face Brie Bella at Hell in a Cell for the Divas Title.

So now, it’s AJ and Tamina taking on The Bella Twins.

Bella Twins win the match with Brie using the X-Factor, pinning AJ.

I still can’t believe The Bella Twins are the faces in this.

Alberto Del Rio 30 second fury, on Youtube.

This Sunday at Hell in a Cell….John Cena Vs Alberto Del Rio.

Tonight, Number One Contenders match, where the winners face The Rhodes Family this Sunday. The Shield Vs The Uso Brothers.

Renee Young comes back, and she is awaiting for Paul Heyman. They show us when Big E. Langston turned into a face, and took down Ryback and Curtis Axel.

Heyman shows up, and he is mocking the idea that he will be taken out. He goes nuts right now, I can’t do it justice. But Heyman has a plan, he is cold-hearted, calculated, and in control. The same he has controlled Punk all of these years, and in the same way he controls Ryback. This Sunday, he is not locked in a cage with CM Punk, Punk will be locked in a cage with him.

Big E. shows up, and Axel doesn’t like the tone he is using. Big E. wants a match with him, maybe later tonight?

Video with Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan.

Tonight, there is a contract signing with Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.

We’re here…

The Wyatt Family are making their way to the ring….next.

The Wyatt Family face The Miz and Kofi.

Wyatt Family win when Harper issued a wicked clothesline that made JBL jump out of his seat.

They also take out The Miz, and Bray Wyatt speaks.

Miz may think that he doesn’t know him, but he does. He wants to know if Miz believes in a creator of life? Because he does, but he isn’t here to preach, he just wants him to follow him in the gates.

And cue commercial.

We now have Big E. Langston Vs Curtis Axel.

Ryback is out there too.

The match never happens when Ryback attacks Big E.

I smell a tag team match here.

Yup, Punk comes out and helps Big E. and Vickie makes the tag match official.

She is a proud member of The Theodore Long School of General Managing.

That match happens, next.

Punk and Big E. win when Big E. gives Curtis a Big Ending.

I am guessing we will see Big E. Vs Curtis Axel at Hell in a Cell. He pinned the Intercontinental Champion after all.

Punk chases Heyman over the railing.

R-Truth is now promoting WWEShopzone.com.

Official contract signing between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton tonight.

Tons of Funk Vs The Real Americans, now.

Real Americans win the match with a Patriot Lock, and a Giant Swing.

Zeb Colter has some words to say.

Zeb has a bullwhip to show us, remains of El Torrito?

We The People!!

Next, we take a look at John Cena’s career.

I guess our Hell in a Cell Kick-Off show match is going to be Axel vs Big E. for the IC Title.

John Cena video, again.

We now see footage from last week’s Smackdown when Del Rio showed John Cena what he is going to do to his arm, when he nails Josh Matthews with a Cross Arm Breaker.

The Rhodes Family are out with a Goldust-Cody Rhodes combination theme, which I like.

They are out on commentary for the next match. Uso’s Vs The Shield.

The match is a no contest when The Rhodes Family get involved. I am guessing we will see a Triple Threat match at the PPV, but a good match. Ambrose started all of this, and The Rhodes Family finished it.

Official Contract Signing is next.

Shawn Michaels and Stephanie McMahon are out here to make sure there is order. They introduce the two participants, and Shawn Michaels.

Stephanie gives the honor of Randy Orton to sign first.

Orton gives Daniel credit, every week he beats him down, and Daniel keeps getting back up. But this Sunday, he won’t be getting back up.

He has survived against The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell, he has beaten both Cena and Sheamus inside Hell in a Cell. Daniel has no idea what he is getting himself into, and this Sunday his first Hell in a Cell will be his last.

Orton signs the contract.

Daniel expects nothing less than threats like that. Orton is a 10-time champion, and he continues to take him to his limit. But we both know if it wasn’t for The Shield, the authority, or HHH, Daniel would be the WWE Champion. But we also know he is more capable to smash his face in, and he has two words for us…..thank you.

Thank you for pushing Daniel to make sure he is more than just a B+ player, that Orton is just a corporate pansie, and HHH along with Stephanie is nothing more than narcissistic, egotistical, snobs that they are.

He signs the contract.

HHH tells Daniel that he has seen so many people come and go. Guys like Chris Jericho, Edge, Rob Van Dam, guys that are good wrestlers, but are not the face. If they were, they all would be working for Ted Turner right now. They are good wrestlers, but they aren’t stars. Daniel will see just how hell will be, and he is just a B+ level star.

Daniel tells HHH that how about they get in the ring, and see how B+ Daniel really is, and HHH counters with the fact he only gets in the rings with stars, guys like The Rock, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, John Cena, never a bit player, like Daniel. That Shawn trained Daniel, but he wishes he hadn’t wasted his time.

Shawn Michaels intervenes, saying he is here to give the fans what they want, to give everyone what they want, he will make sure there is a winner.

Orton thinks that Shawn has it in for him, and Hunter assures Randy that at the end of the day, he will do what is right.

Shawn tells him he will do the right thing, for the fans. Asking what he has it for Daniel? He is shorter than HHH, he has grotesque beard, but it works for Daniel.

Orton tells Daniel that he will make Daniel pay this Sunday, and now the table is being moved. The two men look at each other when a truck shows up, its Big Show doing the driving, and he breaks into the building. When he gets out, he chants Yes, and tells Randy to turn around, and is met with a drop kick by Daniel Bryan.

Daniel leaves the ring now, and meets up with Big Show, ending the show with the two men, and 20,000 people screaming yes.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Daniel Bryan has the biggest reaction out of anyone working for WWE. WWE wants you to think John Cena is the big star, and he gets the biggest reaction, but look at the cameras, watch it on TV. The fans boo Cena because some of them are sick of seeing him. Yes, it’s a reaction, and you give them credit on that, but when you get 20,000 fans to scream yes, you have a gold mine here. Something special that rarely happens in wrestling.

And I can’t put my finger on it. I mean Daniel is an incredible wrestler, one of the best in the industry, but we have seen many good wrestlers come and go. He has the mic skills, but we have seen that too. Then again, Steve Austin had something in him, and he became a legend.

I think WWE needs to go full build here. Give him the title, give him the world. Do what they need to do. Summerslam could have been a big moment for him, but instead, we had WWE interfering that. Daniel defeated the BIGGEST star in this industry right now. They gave Daniel that big win, yet they took the title away from him not once, but twice, and actually three times if you count Battleground.

They can’t do that again, yet I am afraid they will.

Do you notice a pattern here? John Cena leaves the company for two months, and the WWE Title is in chaos. Not one time did WWE mention that here. But I am seeing it, and I am sure I am not the only one here.

No Alberto Del Rio tonight, which was odd, seeing that he has a big match this Sunday too. But let’s face it, WWE will treat Del Rio like he’s not in Cena’s league, and the match will be rather short.

But I just see HBK accidentally costing Daniel the match here. We will see Daniel Bryan Vs HHH, probably at Wrestlemania. They teased it here. I just have that feeling.

I hope I am wrong, but regardless, this has to be the final Orton Vs Bryan match for a while.

Tonight’s show was good, but I just can’t keep my mind off the bad feeling I have. WWE needs to treat Daniel like a major superstar, yet in their eyes, he will never be in John Cena’s level. But he needs to be.

What did you think of the show? Who wins the WWE Title this Sunday? Share your thoughts with me.


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