Impact Wrestling Live 10/24/13…World Title Rematch In Salt Lake City

This past Sunday, TNA gave us their biggest PPV of the year with Bound for Glory. All titles changed hands, including AJ Styles becoming a 5-time champion, beating Bully Ray. Tonight, our rematch is set. We are live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. No big ramp on the set. World Heavyweight Title match is set with AJ Styles taking on Bully Ray, and we will hear from Kurt Angle.

Impact Wrestling is now.

TNA President Dixie Carter comes out to the ring to kick the show off, with posters and T-shirts, giving us AJ Styles Night.

Dixie might have made a tiny mistake, and this is a way to pay homage to that. But tonight, this is about the future, not the past. And the future looks bright with the World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles.

Here he comes.

Dixie tries to hug him, but he doesn’t accept it.

This is all working perfectly, because this was about Dixie motivating him to glory. AJ has been in a slump all year, but look at him now. AJ said he would make her pay, and she is ready to pay him. We will start with a fancy dressing room, with the finest champagne. We also have a watch here, but this is a genuine one, not the watch she bought for Hulk Hogan. But she saved the very best for last, which is a brand new car.

He said she would pay and that is what she did. Is he ready for them to move forward?

So she thinks AJ will be on Team Dixie? All of these materialistic things, but he is not buying it. She is going to wish this was easy. He is a truck guy, so this won’t work for him. He doesn’t want the locker room, because he doesn’t want to separate from the boys who work hard for this company.

The truth is she bet against him, and she lost.

She might have stepped over her boundaries when she demanded a rematch with Bully Ray tonight. But he doesn’t have to do that. They can go in her leer jet, and get out of this God forsaken town, and they could do this together. She promises to cancel the World Title match.

Enter Bully Ray, we go to a commercial break.

Bully did not fly all the way to Salt Crap City to not have this title match.

AJ tells him to shut up for a second. He’s the champ, Bully Ray is the challenger, he will get his chance.

If Dixie thought he’d go away with her to Dixieland, then she is dumber than we all thought she was.

Now as far as the rematch clause goes, he is not under contract. However, he came here to Salt Lake City to defend his World Heavyweight Title, and he will beat Bully Ray and there is nothing he can do about it.

Bully calls him a redneck, he is fighting him, not Dixie Carter. One word that sums everything up is lucky. There is no way that a kid like AJ can beat a man like Bully Ray.

It is all Earl Hebner’s fault, because he kicked out of the spinal tab. But Earl couldn’t see it. But here is what will happen, he is going to beat AJ, he will send him back home to his ugly wife, and kids. In wrestling, AJ is only a boy, while Bully is a God.

AJ brings up he needs to be concerned about his own family, all 3 members of Aces and 8’s. They didn’t help you at Bound for Glory, and they won’t help them tonight. AJ is going to beat him, and celebrate with the fans. He will say to them do you know who he is? He is the World Heavyweight Champion, “The Phenomenal One” AK Styles.

Bully sucker punches AJ, and nails him with the poster stand. Bully sets him up with a Bully Bomb, but the lights go out….

And it’s MR. ANDERSON!!!!

The two men fight it out.

Anderson cleans house. Mr. Anderson is back, when we go to a break.

When we come back, Anderson has the mic with the crowd going crazy.

He really missed them, and the crowd goes nuts. Does that mean they missed him? But he really missed Bully Ray. Do we think he missed him?

He has been sitting at home for the last few months, and seen what Bully Ray has been doing. The boys have been sick and tired of it. The agents have been sick and tired of it. The fans at home have been sick and tired of it, so are we sick and tired of it?

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

Dixie Carter interferes, orders security to handcuff him, and get Anderson out of the ring.

Anderson fights off some security, but he surrenders, and is now handcuffed.

Tenay and Taz preview the show.

We will hear from Kurt Angle later tonight, and we see him entering the building earlier tonight.

Knockout Title recap from Bound for Glory, when Gail Kim won the Knockout Title, with some help from Lei’D Tapa.

Knockout tag match is up now. Gail Kim and Brooke taking on ODB and Velvet Sky, with Lei’D Tapa accompanying Gail and Brooke.

Gail Kim and Brooke win when Lei’D Tapa gives ODB a big kick. Brooke is okay I guess with Lei’D giving her a Powerbomb this past Sunday.

Next, is the Spike TV debut of EC3.

The new Tag Team Champions, BroMans are in the bathroom, talking about their big night. But tonight will be a big bro-celebration. Get the hair spray and blow dryer ready, I guess.

EC3 is coming to the ring, set to face Dewey Barnes.

EC3 wins with his Headlock Driver, as expected.

He is here to say he is EC3, and he is a Carter. The world needs them.

Kurt Angle will speak, next.

Magnus Vs Sting recap is being shown now, with Magnus winning the match.

Earlier today, Magnus and Sting had met. Magnus watched the match, and he apologized for not setting respect for Sting after the match. Sting just wonders if the torch was passed, or if Magnus now has his moment, or both.

This is Sting’s world, and Magnus lives in it. They both shake hands.

Kurt Angle time, he refused the Hall of Fame this Sunday, and lost to Bobby Roode.

Where does The Olympic Gold Medalist go from here?

Last weekend was tough for Kurt to forget. It was great to hear talent talk to him for Hall of Fame dinner, but when Sting presented him with the award, he just couldn’t accept it. When the time comes, he will accept the award.

Bobby Roode took everything he had, and he did knock himself out at the end of the match.

Here comes Bobby.

Bobby knows the real reason why Kurt rejected the award, it’s because deep down, he knew Kurt couldn’t beat Bobby. He pinned him clean, in the middle of the ring. For two years, Bobby has been thinking about losing to Kurt, and now Kurt can think about losing to him.

Kurt calls Bobby a bad ass, but he isn’t better than Kurt, so how about the two wrestle, tonight.

Bobby takes off his jacket, and he says he can’t wrestle tonight. Because he has a note from Kurt’s doctor, saying he isn’t cleared to wrestle tonight.

Bobby might be right about Kurt not wrestling, but he said nothing about fighting.

The two of them start to fight, with officials breaking them up.

Later tonight, AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray for the World Heavyweight Title.

Bully Ray talks to Knux and Bischoff. He was right about Anderson all along, he is selfish and he orders them to drive down to the jailhouse, and make sure Anderson does not post bond, while Bully takes care of AJ.

Dixie is on the phone to make sure everything is here by the time the evening is over. She needs it now.

It’s time for the Bro-A-Bration time with the new World Tag Team Champions, with the BroMans.

We have a DJ mixing some music. Is this a party, or what, bro?

Sunday night was the biggest night in Broman history.

The crowd chants they can’t wrestle, and they show them the Tag Team Titles.

Sorry About Your Damn Luck…

Gun Slingers, “Cowboy” James Storm and Gunner make their way to the ring.

Storm wants DJ Salami to get out of the ring, we have some alcohol, some protein bars, but Robbie can keep his sister’s skinny jeans.

Next week, they will have the shortest Tag Title reign in history, because they will take the titles from them.

Enter Bad Influence.

What we have here are 2 bro’s, a crying “Cowboy”, and a pretend “Viking”, but they are the best Tag Team in the biz-a-ness.

They are petitioning a Tag Team Title shot to become the World Tag Team Champions of the World, to become 3-time champions.

Daniels tells us they have the wrong sort of drinking here. Only low-class losers drink beer, and you only drink champagne if you’re a poser. To celebrate a gentleman’s victory, you celebrate it with an Appletini.

Storm takes a sip, it doesn’t taste like alcohol, so Gunner spills it on them, and all 3 teams fight.

Here come Joseph Park and Eric Young, but Daniels breaks a champagne bottle over Park’s head, and he turns into Abyss, without the mask. He takes out Jesse, and shoves EY to the side.

Our World Title match, AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray is next.

Next week, it has been confirmed….Halloween Special, with Kurt Angle Vs Bobby Roode.

Our main event, AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray, for the World Heavyweight Title is now.

AJ wins with a crucifix pin, after Anderson came out, uncuffed and nails Bully with the ropes, while AJ pins him.

After the match, Bully and Anderson just start to fight all the way to the back, and Dixie comes back out to tell AJ she has something to say.

She has a contract that she wants AJ to sign. Will he do it? Find out, next.

Dixie has the contract AJ wanted. She heard him loud and clear. He turned down the car, the dressing room, the gifts. But now she has the contract with the money he wants. She will even give him the car for a signing bonus. She wants him in TNA, she wants him to sign the contract, so they can move forward together.

AJ said this is an amazing contract, by a horrible human being that uses people to up their bank accounts, gives them fancy gifts, money that was used by the blood, sweat, and tears of every man and woman who work for this company. She didn’t believe in AJ months ago, and he doesn’t have a contract.

AJ starts to rip the contract, but wipes it on his ass, throwing it down.

Dixie thinks making her pay was about the money? Money can’t fix her problem. She doesn’t respect this title, she doesn’t respect him, she doesn’t respect the people. This is his World Heavyweight Title. He is going to take it from her, and he is leaving. These people deserve a champion, so he is taking it to the people.

Wait, he will take the keys, and drive her car.

He walks away from Dixie, heads backstage, into the car, and drive away to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What an awesome crowd Salt Lake City was tonight, they were into everything TNA threw at them, and next week, they should be treated to a more wrestling-heavy show.

Which brings me to this show, not a lot of wrestling, and I am sure that will be criticized. However, when we look at the past Impacts after Bound for Glory, there is a ton of talking, and not too much action. Tonight was a fun show though.

The one thing I did not like was the World Title match did not last long. They could have done without the Bro-belation, because there could have been other ways to show us next week, BroMans will face Gunner and Storm. We will also see Kurt Angle Vs Bobby Roode, and the two had a terrific segment tonight.

I also enjoyed the ending, with AJ driving off. Will he be back? I am certain of it, but tonight was fun.

What were your thoughts of the show? Send me your thoughts here.


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