WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/8/13…Someone Else Has An Issue With The Wyatt Family

We see video footage that has been taken place the last few weeks with The Wyatt Family laying out CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. The devil made them do it.

We are in Charlotte, North Carolina. Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show when CM Punk comes out.

Best in the world has many meanings for different people, but to the Wyatts, the best in the world, they have a problem. They showed us by having a 3 on 1 beat down, and Punk is okay with that, because he has dealt with odds many different times, he took care of a giant rat named Paul Heyman. So if it’s a fight, how about the Wyatts come out, and face Punk.

Enter Curtis Axel.

Curtis tells Punk to shut up, because as far as he is concerned, he doesn’t care about The Wyatts, they can stand in line. Because Curtis and Punk has some unfinished business, because of what Punk did to his mentor, his father figure, Paul Heyman.

Because of Punk, Heyman is in a hospital bed in Europe. Curtis talked to Vickie Guerrero, and she granted him a match against Punk tonight, and that match is now.

Punk defeats Curtis with a GTS, but before that, he hears the music of the Wyatt Family, looking on, waiting for them, but they never show up. Curtis tries to capitalize, but fails.

After the match, Bray Wyatt shows up on the Titantron, and just laughs.

When we come back, 6-man tag match between The Uso’s and R-Truth Vs 3MB.

Yup, Uso’s and Truth win with a What’s Up from Truth.

Later tonight, Daniel Bryan will face Luke Harper.

Divas action here, Tamina and AJ Lee taking on The Funkadactyls.

Tamina and AJ win with a Black Widow, AJ making Cameron tap out. Tamina was doing way too much selling in this match, but then again, it’s not surprising.

Alberto Del Rio is on his way to the ring to confront John Cena, next.

Here comes Del Rio, waving the Mexican flag.

Del Rio is a Mexican world-class athlete, and that makes him better than us gringos. He should still be the World Heavyweight Champion, but the title was stolen from him by John Cena.

If we were smart, we would see John for what he is, a thief. He is walking around with a title he doesn’t deserve. Del Rio was sick that night at Hell in a Cell, his leg was hurt, his shoulder was hurt, his foot was hurt, his doctors advised him not to wrestle, but he has pride. After his rematch, Del Rio will tell every gringo the Champ is here.

Here comes Cena.

Normally John would be excited to be here, but he just found out Del Rio was sick. They will take care of this, by giving him a gift.

Everything is a joke to John, he is acting like a stupid little kid, and he wants him to leave his show.

If you want Cena to leave, make him. The World Heavyweight Champion is 2 feet away from him, and he has to do something about it. Del Rio wants his rematch, why not we make this a rematch tonight.

Del Rio is asking for a referee, because he is taking his title back tonight, and sending Cena back to the hospital.

Excuse me….

Vickie Guerrero is in charge, isn’t HHH in charge? She makes the rematch official for Survivor Series, and that is what’s best for business.

Cena said Vickie did two things that was best for business….the day she was fired from GM, and the day she shuts up.

Del Rio agrees with Little Juanito.

Vickie gives us matches for the two men tonight. Cena will face Ryback, and Del Rio will face Great Khali, now.

Del Rio wins the match with an impressive Cross Arm Breaker, making Khali tap.

Later tonight, Cena will be facing Ryback.

Daniel Bryan Vs Luke Harper is next.

Daniel wins the match by DQ when Rowan came in and helped Harper beat down Daniel. When Bray Wyatt shows up, Punk comes in and helps him take care of The Wyatts.

Raw Rebound from this past Monday, when HHH hired Big Show again, and granted him a WWE Title shot against Orton at Survivor Series.

The Bellas are hawking the WWE Shopzone website.

We now hear the video from this past Wednesday, concerning Kane’s new role with WWE. Director of Operations.

Our main event, John Cena vs Ryback is now.

Cena wins the match with an AA. After the match, Del Rio attacks Cena, taking out his shoulder. But Cena barely fights back, and the two lock eyes closing the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good show tonight that featured some good matches, and it sets up Raw Monday night from London quite well. What were your thoughts of the show? Send me them here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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