Impact Wrestling 12/5/13…World Title Tournament Continues

Tonight, 2 big matches are set for the Semi-Finals to the World Heavyweight Title Tournament will be set. Magnus Vs Kurt Angle in a Last Man Standing Match, and Bobby Roode Vs Jeff Hardy in a Tables Match.

Impact Wrestling starts now.

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring.

Kurt said Thanksgiving is behind us, people are thankful for their families, and he is thankful for his health, and for the fans that are standing behind him. The path continues for his quest to be champion. Austin Aries gave him everything, but his next opponent means something more to him, and he asks Magnus to come out to the ring.

Kurt wants to know what happened to Magnus last week, he was left to fend off on his own. Magnus said he has more respect for Kurt than anyone else. He had a grueling match with Joe, and his knee buckled. He tried to get up, and it buckled. Kurt knows what that’s like, so he decided to save himself.

Kurt says champions fight through injuries. Kurt is hurt, and he’s gutting this out. Does Magnus have the heart to be a champion?

Magnus has the hunger to be champion, he has the desire to be champion, and will go through anyone to get that title.

Kurt said in order to be World Heavyweight Champion, he must go through him.

Enter Bobby Roode.

Bobby understands what Magnus is saying. He had the hunger, the heart, the desire to be World Heavyweight Champion, rewind Bound for Glory 2011, Roode had all of that, but he did not get the job done. You need a killer instinct. That killer instinct gave him the World Heavyweight Title, it gave him the opportunity to hit a beer bottle over his best friend’s head, and bring home the title.

Speaking of James Storm, we saw what he did to him and next is the Tables Match against Jeff Hardy. So knowing already what he did to Storm he is going to do to Jeff tonight. Kurt Angle, you know what he can do, and for Magnus, he will never, ever be World Heavyweight Champion.

Here comes Jeff Hardy, with a table.

For Roode to make it to the finals, he must go through himself and his creatures. But all Hardy has to do is put Roode through a table.

Tables match is next.

Bobby Roode goes through a table, and Hardy advances to the finals. Earlier in the match they had a spot where both men went through a table at the same time, so they continued the match. Roode was kicked in the head, and Hardy wins.

In 2 weeks, Hardy will face the winner of either Kurt Angle or Magnus at Final Resolution.

Impact 365, EC3 doesn’t like legends, so he is challenging a legend of this business.

Impact 365, Dixie Carter received a note from AJ Styles’ agent, they will mail out the title to Dixie. She will get it back on Thursday.

EC3 is coming to the ring, he is a Carter, you know?

EC3 has faced a litany of superstars and talent. But there is one man who has faced the likes of Andre The Giant, or guys like Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart. So tonight, his hand-picked opponent is Earl Hebner.

Earl is not a wrestler, he is referee, and this isn’t happening tonight.

Earl represents the 99%, the working class. But EC3 is the 1%, he is a Carter. The nephew of the owner, and he will listen to him and will wrestle him.

EC3 has a referee in mind….Brian Hebner.

Rockstar Spud is facing Brian to hit the ring.

Earl will lay down, he will cover him, and this colossal failure, Brian Hebner that followed in his dad’s footsteps will count 1…2….3.

So Earl, lay down.

Earl doesn’t like this idea, and he gets right back up. Ethan said he will put him in the ground forever, if he doesn’t lay down.

Earl reluctantly lays down, and he orders Brian to ring the bell.

He has one finger on Earl, and tells Brian to count now.

Brian slowly counts to three, and before the third count, he said he was sorry.

Now EC3 wants Brian to shoo his father, and EC3 dug his boots near his father, and now Brian has to raise his hand.

Now we have the video package of Bad Influence Vs Joseph Park and Eric Young.

Impact 365, Daniels has some pictures from their road trip and we will see them tonight.

The truth about Joseph Park? Later tonight.

Earlier this week, Christy Hemme was on a date with Samuel Shaw. He told the waiter he will rip his eyes off if he looks at his girl again, when Christy went to the restroom.

AJ Styles video is being shown, with his feud he has with Dixie.

Dixie is on the phone, there is a delivery for her….flowers. She doesn’t want flowers, and it’s from a fan. She doesn’t want anything except for her title.

Earlier tonight, Bobby Roode is upset he is out of the World Title Tournament, he is out because he slipped?

Later tonight, Kurt Angle Vs Magnus in a Last Man Standing Match, we will also hear the truth about Joseph Park next, and Sting entered the building. What is he doing here?

Dixie has a meeting with the boys, and we are bringing back the Feast or Fired Briefcases. One of them will get a World Title shot, an X-Division Title shot, a World Tag Team Title shot, and one of them will be fired.

We will find out next week, good luck.

Bad Influence are out to the ring, now.

They have been hearing some negative feedback with their interaction with Joseph Park. But they know the truth about Joseph Park, and will share it right here, right now.

Enter Joseph Park.

Joseph is pleading with them to stop. They won, they have accomplished what they set out to do, maybe Joseph Park should have never been at Impact Wrestling, and all he will ever be is an attorney.

Kazarian said that is what they are here to talk about.

Joseph rips the envelope, and Kazarian gave the real information to his friends in the back, and we can check it out.

Impact 365, Bad Influence are in Chicago, at Park, Park, and Park.

There is no office, it was Dr. Krutzel’s office, but he has been gone a month. Where is Park, Park, and Park? It was here, but they closed 13 years ago.

They did a little more investigation. Park, Park, and Park was closed for 13 years, so what has he been doing?

Joseph is going to ask them, as human beings to leave him alone. They have refused that. They called him many names, and Kaz spits him in the face, and says they can now call him a liar.

They kick him, and here comes Eric Young.

EY is sick of this, and he warns them that if you continue to knock on the devil’s door, the devil will answer. So how about they have a match against each other, next week.

Backstage, Sting is very proud of how far Magnus has come, and Magnus said he has respect for Sting, like he has for Kurt. Sting wants to talk about entitlement, and Magnus doesn’t know what Sting is referring to, but Sting is going to watch, and wishes Magnus luck.

Magnus Vs Kurt Angle in a Last Man Standing, later tonight.

Rockstar Spud is excited that the World Title is coming, and tells a stagehand to keep an eye for the delivery man.

BroMans will face Gunner and Storm, now.

BroMans win the match by DQ, when Robbie spit water into Gunner’s eyes after Storm hit a Last Call on Jesse.

Sting is trying to go into Kurt’s locker room, and Spud stops him, he does not let him in the locker room. He said to him that Sting came up a little “short” in his quest for the World Title tournament. Spud leaves, because the package is here.

Sting wants to know what is going on here.

Impact 365, Gail Kim and Robert Irvine, Gail’s husband shares a moment. JB wants to talk about her open challenge, Gail doesn’t care who it is.

Gail Kim Open Challenge is next.

Impact 365…Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky. He lost in the first round of the World Title Tournament, but you gave him hope. You believed in him, and next week with your help, he will defeat Austin Aries.

Velvet wants to know how she looks, and Chris poses with the X-Division Title. So how do they look?

Aries Vs Sabin, next week.

Gail Kim’s Open Challenge. Her opponent?

Laura Dennis.

Gail Kim….Eat Defeat. After the match, she hits another Eat Defeat and here comes ODB to even the odds. She even takes out Lei’D Tapa, who gives the Tongan Death Grip, but Gail holds her back.

Our main event….Kurt Angle Vs Magnus in a Last Man Standing match is next.

The package is finally here, and Dixie wants it now.

Magnus Vs Kurt Angle is now.

Magnus wins the match when Roode comes in after a ref bump and lays Kurt out with a TKO. Magnus got up, and Kurt couldn’t answer to the count to win the match.

Roode lays his boots on Angle, when Hardy comes out to chase him out of the ring. But now, both Magnus and Hardy lock eyes. In two weeks, they face each other, and the winner will be the new World Heavyweight Champion.

We shift right back to Dixe and Spud. Dixie opens the package, and sees a title, but not the World Title. It looks to be the old Global Title that Booker T brought with him back in the day.

The show ends with a message from AJ Styles, brought to you by the friends of AJ. He tells Dixie to crown her paper champion, while he defends the real title around the world. If she wants it, come to Gainesville, Georgia and get it, but people here do not like her.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a solid show that featured two strong matches, and really, that is it. But in the surface, I liked it. But there were some good things about everything else….

We might finally come to an end with to Joseph Park, it has taken its toll, and now maybe we can see Abyss make his full comeback.

I like the Gail Kim Open Challenge too, it allows some new, fresh woman to come in and see what she can do. It ultimately has to be someone known though to beat Gail, and earn a shot at the Knockout Title. Who will it be?

EC3 segment was interesting, because we finally heard the guy say something new, besides “I am a Carter, and the world needs us”.

I don’t care about Storm and Gunner breaking up though because quite frankly, TNA never used them when they were champions, so let’s end that run and rebuild the Tag Team Division. Bring in new teams, established teams to make names for themselves. But then again, they must find something to do with Storm, since he is one of the few originals still with the company. I guess we will see where they go with that.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts here.


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