WWE Monday Night Raw 12/9/13…The Slammy Awards

It’s that big night of the year, it’s like The Oscars, except we have wrestlers. That’s right boys and girls, its Slammy Night.

Let’s get this thing started.

We are live in Seattle, Washington…the new home of Robinson Cano. Michael Cole, JBL welcome us to the show. Jerry “The King” Lawler and Booker T are the hosts of The Slammy Awards.

We vote for the winners, and they are showing us how to download WWE App. We can play a drinking game with this.

Our first match is Seattle’s own Daniel Bryan. He is going to face Fandango, with the lovely Summer Raw escorting him to the ring.

Daniel Bryan wins the match with a kick to the head. Daniel is ready for his 3-on-1 Handicap match at TLC.

The Wyatt Family interrupt the fun.

Tick tock, the clock is ticking, and Daniel is testing Bray’s patience. This won’t be a fairy tale, it will end in violence. One way or the other, Bray will prove how dangerous Daniel is, and together they can rule the world. Join them.

Daniel shakes his head and says no.

Okay then.

Time now to kick this thing off. Booker T and King are here.

Make sure to vote, so your voice is heard.

Our first presenters of the LOL Moment of the Year. The New Age Outlaws.

They are dressed like Dumb and Dumber, and Cole and JBL can’t figure that out.

The crowd wants one more match from them.

The LOL Moment of the Year nominees are….

1. Vickie Guerrero being fired.

2. Titus O’ Neil throwing up.

3. The Cobra being hypnotized by Jinder Mahal.

4. The Rock Concert for Vickie Guerrero.

Vote now on the WWE App.

Santino in action next.

The winner is: The Rock Concert with Vickie Guerrero.

Excuse me….

Vickie is not amused, but this award represents her beauty. I agree with that.

Santino Vs Damien Sandow now, with Big E. Langston at commentary.

Sandow wins with You’re Welcome. After the match, Big E. goes face to face with Sandow, and the two have a date with destiny this Sunday at TLC.

The Shield are out now to present Double-Cross of the Year.

2013 is the year of The Shield, but they did it man-to-man, straight up and never Double-Cross, which is why you will never see their names on this list.

The nominees are…

1. Mark Henry faking retirement, to turn on Cena.

2. Shawn Michaels turning on Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell.

3. Paul Heyman turning on CM Punk.

4. HHH turning on Daniel Bryan at Summerslam.

We can vote now on the WWE App.

Kofi Kingston is coming to the ring, he will face The Miz, next.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

I wonder how Daniel feels about that?

He has been fortunate to win many Slammys, but never a Double-Cross moment of the year. And he double-crossed many people over his career, and now after 4 years of bring retired, he gets the award? The crowd chants he sold out, and he made it clear he had sold out for many years. Thank you very much.

The Miz Vs Kofi, now.

The Miz wins with a hand full of tights and a roll up.

It’s not cheating if you don’t get caught.

Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise for his troubles.

The presenter for Diva of the Year is the returning Eve Torres.

The nominees are…

1. The Bella Twins

2. The Funkadactyls

3. Kaitlyn

4. Natalya

5. Eva Marie

6. AJ Lee

We can vote now.

8-Man tag match is next.

We will have a Championship Ascension Ceremony tonight, raising both titles, with 20 former champions.

But first…. the winner is: The Bella Twins

The crowd hates that, and they are shocked they won. Thank you Seattle.

Rey Mysterio, Big Show, and The Rhodes Brothers facing The Real Americans and Rybaxel in the ring.

Mysterio, Big Show, and Rhodes Brothers win with a 619 and drop the dime, pinning Curtis Axel.

My gawd, they are showing us how to download WWE App….AGAIN.

Now back to Booker T and King. I guess we have The Superstar od the Year award, and Shawn Michaels is out again.

The nominees for Superstar of the Year go to….

1. Brock Lesnar

2. CM Punk

3. Big Show

4. Daniel Bryan

5. Randy Orton

6. John Cena

Vote now on WWE App, and vote for Daniel Bryan.

Sin Cara is in action, and we will find out who The Superstar of the Year is….next.

The WWE Superstar of the Year is: Daniel Bryan

Daniel comes over, he has a moment, so to speak with Shawn. Shawn awkwardly leaves. Daniel thanks Shawn for even getting him to WWE, but he also wants to thank Shawn, because if it wasn’t for him, he’d be WWE Champion.

Daniel is okay with it, because The Authority doesn’t want him to be WWE Champion, they don’t want him to be Superstar of the Year, but the people have spoken. And 2014 will be a better year for him, and go Seahawks.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Sin Cara, now.

Sin Cara wins the match with a Swanton. He’s beaten Del Rio two weeks in a row.

Our next presenters are The Primetime Players, presenting Fan Interaction Award.

The nominees are:

1. Fandango-ing

2. Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

3. Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks

4. What’s Up!

Vote now.

Our TLC Kick-Off match this Sunday is Dolph Ziggler Vs Fandango, and our expert panelists for the event are Mick Foley, Booker T, and The Miz.

Winner is: Daniel Bryan

He is a bit loss for words on what to say, except one thing…Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

Tonight, a Title Ascension, with 20 former champions honoring the WWE Title and World Heavyweight Title.

Brodus Clay is in action, next.

Brodus will face Xavier Woods.

Brodus wins with a splash, and attacks Xavier after the match. This is about Brodus being a main event player.

The Miz is out for the Insult of the Year.

The nominees are:

1. AJ Lee to Total Divas

2. Zeb Colter America

3. Paul Heyman to CM Punk

4. Stephanie McMahon to Big Show

Vote now.

CM Punk Vs Dean Ambrose, next.

The winner: Stephanie McMahon

What some call an insult, she says the fans have decided what’s best for business.

Punk Vs Ambrose, now.

Ambrose wanted to handle Punk by himself, but didn’t get the job done. Punk gave him a GTS and pinned Ambrose, behind Reigns and Rollins’ back. After the match, Reigns lays Punk out with a spear.

WWE and World Title video is being played.

King and Booker are with us, announcing the next presenter for Extreme Moment of the Year….Mick Foley.

The nominees are….

1. The Shield laying out The Undertaker.

2. Ryback putting Cena through the wall.

3. CM Punk giving Paul Heyman a GTS on top of Hell in a Cell

4. The Wyatt Family laying out Kane

Vote now.

The Uso’s are in action, next.

Winner is: CM Punk exacting revenge on Paul Heyman

He said thanks, and tune in to the PPV and see what he does to The Shield.

The Uso’s Vs The Wyatt Family is now.

The Wyatts win with a wicked Clothesline by Harper, pinning Jimmie. Good match here.

The lights go out, and I guess they left.

Our final award is being called. Our next presenter will present for Match of the Year. That man is Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

The nominees are:

1. The Undertaker Vs CM Punk

2. The Rhodes Brothers Vs The Shield

3. HHH vs Brock Lesnar-Steel Cage Match

4. The Rock Vs John Cena

Vote Now…Natalya comes out, and hugs her Uncle Bret.

Natalya is in action, next.

The winners are: The Rock Vs John Cena

And, here is our first Cena sighting tonight, but it won’t be the last.

He wants to thank everyone that voted for that match. A night he won’t ever forget, thank you again.

Natalya Vs Tamina Snuka, now.

Natalya makes Tamina tap to the Sharpshooter, after AJ tries to interfere, but Natlaya prevails. This Sunday, at TLC, it will be Natalya Vs AJ Lee for the Divas Title.

The Authority make their way to the ring, this is our last time to see WWE Title and World Heavyweight Title in the same ring.

Our TLC Kick-Off match will be Dolph Ziggler Vs Fandango, and we will see Mick Foley, Booker T, and The Miz on the expert panel.

We now see 20 former champions in the ring at the same time.

HHH talks, some of you have been the WWE Champion, some of them have been World Heavyweight Champions, some of them have won both titles. This is a historic moment in time.

The crowd is chanting for Daniel Bryan, while HHH is talking. Mark Henry waves his arm up, and now the crowd is chanting Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

Again, Cena does not get this kind of reaction.

This Sunday, two titles will be suspended, two great champions will face each other in a TLC match, and one man leaves as THE champion….champion of champions.

He introduces the WWE Champion first, Randy Orton.

And now his opponent, the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena.

HHH asks them to hand over their respected championships. They will suspend the two titles and for one of them, it will be the last time they are champion.

Now Randy has the mic.

Randy knows what he is capable, but he also knows what he isn’t capable of. When John first came to the company, he says he had ruthless aggression. But he doesn’t have it, because he would have been in the hospital. He will regret not getting the job done. Randy also said that he isn’t lazy, because he knows he is the best in the business, and when you’re the best, you can get complacent. He also knows John is all about image, so how will it feel when he doesn’t win the biggest match of his career? Randy is the greatest wrestler of this generation, or any other generation. Look around you. Mick Foley, he took many years of his life, and career from him. How about Shawn Michaels? He has embarrassed him many different times, and if he was wrestling, Bret Hart would never had been involved in the Screwjob. He is a third generation superstar, and has worked his entire life to get to this point.

Cena brings up Orton using the word work, he brings over Daniel Bryan. Asks him where he’s from, asks him if his parents are former wrestlers. Daniel has worked for everything he has received, and Daniel gets the reaction from the fans. Here is some truth, Randy has had every opportunity handed to him on a silver platter. He entered WWE 10 years ago, people didn’t like him, but he couldn’t be touched because they liked him. He had behavioral problems outside, and inside the ring. Yet nothing was ever done, so if he wins, what does he get to do? Hey guys, look at me, I won something I should have won 10 years ago? These guys standing before you might not like Cena, but one thing is they respect him. He gives other wrestlers opportunities. He faced HBK and HHH at Wrestlemania, he gave Dolph Ziggler a chance when nobody else wanted to give him that chance. People wanted to see Punk leave, but he said no, let’s give him a shot because Cena knew he was the best in the world. And for Daniel Bryan, he gave him his only real shot, and he beat him. He turns to him, and says if he wins the match, he will gladly give Daniel another shot, a fair rematch and he is going to love it. But see, this is what they all go through. He tells Randy that he wants him at his best this Sunday, because there won’t be any excuses.

Cena wants Randy to shake his hand, and when he does, Randy decks Cena. Now the fight is on. Everyone tries to break the two men up. They have them in their corners, then CM Punk gets in Randy’s face. HHH shoves him aside and gets into Randy’s face. Punk turns HHH around and decks him, HBK gives Punk Sweet Chin Music, then Daniel gives HBK a dropkick, Orton attempts a RKO, Daniel shoves him, Orton knocks into Stephanie. HHH tends to Steph, then gives Orton a Pedigree, with Cena, Kane, and HHH tending to Stephanie, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What a great ending to the show, and I also liked the award ceremonies themselves. It set up Sunday’s match as very important, forget the PPV, just the match itself. I mean, they have 2 3-on-1 Handicap matches, and the big title match. Nothing much else on the card, and a Divas match that might not last long, because AJ Lee hasn’t done a whole lot lately since she passed out, and that tells me Natalya might win.

We also saw some good returns tonight, some contributed to the show more than others, but we still saw them nonetheless. What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

3 Responses to WWE Monday Night Raw 12/9/13…The Slammy Awards

  1. adztheman says:

    What was Eva Marie doing among the Diva of the Year contenders when all she does is waste air and space?

    Does anyone know if the WWE will have a new belt, or will said champ have to carry both belts around all the time?

    Will someone take out the USOs and put them out of our collective misery already?

    • I have no clue, she offers nothing to the table, and to me, the Divas Champion should win too, but like I said in the report, The Bellas are a brand, so it should not surprise me they won, but the crowd was pissed.

      As for the titles, nothing has been said. I just have this bad feeling that both will grab the titles, but opposite title grabs. Such as cena grabs the WWE Title, and Orton grabs the WHC. I just can’t see them having ONE champion on a minor PPV such as TLC.

      • adztheman says:

        Nobody has a briefcase to cash in right now…so that’s out…Show could interfere..or they carry this out to its logical conclusion and do this at Wrestlemania…I’m going to watch the show tonight and see what happened…

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