Impact Wrestling 12/12/13…Feast Or Fired

We are one week away from Final Resolution….Jeff Hardy Vs Magnus, winner becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion. Rockstar Spud is somewhere around Gainesville, Georgia. He is trying to retrieve the title from AJ Styles.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring, he tells us that tonight, someone will receive title shots, or someone will be fired. And now, we spin the Wheel of Dixie to see what stipulation the World Title match will be the next week.

Here comes Kurt Angle, he tells JB to leave the ring now. He wants Bobby Roode in the ring.

Bobby won’t accept the challenge. He makes it known that he lost his match and title shot by slipping and falling through a table. Kurt lost because Bobby has him beat not just physical, but mentally. Roode owns Angle.

Kurt tells him he can beat him twice, and Bobby laughs at that, and Kurt challenges him to come to the ring to shut up.

The two start to fight, with officials coming down to stop them.

Bobby kicks Kurt in the balls, and he tells the officials to get out of the ring. Does Kurt think he can beat Bobby two times? Prove it….next week….Roode Vs Angle, 2 out of 3 falls.

Bad Influence and Joseph Park video is playing now.

Tonight, Bad Influence Vs Joseph Park and Eric Young.

Joseph and EY are backstage. EY wants to know if Joseph is ready, but he is pacing around saying this has been a rough week. This is Park’s chance to even the odds. He has to show EY what Park has in him, does he trust him?

Tag match is next.

Joseph was getting his ass kicked, so EY punched Joseph to bleed him up a little, and all of a sudden, the “monster” emerged. Joseph wins the match with a Black Hole Slam, pinning Daniels.

EY has the mic, he said Joseph started 18 months ago to search for his brother Abyss. He hasn’t found him, and the reason for that is because Joseph Park is Abyss.

EC3 is getting a massage, he said he is going to have a moment this week that will make social media explode.

Tonight, Feast or Fired match.

Ladies and gentlement….EC3.

Bryan, don’t worry, you’re safe today. I guess his opponent isn’t a Hebner.

Last week, after giving Earl Hebner a shining moment of his career, he thought he’d do something different. He thought he’d shake up social media by facing the social media guru….Jeremy Borash.

Etan is a Carter, so get in the ring….now.

Here comes Sting.

Sting can’t believe he is standing in the ring to greatness. He shakes his hand, and believes he is a shooting star and Sting feels like he should just grab on to his coattails and enjoy the ride.

But Ethan has done nothing in this business. Just because he has a name, and a vignette, he believes he is a superstar, and he’s not. After what happened last week to Earl Hebner, and now to Jeremy Borash, you have got to be kidding me.

We have Feast or Fired tonight, where men are putting their entire jobs on the line. Sting thinks EC3 needs to man up, and join that match, take a chance….or face Sting right here.

So this is “The ICON” Sting? He wants EC3 to do something memorable? You are on.

They are about to square off, but EC3 tells Sting he is putting himself in the Feast or Fired match.

Rockstar Spud is still trying to find AJ Styles, he stops a gas attendant and asks him if he knows AJ. He says he knows his friends, and they hang out at a bar a mile away.

Next week, jeff Hardy Vs Magnus for the World Heavyweight Title, and later tonight….Feast or Fired match.

Gail Kim is in the ring for an open challenge.

The competition has been a bit below average. Don’t you agree Tapa? Tapa says nothing, and Gail says right. So come on out to the next challenger.

ODB makes her way to the ring, but she is a contracted superstar.

Gail refuses to face her, she wants better competition. She has beaten her so many times.

ODB isn’t out here to kick her butt, she is here to kick Tapa.

And the fight is on.

Gail clips the knee, and the two go after ODB.

Someone comes in, and spears Gail. It’s a red-head Madison Rayne.

Madison and ODB take out both Gail and Tapa.

Madison Rayne is back.

Rockstar Spud is in the bar.

The bartender doesn’t have any information on Allen Jones, she just serves drinks. So if he buys a drink, she could give him information? Possibly. Okay, Spud will have a Ladyboy Slasher. But she only serves beer, and gives it to him, walks away.

Still to come, we will see a Feast or Fired match.

We come back, and Rockstar Spud is on the mic, trying to see if anyone has seen Allen Jones, otherwise known as AJ Styles. The mic is there to sing, so he sings some karaoke. Very poorly, they kick him out.

Feast or Fired match video is playing.

Gunner and Storm are trying to discuss their problems. Storm says that they haven’t seen eye to eye lately, but tonight is a chance of a lifetime. Gunner can grab the World Tag Team Title briefcase, and Storm can grab the World Title shot briefcase, and together they can rule the world.

Gunner brings up how one of them can get the fired briefcase, and lose.

Okay, Storm tells him sorry about your damn luck.

Feast or Fired match is later tonight, but next….Face to Face with Jeff Hardy and Magnus.

Spud is at AJ’s house. and is on his way.

Here comes Dixie Carter to the ring.

Earlier tonight, Kurt destroyed the Wheel of Dixie, so what does she have? Nothing, and for what? Redemption? She will give Kurt redemption, it will be 2 out of 3 falls match between Roode and Kurt.

But she has a bigger problem, and that is AJ Styles. However, next week, she solves that problem by crowning the real World Heavyweight Champion, HER World Heavyweight Champion.

This brings out Magnus and Jeff Hardy.

Dixie tells us either one of them will make an outstanding champion for her, and her company. So with that being said, does either of you have something to say?

Hardy tells us last year he won the Bound for Glory Series. He won the World Heavyweight Champion. This past one, he didn’t have much, but next week, he and the creatures will do it again.

Magnus might be the youngest in the tournament, but he’s not stupid. He feels it, and he has earned it, Jeff is the most popular wrestler in TNA. He thanks him for putting food on his table, but next week, he will be the final obstacle. The final obstacle of becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. He looks at Hardy as being the number one guy in the company, but in order to do that, he must beat him and he intends to do that.

Dixie tells us despite the Wheel of Dixie being destroyed, there is one match left, and it’s called Dixie Land Match.

Video of Dixie Land Match. It begins with a cage match, escape the cage, and climb up the ladder, with the title hanging up.

Dixie says that whoever wins the title will get free rein at the full treatment, including the perks, planes. And whoever joins her tonight with a bottle of her favorite Cabernet, they can discuss matters.

Chris Sabin thinks he looks great, he asks Velvet Sky if she has his back, and she tells him always. He asks her if she changed her hair, she did not but it looks like he is not impressed.

Rockstar Spud is breaking into AJ’s house?

Rockstar stumbles onto the World Heavyweight Title, but AJ set the whole thing up. It seems his friends called him and said some British guy has been asking about him, so AJ knew he was coming, which was why he left the door open. He says we can do two things, either they can call the police, or invite his friends over and watch “Pulp Fiction”.

Rockstar Spud runs off, without the title.

Mr. Anderson had some fun with the Aces and 8’s funeral, time to grieve, but now it’s time to go after the World Heavyweight Title, and that’s what he is going to do, tonight.

Austin Aries Vs Chris Sabin, for the X-Division Title.

Austin Aries wins the X-Division Title, pinning Sabin with a Brainbuster, becoming a 4-time champion. Sabin tried to use Velvet Sky, but it backfired.

Feast or Fired match is next.

During the break, Chris Sabin is irate over losing the X-Division Title, and he is about to blame the loss on Velvet but here comes Austin Aries.

He tells Austin that he stole his title, but will have the last laugh because he is going to enter the Feast or Fired match, and win the briefcase to earn a World Title shot. How about that?

Austin is going to steal Chris idea, he will enter the Feast or Fired match too.

Why? Will you steal Velvet now too?

Magnus can’t worry about Dixieland, or cocktails, he is just focusing on winning the title next week.

He receives a phone call.

Earlier tonight, the card is set for next week. Jeff Hardy Vs Magnus, for the World Heavyweight Title. We will also see Kurt Angle Vs Bobby Roode, 2 out of 3 Falls match. And the return of Madison Rayne, teaming up with ODB to face Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa. Next week, on Final Resolution.

Our main event….Feast or Fired match is up now. Mr. Anderson comes out, and starts to speak but Bully Ray is right behind him, and he lays him out, including giving him a Piledriver right on the ramp.

In the beginning, good always over-powered all man’s sins, but over time, evil stood strong. Bully gives us a biblical speech, Ken Anderson has taken Bully Ray’s future, his wife is pregnant with twins, and Bully will see to it that he is responsible for their future.

We go to a break, and come back with the match…minus Anderson.

The object of this match is to retrieve any of the 4 briefcases. You can either receive a World Tag Team Title shot, a X-Division Title shot, a World Heavyweight Title shot, or you’re fired.

Curry Man leaves, because he remembers being fired the last time.

EC3, Chavo Guerrero, Zema Ion, and Gunner all won the briefcases. Now what did they choose, we will find out next week. Gunner took out his partner, James Storm to retrieve the last case. Sorry about your damn luck.

We end the show with Jeff Hardy meeting up with Dixie Carter at a restaurant with a glass of wine, to discuss business.

Final Resolution is next week.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

They truly set up Final resolution next week nicely, and in between they gave us a good match with Sabin and Aries. A bit surprised though that Sabin lost, because honestly, Chris never had an opportunity to shine with the X-Division Title, but Aries is a good choice to put it back on the map, it needs to happen. Maybe the Feast or Fired briefcase will help that too?

Speaking of that, I hate that we had the match, but still did not see who chose what, but if they had to reveal the winners, I guess TNA’s free PPV is the time to do that.

EC3 was good on the mic, and now Sting will be used to elevate him.

Gunner and Storm continue their problems, and Kurt-Roode segment was gold.

What does that mean at the end of the show with Hardy though? We will see who is the new World Heavyweight Champion next week. Overall, a decent show but looking forward to next week’s show now. Send me your thoughts of the show tonight.


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