WWE Monday Night Raw 12/16/13…Who Is The Champion of Champions?

Last night, WWE presented us with TLC, their final PPV of the year. Also, last night the major titles became one, when Randy Orton defeated John Cena to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Where do we go from here?

In 10 minutes, we will find out.

We start Raw with footage from last night on TLC.

We see the entire roster on the ramp, including John Cena.

The Authority are in the ring.

Stephanie tells us it’s time for all of the superstars and divas currently, and past to pay respect to one man.

HHH tells us last night we morphed the WWE Title and World Heavyweight Title into one. So it’s time to pay homage to that man….”The Viper” Randy Orton.

He comes out with both titles in his possession. And he has a face to face with John Cena.

Isn’t it a nice feeling when your faith is rewarded? But then again, the fans never had faith that he was going to win the most important match in WWE history. They all believed the lie that Orton hasn’t earned anything. He proved he doesn’t ask for a handout, he takes it. And now 2 titles have become one.

Last week, he stood in front of 20 former champions, and not one of them has accomplished what he has accomplished. And he looks at the men and women standing on the ramp, and they belong there. Just as he belongs in the ring, because he is better than they are.

Cena calls Orton an idiot.

Randy tells Cena not to ruin his moment. Cena is not ruining Orton’s moment, he is just going to give the cliff notes.

Viper, Viper, World Title, Viper, Handcuffs, Viper, now WWE World Champion. Congratulations, but as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has put it, WWE Champion every night, puts up or shuts up. So tonight, Orton needs to put up, or shut up.

Orton tells Cena he isn’t getting a title shot tonight, and Cena tells Orton he isn’t talking about himself.

Last week, he said that he would give someone a rematch that he deserves, because he listens to the WWE Universe. So for Orton to give a rematch to Daniel Bryan.

Orton doesn’t care what the fans think, and Cena tells him he cares about the title. So tonight, Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Championship.

or is Randy afraid?

Orton isn’t afraid of anyone, he doesn’t even have to listen to anyone.

Stephanie chimes in and says they must listen to them.

Orton brings up that he doesn’t have to defend the title to Daniel, he hasn’t deserved it.

HHH agrees that Daniel doesn’t deserve the title shot, but Steph brings up the fans did vote for him as WWE Superstar of the Year.

HHH and Steph do listen to what the fans say, so therefore, tonight, what better way to be the Champion of Champions then to have Daniel Bryan Vs Randy Orton.

HHH did not say the title was on the line, but we do have the match.

Next, The Rhodes Brothers will face either Big Show and Rey, Ryback and Axel, or The Real Americans.

That match is next.

Gee, we don’t even have the champions’ entrances. But their opponents? Rey Mysterio and Big Show in a non-title match.

Big Show and Rey win the match with a Knockout, and Dropping the Dime by Rey, pinning Goldust.

They are more than likely to receive the next Tag Title shots.

We saw King, JBL, and Cole take a selfie during this match.

Now we can choose CM Punk’s tag team partners for the 6-man tag match against The Shield tonight. Either The Uso’s, Los Matadores, or Primetime Players.

Vote now.

Next Monday on Raw, it will be the good Santa (Mark Henry) Vs the bad Santa (Damien Sandow).

Bad News Barrett….

Over a half of a billion dollars are at stake in the lottery. However, Barrett has some bad news. None of them are going to win….Happy Holidays.

Last week at the Slammy Awards was the most social media friendly with a half a million tweets during The Slammys.

The Authority are all talking among each other, and Randy Orton is irate that they are putting him in a match against Daniel Bryan after 24 hours of his most grueling and important match.

Stephanie values Orton, she brings up Daniel was decimated less than 24 hours. And they have complete trust in Randy, but the truth is he has to show why he is the champion every single night.

HHH tells him they have his back.

Fandango heads to the ring, accompanied by Summer Rae.

Fandango Vs Dolph Ziggler, next.

Ziggler wins with a rollup, Summer Rae is beside herself.

I expect Smackdown will be the rubber match.

Tonight, our main event is Randy Orton facing Daniel Bryan, one on one. And next, Big E. Langston and Mark Henry are in action.

We are live in Dallas, Texas.

Our next match is The Real Americans against Mark Henry and Big E. Langston.

Mark Henry and Big E. wins when Big E. hits a Big Ending on Cesaro.

We see a video on how to download WWE App.

CM Punk will tag with either The Uso’s, Los Matadores, or The Primetime Players, we will decide as they face The Shield in a 6-man tag match.

Ryback and Curtis Axel are going to face Tons of Funk, with R-Truth and Xavier Woods sitting at ringside.

Brodus Clay officially turned heel. Ryback hits a Shellshock on Sweet T, and Brodus doesn’t help him. But instead, he turns on Sweet T and gives him a couple of splashes.

Truth and Xavier come out and help T, but now they want The Funkadactyls to come with them, and dance.

They listened.

Last night, CM Punk defeated The Shield. Tonight, they face off in a 6-man tag match. CM Punk has a message for The Authority, next.

CM Punk comes out, he is not a miracle type of guy, but last night he fully expected to lose in his match against The Shield. But last night, he single handedly beat The Shield, by himself. But this isn’t The Shield, this is about a certain Authority. Who won’t admit they sent The Shield to do their own dirty work. And before he comes out and tells us it’s no big deal about hitting him in his big, fat mouth last week, how about he come out here and they can discuss matter, unless HHH is afraid of what Punk can do with this microphone.

HHH doesn’t come out, but someone else does….HBK.

But Punk wasn’t finished, Hunter, whenever you get done with Stephanie, the best in the world is waiting.

The crowd chants that Shawn sold out.

Shawn understands his problem with authority, but he has to get over his obsession. His issue shouldn’t be with Hunter, Shawn did kick him.

Let’s talk about that for a moment.

Shawn says wait a minute, and the crowd wants one more match.

Punk respects HBK, that is why he is getting a pass about what happened last week, but if he ever tries and kick him again, he will kick back.

Shawn always liked Punk, and honestly what happened last week pained Shawn more than it pains Punk. And what he is going to do pains him more than it will pain Punk.

Let me introduce him to his opponents, and here come The Shield.

The Uso’s are Punk’s tag team partners. Was there ever any doubt?

The Shield wins when Reigns spears Punk out of his socks. A very good match here.

Reviewing hour one of the show. Later tonight, Randy Orton will face Daniel Bryan, one on one.

More promos about WWE2K14, and here come The Wyatt Family to interrupt.

The war to bring down the machine would be a long, and daunting process. Daniel Bryan is a lying coward.

Bray is talking to Abigail and he understands what they must do. If Daniel Bryan refuses to walk with the reapers, he will burn in hell with the saints.

Our next match is 6-Diva action with The Bellas and Natalya taking on AJ Lee, Tamina, and Alicia Fox.

AJ, Tamina, and Alicia pick up the win when AJ pins Nikki Bella with a Shining Wizard.

Tonight, Randy Orton will face Daniel Bryan.

WWE Tribute to the Troops will be on Saturday, December 28th.

Renee Young is standing by, she is with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton.

Renee wants to congratulate Daniel, but Randy is still paranoid about The Authority listening to the fans and putting him in a match with that “troll” Daniel Bryan. What’s best for business is every fan to kiss Randy’s ass.

Our main event….Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan is now.

This is not for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

This Friday night on Smackdown, The Rhodes Brothers will face The Wyatt Family.

Daniel Bryan wins the match by DQ after Orton gives Daniel a low blow.

After the match, here comes Cena to save the day and he threw Orton out like he’s nothing, checks on Daniel but Orton hits a RKO and celebrates with both titles, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

That was Raw in a nutshell, after their “biggest” match in history last night. I did enjoy the main event, and seeing CM Punk with Shawn Michaels makes me hope that is a future match, but at the end of the day, Orton is acting like a cowardly heel, and I would rather see “The Viper” as a bad ass. But regardless, it’s “The John Cena Show” no matter how you slice it.

I expect the next few weeks to be themed and just for entertaining purposes, leading up to the first Raw in 2014 on January 6th. I hope I am wrong, but we will see “Good Santa Vs Bad Santa” next week, we will see.

Overall, a fun show, and some awesome moments. But also some missed moments that make us cringe too. I hope I never see the commentators do a selfie again.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts here.


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