Impact Wrestling 12/19/13…Final Resolution

Tonight, we get to go to Dixieland, and Magnus will lead Jeff Hardy to that destination. The winner becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion.

We also get to see what the briefcases say with Feast or Fired.

We kick the show off with Magnus asking a stagehand if he saw Dixie Carter, or Jeff Hardy. Neither one has shown up. Magnus has something to say, and will share it with the world.

We are in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. Impact Wrestling begins….now.

Magnus enters the ring.

Magnus loves this business, which is why every man and woman in the back put their bodies on the line, because they love this business. He can’t change where he is from, but he is proud for the last 5 years, he has made his living in the United States. But something he has learned is the power of money, money talks.

But it’s not about the fancy cars, the five-star hotels, the women. It’s always been about the pride, dignity, respect. But can the same be said for his opponent Jeff Hardy?

Magnus is a fan of Hardy, and he didn’t just beat his demons, he sleigh every single one of them. But maybe there is one demon trying to get back in….greed.

Last week, Hardy was caught on video having drinks with Dixie Carter. And this is his biggest match of his career, and he won’t let Hardy fool him, don’t let Jeff Hardy fool you.

Enter Jeff Hardy.

Magnus accuses Hardy of doing something? He doesn’t even know him.

Magnus knows about Hardy’s history. He hasn’t forgotten 10/10/10. Hardy said that was a different place, and a different time. Magnus said it was a different time, but it was inside a wrestling ring. Jeff sold out.

People forgave Jeff, he forgave Jeff, but what would happen if his creatures saw that he sold out.

Hardy told him to worry about his life, not about Hardy’s. Jeff walks out.

Christy Hemme is with Kurt Angle.

Bobby Roode has had his number since Bound for Glory. But tonight, things change and Kurt still has it. Not only will he beat him once, he will beat him twice. This is the new Kurt Angle, and it starts tonight.

Kurt Angle Vs Bobby Roode video.

That match, 2 out of 3 falls….Angle Vs Roode is now.

JB is in a conference room where the 4 briefcases are revealed. Is Chavo Guerrero ready? Yes he is, 25% chance that he is getting fired, and 75% chance that he is going to get a title shot.

Zema Ion wasn’t being interviewed, but he is being annoying. They both go in.

Roode Vs Angle, now.

Bobby Roode wins the first fall with a TKO.

Kurt ties it with an Angle Slam for the pin fall win.

Now we have the third and deciding fall.

Roode wins the match with a rollup, and hooked the ropes with his foot and hand. Fantastic match between these two.

JB is outside the conference room again and we see Gunner and “Cowboy” James Storm.

They still have some friction here, Storm brings up let’s see if his gamble pays off. He could be fired, then again as Gunner brings up, maybe not.

Hardy Vs Magnus in a Dixieland match for the World Heavyweight Title.

Moments ago, Bobby Roode defeated Kurt Angle in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Kurt is beside himself, he admits that Roode has been outsmarting Kurt since Bound for Glory. Does Bobby have Kurt’s number? Kurt doesn’t know, it’s a terrifying thing to think about, so he just doesn’t know.

Madison Rayne Vs Gail Kim video is playing.

JB is outside the conference room, with EC3 making his appearance. He’s either getting a title match, or a pink slip.

EC3 knows the people in charge. He receives a phone call from Aunt D. She tried to do what she had to determine he is not fired, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

EC3 is a bit worried.

Eric Young has a gift to show his good friend Abyss. He wrapped it himself.

Joseph Park/Abyss/Eric Young/Bad Influence saga is taking place now.

Here comes Eric Young.

He wants Joseph Park to come out to the ring, he has some gifts for him.

Again, EY tells Joseph that he is Abyss.

He doesn’t know what to think. But his name is Joseph Park.

Eric is a scientist, he put a fist to his head, and Joseph became Abyss.

EY has two things for him, part two for next week is Joseph Park Vs Frankie Kazarian Vs Christopher Daniels, in a Monster’s Ball match.

But that is his brother Abyss’ match, what is he doing?

Part one are some gifts. Gift one is a chair. Gift two is a bag of thumb tacks.

Oh boy.

Gift three is some barbed wire.

He appreciates this, but it doesn’t do anything for him. The answer is no.

Eric is a showman, he is one of the most entertaining personalities in wrestling. He saved the best gift for last, underneath the ring.

It’s Janice.

Joseph said he would do the match.

Feast or Fired is revealed, next.

Earlier tonight, Magnus accuses Hardy of selling out.

Hardy has a moment with Samoa Joe.

Joe understands, they work in the most hostile working environment, and he can understand the idea of taking a shortcut. He just didn’t expect Jeff to take part of it.

Hardy makes it clear, if Joe is looking for an explanation, he isn’t, and nobody is.

Later tonight, World Heavyweight Title shot with Hardy Vs Magnus.

Feast or Fired is revealed.

Dixie is here to wish everyone luck.

DJ Zema Ion is the first one to reveal his case.

X-Divison Title shot.

It’s Gunner’s turn. Gunner is choosing Storm is he gets a Tag Title shot.

Gunner is now getting a World Heavyweight Title shot, and Storm is not happy.

Now there were two.

Chavo is confident this briefcase has a World Tag team Title shot, but no matter what, he is still a Guerrero.

EC3 is a Carter, and no matter what Carter’s don’t get fired.

Sting interrupts the fun.

It bothers him that EC3 has had everything handed to him. He asks Chavo is anything was handed to him, and he said no, they had to work harder. Sting brings up it sucks that there is a 50% chance that Chavo is fired, but then again, there is a 50% chance that EC3 is fired. How about he takes the spot of EC3 and no matter what, he will take the punishment. He just wants one match with EC3.

EC3 decides to take his chances with the briefcase.

The two men reveal, and EC3 gets a Tag Team Title shot, and Chavo is fired.

Sting reminds Chavo he is a Guerrero no matter what, he tells Dixie she disgusts him, they both do.

Commercial break.

What are Magnus’ thoughts on tonight’s match? He is focused on the title, and all of the questions about Jeff will be answered tonight.

Knockout tag match now with Gail Kim and Le’D Tapa facing ODB and Madison Rayne.

Madison Rayne and ODB win with a rollup, Madison pins Gail.

Hardy is with Sting. Sting says Hardy doesn’t himself, or anyone else an explanation, except for the creatures and his family.

Hardy Vs Magnus inside Dixieland, next.

Next week, Joseph Park Vs Bad Influence in a Monster’s Ball match.

Last weekend Dixie is upset that Rockstar Spud didn’t get the World Heavyweight Title. They still don’t have a title belt.

He is going to find someone who can make the belt.

Dixieland match is two men starting inside the steel cage, then they escape outside of the title, only to climb up a ladder, and retrieve the title.

World Title Tournament Review.

Hardy comes out, and speaks to his creatures.

He has made mistakes, and wishes he could change them but he can’t. Magnus brings up something that happened 3 years ago. Yes, Hardy did that, but we all know that ended in Victory Road 2011, and those mistakes would never happened again.

He did meet with Dixie, but then he thought about his life, his wife, his daughter. He loves to do what he does, and that is entertaining the fans.

Dixie tried to con her way to Jeff, promising him a lifetime contract, money, fame, but the problem is she owns him if he went with her. So he is going to go the AJ Styles route, he will earn the title, and defend it any chance he can.

Enter Dixie Carter.

You want to compare Hardy to AJ, they have one similarity, everything he has, he owes to her. Everything that his family has, they owe to her.

The one thing she did was stood beside Hardy, and he appreciates that, but the fans were not there for him, she was. So let’s feel what is best for her company, and if he doesn’t, he too will be out of a job, like AJ Styles.

Then what happens? Who will sell his merchandise? His CDs? His art, the way she sees it, he needs Dixie more than Dixie needs him.

Don’t let the kool-aid creatures dictate what he wants to do, think about his family. She is going to stand by and make sure he does the right thing.

Our title match…Magnus Vs Jeff Hardy is next.

Magnus wins the World Heavyweight Title. It made it seem EC3 was trying to help Hardy win, but when Jeff climbed the ladder and was reaching up for the title, Rockstar Spud push Hardy over the ladder, and he took a hard fall. Magnus reached up, and he told the fans he fooled all of us. The show ends with Magnus celebrating on the ramp, with Dixie and Rockstar Spud.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

2 very good matches highlighted this show and it actually cements the fact these free PPVs need to be 2 1/2 hours long, and not just 2 hours. It would make it special, in fact even give us a 30 minute pre-show if they want to, starting at 8:00.

I always believed that Bobby Roode should have won the title tournament. The guy has been the hottest heel for a few months, ever since the BFG Series began. But I understand why they went with Magnus, and now at some point, AJ Styles will come back, and we will have our unification match that has been building up since Bound for Glory.

Angle Vs Roode was very good too, and we also had an intriguing match with Madison Rayne pinning Gail Kim. But 3 matches for a free PPV is the very reason why we need 2 1/2 hours, and not just 2 hours for these special shows.

The Feast or Fired results were as expected, but now we will lose Chavo. We will miss him, and I think EC3’s tag partner, whenever they get their Tag Title shot will be Sting, with the way they are moving things.

Overall, a good show, especially the main event. What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me here.


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