WWE Tribute To The Troops 12/28/13

Tonight, the annual Tribute to the Troops is here, Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show.

Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring.

The crowd is of course going nuts, and we have the intro video, featuring Daughtry’s theme song. He will perform his song later tonight, and we will also hear from Jeff Dunham.

We are at Joint Base Lewis-McChord Headquarters in Tacoma, Washington.

WWE superstars join today’s biggest stars, to honor the men and women that have fought for us, and are fighting for us.

Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show.

Daniel Bryan is going to face Bray Wyatt, one on one.

Rowan and Harper attack Daniel, causing the DQ.

But here comes CM Punk to help Daniel out.

Excuse Me….

Vickie Guerrero makes her appearance, and orders Rowan and Harper to face Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in a tag match, now.

Bray attacks Daniel and Punk and is DQ’d, but now comes John Cena to help out his new-found friends.

Excuse Me…

Vickie has now made more appearances in the first 10 minutes than she does on Smackdown.

This is now a 6-man tag match, next.

Cena, Punk, and Bryan win the match with a GTS, Running Knee, and Attitude Adjustment, Cena pinning Harper.

Bruce Willis wants to share his thoughts to the troops.

Ryan Seacrest thanks the troops as well.

Still to come tonight, Jeff Dunham performs, and next….Daughtry performs his song for the troops and their families.

Santino Marella comes out to the ring, and Michelle Beadle is interviewing a member of the troops.

Santino introduces Daughtry, who is performing their newest single, “Waiting For Superman”.

We now get a look at the planes, and other brave men and women that are a part of the armed forces.

Fandango and Summer Rae make their appearance.

Fandango is facing R-Truth. What’s up?

WWE superstars were in Afghanistan, visiting the troops last week, including the chairman himself, Vince McMahon.

Truth wins the match with What’s Up.

Alex Baldwin wants to give a shout-out to the troops.

Will Ferrell does too, even quoting a line from “Anchorman” with his own twist, thanking the troops for everything they do.

Jeff Dunham is next.

The Bella Twins are out here to introduce Jeff Dunham.

Jeff and “Peanut” gave us a rendition of “T’Was The Night Before Christmas”.

The Big Show comes out, he is going to face Damien Sandow, next.

Big Show knocks out Sandow for the pinfall, and out comes the rest of the WWE Superstars to greet the troops, and thank them for their service, as we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 11 years since WWE first started doing these shows. It’s a testament to everything these men and women have done for us. Thank you so much, and as always, this has been a fun show.


About Kevin Gillman
I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

17 Responses to WWE Tribute To The Troops 12/28/13

  1. adztheman says:

    I hit the Fast Forward Button through much of this opus..it was more fun when the WWE was in Afghanistan getting attacked…

    Must have been wicked cold in that hanger…since the refs were wearing sleeves…

    Not interested in comics or failed American Idols..give me Summer Rae in a winter bikini contest and I’d be happy…

    Funny to watch Bryan get these huge pops, since he and Punk are not even sniffing the title picture at this point…

    • Yeah I don’t understand that either, I hated it when the brass called Daniel a “B-” player, because when you say that enough, people will start to believe it. By the way, I am reading Lex Luger’s autobiography. It’s very good so far, but it reminds me of what is currently going on with Daniel. If they are indeed waiting to give Daniel the title, it might be too late. Like when Vince decided to give Luger the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 10, and not that Summerslam ’93. Then, Luger didn’t even get the title in 1994 and he hadn’t been the same performer in his WWE tenure after that.

      • adztheman says:

        The IWC has blasted Trips for that promo…if you’re going to make this guy a centerpiece of your E! show, then why is he not helping carry the banner for entire company?

        Staying on this topic, why is Cena made out to be this functional OCD guy who wants to keep his house clean while one of the Bella Twins wants to make a mess? Then, on the wrestling shows, Cena is his normal SuperCena self?

        WWE could never figure out what they wanted to do with Lex…he was a solid champion…and the Yokozuna swerve on the aircraft carrier was and still is a classic moment…

        Orton is getting stale in this role…I want to see him taking on the Wyatt Family…just somebody else once in a while…this guy is going to headline WM in New Orleans…he’d better have a good reason why…

        I love Harper…guy is fantastic…he has you beliving he is in fact that nuts…

      • Lately, I just can’t figure out WWE. So far, their Wrestlemania plans isn’t finalizied, and you would think they would be by now. Take Big Show for instance, they were booking things to have us see Big Show Vs HHH, and some of those segments setting it up were entertaining, so what did they give us? Big Show Vs Orton. Why? Then we have HHH feuding on-air with Daniel bryan, and Daniel also took down Shawn Michaels. You hope that is the Wrestlemania idea, but you don’t know. Why are they throwing all of these darts, and see if any of them stick, then change their plans?

        What truly pissed me off is Daniel never had his moment, beating the face of the company, clean in the middle of the ring. They didn’t, they immedately did the title switch, yet he continues to get the biggest pop out of any, and I say ANY wrestler the company has, including their own superhero, John Cena.

        If WWE wasn’t a global empire, they would be losing a ton of money with these dumb ass decisions.

      • adztheman says:

        Wrestlemania isn’t getting finalized because Vince wants to have Hogan, Austin and the Rock as active participants…Rock nearly killed himself wrestling Cena a year ago, while Austin wants more money, and Hogan wants…absolute domination of the world or something…

        How about you showcase guys like Ziggler, Kofi, Reigns, Big E, Fandango…..the guys on your roster who are lighting it up everytime they go out there…

        The pops that Bryan is getting are huge…just amazing…and they can’t discount it, or pretend its not happening…it happens every week on TV…he is the face of WWE right now, because the fan base realizes talent when they see it…Orton Bryan would get you some decent PPV numbers right now…so would Punk, who could match Orton technically…

        Is Taker going to be ready? If so, why not have Cena/Taker, instead of Cena Wyatt, which is being proposed?

        Stop worrying about the past, and trying to prop up Hogan and Stone Cold..have them come out and wave or something…but showcase the talent you have…its there..use it…

      • Normally I would agree with you about that, but this is Wrestlemania 30. You need to honor the past, while also bringing up the current guys.

        Here is what I had found out, for what it’s worth….

        Rock won’t wrestle at Mania 30, he stated on Twitter he just can’t do it this year with his schedule, and the plans were originally going to be Rock Vs Lesnar.

        Austin won’t wrestle, he might make an appearance, but he won’t wrestle, in fact he doesn’t even have a contract anymore and he could legally head over to TNA. It won’t happen, I know, but he’s not under contract, and if he were to wrestle, the deal would have been finalized since he would want to get into shape.

        Hogan will be there, but at what capacity? I also don’t buy Bray Wyatt Vs Cena, I just don’t. Cena can’t put over the younger wrestlers anyway, look at the awful job he did “putting over” younger wrestlers. Cena’s role at Mania should always be with the legends, because his passion, unless it’s with the right opponent is gone. Nobody is on his level.

        Taker will wrestle, and more than likely face Brock.

      • adztheman says:

        Rock likely won’t wrestle ever again…he suffered some severe and serious injuries at MetLife in 2013, and he won’t risk that again..the fact he was able to finish the match was amazing..

        As for Stone Cold or Hogan, does anyone really expect them to wrestle? They can’t…not at the level they once were..

        What if you put the title on Bray Wyatt? Stranger things have happened…

        Given something you mentioned in your Smackdown review, I don’t think Bryan is turning heel..this is more along the lines of Cena joining the Nexus..

      • Austin does action movies, he’s still in shape and if he trains 4-6 months in advance, I know he can have one good match, especially if his opponent is CM Punk. As for Hogan, I agree he is done. But I think they are still hoping he’d get one more match and then he signs a legends contract.

        As for Bray Wyatt, I think that would be a good idea, and some day, he will be. He has IT and he shows that everytime he speaks.

      • adztheman says:

        You no doubt have seen the piece of video when Brock lost his title in UFC, and had to walk past Taker…”Wanna go?” Would be great if both were younger, and in their prime…but once would be fascinating…

      • Yeah I did see the video, and maybe they do have their differences, but the two will be professional with each other. I know after last night, I want to see Big Show Vs Lesnar. That should set up Taker Vs Brock, but who knows where they are going? Maybe it will be Batista Vs Brock? They have changed their plans many times already.

      • adztheman says:

        So Brother Dave fails at MMA, and comes back with his tail between his legs for what is supposed to be a short run…and I’m supposed to get all excited about this? Seriously? Why?
        Wanna do a good program? Let’s see Batista join the Shield, and then go after the Wyatts…Yeah…Yeah..Yeah!

      • Dave is working on movies though, and he has a big one coming out this summer, Guardians of the Galaxy. But I am excited to see him return, because it’s been long enough for him, he will seem and feel fresh.

      • adztheman says:

        I’m kind of on the fence about Katlylin leaving..I hope she has a nice life, but she has the same issues as Beth Phoenix before her…nobody is using the division as it could be used, except for reality shows…

      • Right, I liked Kaitlyn, and she was a talent. I even liked the idea of a woman using a spear as her finisher. But, she wasn’t being used. So good for her that she got out, and now she can start her family.

      • adztheman says:

        What happens if Taker/Brock turns into a shoot match…does anyone think that Lesner wants to job to a guy he can’t stand? How much damage can Taker do to himself? How much more can he withstand?

        It was nice to see Brock the other night…strange reaction from Trips, given the in ring history between the two…

      • They don’t hate each other. When Brock was fighting in UFC, Taker was always there to support him. However, they aren’t best friends. And if Brock can job to Cena, he will lose to Taker, he knows the story.

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