Impact Wrestling 1/2/14…Coronation of Magnus

Magnus is 6’3, 17 stone. He is 27 years old and from England. One true champion, under Dixie, forever and ever…amen. Tonight, witness the coronation of Magnus.

We are at the Impact Zone, Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. We will see a X-Division Title match with Austin Aries Vs Chris Sabin, and we will see a coronation of Magnus.

Kurt Angle is headed to the ring now.

Kurt didn’t have a very good 2013, in fact the worst of his career. From his feud with Aces and 8’s, to his personal problems. He always prided himself as an elite athlete, which is why he denied a spot in the TNA Hall of Fame, to prove he deserves a chance at that.

His name is Kurt Angle, they call him a “Cyborg”, but he is everything but that lately. He wants to say what his plans for 2014 will be.

Enter Bobby Roode.

Is Kurt really about to say what he thinks he is going to say? Is Kurt Angle really going to leave TNA, like Jeff Hardy. After being beat time after time, has Kurt realized he doesn’t have what it takes to beat Roode anymore?

Look at Roode in the eyes, and tell “The It Factor” right to his face that Bobby Roode is better than Kurt Angle.

Kurt isn’t leaving, he is going to make it clear he is going to beat his ass in 2014. Which is why he is challenging Bobby to one more match.

Roode has nothing to prove to the morons, or to Kurt that he can beat him time after time, that he is better than Kurt, and Kurt isn’t Hall of Fame worthy. The two of them are done.

Bobby turns to leave, but he has an idea.

Unless, maybe Bobby accepts one more match, that he puts something on the line. When Bobby beats him, Kurt leaves, and never will accept a Hall of Fame spot.

Kurt agrees to this, and it will happen at Genesis, in Huntsville, Alabama. But one more stipulation, the match will take place inside a steel cage.

Roode Vs Angle, inside a steel cage? You’re on.

Now they fight, and here come the officials.

Rockstar Spud tries to break it up, and Kurt shoves him.

They will not ruin this night, this is Magnus and Dixie Carter’s night. Okay, you two want to fight. Each find a partner, and we will have a tag team match, later tonight.

Tonight, the coronation of the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus.

We will also see Aries vs Sabin for the X-Division Title. Also see Joseph Park Vs Bully Ray, and Gail Kim Open Challenge is next.

More talking…good grief.

Dixie is walking backstage, telling us tonight she has found the perfect World Heavyweight Champion, fit for a king.

She walks away and is greeted by a stagehand. She received a note, saying “I will see you tonight”.

Dixie wants Spud to find out who sent that letter to her, with no signature.

Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa are in the ring.

Gail tells us she has dominated 2013, and 2014 will be a better year. She just hopes they can find her better competition, because the other competitors have been very unimpressive.

Here comes Madison Rayne, and we have our first match, now.

Madison wins the match with a rollup, and it seems she will get a title shot down the road.

Chris Sabin approaches Velvet Sky.

She is talking and Chris cuts her off. All he cares about is leaving the building with his X-Division Title. So do as he says, and if she doesn’t, and he doesn’t win, he’s leaving the building without his title, and without Velvet Sky.

That match is next.

Tonight, Kurt and a partner will face Bobby Roode and a partner.

Kurt needs to find a partner, and he asks Gunner to be his partner.

Storm comes in, and just scoffs at that, and says very interesting and walks away.

Chris Sabin Vs Austin Aries, for the X-Division Title is up now.

Sabin becomes an 8-time X-Division champion when Velvet Sky reluctantly jumps on apron, and distracts Aries so Sabin can kick him in the balls, and roll him up.

JB interviews Sabin, and of course he credit himself for the win.

Tonight, a coronation of Magnus. But next, the Impact Wrestling debut of Samuel Shaw.

Rockstar Spud is going over his script for later tonight, when his phone rings, to the tune of Dixie Carter on her ringtone, but it was a hangup. A 678 area code.

Samuel Shaw comes to the ring.

Samuel makes sure Christy Hemme is out of harm’s way. They were on a date before. His opponent is Norv Fernum.

Samuel makes Norv tap out to the triangle choke.

After the match, he glares at Christy as he heads to the back, complete with the Christian Bale’s “American Psycho” character to a tee.

Poor Norv.

Storm is backstage, saying he has built his entire career as a tag team specialist, yet Angle chooses Gunner? He will show he made a big mistake, and opens the door about to talk to someone.

Roode is asking why this person should be his partner. That man is Storm. He hates Roode, and doesn’t trust him. But he needs to send Gunner a message. Roode says he doesn’t need this, and walks away.

Storm makes it clear, he will be out there one way or the other, either as his partner, or kicking everyone’s ass, including Roode.

Video of Magnus and the road to the championship title.

Our big tag match is up now.

Angle has chosen Gunner as his partner.

JB is with Gunner, and asks him what if Roode chooses Storm as his partner. Gunner says things will get very interesting, and more physical.

That tag match is up next.

Roode’s partner? “Cowboy” James Storm.

For one night only, Beer Money is reunited.

Storm and Roode win with the Last Call Superkick and STO combination, Roode pinning Gunner.

After the match, Angle goes after Roode, sending him out of the ring. Storm has Gunner’s briefcase, saying this should be his.

Tonight, we have a coronation of the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Sting is walking, and Spud asks him if it was him sending the letter, Stinger said he is here to talk to Dixie’s lap dog, get out of his face.

Dixie doesn’t have a lap dog.

EC3 is headed to the ring.

Last week, we see footage from Sting and Hardy against EC3, Spud, and Bromans.

Jeff Hardy quits TNA.

EC3 debuted in 2013, and he has changed the face of wrestling. But his Aunt D set the course of action, putting him against the toughest competition the world has to offer, and EC3 has stayed undefeated, even beating Sting and Jeff Hardy last week. Now Hardy is no longer in Impact Wrestling. Instead, he is at home writing poetry, and music, talking about getting beat by EC3.

So he has an opportunity for Jeff, come on to the ring and get the revenge back.

We hear Hardy’s music, but no Jeff.

Now EC3 has no other choice but to take the victory, but he counts to 10, but here comes Sting.

Jeff isn’t here to defend himself, so Sting is here to call it like it is. He calls EC3 a dog, Dixie’s lap dog, waiting on the porch for her to rub his belly. He’s just Dixie’s lap dog.

EC3 walks away, and Sting leads to Dixie’s lap dog, and EC3 has had enough. He answers to Sting’s challenge, will have a match against him, but in 2 weeks, at Genesis.

Joseph Park doesn’t know why EY set up his match with Bully Ray tonight. Eric brings up 2 years to this day, Bully Ray faced Abyss, and he hasn’t been the same since. Joseph will get all of his answers, but he must do it alone.

Bully Ray shows up, and tells Joseph it’s not smart to do this by himself. He knows what it’s like to do this alone, you will get burned.

Joseph asks him what he means by that, and Bully tells him he will set him on fire if he shows up.

That match is next.

Bully Ray has his old music back, which is a good thing because I am a big fan of it.

Joseph Park Vs Bully Ray doesn’t really happen, because as the bell rings, Bully kicks Joseph in the balls, and pours lighter fluid all over him.

But here comes Mr. Anderson.

Bully pours lighter fluid all over him too, and threatens to light a fire, but walks away.

Our coronation of Magnus is next.

Rockstar Spud is all decked in white, kicking off the coronation.

He talks about how Magnus is from England, and now he is a king. They call themselves The Conta Kingdom, it seems.

We have USA chants, but Spud tells us this is Dixieland, where dreams come true.

Spud is talking about a real man, a British man, our World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus.

He brings up the master of ceremonies, Ethan Carter, III….EC3.

Spud is from England, where he worships kings and queens, but the people who hold the power in the states is the 1 percent. Last week, EC3 defeated Sting, all by himself. And the important thing is he is a Carter, and the world needs Carters. But enough about him, this celebrates one man who 2 weeks ago made history. he is a champion we all can look up, and a woman who made everything happen, his aunt, who is fit for a queen is none other than Dixie Carter.

Here she comes.

She tells us a time when she was on a plane, she read a magazine that featured AJ Styles. But she turned the page, and it was a 6-page spread about a man who was an inspired wrestler, a man who had a chiseled physique, and ready to take on the world. He had his own TV show in England, and after she read the piece, she knew she had to sign him to TNA. He has answered every challenge they laid in front of him, and he has done everything himself.

Ladies and gentlemen, get on your feet, and pay respect to the new World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus.

Magnus has something to say, he thanks Rockstar Spud and EC3 for the kind words they said about him, and now to the one woman, Dixie Carter. A wind beneath his wings.

He is honored and humbled to be the World Heavyweight Champion, but he can’t shake the feeling that people thought it would be Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, and maybe even Jeff Hardy to stand here as the World Heavyweight Champion, but it’s not….it’s Magnus.

Why did Magnus turn his back on the fans? It was the fans that turned his back on him, and he will be World Champion for a very, long time.

Here comes Gunner, as we go to a break.

History hasn’t been made, but tonight, Gunner is ready to fight. He will cash in now, and will win the World Heavyweight Title.

Ring the bell.

Dixie refuses to ring the bell, and Magnus and Gunner are face to face.

The numbers catch up with Spud and EC3 beating down Gunner, someone comes in….it’s AJ Styles.

AJ is the one that sent the letter, and called on the phone. Both men hold the titles up, and AJ dares Magnus to cross the line.

Magnus slides to the outside.

AJ tells Dixie he has her intellectual property. He is man enough to show up with the title right here. But if she thinks he will just hand it over, then she is dumber than she looks.

He didn’t come here because she made him, he came over because she screwed the people over, by making his World Heavyweight Champion a farce. And he needed to come here.

AJ calls Magnus a farce, because he never beat him for the title. He’s not a world champion, until he beats THE world champion.

Is AJ challenging Magnus?

2 belts, but there could only be one TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Is Magnus going to listen to her? If he truly is the champion he claims to be, then he must accept the challenge.

These people will doubt Magnus as the champion. And he is going to doubt himself as the World Heavyweight Champion. The offer goes with AJ. The choice is Magnus.

Dixie needs to shut up here, and just live with the moment.

Magnus wants to make this clear, AJ isn’t better than Magnus, not anymore. And if he wants Magnus to prove it, then fine.

Dixie screams this isn’t going to happen, and Magnus says then if it’s not happening, he’s gone too. Make it happen.

AJ doesn’t even have a contract, then make a one night contract….winner take it all.

It’s a gamble, but Magnus feels lucky. How about it AJ? 2 belts, one true champion, next week.

The two men agree to this, shake hands and we are done.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I liked this show overall, many things were established, namely two big matches were set for Genesis, which needed to happen. But the coronation was just too long. In fact, Gunner didn’t even have to be in this spot, especially since he lost earlier tonight, more on that in a moment.

But Dixie screaming every chance she could get was just damn annoying. Now that jeff Jarrett is no longer with the company, nobody is there to help Dixie out in her delivery, which she desperately needs. Many times, less is more. Just let the action dictate everything, because that ending was fantastic.

I just would have preferred Styles Vs Magnus at Genesis, but I guess they want this match next week to mean something by itself. I just hope this match goes 30-45 minutes. GIVE US A MEANINGFUL MATCH!!!!

I’m tired of this talking, limit Dixie’s talking, because she doesn’t do herself any favors.

But I loved Storm and Roode teaming, even if it was for one night, and it sets up his match with Kurt at Genesis.

Where do we go from here though? Because I am certain Kurt wins that match in 2 weeks, do we even pair up Storm and Roode again? They aren’t doing much, I mean Roode isn’t even aligned with Bad Influence anymore, so at this point, why not? The tag team division needs a major overhaul anymore, what better than to bring in Beer Money, and bring back Motor City Machineguns, if Alex Shelley can still go.

Something to consider.

We have a new X-Division Champion? Fine, but let’s stop the 3 week title reigns, and actually build that division up with Sabin as the champion.

It is what it is, and now we are gaining steam for next week, and in 2 weeks for Genesis. What were your thoughts on the show? Did you agree too much Dixie on the mic? Did you disagree? Tell me your thoughts.

About Kevin Gillman
I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

2 Responses to Impact Wrestling 1/2/14…Coronation of Magnus

  1. adztheman says:

    Here is what I don’t understand…does A-J have a deal or not…this will be a great match, with two guys at the top of their respective games…

    I like the EC3 guy…he obviously has a great look and mic skills…but I agree with you…Dixie dominates more than Hogan ever did…and speaking of Hogan…

    I love the Aces and Eights funeral and the little digs at Hogan and his daughter..including her shorts in the casket, and then passing out the beer, and almost giving one to Angle, had me laughing out loud..that was funny stuff..

    Love what they’re doing with Bully Ray…just really shows what a complete package he is and always has been…I’m going to wear all my hoodies like that at work now…

    Would somebody please put Rock Star Spud on a plane back to the UK and leave him there? Please?

    What is Sting’s role now? He really just kind of hangs around in the back…

    • Yeah Bully Ray is fantastic here, and he proves that WWE should give anyone with a passion to get better the opportunity to see if they can grab that ring, so to speak. WWE broke up the Dudleys, yet they did nothing with Bully after that.

      But whether people like it or not, TNA has been giving new guys opportunities now. I am glad Magnus has his, because he has improved tremendously, and I too am looking forward to seeing their Impact match with AJ.

      My gut tells me TNA signed AJ awhile back, and he’s just trying to get TNA name out there, but who really knows.

      I like EC3, and I think Sting’s role now is to put him over, when they do have their match, or perhaps feud, seeing I can see Sting win a match against him at one time.

      Not sure how I feel about Spud yet, but I might agree…LOL

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