WWE Monday Night Raw 1/6/14…Old School Raw

I hope you are warm where you live, or at least comfortable. It is currently -6 degrees in Canton, Ohio, and that is without the wind chill factor covering this. So what better than to sit down and watch WWE Monday Night Raw with you?

20 minutes away, keep checking here throughout the night.

We are live in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s the WWE….what the world is watching.


“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair kicks off the show.

Flair made a special appearance Saturday evening, hyping up the San Francisco 49ers, giving them a motivational speech.

When Flair heard Old School Raw was going to be here, he knew the jet flying, limousine riding, wheeling, dealing, son of a gun would be here, ready to style and profile…all night long.


Here comes Randy Orton, ready for an Evolution reunion.

They hug and embrace each other.

Orton tells him he has the utmost respect for him. When he started in WWE, he was Randy’s mentor, and he learned everything. But tonight isn’t just about the legends and hall of famers, it’s about him.

After all, he is the greatest WWE superstar ever, he is the only WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Because Randy likes him, he asks him to leave the ring, because he has something he has to get off his chest.

Last week, Stephanie McMahon made the announcement that John Cena would get his rematch, and face Orton at Royal Rumble. They didn’t even consult with him, and think this is best for business. But he doesn’t think he has anything to prove with this match. He wants The Authority to come out here, and reverse the decision, because he is the man.

Flair disagrees, because when he was the man, he performed for 7 nights a week, defending his title to prove he was the best. That’s why he has 2 Hall of Fame rings. Now Randy won at TLC, congratulations, but all he is doing is complaining about wrestling.

Orton brings up he always had someone watching his back, but not Randy. In fact, Flair is overrated. But he needs to get out of the ring, or else he won’t like the result.

Flair said he isn’t going anywhere. A decade ago, HHH and Flair hand-picked Orton to be the face of the company. He had it all, but he was very immature. He has the titles, and that might make him a man, but he closes the door, looks in the mirror, and wonders if he truly is the man.

Orton suggests they go old school on his ass right now.

They go face to face, until John Cena comes out.

Orton reaches a new low. He gets it, Orton doesn’t like having a rematch with Cena. So what does he do? Go to The Authority and bring it up to them? No, he goes to Cena man to man? No, he calls Ric Flair overrated? A 16-time World Champion. A man who has 2 HOF rings? Orton talks about going old school? So does Cena. If he’s feeling froggy, he says jump, because they need to dance, Randall.

Randy leaves the ring, and we see Flair hug Cena.

Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show. Jerry “The King” Lawler is sick, and feeling under the weather, but his doctor checked on him, and is doing fine.

We see footage of Daniel Bryan joining The Wyatt Family last week, and becoming Daniel Wyatt.

Coming up next, we will hear from Daniel Bryan, when they team up with Harper and Rowan against The Uso’s and Rey Mysterio.

Rey and The Uso’s win with a rollup, pinning Harper. After the match, Daniel nails Jey, but they all break away.

It’s very weird seeing Daniel in this role, but we’ll see what happens.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper is here tonight, ready for a Piper’s Pit when his guests are The Shield.

Also later tonight, CM Punk will face Roman Reigns, one on one.

In 2 weeks, “The Animal” Batista will return to Raw. I can’t wait to see that.

He has officially entered The Royal Rumble match.

We see last week’s footage of Damien Sandow, and how the WWE App chose his opponent…The Great Khali.

Brad Maddox is with 3 Hall of Famers, in regards to who will serve as the special guest referee of tonight’s The Great Khali Vs Damien Sandow match. It will be either Bob Backlund, Arn Anderson, or Sgt Slaughter.

Kane shows up, and wants to know if Brad has anything to say to his face. Kane couldn’t do anything though because one of the rules is not to lay a finger on an official. But Brad is in a no-win situation here. If Kane puts his hands on him, he would be fired, and put his hands on Brad and never be seen again. Or, if he is provoked, he is let go of his duties, and the monster returns, to make sure Brad is not seen again.

Just be careful what you say.

We can vote on the WWE App….

Big E. Langston is walking backstage, he sees Nikolai Volkoff, “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, and IRS.


Big E. is in action, next.

There is a big announcement on WWE.com Wednesday evening at 9:30 PM. Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and HHH will be on hand.

Ryback is at the commentary table, seeing Big E. Langston Vs Curtis Axel.

Big Ending, match is over.

Ryback isn’t impressed.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper is headed to the ring for Piper’s Pit, next.

Here comes “Hot Rod”.

It’s Old School Raw, and Piper was old school before old school was cool.

Enter The Shield.

Ambrose wanted to know who gave the old man a live mic? He’s been rambling on and on, with The Shield coming in. He should be lucky that The Shield weren’t around when Piper was in his prime, or else he wouldn’t be 108 years old.

Piper said nobody gave him the mic, he took it. He has been knocked around a time or two before, but his mind is still sharp.

Piper brings up there is only one person that can ever hang with him on the mic, and that is CM Punk.

Rollins steps in, and says Piper is just jealous because he is a better United States Champion than Piper ever was.

Piper knows one thing….Rollins couldn’t beat Punk one on one. Ambrose can’t beat Punk one on one. But Reigns has an opportunity tonight to face Punk. If he beats him, doesn’t that make Roman better than the other two men?

Are they holding him back?

Reigns stands up, he says he will beat Punk tonight, and if he ever touches him again, he will lay him out.

Let’s take care of him now.

Here come Punk and The New Age Outlaws.

All three men take out The Shield to regroup.

Later tonight, CM Punk Vs Roman Reigns. If Roman wins, is he better than Ambrose and Rollins?

Paul Heyman spoke last week on WWE.com, and Brock Lesnar will be here.

We see footage from last week, when Brock returned to Raw.

It’s Sin Cara Vs Alberto Del Rio, again.

Del Rio wins the match with a kick to the head.

After the match, he calls out Batista, and tells him that Del Rio will eliminate him in the Rumble match, and then people will be talking about him winning The Rumble.

Who will serve as special guest ref tonight for The Great Khali Vs Damien Sandow? Bob Backlund, Arn Anderson, or Sgt Slaughter are our choices.

Michael Cole and JBL inform us that Jerry “The King” Lawler is feeling under the weather tonight. They show us what took place in hour one, when Daniel Bryan and The Wyatt Family lost their match to Rey Mysterio and The Uso’s.

Daniel is talking to Rowan and Harper. Telling him he wants to be a part of the team, so they need to trust him. At the same time, he can learn from them on how to be a monster, but they can learn from him how to be champions. Daniel wants to tag with either man, and Bray has a better idea….next week, Daniel and Bray tag with each other.

The Real Americans Vs The Rhodes Family, now.

The Rhodes Family win the match, when Goldust pins Swagger with Final Cut. A very good match here.

DDP and Booker T are backstage, DDP is trying to showcase his DDP Yoga, so Booker can do a better Spinaroonie. Booker is trying to lift his leg, to showcase his own yoga.

He can’t do it, and of course, we see Ron Simmons, and get our…


We get to find out who is the special guest referee for Damien Sandow and The Great Khali.

Ranjin Singh is back with Khali.

Slaughter wins by a landslide, and is wearing the old school ref outfit.

Khali wins the match with a Khali Chop, but Damien had his foot on the ropes, but Slaughter didn’t see it. After the match, Sandow tried to plead his case, but Slaughter could care less and gave him a Cobra Clutch for good measure.

“The Beast” Brock Lesnar is on his way to the ring, next.

We are just about under way for hour 3. Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show. Jerry “The King” Lawler is feeling under the weather, and isn’t here.

Here comes Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.

Heyman tells us he is Paul Heyman, and he is standing with the self-proclaimed number one contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Title, “The Beast Incarnated” Brock Lesnar.

Paul said that giving these legends their last hurrahs isn’t old-school. Old-school is when a man reigns supreme, and when one superstar challenges one man to be the man in sports entertainment. That is old school.

Just like back in the day, Bruno Sammartino laid supreme, and every single member of the locker room wanted to be the one man. Back in day, Hulk Hogan reigned supreme, and every man in the locker room wanted to come out and challenge Hogan to be the one man who regained supreme. Stong Cold Steve Austin reigned supreme, and every man wanted to come out and challenge Austin to be the man, that is old school

Just like now, the WWE World Champion is the man, and whoever wins at the Royal Rumble, John Cena or Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar will show up, and reign supreme.

What happened last week? Mark Henry, the former Olympian came out, and challenged Brock to reign supreme. Brock had no warning, yet he did what he did, lay out Mark, and reigned supreme. His life is just like a T-shirt….eat, sleep, conquer, repeat.

Enter Mark Henry.

Mark tried very hard, but Brock broke his arm with a Kimura Lock.

Heyman begged Brock to stop inflicting any more damage.

Here comes The Big Show, staring a hole through Lesnar’s head, but Lesnar backs away and walks out of the ring.

Heyman tries to distract Show, but the big man catches Lesnar and gives him a hip toss, out of the ring.

Incredible segment here, I WANT to see this match.

Earlier tonight, we see Randy Orton and Ric Flair going face to face, with John Cena coming out.

Later tonight, CM Punk Vs Roman Reigns, one on one.

Earlier tonight, we saw Big Show lay out Brock Lesnar.

Now comes the segment, nobody cares about. The Bella Twins Vs Aksana and Alicia Fox.

Too Cool are in the house, and Rikishi, next.

Too Cool will face 3MB.

I so missed The Worm, and it was awesome to see again. Too Cool and Rikishi win the match, with a Rikishi Drop.

Tonight, CM Punk Vs Roman Reigns, one on one.

Next week, we will see Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan face The Uso Brothers.

All of the legends show up on stage, including The Godfather.

Bad News Barrett shows up.

This should be a momentous occasion, with Old School Raw, but he has some bad news.

Flea markets couldn’t get these guys to sign autographs for 7 people who didn’t know who they were. Wade will take great pleasure in forgetting their names when they leave, and the sad part is so will WWE Universe.

Welcome back legends.

At the WWE Royal Rumble, we will see John Cena Vs Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

But next, CM Punk will face Roman Reigns.

This Friday night on Smackdown, Randy Orton will face Big E. Langston.

Mene Gene Okerlund shows up here, plugging his hotline, which is funny.

He brings out The New Age Outlaws.

Baltimore, Maryland….you damn right. It’s the D-O-Double G, hanging once again with the Bad A-Double Crooked letter-S, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…children of all ages…tonight, Degeneration X proudly brings to us…the 5-time WWE Tag Team Champions of the Worllllllllllllllddddddddddd….Road Dogg Jessie James, “Bad Ass” Billy Gun….The New Age Outlaws.

Billy Gunn can now talk, and of course if we’re not down with that, he has two words for us….Suck It!!!!

CM Punk Vs Roman Reigns, now.

Reigns defeats CM Punk with a spear, and that might prove he is the best of The Shield.

After the match, The Shield try to take out Punk and Outlaws, but here comes JAKE “THE SNAKE” ROBERTS!!!!!!

Punk hits a GTS on Ambrose, and we see an appearance from Damien, to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What a fun show this was, so many legends, so many memories, and a good main event to end the show, with a surprise appearance from Jake. He looks fantastic, and DDP has done a fantastic job, getting him back in shape. Might we see another Royal Rumble appearance?

I loved Brock Lesnar and Big Show. A match I truly want to see. Please make that happen, and I sincerely can’t wait to see Batista return.

What I didn’t like was The Wyatt Family lose on Daniel Bryan’s debut with them. I am not sure where they are going with this, but tonight, the crowd reaction wasn’t there, like I thought it would be for Daniel. I have to think he is going to turn back, but I just don’t understand the losing, already.

I also don’t care to see Orton Vs Cena again, but I hope after that is done, Cena does not get another title match and we see someone else.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts, I’ll get back to you after Wednesday night’s big announcement, on WWE.Com.


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