Impact Wrestling 1/9/14…Styles Vs Magnus

Tonight is the most important night in TNA history. AJ Styles will face Magnus for the Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Dixie Carter kicks off the show, and she is not in a good mood.

She has a contract, and calls for AJ Styles, and here he comes to sign the contract.

She cuts him off, and doesn’t let him talk. She tells AJ that she has everything that AJ and his lawyer asked for, and she wants one thing. One match, a No DQ match. She just wants this nightmare to be over with.

AJ tells her that she has everything she wanted, but he asks her if she knows what winner takes all even means? That means no paper champion, no tournaments, and no stupid Dixieland matches.

But before he signs the contract, he wants to tell her she has the cronies waiting to pounce on him, well he has friends in the back that hates her as much as he does.

She wants to know if they paid his check for 11 years like she did? Do they feed his family, like she does? Or raise those kids? She owns them, just like she made AJ.

AJ tells her that this is about two men competing for a big championship title, seeing who is the best man. And people respect that title more now that he went on the road then he ever had when he was with TNA, and if that paper champion would get his head out of her skirt, he would see that too.

Here comes Magnus, and he tells Dixie to leave the ring.

Magnus tells AJ that his days of calling Magnus a paper champion is done, because tonight, he ends AJ. He had a heck of a run, but that ends tonight, when Magnus defeats him.

Magnus leaves, but AJ has something to say.

He was never handed the World Title, this was his sweat, his blood, his tears for 11 years, and win or lose, he will keep his head up tonight, but if Magnus wants to know what that is like, how about he takes his head out of Dixie’s ass and see what that is like.

Styles Vs Magnus, later tonight.

Dixie is talking to Gail, and asks her if she knows how important this is, and they all agree. Lei’D Tapa has things under control.

Joseph Park and Eric Young will take on the Bromans, now.

Bromans win the match when they pin Joseph with a Brodown. During the match, we see Tapa and Gail attack ODB backstage, and this sends EY to the back to check on his “wife”.

They grab a guard rail and puts it into the ring, to hit another Brodown and Joseph hits the guard rail on his head.

Samoa Joe comes in to tell Dixie that if she has any plans to ruin AJ, she won’t be in one piece herself. Dixie tells Joe needs to focus on his opponent for tonight’s match, her nephew. Joe tells her his blood is in her hands.

AJ Styles Vs Magnus, later tonight.

We come back to see what we just saw….The Bromans knocking out Joseph Park. EY is carrying his “wife” ODB out the door, and bumps into Sting. He wants to know what is going on.

“Cowboy” James Storm is in the ring, and wants to talk to Gunner.

Storm makes it clear he has been up and down the road in tag team division. He has also been said he has a big ego, and if the ego means that he loves to get the fans cheering “Cowboy” then I guess he has a huge ego.

Storm has been with 3 successful tag teams, but one thing they all have in common is the World Heavyweight Title comes between them all. It happened with America’s Most Wanted, Beer Money, and now it happened with them.

Gunner doesn’t deny that, he brings up they both knew the risk involved in that Feast or Fired match, and it was every man for themself. And he would do it again.

Storm says he just doesn’t think Gunner can beat Storm again, so how about they put that to the test. No referee, just the two men fighting for the briefcase.

Gunner shakes his hand, and the match is on, soon.

EC3 attacked Joe backstage, as we go to a break.

EC3 Vs Joe when we come back, and later tonight, Kurt Angle will issue a Steel Cage Challenge.

The match ends in a no contest when Rockstar Spud and EC3 clips Joe from behind, and Earl Hebner can’t control this.

JB is standing by with Kurt Angle. He says next week’s match with Roode will be the most important match in his career, and it doesn’t matter who answers the challenge, all he will see is Bobby Roode.

AJ Styles is having a moment to himself backstage, preparing for his match.

Earlier tonight, Gail Kim and Tapa attack ODB, we also see Bromans attack Joseph Park, and moments ago, EC3 and Spud attack Joe.

We come back, and Joe’s knee is torn, he has to get wheeled out in an ambulance.

Sting checks on Gunner and Storm, who was knocked out too by someone, with whiskey bottles.

Sting goes to Dixie, and asks her why is she doing this, having AJ’s friends all laid out. What happened to her, when will this stop? It stops when AJ is gone. Sting says this won’t stop him from helping AJ, and Dixie tells him he has a match later tonight.

Our Steel Cage Challenge is up, next.

Bobby Roode comes out to the ring.

He tells Kurt in 7 days, the two will be locked in a cage at Genesis. And in 7 days, he will prove he is the better man, and in 7 days, his quest to be a Hall of Famer will be gone forever.

Bobby brings up Kurt saying earlier tonight that no matter who answers to the challenge, he will see Bobby Roode. So who better than to have Roode him tonight, right?

Bobby starts to walk to the cage, but he says that would be stupid. But he did find two men that hate him as much as Bobby does. Those two men are Kazarian and Daniels.

Bad Influence Vs Kurt Angle, now.

Kurt wins with an Angle Slam, pinning Kazarian while Daniels was knocked down.

Bobby Roode comes into Dixie’s office, when she orders the cage door stays up. She tells Roode that tonight he has to be a team player, and will face Sting inside a steel cage.

When we come back, Angle is taking picture for a promotional thing, and Al Snow comes over and tells him there is a family emergency, and he takes Kurt to the airport.

Roode Vs Sting, inside a steel cage is up now.

Roode wins the match when Spud runs out and hands him a baton, while Sting is being distracted by EC3. Roode escapes the ring, and wins.

Earlier today, Mr. Anderson walks into a funeral home, so Bully can share a few words.

We see footage from last week when Bully almost set Anderson on fire. Bully says that if he wanted to burn him, he would have done it. Now he just wants to end his career, next week when they face each other. Ken ripped the colors off Bully, and put them in the coffin. He tells Ken to go into the coffin and see what Bully has for him.

It’s a set of his and her towels, and when he turns, Bully is no longer there.

Sting screams at Dixie that what happened to him won’t stop him from helping AJ tonight.

Dixie wants to know that Sting’s contract talks are about to start, and does AJ pay him? She gives him a raise every year, and they are close. So close, that some people talk. But Sting needs to think twice about what he is going to do.

Our big title match….AJ Styles Vs Magnus for the TNA World Heavyweight Title is next.

Next week is Genesis. Bobby Roode Vs Kurt Angle inside a steel cage. Also Sting Vs EC3, Madison Rayne Vs Gail Kim for the TNA Knockout Title, and Mr. Anderson Vs Bully Ray.

Styles Vs Magnus is now.

Magnus wins the match when he has help from everyone including EC3, Rockstar Spud, The Bromans, Zema Ion, Bad Influence, and is ultimately pinned after 3 Attitude Adjustments by Bobby Roode.

Sting continued to fight with AJ, but the numbers became too much, and Earl Hebner was frustrated with this. Brian Hebner was out, after Earl leaves, but he is knocked out for his troubles, and Brian Stiffler is knocked out too.

The night ends with Magnus celebrating with his title, and is now the undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I guess this wasn’t surprising, just very disappointing. I think this match would have been better and mean something more if the interference had happened at the end of the match, and not the entire match. The first part of the match needed to be about the athletic competition.

So the question becomes is AJ Styles officially done with TNA? He wrestled this past weekend for Ring of Honor. AJ is still talking to TNA about a return, but honestly, I think all of this is a work, I mean it has to be, or else why give AJ the title in the first place?

If this is his last appearance, I want to say thank you AJ for giving this company, and the fans 11 great years. You truly are “Phenomenal”.

Call me crazy, but I actually liked Dixie’s talk segments. She didn’t give us any fake accent, she just told it like it was for certain of her employees. But the question becomes who will stop Team Dixie? If it’s not AJ, then who?

What did you think of the show? Do you think this entire AJ Styles thing is a work? Will we see more vignettes of AJ? Let me know.


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