Impact Wrestling Live 1/16/14…Genesis

Tonight’s program is dedicated to the memory of legendary Mae Young, who we lost yesterday. She will be missed.

We see footage from last week when AJ Styles lost to Magnus, and the question becomes who really are the friends of AJ?

We are in Huntsville, Alabama, home of the legendary “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton. Rockstar Spud is in the ring, trying to get our attention.

He introduces us to Dixie Carter, the woman who promised us she would bring home the World Heavyweight Championship.

Here comes Madame Dixie Carter.

We have all seen what it’s like to cross the boss, it isn’t pretty. First it was Jeff Hardy. Then it was AJ Styles, so who can it be tonight? She wants to address AJ Styles.

He did not listen to her, and she showed what it’s like to cross her. She asked him nicely to stand in line, but he refused to do that. Where did it get him? Back to the beginning of his career, but that story is over. Tonight is a new chapter for the company. Tonight is about a man who has earned everything he has received. He represents everything she wants in her company.

He is the undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion, he is Magnus.

Enter the Champ.

This is our champion speaking on a historic night in Huntsville. Where they can say they finally got petty things out-of-the-way, out with the old, in with the new. He is wearing two titles, but there is a reason for that.

He wants to hand Dixie the old title. She represents a champion, and for that, he presents a title for her. Dixie is a champion for our hearts.

Dixie is deserving of this honor, but Magnus is the real World Champion.

But they need to bring out some people who last week showed some tremendous loyalty, and for that, they can thank them.

The Bromans, DJ Zema, Bad Influence, Bobby Roode, Gail Kim, and Lei’D Tapa all make their way to the ring.

Everyone of them went beyond what their roles were, especially Bobby Roode, and they will all be rewarded with their next paychecks. Tonight is the new Genesis of this company. But for that to happen, they must stand as one. To accomplish that, her nephew has to take out the one man who is fighting against them, the man who needs to continue his dominance in TNA, that man who later tonight will defeat “The ICON” Sting….Ehan Carter III.

As EC3 is about to begin, the lights go out, and Sting is with the fans. He points his bat to the crew.

We come back and see Sting speak.

Is this the future here? he hopes the payoff was worth it. There are many wrestlers in the back that couldn’t be bought, You know why? They have honor, unlike Dixie.

When Dixie messes with wrestlers’ families, that is when she crosses the line. But now we have a paper champion.

Magnus, they brought you in Main Event Mafia, because they believed in him, but he never expected Magnus would sell his soul for this. But this is not a house united, it’s a house divided. And tonight, we are going to fight.

Dixie wants to know who is we? She only sees Sting.

Take a look around you, we are in Huntsville, Alabama and tonight, we are going to fight. We are taking back what is ours.

The boys all come out, and they all start to fight.

Sting has EC3 all by himself when we go to another break.

We come back with the faces standing united.

Joe has the mic and says they all came for a fight and they won’t leave until they get one.

Spud has a ref, and he says we will have a 12-man tag, right now.

Joe, Gunner, EY, Joseph Park, ODB, and Storm facing The Bromans, DJ Zema, Lei’D Tapa, Bad Influence, and Roode.

Joe’s team wins when Joe makes Daniels tap out to the Koquina Clutch. Joseph Park goes all “Abyss” on Gunner and Storm, and the former Tag Team Champions bicker.

Backstage, Velvet Sky is talking with Austin Aries, he asks her to think about what they talked about and thanked her for signing his trading card. Sabin sees this, and wants to deal with this, in front of the whole world.

Kurt Angle entered the building and is looking for Dixie and Al Snow.

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky are in the ring.

Sabin said he won the X-Division Title for them, and together they can run this place.

Here comes Austin Aries.

Austin assures Chris he is not here trying to steal his girlfriend. Although, even though he is a vegan, he might get a piece of “pigeon pie”.

He was trying to explain she doesn’t need to put up with his crap, because she is an extremely hot woman.

Chris tells Austin she is his, she does what he says. And Aries brings up everyone knows she is better than this, she is one hot piece of…

Sabin interrupts him and says she is his.

Aries challenges Sabin to a match for the X-Division Title, one on one, without Velvet. Chris said he can beat him without her. Aries brings up let’s put Velvet in a cage, and see if Chris can beat him one on one, without her.

Chris tries to deny this match, but Velvet accepts the challenge. She needs a man who will support her, and respects her. So if he can’t beat Austin, maybe she needs a new man.

That match is on, and Kurt is still trying to look for Dixie.

Simon Diamond is with a camera guy and tells him to shoot everything.

Samuel Shaw shows up, and Simon tells him he was impressed with his match a few weeks ago, he is going to go places. He calls him “Sam” and instructs him to not stare at Christy, just concentrate on his career.

Samuel beats his ass with his own shoe, like Christian Bale from “American Psycho”.

EC3 is talking in a mirror, trying to get himself psyched, and Magnus shows up. EC3 was where Magnus was 5 years ago, but he needs to believe in himself, something he isn’t doing.

Ethan is trying to say this is a bigger opponent than AJ was, but thanks for the pep talk.

Bully Ray walks to the ring, but Mr. Anderson attacks him from behind. Their No DQ match is next.

Bully Ray wins the match with a Piledriver. This was a fun brawl, and Bully had the lighter fluid, was going to use it and told Ken this was for his wife, and two brat kids. Ken hits a Mic Check, and sets a table and runs the light fluid with it. He was about to light the match, and Bully hits a low blow, and pins him after a piledriver.

We are having two weeks of Genesis, that’s right…two weeks. But tonight, Knockout Title is on the line. Madison Rayne Vs Gail Kim, and EC3 Vs Sting.

Kurt Angle finds Al Snow and was about to rip his head off, but Al said he was just doing what he was told. He has a family he has to feed, Kurt.

Here comes the former Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle. You never mess with family.

Kurt brings up he came to TNA 7 years ago because of Dixie. But last week, when you mess with family, you go too far.

He wants Dixie out here now, and we hear her music, again.

Dixie brings up things are changing, and this is not 7 years ago.

Kurt agrees, this isn’t the same Dixie from 7 years ago. He did this, for what?

Dixie says he would have made a decision he would have regretted last week, and she did this to protect him.

Kurt brings up that Dixie is mad, she wanted AJ to be gone, for what? Half the locker room is against her.

Dixie said she did this for him, he isn’t smart enough to make this decision so she did it for him. If he had been taken out, he wouldn’t make Dixie any money. She doesn’t want Kurt to be like Jeff Hardy, or AJ Styles.

She did what she did because it was best for her company. Kurt says he is not a part of her team. After he beats Bobby Roode’s ass, he will be in the corner of Sting.

No, Dixie is postponing Angle Vs Roode for tonight. Kurt isn’t in the right frame of mood, and if he interferes in tonight’s main event, there will be consequences.

Roode Vs Angle is the next week.

Kurt says if she is going to fire him, then do it. He will do what is best for himself.

Dixie orders security to take him out of the building, but Bobby Roode nails him from behind and hits the Roode Bomb (Attitude Adjustment).

Security now escorts Kurt out of the building.

JB is with Madison Rayne.

Tapa shows up, and Madison gets into her face, saying is she supposed to be afraid of her, but Gail lays her out and says she is supposed to be afraid of Gail. See you in the ring, BFF.

Knockout Title match is next.

Earl Hebner is with Dixie and she orders Earl to take the night off, she has a referee in mind.

Knockout Title match…Madison Rayne Vs Gail Kim is now.

Madison Rayne becomes the new Knockouts Champion when she uses a Rayne Drop for the win. Madison is now a 5-time Knockout Champion. Brian Stiffler, who was the referee threw out Lei’D Tapa earlier in the match, so it was a clean pinfall.

JB is with Sting, and he makes this clear. He wants the boys in the back to stay away from the ring, because there have already been consequences. He just wants to get his hands on EC3.

Our main event is next.

Dixie is in the back with a new tag team called The Wolves. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, former Ring of Honor champions. They are ready for this challenge. Dixie brings up next week they will have their tryout match.

But The Wolves had already signed their contract this morning. They are contracted. There is a new TNA Investor, and they said she would act all crazy, they show her the contract.

Next week, Kurt Angle Vs Bobby Roode, inside a steel cage. We will also see “Cowboy” James Storm face Gunner, with the World Title match briefcase on the line, and for the X-Division Title, Austin Aries Vs Chris Sabin.

Sting Vs EC3, with Rockstar Spud as the special guest ref, now.

Wow, EC3 wins the match with a rollup when Magnus comes in, and has a referee shirt, giving a fast count.

Sting has the mic, and he says he would do anything to fight him.

Commercial break.

Magnus has the mic. Sting says this isn’t about EC3 and Sting, this isn’t about Dixie Carter and Sting, this is about Magnus and Sting. He hand-picked Magnus, and this is the thanks he has for him? Magnus is a cancer of this business, and he is going to cut it out. Just give him one more shot at the title.

Sting might have forgotten, Magnus does. Sting lost at Slammiversary and will never receive a title shot again. Magnus owes Sting nothing.

Magnus owes it to himself, doesn’t he want to be the king of the jungle? Doesn’t he want to prove he is the franchise? Men will be men, and boys will be boys…boys wear belts. So the question is will be a man, or will he be a little boy?

Magnus knows what Sting is up to, reverse psychology. But he will make a deal. Even through his objections, Dixie is still thinking about re-upping Sting’s contract for another year.

How about they have a match. If Sting wins, he becomes the World Heavyweight Champion, and wrestle another year, but if Magnus wins, he rips up the contract himself.

How about rolling the dice? Is Sting a gambling man? Because Magnus would love to rip up the contract in front of his stupid, painted face.

So is the match next week? The match will take place.

This will be Genesis Part Two. It will be the next week.

Next Thursday, Kurt Angle Vs Bobby Roode inside a steel cage. Gunner Vs Storm, with the World Title shot on the line. X-Division Title match….Sabin Vs Aries, and Sting Vs Magnus, with Sting’s contract on the line Vs TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I’ll say this again, these PPV shows need to be longer than 2 hours, because with the talking, there isn’t much time for the matches. But tonight was loaded, and now next week will be even more loaded.

I truly loved Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson. They had a fun brawl. We also have a new Knockout Champion, and Madison’s match with Gail was good. We also had a wild 12-man tag match kicking the show off.

But the main event just didn’t deliver for me, and really, it was Spud. Just bring Magnus in the very beginning of the match, and add tension with Sting and Magnus.

I can’t wait to see The Wolves have their debut match, and it’s great to see TNA bring in a tag team, something that is needed badly. We also have new investor in the horizon, this might be interesting.

I loved Kurt’s promo with Dixie too, I can’t wait to see Roode Vs Angle, next week. Did you notice how many times they used AJ Style’s name? When Stone Cold left WWE 10 years ago, they never dropped his name, until the crowd was chanting. WCW never used Flair’s name back in 1991 when he left for WWE. We heard the Flair chants, but WCW never acknowledged his name. TNA did it tonight about 5 or 6 times.

You tell me.

What was your thought on the show? Send it to me here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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