Impact Wrestling Live 1/30/14…Who Is The Mystery Investor?

Tonight, we are live in Glasgow, Scotland, in a packed house. They show us footage from last week, when Sting was in a TNA ring for the final time.

Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash welcome us to the show, we see Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus, and EC3 all fight in the back.

But here comes the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus, EC3, and Rockstar Spud.

Magnus makes fun of the Scotland people for a bit, but reminds us that last week, he defeated “The ICON” Sting, and got rid of the dead weight a bit, or the thinning of the herd. Our president, Dixie Carter and Magnus have decided to rid the land of TNA of the dinosaurs that were lumbering around. And make way of the new stars of this business. The Bro-man’s of this business, the Zema Ion’s of this business, the Rockstar Spud’s of this business, and the Magnus’ of this business. He did not mention EC#, and Magnus single-handedly got rid of Sting, AJ Styles, and Jeff Hardy out of TNA.

EC3 asked him if he just said he single-handedly rid of them, and he did.

EC3 was about to respond, but here comes Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.

They cleared the ring.

Kurt came to Scotland for one reason, not to thinning of the herd, but stop screwing the herd. If Magnus wants to beat Sting, that is one thing, but the way he did it was wrong. Sting was right, Magnus would go down as just a “paper champion”.

Magnus warns Kurt he would regret saying this, and Kurt said the only thing he regrets is bringing Magnus into the Main Event Mafia.

But they wanted Magnus to become somebody.

Magnus brings up Kurt invited him because he is a somebody, but now he is THE somebody. He is the World Heavyweight Champion. And that is killing Kurt.

Joe says the only thing that is killing them is Magnus is walking around. And now, they are going to kill Magnus.

Magnus brings up let’s do a tag team match later tonight, of Joe and Angle Vs Magnus and EC3. If Magnus and EC3 win, they are gone from TNA, for good.

Joe suggests they raise the stakes, and say if either of them pins Magnus and EC3, then they become the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Title.

Joe brings up he knows the stakes are high, especially for a “paper champion”.

Magnus accepts the challenge.

But here comes Dixie Carter.

Dixie refuses the match, and Magnus questions her. She is concerned about the mystery investor, and Magnus wants her to spit it out. She can’t take the risk of the two of them losing to Kurt and Joe.

Magnus though says the match is on.

A limo has pulled in, who is the mystery investor?

We come back, the door opens, and it’s Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.

They tell us they will find out who the investor is, later tonight.

Our first match reunites The Beautiful People…Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky Vs Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa.

The Beautiful People win when Velvet pins Gail with an In Yo Face.

As they celebrate, Chris Sabin makes his way to the ring.

He tells Madison to get out of the ring, and Chris wants to know what is the deal. No texts, no phone calls for a week. Girlfriends are supposed to be supportive of their boyfriends. Maybe it is the time of the month, but he is willing to give her one more chance, say you’re sorry.

Velvet has one thing to say to him, they are done.

Joe and Angle are backstage, they are on the same page. But first they need to take care of business, take out Bobby Roode.

We come back, and Roode tells them he isn’t stupid to take out both of them, and Joe chokes out Roode, telling him he would take him out if he interferes tonight.

Roode has a smile on his face when they leave.

Out comes “Cowboy” James Storm.

Storm has something to say to Gunner. They were friends even before Gunner came to TNA, they tagged up, became champions, but there was something that happened to put an end to this. He asks for Gunner to come out.

Here he comes, with the briefcase.

Gunner tells him they trained together, they fought together, but winning the briefcase ruined their friendship. But he had to do this for his family, he had to win the briefcase, and if Storm had been in the same position, he would have done the same thing.

The reason why he has the name of Gunner is due to his Gulf War days as a Marine, and he brings up how when he was at war, he wasn’t fighting for the government, he was fighting for the man standing right beside him, and he gave his life for him. And in the battlefield, he came home alive, some of his friends, did some of them didn’t. But in this ring, they fight for these people, and he fought beside him.

Storm knows the kind of man he is, a great soldier he was. Gunner isn’t the man who likes to take credit, but he should do that, because he is a great wrestler. And Storm is just a redneck that likes the 4-wheeler, he likes to fire his gun, he likes to play Daddy, and he likes a beer, and a shot of Jack Daniels.

But the one thing about Storm’s life is his kids. His daughter asked him what his issue with Gunner, and he admits he was jealous. But he should have been the better man, and tell Gunner he is sorry, and he has Gunner’s back.

Enter Bad Influence.

Kaz calls them monkey farts, and brings up the only thing worst than a Drugstore Cowboy is a Drunk cowboy who lies. And Gunner, he can’t be stupid enough to believe it.

Storm is the kind of man who desires attention, he desires ugly fat women, and desires the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

But Daniels considers a tag match tonight with Bad Influence Vs Gunner and Storm, and if Gunner trusts his tag team partner so much, how about he puts the briefcase on the line.

The match is on….now.

Storm and Gunner win the match, with a diving headbutt, Gunner pins Daniels.

Dixie is irate over what is going on, she wants to know who the mystery investor is, and orders Spud to find out.

We get a video package, profiling Samoa Joe’s history in TNA, and through it all….Joe is going to kill you.

We come back and see Dixie talking to her attorney. Bobby Roode shows up. He wants to be taken care of, and wants a World Heavyweight Title shot at Lockdown against Magnus. Dixie doesn’t have time for this, and Roode says she has one week to give him her answer, and until then, he’s not going to help them.

Eric Young is with ODB, he is excited about winning the Tag Team Titles with Abyss. The science experiment concludes tonight, and ODB warns him it might not work. Abyss shows up, and grunts. He is ready.

Spud is on the other side of the moon it seems, he says if he must find out who the investor is, then he must speak with The Wolves.

We check and see what happened earlier tonight, Magnus and EC3 Vs Joe and Kurt, for the spot in TNA Vs a World Heavyweight Title shot.

Rockstar Spud heads to the ring.

The chief of staff is here for one reason, and one reason only. Under the orders of your TNA President, Madame Dixie Carter, he is here to find out who the mystery investor is, so he calls out The Wolves.

Here they come.

Spud wants to know who the investor is. They don’t say a word, and he puts a light in their eyes, trying to get them to speak, but it doesn’t work.

So now Spud tells them who he is, he is the man who took out Jeff Hardy and tipped the ladder. He’s the one who beat Samoa Joe with an inch of his life, and Dixie called him a lion, he is fierce.

Spud now slaps Davey, and that was the wrong thing to do. They take out Spud, and hit a superkick. Davey tells Spud Dixie will have to wait, just like everyone else does. And for tonight’s main event, if anyone comes out to interfere, they will be fired, on the spot.

The storyline of EY and Joseph Park.

Tag Team Title match between EY and Abyss facing The Broman’s.

Abyss and EY are DQ’d when Abyss goes monster, and nails a Shock Treatment on the ref.

Abyss then chokeslams EY, and walks away.

Eric is on the mic, saying there is only one thing left to do. Next week, Abyss Vs Eric Young in a Monster’s Ball Match.

Challenge is accepted.

The camera guy wants to know the investor is, and Davey Richards tell him to relax, he will find out later.

Bully Ray has a casket, he is headed to the ring, next.

Earlier this week, Christy Hemme is on another date with Samuel Shaw.

Samuel has a Christy Hemme room, filled with her memorabilia, but she doesn’t know about it.

Here comes Bully Ray.

Do you know who he is? He’s Bully Ray, and he’s from New York City. He used to be the president of the Aces and 8’s. He used to be the World Heavyweight Champion. But one man took that away from him. One man took away his club. One man took away his colors. One man took away his life. That one man is someone the fans love to adore, that man is Ken Anderson. Ken, Bully dropped you on your head, he tried to break his neck, but he keeps showing up to what is Bully’s miserable life. He challenges him to one final match, that match is a casket match.

Here comes Mr. Anderson.

Did Anderson hear Bully right he was going to put him in this coffin? Then what will you do? Bully will piledrive his wife and kids. You want to do that? Bully would love to piledrive his wife.

Anderson is tired of the talking, he won’t put Anderson in here, he will do the fans a favor and shut his mouth. By the way, his wife and kids say hi.

He rams the lid on Bully, and now the fight has begun.

Anderson beats down on Bully, sends him out of the ring and just missed hitting him with a chair.

Kurt Angle video is playing now.

Now Magnus and Ethan are backstage arguing. Magnus called Ethan “green”. Ethan assures him he will do his part tonight. Dixie comes in, and tells the two they need this win tonight. The future is now and they must take out Kurt and Joe. And Ethan, don’t let Aunt Dixie down.

Next, Magnus and EC3 taking on Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle.

Joe and Kurt win the match when Joe makes Magnus tap to the Koquina Clutch. Kurt took care of EC3 on the outside.

Kurt and Joe get to keep their jobs, and Joe is the new Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Title.

Dixie comes out, saying she told them this would happen.

Joe told Magnus the odds have caught up with it, not only are he and Kurt in TNA for a long, long time. But look at Joe’s eyes, he is looking at the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Title.

Don’t blame EC3, because in front of these fans, Magnus tapped out. Soon, there will be no excuses, so shine his belt, son, because Joe is going to kill you.

Kurt has been in TNA for 8 years, and he’s done it all. But after beating Bobby Roode last week, and tonight, he is glad to say Kurt Angle is back. And for Dixie to bring her checkbook, because it’s time Kurt is inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. He wants her to be sure and invite the investor too.

Dixie calls for the investor to come out.

The investor is MVP, complete with a new theme song he is rapping.

The show ends with the crowd chanting MVP.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A fun show tonight, and the Scotland fans were awesome. A heavy tag team matches tonight as well, all four matches were tag team. And we finally learned who is the mystery investor.

I liked MVP when he was in WWE, but more importantly I liked his story, and how he got into wrestling. He is a student of the game, and has improved tremendously since WWE. Having said that, just because of real life, it would have been very cool to see Jeff Jarrett be the investor. But I am going to give this a chance, I know the promos will be enjoyable.

Speaking of promos, Gunner’s promo about his life was awesome. The best promo he has ever had, and the best part about it is, it was real and from his heart.

Joe was awesome too, and now we will see Joe get the next shot at Magnus, which is the way to do it.

But the one thing I didn’t like was seeing Magnus and EC3 have some friction so soon. Why? Also, are we going to see the beginning of a Bobby Roode face turn? He might get a title match at Lockdown, we will see.

What were your thoughts on the show? I am looking forward to next week.


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