WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/21/14…2 Days Away From Elimination Chamber

Just 2 days away from Elimination Chamber. Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show. Tonight, we see Sheamus face Christian, one on one. We will also see Rey Mysterio and The Rhodes Brothers face The Wyatt Family.

Daniel Bryan heads to the ring. We see what took place this past Monday night, with Daniel defeating Christian. He then had to face Kane, and Kane took Daniel’s arm out, and he has his shoulder taped up, ready for a match….against Jack Swagger.

Daniel wins with the running knee kick.

But after the match, Vickie Guerrero, who shows us she is still employed and Kane come out and said due to the wonderful showing Daniel had, he deserves another match with Cesaro.

Daniel wins when Kane Chokeslams Daniel, and he very nicely tells us that Daniel wins.

After Kane leaves, Cesaro hits a Gotch Neutralizer.

Renee Young is with Christian. He has shown an aggressive side, because he is desperate, and desperate man can be dangerous. He has to figure out Sunday’s Chamber match, so he can be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Later tonight, 6-man tag match of Rey and The Rhodes’ Vs The Wyatt Family.

The WWE Network starts Monday, where we can order it, starting at 9:00 AM Eastern.

The Bellas show us how to download the app on our phone, and consoles.

Footage from this past Monday night, with The Wyatts and The Shield.

They’re here….The Wyatts come out for their 6-man tag match against Rey Mysterio and The Rhodes Brothers.

Bray tell us The Shield are like dominos, ready to fall. How can people believe in them, when they are lying down after World War 3? Follow the buzzards.

Our Elimination Chamber pre-show kickoff will be The Rhodes Brothers Vs Curtis Axel and Ryback.

6-man tag match is now.

Sister Abigail, the match is over, Bray pins Goldust.

We also will see Christian face Sheamus, one on one tonight.

Byron Saxson interviews Sheamus.

Sheamus blames himself for a more aggressive side of Christian, but he us fired up. Because he wants Christian at his best, fella.

Summer Rae Vs Emma in a Dance-off is next.

Emma wins the dance-off. Do we even have a title for this? Summer tries to push Emma out of the ring, but Emma shoves her out of the ring, and shoves Fandango out of the ring.

Cobra makes an appearance.

WWE honors WWE Black History month, and who better than the first African-American to win the World Heavyweight Title. Ron Simmons.

Lana wants to tell us about Alexander Rusev. He is on his way.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Titus O’ Neil.

Ziggler wins with a rollup, after Darren Young distracted him, blowing his whistle. This Sunday, those two will face each other.

Also a big match tonight, Christian Vs Sheamus,

But first, Roaddogg will face Jimmy Uso, before their Sunday night encounter.

Jimmy wins the match with a kick to the head.

The Uso’s have the advantage, heading into Elimination Chamber.

A special look at the Elimination Chamber match.

Our main event, Sheamus Vs Christian is now.

Sheamus wins the match with White Noise, and ends the show celebrating.

Elimination Chamber is 2 days away.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A decent show, but I just question all of the losses for Christian, if he is in the Chamber match. But here is something that gets me thinking, Daniel Bryan had his shoulder wrapped up, and Kane took him out again, it makes me think The Authority will take Daniel out of the match to “protect” him, and put Brock Lesnar in the match. It was reported in an interview he would be there.

Something to think about, what were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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