WWE Elimination Chamber 2/23/14

The real road to Wrestlemania begins after tonight, or so we hope, since so far the road has been a bit underwhelming. But we should know what is going to take place, with Raw being huge tomorrow night. The WWE World Heavyweight Title is on the line, with Randy Orton defending it against Cesaro, Christian, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena.

We will also see The Shield face The Wyatt Family in a big 6-man tag match, so tune in and find out what happens tonight.

The kick-off show is now.

We are live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Josh Matthews welcomes us to the show. Tonight’s expert panelists are Mark Henry, The Miz, and Rey Mysterio.

Our Kick-off match is The Rhodes Brothers Vs Ryback and Curtis Axel.

Renee Young is in the Social Media lounge, discussing predictions for the two big matches tonight.

Talking about Randy Orton being 1-4 against the 5 competitors, running the gauntlet.

Zeb Colter is doing some pep talk with The Real Americans. This is a new opportunity for America, and to have one less sneaky immigrant hopping over the border. More hellos, than holas. So every American please rise, and say it loud….

We The People!!

JBL, Michael Cole, and Jerry “The King” Lawler make their way to the commentary table.

More Elimination Chamber hype.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Batista is set tonight.

Now we have The Bellas show us how to download The WWE Network, which starts tomorrow. We’ll see it again, later tonight.

Our Kick-off match is set now. The Rhodes Brothers Vs Ryback and Curtis Axel.

Larry “The Ax” Hennig is accompanying Ryback and Axel to the ring. He still looks good.

Rhodes Brothers win when Cody hit Crossroads on Curtis. Larry does not look amused.

Byron Saxson is with The Uso’s.

Tonight, they get a chance for the Tag Team Titles.

They have been waiting for this moment all of their life. Their uncles, The Wild Samoans did that, their father, Rikishi won the Tag Team Titles. They have 2 words for the New Age Outlaws….it’s over.

Renee Young is reading off tweets, and we are 3 minutes away from Elimination Chamber.

We are live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Our first match is the Intercontinental Championship. Jack Swagger Vs Big E.

Big E. picks up the win with an impressive Big Ending.

Here comes Bad New Barrett, he has some bad news for us.

he just says nothing of importance.

Hulk Hogan is returning to WWE.

Cole, JBL, and King talk about Daniel Bryan, and the condition he is going to be in for tonight’s Chamber match.

Byron Saxson is with Daniel Bryan.

He is less than 100%, but what is his mind-set?

The same as it will always be, give his best performance. Will he hurt in the Chamber? Yes. Will his opponents take advantage of his injuries? yes. Will he give his 100%? Yes!!



20,000 fans are chanting Yes, yet Daniel will not win the Title, go figure.

WWE Tag Team Title match is set with The Uso’s Vs The New Age Outlaws.

The Outlaws win the match with Billy Gunn grabbing the tights of one of the Uso’s to retain the titles.

I think it’s better to have The Uso’s win the titles at Wrestlemania anyway.

Bad News Barrett is back again. With Daniel Bryan fans. He will not win the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and that means us fickle fans will turn on him, and The Yes Movement is done.

To that, he says….Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

We are 42 days away from Wrestlemania.

The WWE network is coming tomorrow.

Darren Young Vs Titus O’ Neil is now.

Titus wins the match with his Clash of the Titus…AKA Sky High.

More Bad News Barrett.

He has some bad news. It was announced on Friday that Hulk Hogan would return, and host Wrestlemania. But that spotlight is dimmed, compared to Bad News Barrett.

In what galaxy?

WWE Elimination Chamber panelists talk now.

Our next match is the 6-man tag match with The Wyatt Family facing The Shield.

Expect this match to go for a little while.

The Wyatts win the match when they took out Rollins, with a Chokeslam on the Spanish Announce Table, Ambrose is ran out of the ring, and Reigns is left by himself. Superman Punch, a spear, but Bray Wyatt hits Sister Abigail, after Luke Harper took one for the team.

Incredible match, the anticipation was electrifying too, even before they all touched each other, “This is awesome” chants, which was amazing.

You must see this match sometime.

Renee Young is with Christian.

It’s been a rough time for Christian, but nobody will remember his losses, after he wins the WWE World Title. He had a mental lapse during those losses, and he is desperate, which makes him dangerous. But go ahead and underestimate him tonight….he dares us.

AJ Lee comes out to the ring.

AJ brings up Naomi being hurt, and she makes fun of that, so enter Cameron.

Divas Title match….AJ Lee Vs Cameron.

AJ is DQ’d when Tamina accidentally kicks AJ in the head, and lays out Cameron.

AJ is still the Divas champion, but she is not happy with Tamina.

But Bad News Barrett comes back in, and tells us that tomorrow morning, WWE Network will officially kick off, but the bad news is there is so much content that we won’t be able to turn off the computer. That means we can lose our job, not take the garbage out, the government can take our houses, and we will be homeless.

Okay, let’s blame Vince.

WWE Stackdown commercial with Santino Marella, Emma, The Great Khali, Los Matadores, and El Torito.

My question is do they get paid for the appearance, even though they don’t wrestle?

Batista Vs Alberto Del Rio is now.

Del Rio is on crutches.

Del Rio tells us due to the last two weeks, Batista hurt him so bad, he can’t compete. Then Del Rio nails Batista with his crutches, and the match begins.

Batista wins the match with a Batistabomb. The crowd completely crapped on anything Batista did, and cheered for Del Rio. We also had a Y2J, RVD, and Brock Lesnar chant.

The panelists choose their winner for the Chamber match. Miz picks Daniel, Mark chooses Sheamus, and Rey picks Cesaro.

Our main event is up now. The Elimination Chamber match, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

It will be Sheamus Vs Cesaro kicking the match off.

Daniel Bryan is in the match, now.

Christian is in now.

No eliminations, so far.

Cena is in now, can we get all 6 men in before the eliminations start?

Orton is in, all 6 men are in the ring now.

Sheamus is eliminated by a Back body drop by Orton, and a Splash off the top of the pod by Christian.

What a match!!

Christian is eliminated with the running knee by Daniel/

Final four are Bryan, Cena, Orton, and Cesaro.

Cesaro is eliminated with a STF on Cena, after being put through an Attitude Adjustment on plexiglass.

Cesaro had a hell of a night.

Down to the final three.

The lights go out, and The Wyatts are in the chamber.

Bray Wyatt hits Sister Abigail on Cena, and Orton pins Cena, down to the final two.

Orton Vs Bryan.

Kane shows up, ordering The Wyatts to get to the back now.

He checks on Cena, and Daniel hits a dropkick on Kane.

Orton wins the match with a RKO, after Kane knocked down Daniel.

So, will Wrestlemania be Daniel Bryan Vs Kane, or Bryan Vs HHH?

We know, it will be Orton Vs Batista, no Lesnar appearance either.

The show ends with the camera continuing to show Daniel’s disappointing face, then the fans, then Orton’s glee.

The Road to Wrestlemania begins, now.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This PPV was built around 2 matches, and thankfully, both of those matches delivered. Let’s be honest, we didn’t think Daniel was going to win, but you have to figure 60,000+ fans chanting Yes!! at the end of Wrestlemania would have been the perfect ending, but unfortunately, that won’t happen.

Me personally, I would rather see Daniel Vs HBK, rather than Daniel Vs HHH. Especially after what we saw in October, but sadly, that won’t happen either.

The Wyatts Vs The Shield was everything I expected, and so much more. The fans ate every second of it, and when that happens, it makes the match, and PPV feel more special.

I am still looking forward to tomorrow’s show, for not just the WWE Network, but also for what happens on Raw, and where we start. Expect Bray Wyatt Vs Cena, and while I don’t expect Cena will lose that match, I do want to see the buildup. You have to think they have Cena’s attention now.

Anything else we see is anyone’s guess. Hogan will be there tomorrow, but will The Undertaker? And who will be his choice for Mania? Lesnar?

What were your thoughts on the show, and where do we go from here? Let me know.


About Kevin Gillman
I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

12 Responses to WWE Elimination Chamber 2/23/14

  1. adztheman says:

    Wondering why they didn’t use the Elimination Chamber in the tag match, just cause it was there..you knew with these six guys that you were going to get a great match..

    I’m wondering if Bryan is going to get placed in the title match, because Dave/Randy is going to be a real snooze fest..a third guy has to be in this thing…

    • I just am not sure if this is Daniel’s time, with the way Chamber ended, they just might give us Kane Vs Daniel Bryan at Mania.

      That will show them fans.

  2. adztheman says:

    So we get Kane in a mask, or Kane in a suit..oh boy…

    Why not involve Bryan in the Cena match and make it a 3 on 2 tag affair? And introduce one of the NXT girls as the ”real” Sister Abagail, since there was a girl in a tree in one of the early Wyatt videos?

    I could care less about Randy/Dave…this has the potential of being just as bad as Cena/Miz a few years ago…

    • But it didn’t do well though when Cena himself stated The Miz Vs Cena isn’t a WM worthy match. From that day on, I couldn’t stand the man. Even if fans were thinking it, you don’t throw the newly established champion under the bus. I had heard that they would bring in a woman to be Sister Abagail, but they never did that. It would be nice if she debuts at Mania, and costs Cena the match.

      • adztheman says:

        And Miz never recovered from that…even though he’s still being used in a variety of roles, he hasn’t sniffed a title match in a long, long time..I just find it interesting the Cena is working a program with these guys…its going to be a mid card match after all..

      • And he never, ever puts them over either. Orton does more for the younger guys than Cena. Ask Zack Ryder.

      • adztheman says:

        The Rock put guys over with great frequency..so did Shawn Micheals, in the second part of his career..and Ric Flair actively put guys over…one of them was named Sting, as I recall..

        FYI, Jim Ross has a new podcast which you can find on iTunes, called ”The Ross Report”…he and SCSA have had some entertaining discussions in the first two weeks of shows…

      • I bet they have. I’ll have to listen to it. I am having so many problems with WWE Network, I can’t watch any videos. All I get is the rating, they say it’s on their end, but I am getting a bit impatient here.

      • adztheman says:

        That’s why I’m waiting before I cough up any cash to keep Stephanie’s daughters in clover šŸ™‚
        Are they asking for the $54 up front as part of the $9.99 deal?

        If they screw up the Wrestlemania feed, watch somebody file a class action lawsuit over this thing..

      • No, it is $9.99 every month, which was the best way to deal with it IMO. And yeah, Mania is a very, VERY big reason why I bought it, and if they screw that up, they have to put the blame on themselves. They should have done a beta test on it, like XBox 360 does with their new stuff.

      • adztheman says:

        They had the people who handle MLBs video feeds help develop WWEs Network…granted there are going to be some bugs in the startup, but they can’t have happen with NXT happen with WM 30..not if you were building up the promotion of this thing with the promise of WM 30 on your computer..

      • I finally have it on my cell phone now. I had to uninstall it, and then reinstall it. I had called WWE about this again, and they told me it’s a matter of getting all of the people that ordered it and access it all, so yeah it has been a complete mess. I just hope I get it on my PC and 360 by the time Mania comes through.

        What happened on the NXT show though?

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