Impact Wrestling 2/27/14…MVP Vs Bobby Roode….Captain Vs Captain

Tonight, we hear from “Cowboy” James Storm, after his devestating kick to Gunner last week. We will also see Bobby Roode face MVP, and Kurt Angle is inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Gunner is looking for Storm, the camera guy asks Gunner what he will do when he finds him, and Gunner says paybacks are hell.

We are in London, England. Mike Tenay informs us Dixie Carter isn’t there, which means Bobby Roode, EC3, and Magnus are in charge.

But what about MVP?

MVP heads to the ring, he has a contract in hand.

Big things are popping, I missed that phrase. MVP informs us when he is in full charge, Gunner will get another title shot. But for now, Lockdown main event is set.

It will be Magnus facing the Number One Contender, Samoa Joe.

Here they come out.

MVP asks where his “sugar momma” is at, and Magnus has the mic.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your champion speaking. He told her that this was once a great city, but it’s not what it used to be. Now, it has come to crime, poverty, and since he left this place, it has come straight to hell. But the truth is the only person Magnus needs when it comes to his career is himself.

MVP brings up all we need is a clipboard, a pen, and 2 signatures, no pomp and circumstances. Any questions?


MVP informs us that he knows how Magnus has defended his title in the past few months, and Magnus rules will not take place at Lockdown. They will be under Joe rules. The only way to win is by pinfall, knocked out, or tapped out.

MVP asks Magnus if he thinks he can knock Joe out.

He asks them to sign.

Magnus tells us he has a whole deck that he hasn’t played yet. Joe is an unrefined, dangerous, animal. Which is why the fans use those chants like “Joe is going to kill you”. But you know what they do with dangerous animals? They put them down. Where our World Heavyweight Champion, a refined, well behaved man that represents in our industry, and that very reason is why Joe will never represent this company again.

Magnus signs, and Joe goes face to face with Magnus.

Magnus taunts Joe, and Joe headbutts the champ, and intensity takes over, with Joe.

MVP tries to restore order, telling him to save it for the cage, when Magnus escapes, but Joe runs after him again.

New World Tag Team Champions this past weekend at a house show. The Wolves beat The Bromans.

Last Sunday, Bromans are beside themselves. Jessie tells Robbie they need to find Roode.

They find him, and want to be a part of Team Roode. Roode sets up the match for later tonight, a triple threat tag match. The Wolves Vs The Bromans Vs Bad Influence. If BI or Bros win, they are on Team Roode. Roode needs winners.

Triple threat match is next.

The Bromans steal a win frm The Wolves, when Robbie shoves Davey Richards, and pins Kazarian.

The Bromans are a part of Team Roode.

Later tonight, The Beautiful People face Lei’D Tapa and The Alpha Female.

EC3 is backstage, talking to the camera guy again. Auntie D gave him the choice to pick his opponent, and he will face one of England’s finest. Now Kurt Angle gets his chance tonight to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, and he wants Kurt to speak the truth, and the truth is EC3 is becoming the face of America.

Roode is talking with Austin Aries. His win a few years ago was a “fluke”, but he is here to talk about Austin Aries being a part of Team Roode. Can he trust MVP? Aries knows this all a part of Roode owning 10% of the company, and Roode tells Aries to make the right decision.

Aries always makes the right decision.

EC3 is coming to the ring. His opponent?

Doug Williams, now that is a good choice.

EC3 wins with a one percenter, and attacks Douglas from behind.

“Cowboy” James Storm enters the building, and heading to the ring, next.

Here comes the “Cowboy”, as we see footage from last week when Storm kicked Gunner, and cost him the title.

He calls Gunner out, and here he comes.

Storm admits he did screw him out of the title, and he had it all planned out the moment he took the briefcase from him, because he wanted Gunner to find out what it’s like to have his hopes and dreams disappear, just like that. But the nail in the coffin was when he handed the Tag Team briecase to him, like he was handing scraps to a dog. He is “Cowboy” James Storm, and he doesn’t take a backseat to anybody.

So was Gunner just going to hand his briefcase to Storm. Storm said you’re damn right, because if it wasn’t for him, he’d be nothing. And he never heard a thank you from Gunner.

Gunner brings up a thank you to him is standing by his friend’s side, and fighting by his side. He chose his path.

Whether Gunner lived or died, noone gave a damn.

Gunner brings up his friends cared, his family cared, these fans cared.

Nobody, and when he says nobody, he is talking about Storm owes Gunner a damn thing.

The fight is on, and Storm swings a chair at Gunner’s arm, but misses and runs.

The two have a standstill when the segment ends.

Gunner is waiting for Storm at the doors, and will wait until he shows up.

Earlier tonight, Joe and Magnus signed their contract, and had a fight.

Magnus is in the ring, and he has an idea for Joe. Joe has a natural born killer from Germany against Joe. Come and face Bad Bones.

The fight is on. Joe is going to kill you.

This was a complete squash here, as it should be. Joe is ready.

Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony is next.

MVP wants an answer from Aries.

Austin can’t trust MVP, Austin wants to referee MVP Vs Roode tonight. MVP asks what if Austin turns on him, and Aries said that he just has to trust him, and MVP is willing to take a chance.

JB is in the ring, introducing the newest TNA inductee into the Hall of Fame….Kurt Angle.

Video of Kurt is playing now.

Jeremy wants to give Kurt a rolex, and welcome him to the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame.

This is quite an honor for Kurt. TNA Hall of Fame isn’t about Kurt Angle, it’s about all of the fans. Because without them, TNA would not exist, and he wants to thank them for this.

Kurt was supposed to accept this in October…fan yells out we love you Kurt, and Kurt shouts out he loves them too….Rocky Balboa moment there.

Kurt had some personal and professional problems he had to deal with, and after 4 1/2 months, he was ready in London. From getting himself clean, to having some amazing matches with Bobby Roode. He wants to thank the good Lord for giving him the ability to do this. He thanks his wife, and kids, and he wants to make them proud. He thanks the amazing talent in the back, and certainly he wants to thank the fans.

Here comes EC3.

He is all teared up, very touching tribute video for Kurt. He also has a toching video for Kurt.

The footage when EC3 takes Kurt out, complete with cheesy Superman theme, thought bubbles, and crowd chanting This is Wrestling.

Ethan is depriving the crowd of the big news. Kurt isn’t sure about the big news, and Ethan is here to break the news. Kurt invites him into the ring.

Carter is reading a report that Kurt has a torn ACL and a torn MCL that will require surgery, and Kurt will be unable to perform.

Ethan believes out of complete respect to Kurt that he should officially retire.

Kurt asks why he would get into this ring, when he will tear his throat out.

Because Kurt, you have a torn MCL and a torn ACL, and if there is an Olympic sport for gimping, he knows he can’t do anything.

But if Ethan is going to confirm something, shouldn’t you go to the source?

Ethan said the internet is right all the time, well actually 50% of the time.

But Kurt is the source, and that source is right 100% of the time. ACL…no tear. MCL….no tear, you really want to be in the ring with Kurt?

EC3 clears his throat, and says he doesn’t.

EC3 is new here, he understands he wants to make a name for himself, but why in the hell would you choose Kurt Angle?

He smacks Carter in the head with the mic, and informs EC3 that the new investor gave him a nice gift, a match inside a steel cage at Lockdown, and that opponent is EC3.

EC3 is beside himself when we go to a break.

We are set for our next match…The Beauty vs The Beast.

The Beautiful people Vs Lei’D Tapa and The Alpha Female.

The Beasts win the match when Tapa hits a TKO on Madison.

Alpha Female has Velvet Sky, after she got in the face of Sabin, and here comes ODB to help the faces.

Samuel Shaw is backstage, he is very misunderstandable, and had to help Christy. He is going to make us understand, now.

Christy is a bit nervous as he comes to the ring.

Shaw quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson “To be great is to be misunderstood” and he says Christy Hemme has misunderstood him, and asks her to come to the ring. He will respect her space, he just wants to clear everything up.

She relunactly comes to the ring.

The truth is Samuel enjoyed their time together, and he thinks deep down inside, she enjoyed their time too. He has respected her space, and there are some that have not. He sees how other guys look at her, how they lust after her. He is here to protect her. There are some that want one thing from her, he wants everything.

Here comes Mr. Anderson.

Samuel warns Christy Ken Anderson wants one thing from her, and he is here to protect her.

Ken tells Sam to shut up. He is a creepy bastard, isn’t he?

Then Ken mocks his relationship with Christy. But what will be real? Anyone want to see an ass whooping?

Wait a second, Shaw isn’t creepy. he has always been a gentleman towards Christy, and hasn’t done anything lucivious, but if he had, Christy would have been receptive towards it, because women like Christy is always available.

Christy slaps the taste out of Samuel Shaw for that remark.

Samuel now goes after Christy, but Anderson comes to her defense, and Samuel chokes out Anderson.

Willow is coming to TNA, we see a weird and creepy vignette of him.

Storm is on his way to the parking lot, the fight is about to get on.

The two men just beat the crap out of each other, until Al Snow and other security are here.

Gunner tells Storm as God is our witness, Gunner will take Storm down at Lockdownl. Storm wants to say something about Gunner’s God, sooner or later, they will get you.

3 weeks ago, Eric Young unmasked the monster Abyss, and 2 weeks ago, Abyss said he was going away to find someone that can fix this.

Eric hopes that Abyss is getting the help he needs, and hope the guy he was in the ring with does not come back.

Our main event….Bobby Roode Vs MVP, with Austin Aries as our special guest referee.

Roode wins with the Roode Bomb, after Austin Aries decked MVP to show us who he trusts more.

Austin Aries is a part of Team Roode, when we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Another solid show that is centered around the UK tour. The Hall of Fame segment meant something more special, due to the location. Can you imagine how it would have looked in the Impact Zone? Plus it sets up EC3 Vs Angle at Lockdown, which should be a good match.

I also liked the segment with Storm and Gunner. Storm is certainly a heel, and jealosy played a big part in this. I had said before, it would have made a more impact if Gunner and Storm were profiled more when they were a team, but nonetheless, it did its part.

I was a bit surprised that The Wolves had won the Tag Titles at a house show, after knowing The Bromans would be a part of Team Roode, but I know The Wolves as tag champs work.

Team Roode Vs Team MVP is almost set, and that means who will MVP’s fourth team member be? I won’t give it away, but we will see next week.

I also loved the intensity Magnus and Joe showed tonight. I would love to see Joe with the title again, lord knows he has earned it, and the fans are behind him 100%. But you have to think if Team MVP wins, Magnus must retain, right?

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me.


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