WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/28/14…Batista Tells Us….Yeah!!

The Road to Wrestlemania continues in Milwaukee. Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show. Our main event is Daniel Bryan and The Uso’s facing The New Age Outlaws and Kane.

We will also see an Elimination Chamber rematch, AJ Lee defending her Divas Title against Cameron.

The “Animal” Batista opens up the show.

The crowd isn’t reacting to Batista very well.

Batsita loves this business. He loves this company. He is also stating he did not come back to be liked. He did not come back to please us. He came back to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. You don’t have to support Batista, but we have to deal with it.

It’s a fact that he if they put any wrestler in front of them, he destroys them. He is the best representative of this company, more so than Hulk Hogan and The Rock.

Dave asks what has happened to this business? What happened to the attitude? They chant the names of 195 pound wannabes?

The crowd chants yes, but the truth is no, they will never be Batista. That is the truth, deal with it.

Do we honestly think our heroes are as good as Batista? Everything about Dave screams WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He can sympathise, we all think that guy is a champion, so can we. Get back to your jobs at Hot Topic, get out of the fantasy world. From now on, Batista will be destroying every one of our heroes on his way to main event Wrestlemania in becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Dave poses for us.

Enter Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler brings up Dave has been away for awhile, but he doesn’t tell the fans who to cheer for, they cheer for who they want. Ziggler tells Batsita he is a dinosaur, and sooner or later, dinosaurs become extinct. So Dave is looking for a man, he is looking for someone in this business? You’re looking at him, Jack. And he wants a match with Batista tonight.

Dave says you want it, you got it.

Ziggler dropkicks Batista.

The match has been accepted.

Next, Big E. and Mark Henry face The Real Americans.

It is confirmed, Ziggler Vs Batista, later tonight.

Big E. and Mark Henry Vs The Real Americans, now.

The Real Americans win when Cesaro gave Henry a Neutralizer. There was some dissention among the ranks it seems, when each man tried to outduel each other.

Vickie Guerrero is tweeting, when Alberto Del Rio tries to butter up Vickie, and it seems he has the night off, but Sheamus has a better idea. How about a match with Del Rio, which is like giving Sheamus a “night off”.

Vickie agrees, and says that match is next.

Christian is joining JBL and Cole while we see Sheamus Vs Del Rio.

Christian lays out Sheamus for the DQ, when Sheamus had Del Rio for the Cloverleaf. Sheamus knocks Christian off, Del Rio distracts him for a second, long enough for Christian to hit Killswitch.

We see footage from this past Monday night when Daniel bryan challenges HHH to a Wrestlemania match.

Tonight, we get a 6-man tag match with Daniel and The Usos Vs Kane and The Outlaws.

Next, we see footage from Raw with Hulk Hogan returning.

Whatcha going to do when Hulkamania, The WWE Network, and Wrestlemania runs wild on you.

Footage with Hogan on Tv this week.

Tonight’s Smackdown is in Milwaukee.

Lana comes out, and speaks Russian. She wants us all to arise and pay homage to the great Russian athlete, Alexander Rusev.

He’s telling us, in Russian we are all great. Okay, maybe not us, but Rusev is great.

We see what happened last Monday night, when Ambrose is trying to tell Reigns and Rollins they can trust him.

The Wyatt Family made the presence felt, but so did The Shield.

Reigns wants to know if Ambrose will be there for them, or will he go rogue?

Reigns is upset about the loss. Rollins doesn’t want to hear about them arguing about a loss, it’s time to move on. Who is moving on? Bray Wyatt, he believes he is using them to face Cena at Wrestlemania. It’s time to show the world you don’t mess with the hounds of justice.

Ziggler Vs Batista, now.

Batista wins the match with a Batista Bomb.

We see The Wyatts break down John Cena this past Monday night. Cole did tell us John will be back next week, and he was getting a MRI done on his leg.

Bray has a message to Cena, next.

We’re walking….we’re here.

Everything you think about your own lives are based on lies. Men wake up every morning, you break your backs trying to earn a bit of extra cash. So you can buy those fancy suits, but those fancy cars, to impress the women.

Now women, you wake up every morning, you look at yourself in the mirror, maeup all over your beautiful faces, because you didn’t even realize you’re wearing paint that society tells you to wear.

We take a look at the billboards that tell us what to wear, and who is behind those billboards? They are the ones who wear that fake smile, he’s the man that tells us everything what we think we want to hear, and I tell myself, what a wonderful world this would be.

Bray Wyatt is awesome.

Yet, this is the same society that villifies everything a man like him says. Why? Because they are afraid he will say what they don’t want us to hear. Do everything they are afrid to do. He promises us with every might of his day that Bray will slay this mighty dragon. And he will stand over his body, and he will whisper into his ear, John Cena, it’s time to end this life, follow the buzzards.

Here comes The Shield.

It’s time to mount up, and fight.

But here comes The Game.

The COO of WWE, HHH makes a rare Smackdown appearance.

He tells us this won’t happen now, he has too much time and money invested in them to allow this fight to happen now, at least without promotion. This war can continue Monday Night on Raw. The Wyatts Vs The Shield.

And until that time, Shield….stand down.

Wyatts get out of the ring, and the match is set.

Bray said you heard your Daddy.

The Shield come into the ring, and Bray goes face to face. Rollins and Ambrose take out Harper and Rowan. Wyatt steps down, and we will wait until Monday.

Tonight, 6-man tag match….Daniel Bryan and The Usos facing The Outlaws and Kane.

But next, AJ Lee Vs Cameron, for the Divas Title.

AJ wins the match in quick fashion, making Cameron tap out to the Black Widow. In about 2 minutes time, Tamina was ejected out of ringside, when she tried to interfere. Why bother having this match, then?

Anyway, more footage, the Raw Rebound of The Undertaker returning to challenge Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

Brock will speak this Monday night on Raw, in Chicago.

We hear from the Smackdown panel, involving Josh Matthews, Booker T, The Big Show, and Alex Riley.

They share their thoughts about Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker, at Wrestlemania.

Our main event is set….The Usos and D-Bry Vs The Outlaws and Kane, now.

“Need for Speed” and “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul will host Raw this Monday night, in Chi-Town.


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