WWE Monday Night Raw 3/3/14…Chi-Town Punk

The Road to Wrestlemania continues on in CM Punk’s city, Chicago, Illinois. We kick the show off with CM Punk’s entrance music, the crowd goes nuts.

And it’s…..Paul Heyman making his way to the ring.

It’s pipebomb time, Heyman sits in the ring, indian style, like Punk does when he has something to say.

Paul brings up the origins of Paul Heyman’s guy, a man that speaks his mind, a man that the crowd gets behind and will stand up to anyone that opposes him. That man was none other than Chicago’s own….CM Punk.

But Punk isn’t here anymore, in fact, he holds someone responsible, and that is the fans. Because when he was with Heyman, Punk was the longest reigning WWE Champion in the last 25 years. But all of a sudden, Punk loses the title, and he decides he must listen to the fans. The fans claimed they love him, but where has it gotten him? He’s not here anymore, and it’s our fault. But another man holds responsible for this too….The Undertaker.

When Punk lost to Taker, he grew a conscience, and cared about what the fans think of him. The Undertaker will pay, and here comes the man that will defeat the streak…Brock Lesnar.

Here comes the pain.

We see footage from last week, when The Undertaker answrred to Brock’s open challenge, and Taker chokeslammed Brock through a table.

The crowd chants CM Punk when we come back, and Brock grabs the mic.

Brock said that Taker is scared of Brock, and that is why he did what he did last week. But the difference between any other guy and Brock with the streak is he can end it. Nobody else can, Shawn Michaels tried, and he failed. HHH tried, and he failed….your little boy, CM Punk tried, and he failed.

Lesnar won’t fail, he will defeat the streak.

Brock and Heyman step out, and enter Mark Henry.

Brock fights with Henry, and Brock once again knocks him out silly, going through the announce table, laying out Mark Henry.

Next, WWE Tag Team Title match of The New Age Outlaws Vs The Uso’s.

The Uso’s are the new WWE Tag Team champions, when Jey Uso flew off the top rope splash, pinning Billy Gunn.

The Uso’s, for the first time won the titles.

Aaron Paul is out guest host opf Raw tonight. We have a sneak peek at the new movie “Need for Speed”.

The Total Divas are impressed with Aaron Paul. Aksana would like to “ride” with Aaron, she likes fast cars.

Big E is facing Cesaro, now.

Cesaro is DQ’d again when Swagger hit a Swagger Bomb for no reason at all.

Now Cesaro shoves Swagger, and Cesaro is met with a Big Ending for his troubles.

Some big problems with The Real Americans.

Tonight, Daniel Bryan will face Batista in our main event.

But now, our big 6-man tag match is up now. The Shield Vs The Wyatt Family.

What a big show, so far and business just picked up.

The Wyatt Family win the match again. Rollins walks away from Ambrose, and tells Reigns he is tired of being the glue between the three men, Reigns and Ambrose need to work together, and they did….but it wasn’t enough. After Reigns had been taken out by Harper, Ambrose gets hit with Sister Abigail, and that is all she wrote.

Rollins is beside himself right now, The Shield have fallen apart.

Renee Young is with Batista.

Batista thinks the yes movement is the dumbest thing in the world, because fans are too accustomed to movies, video games to make them believe guys like Daniel Bryan can beat a guy like Batista. Tonight, he proves that dreams don’t happen.

We are 34 days away from Wrestlemania.

Earlier tonight, The Uso’s defeated The New Age Outlaws to win the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Tomorrow night, on a live version of The WWE Main Event, exclusively on WWE Network, The Uso’s Vs The Outlaws for the Tag Team Titles.

Mixed tag action is up now, Santino and Emma taking on Fandango and Summer Rae.

Emma and Santino win when Emma hit her Emma Lock on Summer.

Next, we will see Christian vs Sheamus.

Stephanie McMahon is telling us she can show her daughters their Mommy and Daddy’s greatest moments in wrestling, with The WWE Network. I have to say, I finally have it working on my PC, and it is awesome.

Sheamus Vs Christian, now.

Sheamus wins the match with a Brogue Kick outside the ring. These guys tried very hard, but the crowd didn’t care. They wanted CM Punk, or something else.

Later tonight, Daniel Bryan Vs Batista, and also we will see John Cena address The Wyatt Family.

Renee Young is standing by with Sheamus and before he could speak, Christian attacks him, wanring him not to take him lightly.

It’s hard to do that Christian, when Sheamus beats you every week.

The Bellas Vs Aksana and Alicia Fox are up now.

The Bellas win the match, and the crowd could care less.

Daniel Bryan Vs Batista is next. Wasn’t this supposed to be the main event?

After a plug for the new show “Sirens” debuted this Thursday, Daniel Bryan comes to the ring.

He loves the fans ovation, and wants to hijack Raw. He won’t leave unless one or two things happen. The crowd wants CM Punk.

Daniel wants either Batista to come out and fight, or HHH accepting his challenge for Wrestlemania.

Enter The Authority.

Stephanie tries to say he is on a losing streak, and yet Daniel won the last two matches last week.

Daniel brings up he has been screwed over multiple times for the title, and yet one reason or the other, it doesn’t happen. He wants HHH to accept his challenge for Wrestlemania 30.

HHH wants to know what is it with these excuses in his gneration? They screwed us, or they didn’t put us over. The reality though is if they aren’t with WWE, then it’s because theu weren’t good enough.

Daniel’s reality is he is a B+ player, and that is a very good spot. It’s a very good, but it’s not good enough to make HHH lace up his boots at Wrestlemania.

The crowd chants asshole, and Daniel brings up the fans know he is lying, which is why they chant. He says he does it for the fans, but he doesn’t listen to the fans, and don’t do it for people like himself. The only way they will listen to them is by Daniel beating the crap out of HHH at Wrestlemania.

Stephanie tells him that the fans will turn against him, it happens to everyone, but the only people that won’t turn against him are HHH and herself.

She understands where he is coming from, especially where he came from, but if it wasn’t for her family, Daniel wouldn’t have all of this. The TV show never would be here, for him. The television trucks wouldn’t be here for him. If it wasn’t for her family, he wouldn’t be the underdog.

Daniel admires Stephanie’s words, and even thinks it would be a good idea if HHH wears a skirt, and Stephanie put the trunks on and he can beat her.

HHH said this isn’t kindergarden, his little dream isn’t going to happen. Wrestlemania is the showcase of the immortals, and Daniel just doesn’t measure up.

Now get out of HIS ring.

Daniel brings up this isn’t his ring, this is the fans’ ring.

HHH clears up everything here, this, including the fans….is HIS ring.

Now, get the hell out of his ring.

Daniel says to make him. Stephanie orders Kane to come out, and Daniel goes right after him. Stephanie orders security to come out, and stay out.

Still to come tonight, Daniel Bryan Vs Batista, and John Cena will address The Wyatt Family.

Earlier tonight, Brock Lesnar took out Mark Henry with the steel steps, and F5’s him on the announce table.

The Raw panel shows up now, with Josh Matthews, Booker T, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, and Alex Riley.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler, who is with Aaron Paul now.

With Aaron Paul distracting Del Rio for a second, Ziggler pulls off a Zig Zag and wins the match.

The next person inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Paul Bearer.

I can’t wait to see the WWE Hall of Fame.

Big E. Vs Jack Swagger is up now.

But before the match really starts, Cesaro gives Big E a neutralizer.

Not a good night for Big E, yet he has 2 wins.

Cesaro and Swagger has words, Swagger shoves Cesaro, and Cesaro has a Cesaro Swing, but Zeb Colter puts a stop to it. He tells them they are Real Americans, and it’s time to put a stop to this nonesense. He tells the two to hug it out. Yes, tag team partners now hug things out, thanks to Team Hell No. And they do, as real Amercians yell out…

We The People.

John Cena address The Wyatt Family, next.

Didn’t he do this last week?

Tomorrow night, we will have WWE Main Event, with The New Age Outlaws Vs The Uso Brothers, and also Daniel Bryan Vs Kane, on The WWE Network.

John Cena comes out now.

Cena has a bandaged leg, and under doctor’s orders, he will not have a match.

Even though Cena isn’t competing, he wanted to come out here, and the crowd chants CM Punk.

He wanted to come out for the energy and passion of the city. He has competed at Wrestlemanias here, Brock Lesnar beat the crap out of him here. It wasn’t too long ago he had a special moment with someone here. He and Chciago hasn’t always seen eye to eye, but he respects the hell out of the city. And even if they boo him out of the arena, he always hears them, they are always honest, and they sure are loud.

He has been listening to them tonight, WWE Universe wants change.

Sucess and change is earned in WWE, and it goes through him. This goes out to Mr. Wyatt, he doesn’t have his number. He started his career in 202 at the All-States Arena, and he is still standing tall.

Now The Wyatts are on the Titantron.

Can you feel the energy, John? He reminds him of a championship thoroughbred. The horse starts out, and he wins, and the crowd just cheers. But then he is standing in the back of the room, and he does nothing. Wyatt is here, and he will put Cena down. He knows what John truly is afraid of…a lonely man is lonely when he is standing at the top, by himself. He will take his place, follow the buzzard.

Batista is ready for his match, when Randy Orton approaches him, just wants to wish him luck against Daniel tonight.

Daniel Bryan Vs Batista is next.

Lana is here to introduce us to Alexander Rusev.

Footage from Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE.

Hulk Hogan will be at Raw next week to make a Wrestlemania 30 announcement.

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton comes to the commentary table.

Batista Vs Bryan, now.

Dave is DQ’d when Orton comes into the ring to go after Daniel. Cole wanted to know why Orton did that, and the answer is simple, to get Dave to lose. But now when the two men fought each other, Daniel gets involved. During the match, The Authority made their way to ringside. HHH is on the mic, and he tells Daniel see what happens when he tries to get involved, and Daniel instinctively kicks HHH. Kane beats down Daniel and holds him up, for HHH to drop him with a Pedigree, and the night ends here.


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