WWE Main Event 3/4/14…WWE Tag Team Titles Are On The Line

Through the WWE Network, tonight, we will see the new Tag Team Champions, The Uso Brothers face The New Age Outlaws, we will also see Daniel Bryan face Kane, one on one.

Todd Phillips and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show, we are in Detroit, Michigan.

Daniel Bryan Vs Kane kicks off, now.

Daniel wins the match with a rollup, in what was rather a long match between former Tag Team partners.

Todd tells us that The Main Event will be live every Tuesday on WWE Network, at 8:00.

Josh Matthews talks to Kane. He asks him if he’s upset with himself that he lost to Daniel.

Kane is very upset the little “troll” beat him, and was lucky. He is angry however, that he had the nerve to challenge HHH to a match at Wrestlemania. Daniel isn’t even in the same league as HHH, much less Kane. He will get him back.

Divas action now, with Nikki Bella Vs Alicia Fox.

Nikki wins with the Bella Rack, we saw Aksana. That is all.

The Big Show will return this Friday night on Smackdown.

Main event time, and Renee Young is with The Uso’s, before their match.

Their big title win last night still hasn’t kicked in. But here come The New Age Outlaws, not dressed to compete.

Road Dogg claims a back injury, and Billy has syphilis, so they both can’t compete. They want to be healthy for their sake, and The Uso’s to take the tag titles back home.

Enter Brad Maddox, who has mysteriously disappeared on Raw. He does confirm Dogg’s injury, but does not mention if Billy has syphilis.

Brad grants us a tag title match, and it’s against Los Matadores.

Todd tries to tell us Los Matadores have been on a roll lately, so okay.

The Uso’s win with the splash, retaining their titles.

After the match, Outlaws laugh at Matadores, and El Torito flies on Billy Gunn and Matadores get the last laugh, as we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I was looking forward to seeing the tag team match, and truly a big reason why I decided to review this show. So, I am truly disappointed we didn’t get The Outlaws Vs The Uso’s. Then again, maybe Dogg does have an injury? Who knows, I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.

What does us WWE Network is going to be airing this show live every Tuesday, in preparation of PPVs, starting with Wrestlemania. There weren’t many issues with the screen, which is good. Then again, I didn’t see it live tonight, since I was bowling.

But the show served its purpose. Send me your thoughts on the show.

By the way, I am not going to be able to do any more reports this week. I am heading to Columbus on Friday, to bowl in the state tournament, but I will be back Monday night for Raw.


About Kevin Gillman
I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

2 Responses to WWE Main Event 3/4/14…WWE Tag Team Titles Are On The Line

  1. adztheman says:

    Wondering here how a sexually transmitted illness made it past the censors at ION and the WWE..fasscinating…can’t deal with the Uso faction, and the two guys who have the little guy and dress up as Mexicans or something…the FFWD is gonna get a workout Wednesday..

    • It was live TV, so I am sure that they will bleep that out…LOL But FFWD the entire show.

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