WWE Monday Night Raw 3/10/14…Hulk Hogan Makes A Big Announcement

We are live in Memphis, Tennessee, home of Jerry “The King” Lawler. Hulk Hogan kicks off Monday Night Raw, for a big announcement.

Hogan welcomes everyone to the show, he is starting to feel the hype of Wrestlemania. He brings up Wrestlemania 3, when he body slammed Andre The Giant, over his head. With Wrestlemania 30 upon us, he wants to announce a big 30-man Over The Top Battle Royal, and the winner will receive an Andre The Giant Memorial Trophy, and we see a video of it. The trophy looks impressive, and this brings us to….

John Cena.

John hypes up Hogan, and says indeed Hulkamania still rules. Cena wants to be the first man to enter that 30 Man Battle Royal, and will be honored to hold up the trophy.

Memphis…we’re here.

Cena is going to face Erick Rowan tonight, but first, the patriarch of The Wyatt Family speaks.

Bray tells us that Hogan and Cena tell us lies, and tells us the legacy of Cena will soon die, yet he doesn’t know it yet. When Cena looks into the eyes of Bray, he will see a God.

Cena now sings some Jimmy Buffett, poking fun at Bray. Not sure if this does Bray any favors here, but when does it ever when Cena talks to a younger wrestler?

Cena withdraws his name from the Battle Royal, and challenges Bray to a match, at Wrestlemania.

Bray doesn’t answer, but he calls for The Wyatts to go after Cena and Hogan.

Cena Vs Rowan, after the break.

Cena rolls up Rowan and picks up the win, with Hogan in his corner.

Bray calls the troops to go in the ring, but when Hogan and Cena are ready to fight, he calls the troops back, and laughs.

When we come back, we see HHH pedigree Daniel Bryan.

The Authority make their way to the ring, with Stephanie showing us she wears the pants in the family, by doing all of the talking.

Daniel “viciously” attacked HHH, and for that, he should be fired. But they will be the better people, because even though Daniel isn’t the caliber of athlete as Randy Orton, Batista, or HHH, he still has his “niche” of fans. So he will always be a B+ player, and will never be in the league of HHH. But he needs to do the right thing, and apologize.

Later tonight, Daniel Bryan and Big Show will face Randy Orton and Batista.

The New Age Outlaws are coming to the commentary for the next match, next.

The Uso’s Vs Ryback and Curtis Axel, now.

The Uso’s win the match with a Top Rope Splash. The Outlaws still are “sick” it seems. They will get their Tag Team rematch soon.

Kane is with The Shield.

He reminds them that The Wyatts beat them again, last week on Raw. So there seems to be some dissention with The Shield. It all started, when Rollins and Reigns lost the Tag Team Titles to The Rhodes Brothers, and therefore, tonight, they must face their demons, and beat them to see if they can be worthy again.

Rollins is cool with that, but he reminded Kane that he lost to Daniel Bryan last week, at Main Event….Ambrose said again, and of course this past week on Smackdown, Big Show knocked out Kane, and Daniel pinned Kane….again.

Reigns tells him to always believe in The Shield.

Big E. against Jack Swagger, again.

Big E. wins with a rollup, shocking an angry Swagger, with a laughing Cesaro.

Swagger and Cesaro are at each other’s faces now, with Zeb demanding they shake hands, blaming both men for this loss.

They do it, but Cesaro squeezes on Swagger’s hand.

The Undertaker will speak, next.

We can vote on what kind of match Christian and Sheamus will have tonight, how about Christian winning?

The Undertaker is coming out.

Before Taker could speak, Paul Heyman is at the top of the ramp.

His name is Paul Heyman, and he is an advocate to his opponent, Brock Lesnar. Taker preserves the greatest streak in sports, the greatest streak in sports entertainment. We casually throw a 21-0 record, like it’s not a big deal. But allow him to put this in perspective. Shawn Michaels couldn’t win 2 Wrestlemania matches in a row. HHH was able to win 2, but could never get to 3. Hulk Hogan won 3, but could never get 4. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin won 4, but could never get 5, same as Cena. But Taker has 21 consecutive wins at Wrestlemania. That is when a man becomes a myth, a myth becomes a legend, a legend becomes a biblical history. And he wants Taker to not wrestle Lesnar, because he truly respects the man. He witness last year when Taker almost lost, but didn’t. Brock Lesnar can end that streak, despite walking into an unknown, Brock lives for that moment, and Taker with his streak, will be conquered by Brock Lesnar.

Taker wants Heyman to bring this up to Brock. The fear of death is far greater than the death. But to live in fear is the greatest death of all.

But if Lesnar shows up at Wrestlemania 30, he will rest in peace.

Still to come tonight, Daniel Bryan and Big Show will face Batista and Randy Orton.

Next, The Rhodes Brothers will face Reigns and Rollins.

Tomorrow night on The Main Event, United States Title is on the line, with Dean Ambrose facing Mark Henry. And AJ Lee will put her Divas Title against Natalya.

The Rhodes Brothers Vs The Shield is now.

The Shield wins when Rollins pins Cody with a Curb Stomp, picking up a big victory.

Falls Count Anywhere, 2 out of 3 Falls Match, or a Memphis Street Fight, you can vote now on WWE App for Sheamus Vs Christian.

AJ Lee and Tamina are facing The Bellas, with Natalya doing commentary.

The Bellas win, with a Back Rack, pinning AJ Lee, again. The Bellas are holding up the Divas Title, like they are champions, and Natalya takes an exception to that. Tomorrow night, Natalya will get her opportunity.

Now we see NCIS: Los Angeles clip.

LL Cool J and Chris O’ Donnell are in the house. Renee Young interviews them both.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs on USA Network.

Still to come tonight, Big Show and Daniel Bryan will face Batista and Randy Orton. Will DB apologize to The Authority tonight?

Earlier tonight, we hear from Hulk Hogan making the announcement for Andre The Giant 30 Man Battle Royal match, at Wrestlemania.

Daniel Bryan heads to the ring, and said the Yes Movement is alive and well in Memphis. Earlier tonight, Stephanie McMahon came out and apologized. Does anyone believe that? No, he doesn’t either.

The Authority want him to stand in line, and do as they say, but he will do what he should have done a long time ago, which is kick HHH in the face.

If HHH wants to wear a suit, and tie, that is fine. But he should never put his hands on him.

But tonight, HHH will have to listen to us, because The Yes Movement is in full force, as they re-occupy Raw.

Daniel will not leave this ring, until he gets what he wants, which is a match with HHH at Wrestlemania.

Now many other people may say that, but tonight, he is not alone. He will fill this ring with the Yes Movement, right now.

We come back from a break, and see many, many fans in the ring, and outside of the ring. They are all chanting yes.

Here come The Authority.

HHH orders these men and women 30 seconds to get out of the ring, before they are escorted by security.

The fans chant no.

He orders security to come out, but Daniel wants the fans to go outside, get their own ring, and Hunter will have an empty arena for Raw.

Security comes out, all two of them. Now Daniel mocks them, and they leave too.

Stephanie orders them to do their job, but how would that start?

Stephanie tells the fans they are being brainwashed by Daniel. But this is false power, not real power. You think Daniel is worth it?

The fans all boo her, and Daniel tells The Authority that they are disillusioned, because last week, they told us they own the ring. But The Authority does not own the ring, the fans own the ring.

HHH orders a match to get started, now. Damien Sandow is the unlucky servant.

Daniel Bryan wants Sandow to join The Yes Movement. Sandow refuses to set foot in the ring, and Stephanie screams that she owns WWE. It’s her birth right, and Daniel brings up the fans will leave, if HHH gives him what they all want.

The truth is HHH actually likes Daniel, so he decided to protect him, because he knows he would be run out of the company. The reason he didn’t fight him at Mania is because he wanted to protect him, from ending Daniel’s career.

That’s what he does, so you really want a match with HHH? Be careful what you wish for, because he has the match.

Okay, that is not what Daniel wants. They want to see Daniel fight HHH, but they also want the WWE Title.

So here is what we really want….if DB beats HHH, then he will be added to the main event at Wrestlemania, for the WWE Title. Randy Orton Vs Batista Vs Daniel Bryan.

HHH starts to go after Daniel, and DB wants to know why Hunter is so angry?

HHH will give Daniel what he wants, he will end his career, at Wrestlemania.

the Yes Movement is on.

Tonight, DB and Big Show will face Orton and Batista.

We come back, and hear from King. The next match is Christian Vs Sheamus, and we will get a Memphis Street Fight.

Sheamus wins the match with a Brogue Kick through a bass drum Christian tried to use.

Cole is showing us how to order The WWE Network.

Brad Maddox showing us he still has a job is trying to say to Orton and Batista The Authority has already left the building, but wants the two A+ Players to settle their differences, and beat Bryan and Show.

For The Authority, Orton is willing to do that, and Batista just grins, and walks away.

We are live in Memphis, Tennessee, and we see Lana introducing us to Alexander Rusev.

Earlier tonight, we see Hulk Hogan make the big Wrestlemania match announcement of a 30 man Battle Royal, but The Wyatt Family interrupt the tape.

Beware John, of the reaper.

Bray tells us that he is not a man of this world, and it seemed like he was looking at Cena’s future when he saw him standing in the ring with Hogan. Bray accepts the challenge against Cena, at Wrestlemania. His time is up, because time….is on his side.

Rowan warns us to run.

Our main event….Big Show and Daniel Bryan Vs Batista and Orton is next.

DB and Big Show beat Orton and Batista with Daniel rolling up, and pinning Orton, ending the show with Daniel celebrating.

The Yes Movement is alive, and well.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Wrestlemania is slowly, and I do mean slowly shaping up, but at least it’s coming together.

The Yes Movement is alive and well. Daniel Bryan will more than likely pull a doubleheader in this night, facing HHH, and possibly being put in the main event.

Let’s face it, Daniel Bryan is a very special wrestler, he has a connection with the fans that very few have. My big thing is this, if D-Bry has his Wrestlemania Moment, and I think he will, where does WWE go from there?

If Bryan wins, he must have some formidable opponents lining up, to challenge Bryan. But I am thinking ahead here.

I truly liked seeing that we will have a 30-man Battle Royal match, because this puts mostly everyone on the main card. Here is my pick to win the match….Alexander Rusev. The guy has done nothing so far, he needs to wrestle on TV. Just like last year, with Fandango debuting on the grand stage, and win, I think Rusev does the same thing.

Cena Vs Wyatt is taking place, but I just see Cena winning.

I liked tonight’s show, mostly because of the Occupy Raw segment, but there were also some good matches, and to see Cena in the very same ring as Hogan was cool to see.

What were your thoughts on the show, and send me predictions for Wrestlemania 30.


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