WWE Monday Night Raw 3/31/14…Batista Vs Orton….6 Days Away From Wrestlemania

Tonight, we are 6 days away from Wrestlemania, and WWE is reminding us that there are 2 other wrestlers involved in the Triple Threat match at Mania. Batista Vs the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. Will Daniel Bryan show up?

Raw is now.

The Undertaker kicks the show off, we are live in Washington D.C.

21 men have stepped up, and 21 men have been set down. Undertaker doesn’t claim to be better than his victims. But at the Showcase of the Immortals, he will go farther than anyone else. That is why The Streak stays alive. Brock Lesnar is thinking about how he can beat The Streak, but he should think about Taker taking him to the deep water, how is he going to react reaching the bottom of the water? Is he going to give in, or will he try to swim back to shore? Every single one of his victims have tried to swim back to shore, but not one of them have made it back yet.

Brock is dangerous, and there are some that believe in due time, the streak will be broken. But there are many more that believe things can’t be beat. Death, taxes, and The Streak.

Brock Lesnar, this Sunday, at Wrestlemania, you will rest in peace.

Here comes the pain….

Heyman doesn’t mean any disrespect, but his client does. His client has taken the position of this match isn’t what Brock has to win, this is a match where The Undertaker must not lose. But all it takes is one F-5, and 3 seconds later, his undefeated streak is over.

Ladies and gentlemen, WWE will present you the most defining moment, since Hulk Hogan beat the late, great Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania 3. Brock Lesnar, his client will defeat The Undertaker, and end the big streak. That’s not a prediction, that is a spoiler.

They turn around, but Brock wants to get some, and Taker is ready.

Brock has second thoughts, and he points to the sign. But now, he’s heading to the ring.

Brock is stopped at every corner, but Heyman distracts Taker and now comes Brock. Taker has the upper hand, but Brock reverses a slingshot, and hits a clothesline. And now Brock hits a F5…..Every 3 seconds, your life can change.

Our first match is Big E. Vs Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio wins the match with a kick to the head. This Sunday, Del Rio and Big E are in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

Which member of The Shield will face Kane tonight? We can vote on the WWE App.

Also, Randy Orton Vs Batista, one on one. And The Authority have a Farewell to the Yes Movement, and next….Follow the Buzzards.

Last Monday night, we see that The Wyatt Family are in John Cena’s head. The lights went out, when Cena had Luke Harper beat, and when they came back on, Cena was tied up to the ropes, with a sheep mask on.

Bray Wyatt brings up it craves change. You can’t whisper in people’s ears anymore, and expect them to believe you. And spread those lies, do I have your attention now, kid?

They are going to cry for you John. They won’t understand, but in time, they will forget you, and forgive the sinful ways that John has.

Now Bray sings us “He’s got the whole world in his hands”.

Cole, JBL, and King tell us that The Wyatts are in Cena’s head.

We see footage from last night on “Total Divas” when Summer Rae slapped Natalya for telling her she is one step away from being a stripper, due to the clothes she is wearing. So Summer slaps her. Summer Rae, with her own music now, will face Natalya, next.

Just found out, through Vickie Guerrero that the Divas match at Mania is one fall, all 14 divas in the ring, at the same time.

Oh yeah, by the way, Summer Rae won her match.

The Authority are on their way to the ring, next.

The Authority head to the ring. Stephanie told us that Daniel Bryan is beneath HHH, even at Wrestlemania.

HHH brings up the fans won’t care down the road, because they just want to be a part of something, yet they don’t want to do anything to make it happen. Take that one guy last year. You know the guy that the people ate up his entrance music, what was his name? Oh yeah, Fandangooooooooo. But they had an opportunity to push this kid, but the fans threw him out. The sad thing is the kid is talented, he is a B+ player, maybe an A-. But Daniel Bryan will see that in the end, the fans will throw him away too.

Stephanie asks us if we want to see Daniel Bryan tonight, the fans chant yes, and Stephanie mocks it, telling us he’s not here tonight. He is resting up in New Orleans, and he needs to be.

People tell HHH he is where he is at, because he married well. He didn’t marry well, he married spectacularly. They seal it with a kiss. But HHH is where he is, because he takes the flavor of the months and take them out.

We see a video, narrated by Stephanie, telling us that every single wrestler can pander to the fans, but HHH takes them out.

They all need to play The Game, but he plays it very well. And since he is going to show us to take out Daniel Bryan, he will also show us how powerful he is, by becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Batista has something to say about that.

Batista loved the ending of the Yes Movement, but he noticed he wasn’t a piece of the video. But that is because he never beat Batista.

HHH is tired of that saying, and he brings up to Dave shouldn’t he be focusing on his match tonight?

Yeah, but shouldn’t HHH focus on his match with Daniel, because he may not even beat him.

He forgot though, that HHH is the brain of the company, and Steph is the brawn.

Now Orton comes out, but he of course kisses up to The Authority. He is honored to defend the title match against HHH and Batista. But wouldn’t he at least consider backing out of the title match.

HHH doesn’t want to hear that, because the end of his title reign will come to an end very shortly. That is unless he brings out The Viper, and he means the real VIPER. Because if he does, he doesn’t know if he can beat that VIPER. He has a short time to bring that out, because in his match with Batista tonight, is a No DQ match.

Tonight, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper will host a special Wrestlemania edition of Piper’s Pit.

Which member of The Shield will face Corporate Kane tonight? We decide through the WWE App.

An 8-man tag match now of The Uso’s and Los Matadores Vs The Real Americans and Rybaxel.

Los Matadores and Uso’s win the match when Los Matadores pulled a switch-a-roo and rolled up Swagger for the pin.

Tonight, Randy Orton vs Batista in a No DQ match.

Our next match is Fandango and Damien Sandow Vs The Rhodes Brothers.

The Rhodes Brothers win the match, when Goldust used a Last Call, and pinned Sandow.

Next, the Hounds of Justice explain their beatdown last week.

We see on Smackdown a few weeks ago when Kane had his revenge on The Shield.

The Shield face Kane and The New Age Outlaws, this Sunday at Wrestlemania.

Which member of The Shield face Kane tonight? Vote on the WWE App, now.

The Shield are standing by.

Rollins almost faces bad for Kane, because no matter who face Kane, they will take him out. And the other two will take out The New Age Outlaws.

Ambrose brings up how Kane and The Outlaws disrespected the new symbol of excellence, the fist they have, it stands for the hounds of justice. Believe in The Shield.

Washington D.C….we’re here.

The patriarch of the Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt is in action, next.

Bray Wyatt will face R-Truth, now.

Sister Abigail, that is all she wrote.

Now Xavier Woods is thrown to the wolves, so to speak.

Bray yells out this is not the beginning, this is the end.

Now a guy shows up behind them, in a sheep mask.

It’s John Cena. He gives Rowan an Attitude Adjustment, and has Bray, but he slips out.

Cena is ready for Wrestlemania.

Still to come tonight, we will see Batsita Vs Orton in a No DQ. We will also see a special Piper’s Pit tonight.

AJ Lee Vs Naomi in a Lumberjill match.

Naomi wins the match her butt drop. The Lumberjills all ganged up on AJ, and went after Tamina when she tried to protect AJ.

This Sunday, Divas Title is on the line with a Vickie Guerrero Diva Invitational. AJ Lee Vs 13 other divas.

Tomorrow morning at 11:00, we will see a live Wrestlemania press conference, on the WWE Network.

Next, we will hear from John Cena, facing your fear.

“Celebrate” is the official theme song to Wrestlemania, by Kid Rock.

Renee Young is with John Cena.

Desperate times call for different measures. This Sunday, Bray will turn Cena into a monster. A man can do dangerous things when he has to fight. You will see fire, you will see rage, and this Sunday, you will see a monster. Is Cena afraid? Yes, but you will see Cena fight for his life. Every wrestler has a beginning, and an end, and Cena will damn sure make it that his career will not end this Sunday. You will be watching history, and if you can’t make it, we will make history by streaming live on the WWE Network. We will see Bray Wyatt, the self-professed “ruler of change”. Wyatt will experience some change, because he stomp a foot in Wyatt’s ass.

We hear from the All-Star panel now, with Booker T, Wade Barrett, and Alex Riley.

Earlier tonight, we see Brock Lesnar give The Undertaker a F-5.

Who will Kane face tonight? Roman Reigns, with an 80% vote. Wow.

Kane wins by DQ when The Shield all swarm in the ring to attack Kane, after The New Age Outlaws came down, but they bail Kane out.

This Sunday, these 6 men face each other.

Piper’s Pit is next.

Hulk Hogan will be at WWE Friday Night Smackdown.

29 years ago today, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was a part of the first ever Wrestlemania main event. He was not the one who was pinned. But there was a man who played a major role in getting Wrestlemania together. That man is Andre The Giant. 30 superstars will take part in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The winner gets his Wrestlemania moment. Now people may want to say who his favorite pick is….

And here comes The Miz.

Piper said he would talk about the odds on favorite? The Miz is the odds on favorite, because unlike he or Andre, The Miz has won the main event at Wrestlemania.

Sheamus comes in, he tells the world he will win.

You know where they are going with this.

Titus O’ Neil. When was his last win?

Dolph Ziggler.

Piper pushes Miz into Sheamus, and the fight ensues. Here comes everyone else now.

Rey Mysterio is a part of the Battle Royal too.

But The Big Show is about to clean house.

I am picking Alexander Rusev to win the whole thing, it’s just too obvious Big Show won’t win.

And Piper raises Big Show’s hand.

Next, No DQ match with Batista Vs Randy Orton.

Our main event is up now….Batista Vs Randy Orton in a No DQ match.

The match ends in a no contest, because Daniel Bryan comes out, and beats the crap out of HHH, who was joking around at commentary. Actually, it was an awesome ending, but it also made Orton and Batista look insignificant.

No Promo, just Daniel using a kendo stick, and then chant out “Yes” to 14,000 screaming fans.

Wrestlemania is this Sunday.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This might be one of the worst build ups to Wrestlemania, but they did a fantastic job of building the three big matches. John cena Vs Bray Wyatt, The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar, and HHH vs Daniel Bryan.

Now, it’s a matter of what happens in these matches. I was disappointed Daniel didn’t do a money promo however. But the end result worked, and it showed a different side to Daniel. Now I want to see a No DQ match.

But boy, Orton and Batista are absolutely invisible in all of this. I somehow believe the end result will be Daniel beating HHH, and then we will see the return of CM Punk, right when Daniel has the title won, and he turns heel. If he doesn’t show up, then he truly is gone for a long time, because I just think all of this is too perfect.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

8 Responses to WWE Monday Night Raw 3/31/14…Batista Vs Orton….6 Days Away From Wrestlemania

  1. crosala says:

    3-31-14 Raw Recap http://t.co/TCnw6V6PeU Comments & Feedback would be great!

  2. adztheman says:

    So many of these matches are just throwaway stuff…I’ve read on line that they wanted the entire roster involved; J-R, on his podcast, called it lazy booking, and he’s absolutely right.

    ROH is going to have more matches in New Orleans, top to bottom…

    The Andre The Giant thing–you mean the ”30 guys we can’t figure out how to use or push, and since we’re bringing everybody, we might as well use them” Battle Royal–here’s an idea..how about the winner gets the winner of the title match the next night on Raw?

    I might care…other than that, what’s the point of this thing…

    Then we get the 14 Sacks of Estrogen Vicki Invitational

    Child Please.

    I fast forward through everything involving the girls now..after watching ”Total Divas” on a regular basis, you have to ask yourself, what is the point of having these girls around..they bring nothing to the table..nothing..

    I have a feeling that Triple H will walk out with the title..its just a hunch..but it seems to be the direction they’re going in…

    Taker versus Brock should be interesting…really wished they had played up the real life backstage heat..

    Cena versus Bray? Might be the show stopper of the night,…

    Bootestia versus Randal? Could be the worst match up since Cena Miz a few years ago…

    There really is very little to look forward to regarding this version of Wrestlemania…sad really..

    • Come on, Cena Vs Miz was good. But yeah, it has been a very lazy booking. Like I said their three big matches have been pushed, everything is throwaway. But man, Cena Vs Wyatt is going to be fun, and I hated the idea a month ago. But win or lose, this is bringing Bray to new heights. I am also looking forward to seeing Daniel Vs HHH. I think Hunter will lose, I mean what else does it do to get him the title, except ego? But I do think Booootista walks away as champion, with CM Punk returning. I am still holding out for that, until Sunday.

  3. adztheman says:

    I think Phil is gone for good…Cena v Miz sucked..at least the ending did..weak weak weak..Cena Wyatt should be a great match…I hope Cena introduces some new moves or something…

    Bootestia as Champion will have their Raw ratings sink the next night….I just have a bad feeling that Trips is going to walk out with the belt..

    • If Phil isn’t there at Mania, then I will admit he is gone for good…LOL

      But what really hurt Miz Vs Cena is the build. Cena did not put Miz on his level, and even said “Miz vs Cena isn’t a Wrestlemania worthy match”. This was a babyface saying that. So, going in I wasn’t that thrilled with Cena Vs Bray. But I give John plenty of credit, he truly has put Bray over HUGE. Perhaps he has learned his lesson? And because of that, it’s an anticipated match. On top of that, using Eminem’s “Legacy” was a great idea for the theme music. It fits what Bray is saying.

      • adztheman says:

        Plus Bray can cut a great promo every time…the stuff while wearing the Cena shirt was classic..and its what a lot of fans think anyway…

      • Right, but anyone can say what Bray said….it’s how he delivers it that makes it awesome. You can’t teach that stuff.

      • adztheman says:

        All three of these guys are perfect in their roles…as is the Shield..

        Believe in the Buzzard!
        Believe in the Shield!

        Having said that, why not have a Wrestlemania Lights Out Unsanctioned featuring Natty and her new boobs, and Summer and whatever it is she does…and let them tear into each other?

        So over the Divas…just end it already.

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