Paul Heyman Talks CM Punk’s Status, His Promo About Punk, How WM Should End, More


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3 Responses to Paul Heyman Talks CM Punk’s Status, His Promo About Punk, How WM Should End, More

  1. adztheman says:

    The last thing Heyman says is the most important..we’re going to see all sorts of stuff from Bleacher Report and every other source we look at up to Sunday that Punk will be there, Punk has been sighted, Punk is New Orleans with A-J..

    How much of the same stuff did we see leading up to the Raw in Chicago..guys saying sources inside the industry offering virtual certaintity that Punk would be there..

    Phil has left the building..these things happen…if he comes back, fantastic..if he does not, there are guys at NXT ready to go…its how it works..

  2. I still believe he will be there, but if he’s not, then you’re right, he is gone for good.

    • adztheman says:

      I would love to see him there..but he’s not showing up unless his role moving forward is clearly defined..never mind on the 6th of April..

      Since there are slots still open in the ”Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, where we stuck guys who we can’t find compelling storylines for”, we could see him show up for that, and demand the winner get a shot at the champ the next night on Raw..or be entered into the main event, making it a four way dance–that I’d be happy with..I’m sure Phil would be too..and A-J…

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