WWE Hall of Fame 4/5/14

In 20 minutes, we will hear from legends that took their place into the aura of professional wrestling, so that the superstars today can make their mark. Tonight, we will honor Razor Ramon, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Carlos Colon, Lita, Paul Bearer, Mr. T, and The Ultimate Warrior.

Keep checking here throughout the night for a live report.

The logo says it all….Then….Now….Forever.

The WWE Hall of Fame induction starts….now.

We are live in new Orleans, and our host for the evening is Jerry “The King” Lawler.

We start the show off with a video from Kid Rock, it’s time to “Celebrate”.

Our first inductee is Lita.

Trish Stratus is here to introduce Lita.

Lita and Trish have history together, so it makes sense that Trish inducts Lita. Their careers have intertwined together. That chemistry they had, you can’t ask for anything more. This includes the opportunity the two women main evented Raw.

In 2000, we saw the red hair, the tattoos, and moonsaults, we were hooked. Trish brings up her time with Team Extreme. But in this case, she was 1/3 of the group. Lita is a 4-time WWE Women’s Champion, a former New York Times bestseller, she was on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Trish introduces us to Lita, wearing a red dress.

Lita is just soaking into this moment, and she thanks us. But the crowd thanks Lita.

She had this idea on how to become a professional wrestler. She called a travel agent, and said she wanted to go to Mexico. She has a Mexico book, she had a business, of becoming a professional wrestler. She had some money in one pocket, $20 in another pocket, in case she was robbed, another $20 in her bra in case she was robbed. She hit the street, and made her way to Arena Mexico, the Madison Square Garden of Mexico. There was a dirt floor, 3 rings, and she saw an elephant to see she was in the circus. She found out there was another arena that had Luche Libre. She tells us how she got to her first show in Mexico, and found a way to get into the business. Lita brings up that bonding and hanging out with fans got her hooked into the business. So more or less she told them she is here to be a professional wrestler. They finally got her into training. Los Boricuas trained her into the business.

Lita brings up that she was on TV with Val Venis. Val left his mask, so Lita still has it. She was influenced by Rey Mysterio, Jr. while she was in Mexico.

She hangs out with these guys in Georgia, who took her to a hotel, to meet with Rey. She doesn’t see Rey, but sees Arn Anderson. Arn made it happen for Lita to meet Rey.

They couldn’t get him by phone, instead they went to his room. And they bumped each other in the elevator. That’s how they met.

Lita owes Arn a Miller Lite, so she is giving Arn and Rey a Miller Lite.

Arn and Rey toast for Lita. Funny moment there.

Lita ends up in ECW with a 6 month stint there.

EC-Dub chants.

Lita teamed up with Danny Doring and Roadkill at Heatwave ’99.

Danny proposes marriage not with a ring, but a condom.

She brings up her wedding dress to “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge, and her marriage to Kane.

She also brings up Gene Snitsky, “It’s not my fault”.

Lita gets a call from WWE and finds out that James Cameron has personally selected her to be in the season finale of “Dark Angel”, but she didn’t know who James Cameron was. She did a stunt that went wrong. She went to a series of doctors, and they told her she needed to go to a hospital immediately, but Lita had to make it for an autograph session. She did the autograph session, then went to the hospital. She has Raw on, and is uncomfortable not being there. her neck is broken in 3 different places, and needed surgery right away. She could never wrestle again, so what do you do? She wants to talk to Stone Cold. Forget the surgeon, she wants to talk to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Steve takes her to his doctor, get her fixed up, and go to a barbecue restaurant, and she goes on to many more successful years in the WWE.

Lita gives us some thank you s to everyone that has helped her in her career.

Our next inductee is Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

DDP is inducting Jake, which is very fitting.

DDP is proud, honored, and humbled to be here tonight. It’s DDP’s 58th birthday, and this is his best present to see 2 of his boys being inducted tonight.

Without Dusty Rhodes, there is no DDP. For over 20 years, he has been his mentor and friend. But he was lucky to have 2 of the greatest to be his mentor. The other one taught him the art of professional wrestling.

He was just let go in 1994 by WCW, and torn his rotator. Jake had called him up, to check on him. Jake had just split with the girl he was dating, and DDP offered Jake to stay with he and Kimberly for a few weeks. But Kimberly had one condition, no snakes in the house.

For the next few months, the two would sit on the couch, critiquing his matches, and when he was ready, DDP was touring with Jake. He learned from the best. DDP tells a funny story on how Jake was on the floor with his 12 foot snake. DDP talks to the promoter to get booked, he goes to high-five Jake by getting booked, but the snake is gone. The snake is hiding in the closet, and Jake says no worries, he’ll get him the next day. He comes back 3 days later.

Jake prepared him to main event for years to come. it’s the debt DDP has been paying the man ever since.

Now it’s time to hear from Jake.

Jake has had memorable feuds, with guys like Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, “Ravishing” Rick Rude, and the late, great Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

18 months ago, Jake was resurrected, moved in with Page. Their goal was to be on this stage 18 months. Dreams can come true, as long as you put the work in, and Jake has put the work in. Never underestimate the power you give in them by believing in them. Never underestimate the power you give yourself in believing in yourself, and here comes Jake, accompanied by The Bella Twins.

What a moment here.

Jake has always loved professional wrestling. He has always hated ties. He has always loved the men that did professional wrestling. They are special men, they are different breed. He brings up growing up, seeing men that had love for doing what they did. Jake himself, hated wrestling. Because his father wrestled, and he never saw him. He believed it was wrestling that made him not see his dad, but it was the man, not wrestling. And he did the same thing. He did not have a minute to spend tending family, he loved wrestling. But now he wishes he had those minutes to spare, but he always loved wrestling. When you had certain girls flash certain things, or smile. You can f— people’s emotions. That’s what they do. Sometimes they finish a bit too soon, or they don’t get the timing done right. You don’t understand that high, unless you have wrestled. It hurts that he can’t do that anymore. He can still DDT someone, where is Steamboat? Ricky stands up, and the fans chant he still has it.

He tells us we are wrong, his heart and mind still want, but it gets to a point where you can’t do it justice. He talks about the pain that he has shared with his family, and that sucks. You’re lying to your wife, you can’t look at your children in the eyes anymore. But when you can’t do that, what do you have left? Nothing, when you were as lonely as he was. He was jealous of the brothers he lost, because he wasn’t put to death. But one person sticks his hand out, and that person was DDP.

Jake was hellbent, he didn’t want to live anymore. But if you know what kind of son of a bitch Dallas is, in terms of not giving up, it was Dallas. You never have a bad day. But Dallas saved his life, and he is so thankful for that. He used the fans for that process, because he needed to have shoulder surgery, but he didn’t have the money, since he spent it on drugs. So Dallas set something up where the fans can chip in money for the surgery. Jake didn’t think people cared, but they did. Jake received $30,000 for the surgery. Jake wasted so much talent, and he is ashamed of that, but he is so happy tonight. He has his family here tonight. He has a hero, his grandson.

His son brings him up on stage. He weighed 1.8 pounds when he was born, still needs to be fed through tubes, but Vince, get the writers ready because in 20 years, he will be at Wrestlemania 50.

He asks for his family, his heroes to stand up. They gave him a second chance, as did the WWE. God bless them.

Very touching speech, and thank you Jake.

Oh no, El Torito found Hornswoggle. Wrestlemania match tomorrow.

“King” just got gored.

Mr. T is up next.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is inducting T.

Gene wouldn’t miss this moment, so he had to escape out of the “home” to make this. The date, March 31st, 1985 in Madison Square Garden. The event? Wrestlemania I. In the main event, Hulk Hogan and Mr. T met the team of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and “Mr. Wonderful” paul Orndorf, with “Ace” Bob Orton in the corner.

Mr. T had a hot show called “The A-Team” at the time, and was Clubber Lang in “Rocky III”. The guy had an excessive amount of jewelry. He also had a funny haircut, and he still possesses it today. T had a great run, and he wants to introduce the man who will introduce him, his son….T Junior.

Here comes Mr. T, complete with “The A-Team” theme song, which is awesome.

T is proud to be here, with the best in wrestling. T is very grateful and honored, but he wants to thank and pray to the great God almighty, for giving him this opportunity. And he does pray, which is awesome.

T wants to pay tribute to his dear mother. T had 7 brothers, and 4 sisters, with his mother raising all of them, by herself. With the help of God, because with God, all things are possible. They grew up in poverty, and was around crime and drugs. But drugs and crime was never in them, and he owes that to how his mother raised them. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. In the book of Proverbs, chapter 4, verse 16.

He worshipped the ground she walked on. So beneath the mohawk, tough talk, and bad attitude is an old-fashioned momma’s boy that happens to loved his mother very much. He says to us, whatever we think about our mother, he feels the same thing about his mom. He feels that mothers are God’s greatest creations. Our mom, his mom, thank god for mother’s. Nobody makes as many sacrifices as a mother, and his mother was no exception. For every sacrifice she made, God rewarded her.

His mother was tired, because she worked many hours scrubbing floors as a domestic engineer. For every effort his mother had to make, she had to pump her heart for two. And for all of that work, God rewarded her. For every hour of pain she induced in labor, God rewarded her.

Back in 1984, he recorded a song called “Treat your mother right”. He dedicated that song, to let her know how much he loves her. Not just on holidays, but he loved her on president’s day.

Now the crowd is giving him the What treatment, and T is eating it up. Awesome.

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

Thank you, T is just trying to tell us how he feels about his mother.

Thank you mother!!

He came from the ghetto, but the ghetto was never born in him. His mother taught his family good values, she taught them right from wrong. To do the right thing, to respect your elders. His mother taught them to stay in school, and study hard. Don’t hang with the wrong crowd, to always pray and study the bibles. And if you want something, save enough money to get that, and she always had a big, thick strap to punish them when needed.

All T wanted to do was to be a good son to his mother. He drew a picture when he was 9 years old of a big house, and showed his mother. One day, he would be a boxer, or a football player, and be big and strong, buy her this house. She said if it’s the lord’s will, then it will be done. T did just that, and bought her a pretty dress.

He wanted her to know he heard everything she said. Her love was like a big blanket on a cold Chicago night. He loved his mother too much to disrespect her. Jesus said Gospel of John Chapter 9, Verse 13.

How can he tell her mother he love her, then break into someone’s house. He would lie, he loves her too much to do that.

He wants to thank his 7 big brothers for setting the example. He wants to thank his only daughter Lisa, who is studying for a doctor’s degree. He wants to thank his best man, his son T Junior. Congratulations on receiving your master’s degree.

Here comes Kane.

Kane is here to tell him his time is up.

They never did that to anyone else.

So his time is up.

Our next inductee is Paul Bearer, and King calls out for Kane to induct him.

“I hate to cut Mr. T off with his talking about his Momma, but I had to talk about my Daddy”- Kane.

He was born William Moody, and grew up with his family, watching wrestling. He was working in wrestling, with greats like Michael “P.S.” Hayes, and Robert Gibson of Rock and Roll Express.

But he went off to serve in the army, and went he came back, he was a certified mortician. That’s right, the role he went on to become famous, he was indeed a mortician. He started his wrestling career as Mr. X. But that didn’t last very long, so he became a manager as Percival Pringle III in World Class Championship Wrestling with the Von Erichs. But his career took a turn for the better in 1990, becoming Paul Bearer and working for WWE, with The Undertaker.

But with every good thing, comes to an end, as Paul Bearer turned on The Undertaker, and formed alliances with Vader and Mankind. But in 1997, he started his bond with Kane.

He learned so much with Paul Bearer, on the road. He even turned Kane into a country music fan.

But Paul always reminded Kane who his Daddy was, and even when he was ill, he asked Kane to drive. Kane to hide his identity, he wore a ski mask heading into the building. So imagine Paul Bearer heading out of a big Cadillac popping out, screaming “It’s a miracle, Kane can drive”.

But Kane owes him a gratitude, because if it wasn’t for Paul, there would never be a Kane.

Even after leaving WWE, Paul would return, and in storyline, was met with his demise. But Paul always loved his fans, he would go to Cauliflower Club, and would venture in social media. This spring, William joined his wife in eternity. It struck Kane at the funeral how big William was, with the outpouring support of the fans. He was a monumental part of The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29. He brings out his two sons to honor Paul.

They want to thank us, and have one final say….OHHHHHH YES!!!!

Now, the gongs go off, and here is The Undertaker, with his own special urn.

Undertaker giving William his own special tribute.

Next up….it’s time for the bad guy….Razor Ramon.

King introduces us to “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash to induct him.

1993, Nash received a phone call from WWE. Asking to leave the “prestigious” Vinnie Vegas gimmick in WCW to be Shawn Michaels bodyguard. Shawn was feuding with Razor, and Kev had a front row seat, watching two of the greatest of all time doing what they had never done before. He was able to witness the ring work, but also heard them talk about it in the car. He only had around 100 matches, and been in the business for 4 years, he was set to face Razor for the IC Strap. Scott was a mentor to him in the ring, each night he beat him down, Scott took him to the place he needed to be. Shawn, Razor, and Kev spent 300 days a year going from night to-night, sharing a room for $45 a night. When he was here for Shawn’s induction, he felt like nothing would be more emotional than that, but he’s wrong. He has a biological brother, but he found 4 brothers in this business. This is very emotional for him, putting another one of his brothers in tonight. It’s time for Razor Ramon.

Hey Yo!!

When Razor was 8 years old, he watched his first wrestling show. When he was in his early 20’s, he had his first wrestling match. He discovered something he never knew, he had a greater love for stepping into the curtain, even when things weren’t so good for his life. And if you asked Razor how is he doing, he’d say “better than you, Chico”. But he found that he had such a connection with the fans, whether he was a villain, or a good guy. So thank you to all of the fans that are watching.

He was privileged to be mentored by some of the great wrestlers, and for those people, he thanks. He realized that dreams do come true, if you work hard for it. Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.

The entire Kliq now comes out, and embraces Razor.

I have a feeling WWE told him to cut off his speech, which in my opinion isn’t good, but this was still a good speech.

It’s time for Bad News Barrett.


He has some bad news….

Remember this moment to the superstars, drink in this moment, because this is the closest any of them will be for getting into the Hall of Fame.

Wade Barrett has his moment.

King now introduces us to Carlos Colon.

Inducting Carlos are his 2 sons, Carlito and Primo, along with his nephew Epico.

Carlito is great, he talks about the time being cut and he said it’s like he hadn’t left.

But this is about Carlito’s dad.

Carlos grew up in New York and watched WWF, in particular Bruno Sammartino, Carlos knew he would be a wrestler. He promised his mother he would graduate in high school, and he did just that. On Monday, he graduated, on Tuesday, he wrestled.

He worked all over the world, and in 1973, pops came back home in Puerto Rico.

He founded Capital Sports Promotion, and he brought in greats like Andre The Giant, Yokozuna, The Funks, “Rowdy “Roddy Piper, “The American Dream”, and just like that, he became a major superstar. He sold out Puerto Rico, and toured all over the world. Some of the bloodiest brawls happened in Puerto Rico. Barbed wire matches, scaffold matches, and the like.

Out comes Carlos Colon.

Carlos started in the business 48 years ago, he never believed in his wildest dreams, he would be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame. He started his career traveling all over the world. He met his wife in Canada. They raised a family, and he wants to thank them for his 2 sons, nephew, and 2 daughters. He thanks many men that have crossed his town a time or two.

He is honored to join these men, and his fellow countryman, Pedro Morales.

Carlos is speaking to his family, thanking them in spanish.

Now comes The Ultimate Warrior.

Linda McMahon is about to induct him. Now that’s a storyline I want to see.

Warrior called and asked Linda to induct him, that answers the question there.

He legally changed his name to Warrior, because he believed in the Warrior lifestyle.

He had such a unique entrance, with his running to the ring, turbo-charged. Running around the ring, shaking the ropes. But he was a loner backstage, but he was such a perfectionist. He wasn’t always the best to get along with, because his way wasn’t always the right way. When he came back to WWE, he asked for Linda to speak directly to him, because she believed in what he was doing. Sometimes, he would call her, venting frustration, she would put the phone down, or even mute and did her work. He just needed someone to vent, and she was happy to do it. He has time to coach, but he doesn’t have time to hear excuses. He is a devoted husband, father, and patriot. And he is a true WWE legend. He believes that if you say the words you can’t, then you won’t.

She introduces Warrior, and he comes out with his two daughters.

The most anticipated speech in sports entertainment.

Warrior wants to thank his wife, who they met in 1996. She put up with some things, and he wants to thank her, and he loves her. His mother is in the house. His father left when he was 11 years old, and she never missed the beat. The discipline he has is because of her. He also wants to thank his two daughters. Although he has done awesome things in WWE, the most awesome thing he has ever done is to be their father.

For everything that has happened, it’s awesome that this is happening. The younger guys backstage had a chance to meet him, and he is psyched about getting some DDP Yoga. For a second, he thought he was watching DDP Yoga infomercial.

But it’s great to see DDP help these guys with their self-destructive ways. Did he just say that? He promised he wouldn’t say those two words. He wants to thank Paul for putting this together. He wanted to put the DVD out-of-the-way. Paul brought up how he was only in the ring with him for 5 minutes, and Warrior said well for only being in the ring with him for 5 minutes, he sure learned alot.

But if you really want to do something kick-ass with your life, practice his brand of kick-ass, be away from the brand 18 years, and main event this event.

The crowd chants one more match.

He said one more match won’t happen, but other things will. He wants to thank some people in this business. Even the people he has crossed paths with, taught him something. Red Bastian, trained him, along with Steve Borden, Sting. They went to Mid-South with Jerry Jarrett, King, Dirty Dutch, The Fantastics, ted Dibiase, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams. He brings up Ted and Steve wrestled like they didn’t even want them there. He brings up World Class, as The Dingo Warrior. He worked with The Von Erichs, George South, Bruiser Brody, Broncho Lubbock told him about WWE. He wished they would bring the F back in for the old school guys. He is so disappointed that Jerry MCDevitt got his ass kicked by the wildlife people.

He went to New York, with WWE. Jorge Estrada was the first man he worked with. He pressed slammed him 15 times to see if he’d blow up. He was blown up just getting into the ring. Steve Lombardi, AKA The Brooklyn Brawler.

Warrior saw some things in that DVD that broke his heart, because they said he was an asshole, and a loner. The truth is they broke the new guys in to see how long they could handle things. if they couldn’t, they were out very quickly. He is a good guy, and when those things are said about him. He wants to thank the superstars that are behind the scenes. Some of them for 25-30 years, they are the superstars that make this happen. The ring crew, the ones that get very few hours of sleep, put the ring together. Then ask if the wrestlers want anything.

Wrestlemania 30 is tomorrow, he was at Wrestlemania 4. He has a suggestion that they need to honor these men and women as well. Next year, he wants to see the Jimmy Miranda Award.

He wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Ultimate Warrior fans. He is Warrior, his name, the one and only Ultimate Warrior. They are fans, and The Ultimate Warrior is a legend, so the fans are legends. They have fought for years, fought the lies, they tried to rewrite history, and they fought back, and he is here tonight, because of the Warrior fans.

Thank you for the life he has, for the views that he has, and the opportunity to just be himself. The business was based on merit. The reason he and Steve had an opportunity in this business is because they had respect for the men that paved the way, to give themselves a chance. he remember when what he puts into it, it was worth something. And that was great, when you determined the success you had based on the work you put into it. And when people told him things, he tried to listen, but the one man who never told him to stop was Vince McMahon.

Warrior brings up a story on how guys were upset about their checks, they would go in and talk to him about it at TV or MSG shows, they would show him, they came out of the meeting with a bobbing head. Even Bad News Brown did that.

Warrior remembers meeting Vince for the first time, he wasn’t on TV, he wrote a diary, on that meeting. Warrior approached him, and said Mr. McMahon, I have an idea on how to make the shows better, and he wasn’t even on TV. Vince heard that, and from then on, Warrior could always openly speak to Vince.

He misses the brotherhood he had with the boys, experiencing things, and being bigger than life, when really he wasn’t. In this business, there are a few legitimate tough guys, the rest get to play that role. That is fascinating, you get to play these roles, where fans believe in you. He never forgot that first Make-A-Wish Foundation, and he brings up John Cena.

Cena doesn’t want people to know, but he is huge with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. he is a huge Ultimate Warrior fan, too.

But to experience brightening up a kid’s life, just by showing up. It’s unbelievable. Bringing up Ray Lewis, when he retired saying he is “The Ultimate Warrior”, and ESPN put Ultimate Warrior gear on. Wrestlers don’t put baseball gear on, hockey gear, football gear, but yet they do.

WWE gives you an opportunity to play that you have things together, yet if you can play act to have things together in wrestling, you should make your life work. People say he doesn’t respect the business, he always thinks about the business. And he appreciates everything the business has given him.

People made fun of him for being blown up in the match, and he said he was blown up with his entrance, but he thrives on that. To be pushed so far. You can do more things in life than you think. One time, all he could hear was his heart beating, in the ring. Being in the WWE gave him such an incredible experience.

People have been wondering what he was going to say, and how he would act. People would say he didn’t know where to draw the line. People still work the gimmick in social media, but his gimmick was his. The Ultimate Warrior is such an intensity in character. And he figured if he’d go to the ring, and he wanted fans to get behind it, then what is wrong with using yourself to inspire your life? That is what he has done. All he knows is when he was in the business, nobody said anything to his face. The DVD was just wrong, it made him angry, and hurtful.

He is honored to being inducted into the 2014 Hall of Fame, and is honored for being an ambassador to the company. There are many different characters that made this work, and he was one of them.

One thing this company needs is to help the younger generation come up. To the young guys, the writing will be on the wall, your time will come, but you have an opportunity to make something happen, so use that time wisely.

Thank you to everyone, enjoy Wrestlemania, and goodnight.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

3 1/2 hours with the full speeches, whether some of it was short or not. But I enjoyed this. This is what makes Wrestlemania special, and I was glad to watch it. This was a major test to see how the video would be, and with the exception of a few cuts, this was very good. Which means tomorrow night, hopefully will go without a glitch.

I was a bit disappointed Warrior didn’t thank Hogan, but there still is, and probably always will be some bad blood between the two.

But this also was about a story on how certain performers had battled their demons, and have survived. Congratulations to every single one of the deserved inductees. I will talk to you tomorrow night at Wrestlemania. Give me your thoughts on the show.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

2 Responses to WWE Hall of Fame 4/5/14

  1. adztheman says:

    Why wasn’t the Colon thing handled first..that’s an insult to Amy Dumas, who could have very well gone last..and should have…

    Time to reconsider Kevin Nash’s career in totality…he very likely should go in to the HOF as well..

    Have to give Warrior credit..I thought he would have paint peeling off the walls, but made his points, and made a great suggestion…somebody from the crew, or creative, or men and women who have given their lives to WWE..should be considered as well for inclusion…if Mr T and Donald Trump and the Fridge have a wing to themselves, so should they..

    • I agree, that was the best point of Warrior’s speech, and I think we will see that. I mean Warrior put it on the screen, so anything less would be negative publicity, right?

      As for Nash, I have always believed he was a Hall of Famer. Big Kev had the WWE Title for what, 11 months? He made a big impact in WWE, and certainly was a big part of history in 1996 when he went to WCW. Very cool to hear from Razor and Jake last night.

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