Impact Wrestling Live 4/10/14…Who Is The Number One Contender?

Impact Wrestling is dedicating this episode to Warrior, who passed away Tuesday.

Tonight is the wrath of Dixie. She is back, and she entered the Impact Zone. She has something to say, and will address it later.

MVP informs us that Magnus survived last week, retaining his World Heavyweight Title, and tonight 10 men will sacrifice their opportunity to face Magnus, at Sacrifice on April 27th.

The 10 man Gauntlet starts, now.

Eric Young eliminates Abyss, to win the match and move on to Sacrifice to face Magnus.

Very good match to set the night up.

Christy Hemme interviews Eric Young, and he has one request, wants MVP to come out here, and he will, next.

We come back, with Eric Young on the mic, waiting for MVP to show up.

MVP comes out to the ring.

Eric’s arm is messed up, but this is live TV and anything can happen. We just witnessed Eric winning the Gauntlet, and having an opportunity to win the World Title at Sacrifice. But he is feeling a little crazy tonight. He has been waiting for 10 long years, and he wants his shot, tonight.

MVP wants to make sure Eric really wants his title match tonight.

Eric wants that shot, and MVP wants Magnus to get into his private locker room, because he will compete for the World Title tonight.

Magnus was on commentary, and he agrees that he will put his title on the line, and Magnus rules always win at the end.

MVP says there is no Magnus rules tonight, if he DQ’s himself and gets counted out, he will lose the title. And Abyss is banned from ringside, and if anyone else comes out during this title match, they will be fired on the spot.

Magnus Vs Eric Young for the World Heavyweight Title.

Rockstar Spud has a surprise party for Dixie Carter. She is not amused.

She still remembers Spud selling her out as soon as MVP won, and she leaves.

Willow comes in, and surprises him.

Number One Contenders match with ODB Vs Brittany Vs Gail Kim Vs Angelina Love, next.

Angelina Love defeated Gail Kim with a big boot, and Velvet sprayed some spray into Gail’s eyes before the pin.

Angelina Vs Madison Rayne for the Knockout Title.

Dixie Carter is in MVP’s office, she is still the president of the company. MVP threatens to take her away, but Dixie isn’t going anywhere. MVP is only here for one disgruntled employee, and invites MVP to join her, while she chews out this wrestler.

The Wolves show up in MVP’s office and is greeted with Bromans. Robbie isn’t here, because he missed his flight, and Jesse is bragging about it. But he has both titles, so MVP is saying Robbie has until bell time to defend his title, if not, then DJ Zima will team with him, for the Tag Titles.

Earlier tonight, Eric Young won the Gauntlet match, and he challenged Magnus for the title later tonight.

Magnus is okay with it, he will defeat EY.

The wrath of Dixie is now.

She orders Bully Ray to come to the ring, now.

The fans want Bully to get the table.

Dixie isn’t impressed.

Bully is impressed she is here tonight, because the last time she wanted to talk to Bully, she wasn’t there.

Dixie brought up he was conned by Bobby Roode to take him out, and Bobby put Bully through three tables last week. And he had never been put through three tables in one night.

She has a point, but Bully has some bad news for her, “darling”, Bobby didn’t get the job done and he is still standing.

Why did Bully cost her the match at Lockdown, and is the reason she does not have full control in her company.

But this has never been Dixie’s company, this is the fans’ company.

Loud TNA chants.

Are you people buying this? Bully is no better than her. But whether these people like him, or hate him, whether the wrestlers like him, or not, they respect him.

But the fans respect her too. She wants her money back, and Bully said don’t trust anyone. He bought a car, he spent alot of money at Rick’s Cabaret in New York City.

Do you know….

Dixie took his mic, and asked is she knows who she is? She is Dixie Carter, she is from Dallas, Texas. She owns this company, and still signs the checks. She is still Bully’s boss.

She slaps him, and he starts to corner here, but Bobby Roode attacked him.

Now he has a table.

Bully comes back, and is about to give him a Bully Bomb, but Roode escapes.

Now it’s just Dixie and Bully, with a table.

We go to a break.

When we come back, Magnus finds Dixie. She never said hi to him when she entered the building. Dixie is here on business, and Magnus seems bothered by that. She tells him he doesn’t need a plan, she has a plan, get into her limo, drink some wine, head on the plane, head home, and get into bed.

Magnus says that is a typical woman, but Dixie remembers Magnus had a plan to get rid of Dixie and handle things himself, so good luck, champ.

World Tag Team Title match with The Wolves Vs Bromans?

It’s going to be Jesse and Zima.

The Wolves win by DQ, when Robbie “miraculously” shows up and causes the DQ.

Later tonight, Eric Young Vs Magnus for the World Heavyweight Title.

Earlier tonight, Christy Hemme made a decision, she wants Samuel to come out to the ring, and talk about committment.

Christy Hemme is in the ring, asking Samuel to come to the ring.

He’s not a creepy bastard, it’s complicated, but Christy has had a change of heart. He is just misunderstood.

Samuel is happy she has seen the light, don’t worry about what us unartistic crescents say. He is not a creepy bastard, just the love of her life.

Does Samuel trust her? Would he do anything she asked her to go, or go anywhere she would tell him to go.

Close your eyes, and feel her.

We see psychiatric Services on the screen, and it’s Mr. Anderson.

Keep your eyes closed, and turn around.

Mic Check time.

Samuel is knocked out, and that committment Christy was talking about is his committment to the funny farm.

Everyone say bye-bye to Samuel.

Anderson throws him into the truck, but Shaw kicks Anderson, and runs away.

World Title match is up next, Eric Young Vs Magnus.

Willow challenges EC3 and Rockstar Spud in a Handicap match, next week.

World Title match….EY Vs Magnus, now.

Eric Young wins with a Piledriver. A very cool moment that ends the show. Where do we go from here?

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This show had some good moments. Congratulations to “Showtime” Eric Young, he earned that right, putting up with crappy gimmicks, and through it all, wins the biggest prize TNA has,

The first half hour, and the last half hour were the best, everything else, I just didn’t care.

Dixie’s return did nothing for me, and while the Knockouts did their thing, we all knew it would be Angelina Vs Madison.

I just hope this isn’t a short title reign force EY, I am not a fan of the short title reigns, and it doesn’t set a purpose.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s show? Was EY’s title run a moment?


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