WWE Monday Night Raw 5/12/14…Cena And The Uso’s Vs The Wyatts

Tonight, we are in Greenville, South Carolina. Monday Night Raw is up, we will see a big 6-man tag match with John Cena and The Uso’s Vs The Wyatt Family. We will also see the continuation of The Shield Vs Evolution, and more from Daniel Bryan Vs Kane.

Raw is now.

The Shield are in the ring. Ambrose makes it clear, they want Evolution.

Rollins admits they are good, men that main evented Wrestlemania, but they were really good. They aren’t the Evolution they once were, because they can’t evolve into the Evolution to beat The Shield.

Reigns has the mic.

A week ago, they victimized his brothers. They ambushed him, RKO’d him, Pedigreed him, and Triple Powerbombed him.

Is that all you have? Because The Shield can pay it back slowly. And Reigns personally will make sure they believe in him.

A limo pulls up, and it’s Evolution entering the building.

The Shield goes right after them backstage, and we have all 6 men fighting.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Tonight, 6-man tag match with John Cena and The Uso’s Vs The Wyatt Family.

But first, RVD comes out to the ring. He faces Jack Swagger, now.

But we hear from Zeb Colter. He is giving us his Deportation List, again.

The newest edition to this list is Adam Rose.

Adam Rose comes out to have some fun.

Five Star Frogsplash, match is over, after Rose does the mosh pit.

Paige is in action next, and we see video from her.

Paige is in action against Alicia Fox.

Alicia is upset that she is here for 6 weeks, and she has alienated every Diva in the locker room. She doesn’t fit in, so get out.

Match is on, now.

Paige wins with the Paige Turner, when Alicia dominated the entire match.

Alicia, if you want to send a message you don’t like Paige, how about beating her?

Alicia goes to the announce table, and uncorks JBL’s pop and throws it all over. She is telling us she is championship material.

She storms off with JBL’s hat.

Footage from last week with Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Daniel Bryan speaks to us, next.

When Daniel won the WWE World Heavyweight Title, he knew he would be in for an uphill battle, but he didn’t think it would be this big. The Authority threw everything in front of him, yet somehow, they beat the odds and he walked out of Wrestlemania as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. But as soon as he won the title, he has a big target on the back. Kane tombstone him in many places. But he was determined to beat him, and at Extreme Rules, he did. But that comes at a price, and the reason why everyone cheers for him is because he paid the price. And unfortunately, he needs to get neck surgery this Thursday.

What is frustrating is there are people happy about it. People believe his career is done, and there is a chance it will be. But it won’t be. When he will come back, he has no idea, but will he come back?




Switching gears, our big 6-man tag match is next. We see footage from last week at Extreme Rules, where Little Johnny turns on Cena.

6-man tag match is next.

Cena and The Uso’s win when Cena hits an Attitude Adjustment, pinning Rowan.

Bray has the mic to thank Cena, for helping him to realize what he finally must do.

Follow the Buzzards.

When we come back, Evolution comes out.

Orton believes it is time to put the hounds of justice to sleep.

HHH agrees it is time to finish this thing with The Shield. At Extreme Rules, they proved they were good, but they got a bit too big for themselves. HHH was wrong, and since that so-called attempt at an ambush, they have no idea what they are up against.

If The Shield wants a rematch at Payback, so be it. But this time, the gloves are off and they will take them apart one by one.

Let’s start with Dean Ambrose.

After they humble Ambrose, they will take the wings off Seth Rollins, then they get to the big dog, Roman Reigns. They will make an example out of Roman Reigns. They will be sure Reigns does not come back from Payback, and he will not adapt. At Payback…

The Shield attack Evolution in the ring.

Batista grabs the mic from HHH. He has had enough of them all. He challenges Reigns, later tonight.

Diva time, with Nikki Bella Vs Natalya.

Nikki wins the match with a rollup, and for some reason, the Total Divas were grading the matches.

Natalya is upset about this, from what happened last night on “Total Divas”. So is Natalya turning heel?

Later tonight, Batista Vs Roman Reigns.

Rybaxel is squaring off against Sheamus.

Actually, Rybaxel flips a coin to see who he faces, and Curtis Axel wins.

Curtis Axel Vs Sheamus.

Sheamus wins with the Cloverleaf, and Ryback attacks Sheamus from behind.

Ryback wants a piece of Sheamus, next.

Sheamus wins this match with a Brogue Kick.

Tonight, Batista faces Roman Reigns.

Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring.

Daniel Bryan came out and told his story earlier. He went through odds ever since Summerslam, and defeated Kane at Extreme Rules.

Yes he did that, and Daniel Bryan has to go through neck surgery. She hates to be proven right, but Daniel Bryan just isn’t an A+ Player. He has the heart of a champion, but unfortunately, he can’t pull through. So at the end of the day, her family has to do what is best for business.

So he has to come to this ring, and say what she needs to say face to face.

Here comes Kane, with Daniel Bryan being dragged on the floor.

Kane drops him off, and leaves.

Daniel is all beat up.

We have the EMTs, a gurney, Brie Bella checking on her new husband, with Stephanie looking concerned.

We come back from a break, with Stephanie apologizing to Daniel when he is being wheeled into the ambulance. Brie warns Stephanie to stay away, and shoves her.

Stephanie is not amused.

Dolph Ziggler is in the ring. He is going to face Fandango.

Layla distracts Fandango, accidentally and Ziggler hits a Zig Zag for the win.

Layla checks on Fandango, and he has the mic.

He may have lost, but he knows he is a winner, because no other woman has made him feel the way he feels. When he is with her, everything disappears. Ziggler may have won, but Layla won something bigger, his heart. Fandango loves Layla.

They make out, she did not say she loves him.

Tonight, Batista Vs Reigns.

We get an appearance from “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.


I am sure we are all watching “Legends House” on WWE Network.

Here comes “The Ravishing Russian” Lana to interrupt.

Duggan represents America. A once dominant nation, now just like England, we crumbled and everyone is making fun of us. Now China has passed United States.

Fans are chanting USA.

Rusev is proud to represent Russia, and the wonderful leader, Vladimir Putin.

Hacksaw tells her she should hear USA chants, and here we go.

Alexander Rusev now enters the ring.

Lana gives Hacksaw one chance, and Hacksaw is ready to fight, but Rusev crushes the 2 x 4.

That was his one chance, Rusev….CRUSH!!

Here comes Big E.

Rusev takes down Big E. however, but he comes to the aid of Hacksaw.

We kicked the show off with The Shield hunting down Evolution. They fought in the back.

Batista challenged Reigns later tonight.

Our next match is Damien Sandow, who made his presence felt earlier tonight on the Raw Pre-show will face his former Rhodes Scholar teammate, Cody Rhodes.

Cody wins with the Disaster Kick, Goldust assisted him a bit, by distracting Sandow a bit.

Cody goes to the pay window.

Earlier tonight, we see Daniel Bryan telling us that he needs neck surgery. But Kane had a different thing on his mind, attacking Daniel in the back and now Daniel is being sent to the hospital.

The Wyatt Family interrupts.

Bray talks about Cena is so predictable. Cena is just like them, his narcissism keeps leading to Bray. He can brag about what he brought home to him, on his mantle. Last week, Cena said he would never give up. At Payback, he wants to put his theory to test. When things are burning around Cena, Bray will stand. How far is he willing to go to take this devil down?

….He’s got the whole world in his hands, he’s got the whole wide world in his hands.

Reigns Vs Batista, our main event is now.

Reigns is DQ’d when The Shield take out Evolution, but Stephanie calls out the troops to take out The Shield.

They are targeting Reigns.

Right when they have Reigns, he spears HHH and The Shield has his back with chairs.

The Shield stand tall at the end of the show with a Triple Powerbomb on Ryback.

Is that all you have Evolution?

Believe in The Shield.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This week was a better show than last week, but again I have an issue with the World Champion. I don’t buy the whole neck surgery, because not one time did they bring up stripping the title. I could be completely wrong on this, but the way it was set up, it just didn’t add up.

If this is true, what are the odds of this complete underdog winning the WWE World Title at the biggest show of the year, get married, then go through a horrible family tragedy, only to be stripped of the title two months after because of neck surgery? It just doesn’t add up.

But I do love how they are building The Shield as an elite force. I sincerely hope that they don’t split up, because in life, you can push all three men as main event stars, just like Evolution became.

What were your thoughts on the show, send them to me here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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