Impact Wrestling 5/15/14…MVP Explains To The World

My DVR didn’t work last Thursday night, so I couldn’t see the show, but I sure heard about the big turn. I will give you my thoughts, later tonight.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Moments ago, Eric Young is in the parking lot, waiting for MVP to show up. There will be words.

EY wants to rip MVP’s face, but he smirks and walks away.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, and here comes the World Heavyweight Champion.

He’s waiting for a fight.

Eric woke up last Friday, thinking this was a dream, but in reality this is a nightmare. Someone he trusted put his faith in. All of the wrestlers were hoping this man was different. He made a promise to us to be a fighting champion. He’s done that, and here is his next promise. This isn’t going to happen on his watch. If MVP wants to be the World Heavyweight Champion, he has to go through him. If he wanted a shot, all he had to do was ask. But be careful what you ask for, because you will get it. He’s crazy, and he wants MVP’s ass now.

MVP shows up on the screen. Eric Young is acting like The Incredible Hulk, but he doesn’t see The Justice League. Eric is ungrateful, because he gave him the opportunity at the title. But he won, and what EY did was fast track his big plan, which was to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

EY is the “Oswald”, because he was just a pawn. The real power is in the title, not pushing pencils. A part of MVP feels bad for EY, because he was the pawn. So he’s being gracious enough to make sure he keeps the title for a few more weeks.

EY is a fighting champion, and will defend his title every week.

A real champion don’t fight for free, but MVP has some people EY can face, and if he beats them, then he has his fists to fight.

EY runs after MVP, and we go from footage earlier in the week with Dixie.

It seems Bully went to her house, and made a sign that says Dixie fears Bully.

Later tonight, a 3-way match for the X-Division Title between DJ Zema Vs Tigre Uno Vs Sanada. Also, Mr. Anderson Vs “Cowboy” James Storm, and next, Willow’s Challenge against Magnus and Bram.

Their footage from a few weeks is being shown.

Willow gives us his Willow promo, and that match is next.

Willow wins the match when Bram handed Magnus a crowbar, but Magnus refused to use it, and Willow took advantage of that.

Eric Young finds MVP’s office, but he isn’t there. EY tears up the furniture.

Dixie receives a phone call, from Bully. He is in her house, and she wants everyone to get in the house, and record everything.

Gail Kim heads to the ring.

The crowd loves Gail.

She isn’t here for a makeover, and isn’t here to put an evening gown. She is here to prove to the world why she is here, and that is to show she is the hardest working Knockout on the roster. She helped build this division, so she wants The Beautiful People out here, because she is here to fight.

The Beautiful People are here.

Angelina and Velvet know she is a wrestler, but she isn’t the champ. She will never be the champ either. The BP are what every one of us inspires to be, sexy and tough. The BP accepts her challenge.

Velvet attacks Gail, and is her opponent, now.

Eat Defeat gets you every time, and Gail beats Velvet.

Angelina lays out Gail in the back of the head with her Knockout Title.

Crazy Steve is facing Kazarian, and The Menagerie is next.

Last week, Kurt Angle had his match against EC3, with EC3 tearing his ACL.

EC3 had a promo saying he is the future, and this is his world.

Kaz Vs Crazy Steve, now.

The Menagerie is up now.

Kazarian wins by DQ, because Crazy Steve de-pansed the referee, Steve Wheeler.

Wow, just horrible.

Austin Aries is at the Impact Zone.

Austin lays out the security guy, and MVP cheap shots Austin, throwing him out.

But EY decks MVP, and this fight continues, next.

A good fight between both men took place, but at the end of the day, MVP had the final say, kneeing EY in the balls, and DDTing him.

Then tells EY he gets his World Title match tonight.

More footage from Bully in Dixie Carter’s house.

Bully found Spud.

Mr. Anderson Vs Storm is now.

Storm wins with beer in the eyes and a Last Call Superkick.

Samuel Shaw is in the psyche ward, after losing to Mr. Anderson at Sacrifice. We see a white room, and someone wants to see him.

Is it Christy?

X-Division Title match is up now, Sanada Vs Tigre Uno Vs DJ Zema.

Sanada wins with a Tiger Suplex. A good and fun match here.

More footage with Bully in Dixie’s house.

It seems Gunner was the one who is visiting Samuel Shaw. He just feels that Samuel is misunderstood, and everyone needs someone to talk to.

In the house, Bully is right about to deck Dixie, but EC3 lays him out.

He wanted Dixie to admit she is afraid if Bully, and she refused,

EY Vs MVP, now.

MVP loses by DQ, when Kenny King goes after EY.

MVP demands the referee to re-start the match.

Kenny decks him.

Here comes Bobby Lashley to help, but he spears EY…..MY GAWD!!!! He has a family.

I guess we have a new faction, The Black Mafia.

The show ends with MVP holding the title high up in the air. We end Impact, here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I thought it was a horrible idea to turn MVP heel. Especially after Dixie is back on TV, and obviously still a heel. So I don’t understand the reason for doing, so very soon from MVP fighting for control of the company. Why? Even when he explained it, with taking power, it just didn’t make sense. I will try to give this time.

But I am a fan of stables, so seeing Lashley turn heel, and MVP serving as his mouthpiece, and Kenny King joining them, it might be good.

I also like seeing Eric Young as the champion too. He plays that role very well, and I hope he has a nice run as champion.

I am not a fan of The Menagerie, I hate the music as they are wrestling, and Kaz deserves better, going out of the company than this. In fact, TNA dropped the ball big tim by cutting Bad Influence before we could see a few Wolves Vs BI matches, on TV.

Speaking of the Wolves, why weren’t they on this week?

I had no issue with the wrestling, it was a better showing than last week.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.


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