Impact Wrestling 5/22/14…MVP Now Has His Crew

Last week, we see that Bobby Lashley and Kenny King has joined MVP’s group. Kazarian is talking to “Chris” and Kenny is a bit upset. Kazarian fights back, but the numbers game catches up.

MVP’s group kicks off Impact.

MVP Vs Eric Young is set for Slammiversary.

He is giving us an education. MVP is a brilliant individual, as we can see. He was brilliant enough to put himself in a position, and bring his friends in. It’s called power. Sometimes, when you take power, blood must be spilled.

Never again would MVP ask for permission. It’s a business, and at the end of the day, it about money, power, and respect.

No longer would he ask for permission, but now he has to be a politician. He is the best politician, because he is in control. You don’t have to like it, just deal with it.

It’s time for Kenny to say a few words.

Kenny loved what MVP has to say over the phone. But he’s giving himself credit, that exhibition match was all Kenny King. Because everyone was fooled. And that match he had with Bobby? Kenny King made sure he wasn’t hurting.

MVP called his very good friend, Bobby Lashley.

Bobby realized playing the political plan for anyone. But now he is putting his faith and trust in MVP. He is a bit of a visionary.

Here come The Wolves.

Money, power, and respect. They had a ton of respect for him at Lockdwon, when he told them they were fighting for the wrestlers, not money. What happened to that?

Did MVP lie to you? They are the World Tag Team Champions. If it wasn’t for him, they still would be paying $15 bus rides, eating ramen noodles. The reason he didn’t cut into his plan, they had heart, not heartless.

MVP can fire him, and strip them of their titles.

Now all five men fight in the ring.

This wasn’t about wrestling, this always was about power. They take Davey out of the ring.

Davey has to learn, he is sorry it had to be like this.

He is met by a Lashley spear off the ramp.

Money, power, and respect are the key to life.

The World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young entered the building, he is next.

The Carters arrived at the Impact Zone,

Before the break, Davey Richards was speared by Lashley, and Eddie is riding with him in the ambulance.

Enter the World Heavyweight Champion, Eric Young.

MVP comes back and out, and asked if he had anything to say to him.

Enter The Goon Squad.

Eric doesn’t like Kenny King. Kenny is a scumbag. But Bobby? He paid his dues in military, he paid his dues in MMA, he paid his dues in Wrestling. Now what he did is fine, but what will happen when Bobby’s little boy asks him about selling out.

If you want to be in position of taking over, then you must take that moment. They are more motivated by money, power, and respect.

What motivates EY are the fans, and he fights with all three men, but is beat down.

Enter Austin Aries.

People may like MVP, they might not, but he was the one person that saw right through him, and it bothered him. Austin challenged MVP to a match with the Greatest Denominator of Greatness.

And MVP will let EY know who his opponent tonight is when he’s ready.

Bram is with Magnus. He spoke to MVP representing him. Magnus has a match with Magnus Vs Willow in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Magnus gets the final say, but Bram said this isn’t;t about them, it’s about Magnus taking what he wants.

Angelina Love is issuing an open challenge match against Angelina. Gail Kim answers that, and she fights her, until security stops them.

Earlier tonight, we see all of the violence taking place. Now comes The Beautiful People.

Angelina wants to make one thing clear, she issued an open challenge match, but that won’t happen. But since she is the greatest Knockout Champion ever, she wants to give a newbie an opportunity of a lifetime.

It’s Brittany.

Angelina wins with a Botox Injection, retaining her title. Here comes Gail King to help her out.

Gail has the final say.

Dixie enters the building, with EC3. The security tries to tell she is banned, but she is going to confront MVP, tonight.

Speaking of MVP, he is facing Austin Aries, next.

Earlier this week, Mr. Anderson invites “Cowboy” James Storm to a bar. He wants some friendly competition. How about a drinking contest?

We’re going to see this.

Aries Vs MVP, now.

MVP is DQ’d when Lashley and Kenny King come down to attack Aries.

Here comes Eric Young to help Aries, but the numbers game catch up to both of them.

MVP tells EY his opponent for tonight is none other than Bobby Lashley.

Dixie and EC3 come to the ring, more when we return.

We come back, Dixie wants to know what is going on. MVP thought he banned her from The Impact Zone. Dixie is still the president of the company, and he is a dictator.

Kenny King and Lashley gang up on Dixie, but she has never harmed or disrespected anyone. Okay, maybe she has done that to Bully Ray, but that isn’t the point.

MVP wants to know what she wants. It’s not what she wants, but what she can do for MVP.

Bully Ray comes out with crutches, takes Dixie away.

He banned both Dixie and Bully Ray from The Impact Zone, why is he here?

He is here to say something he has been meaning to tell him for a few weeks. He is a piece of crap, because he turned his back on everyone. He is standing in this ring, because of Bully Ray.

For everyone to pick on, they choose Eric Young? He has been here since day one. He is a guy every TNA loves, and has worked his tail to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Since when did Bully Ray start to care so much.

Kenny King and Lashley attack him, and MVP joins in.

Dixie and EC3 come out, admiring this.

Dixie stands over Bully Ray….Ethan….get the tables.


Ethan sets Bully up for a Bully Bomb, but Bully reverses it, and goes after Dixie, but Ethan grabs him, and nails an Ethanbomb.

Dixie Carter fears….noone.

Next, Willow Vs Magnus in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

Dixie and Ethan brag about what just happened, but Bully is stalking them, and just misses as they head into the limo and out of the building.

Magnus Vs Willow, now.

Willow wins with a Twist of Faith on the ramp. Bram had a crowbar, and ordered Magnus to hit him with it. He didn’t, and that second or two cost him.

More footage with Gunner and Samuel Shaw.

Gunner has spent time in the funny farm, he knows what Samuel is going through.

Eddie Edwards is back in the Impact Zone, and he has a purpose.

Gunner tells Samuel he had to commit his friend from boot camp into the funny farm. He was with him the entire time, and he got better. He believes in Samuel, he knows there is a good side to him.

How is Samuel supposed to trust him?

He starts by taking the jacket off.

Eddie Edwards comes out, and wants a fight from someone.

Kenny King answers the challenge.

Kenny lays out Eddie, and tells us Eddie will join his partner in the hospital.

More drinking from Storm and Anderson. Storm is drunk, and Anderson is pretending.

MVP apologizes to Brian Hebner for Kenny touching him earlier. He is going to put him in the main event, and requests he returns the favor, and to do the right thing.

We come back to the bar. Anderson confesses to a drunk Storm he’s not drunk, and he lays him out. Revenge, bitch.

JB is standing by with Eric Young.

Is EY in any condition to wrestle Lashley?

Not really, he has learned from his mistakes, but Bobby will learn his mistakes too for letting him standing. He has a messed up back, a messed up shoulder, but he is about to show Lashley how crazy he can get.

Eric Young Vs Bobby Lashley, next.

15 minutes left for this match, so this should be good. Our main event, Lashley Vs EY, now.

Lashley wins with a Dominator. MVP and Kenny King interfered, but Brian Hebner couldn’t DQ Lashley, or else MVp threatened him.

More beatings, but here comes Austin Aries with a kendo stick. But Lashley cuts him off.

MVP, Lashley, and Kenny are standing tall, ending this show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

MVP new trio had to be established as a serious threat, so tonight, it was about that. I like Kenny King playing a “loose cannon” and at the end of the day, he might be the one that costs his group, we will see.

But I did not like the referee segment, because we just saw WWE do this very thing about 6 months ago, with HHH, Daniel Bryan, and Scott Armstrong. I know it’s Pro Wrestling 101, but it’s still too short in time between the two.

But overall, I was entertained by this week’s show. I like the alliance of Aries and Young. I also think TNA is shaping up Slammiversay, and we still have 3 more weeks of TV programming. I could have done without Dixie Carter though, but I do like EC3.

I also enjoyed Storm and Anderson, we know those two can carry a good feud, I just wished we would have seen more footage leading up to it.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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