WWE Monday Night Raw 5/26/14…Payback Is A B….

We are 6 days away from Payback. We have a big show in line tonight to set the PPV up. We are going to have a contract signing between Evolution Vs The Shield. We will also see Sheamus face Alberto Del Rio, and will Daniel Bryan do what is “best for business” and surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Title?

Before we start, thank you to all of the men and women who have fought for our country. Memorial Day is all about saluting the real heroes, and here we go with Raw.

Memorial Day salute from the WWE is being played.

We are live in the University of Tennessee, and we kick the show off with The Authority, hand in hand.

Welcome to a historic edition of Monday Night Raw. Stephanie feels good about tonight, because the show is about choices. Daniel Bryan has a choice to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He knows it’s the right decision, because we all cheer for him, and want to see the WWE World Heavyweight Champion compete night in, and night out. But Daniel Bryan just can’t do it. His heart and mind is there, but unfortunately, his body is a B+.

So Steph knows Daniel will do the right thing here tonight. We want the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and we want to see him defend the title, but unfortunately he can’t do it.

Hunter says Daniel wants to, but he just can’t. Tonight is about choices. People get into their careers, and they become legends, because they stand the test of time. Month after month, year after year, they remain competitive, because they adapt. And if you can’t, like Daniel Bryan, then you perish. And Evolution has tested they can adapt. The Shield will find out this Sunday you can’t stop Evolution. But tonight, there will be a contract signing. The Shield has a choice tonight, to not show up this Sunday, and if they do not show up, then their careers will continue. If they do show up, Evolution will take care of them, and they will perish.

Now they order Brad Maddox to come out, and here he comes.

Last week, HHH said that The Shield cannot show up in Seth Rollins match with Batista. HHH made a choice, to make Evolution come in as guest ring announcer and guest time-keeper, and then Brad made a choice of bringing in The Shield in that match.

Stephanie told Brad she knows about what happened, The Shield roughed him up a bit, and he didn’t have a choice. But now she is afraid they don’t have a choice.

Enter Kane, oh my gawd, they are about to kill Maddox.

Kane toys with Maddox now, like a cat toys with a mouse. Chokeslam, then a Tombstone Piledriver, flames go off.

Stephanie now officially fires Brad Maddox.

There is no General Manager.

Raw is off with a bang, Maddox didn’t have a chance.

Bray Wyatt has a message for the entire C-Nation tonight.

Tonight, he will make us BOlieve. Bo Dallas will make his Raw debut.

Our first match is RVD Vs Cesaro, one on one.

Bad News Barrett is on commentary.

Cesaro wins the match with a Bridge Suplex, and here comes Sheamus wanting to get some.

Brogue Kick from Sheamus, laying Cesaro out.

He shakes hands with him, returning the favor, fella.

Bray Wyatt has a message for Cenation, tonight.

Also will Daniel Bryan surrender the WWE World Title? And we will also have a contract signing for The Shield Vs Evolution.

Right now, Eva Marie Vs Summer Rae.

Eva Marie gets a cheap win when Fandango and Layla come out to distract Summer.

Orton and Batista talk about tonight’s contract signing. The Rhodes Brothers come in, they aren’t on tonight’s show. They want to challenge against any team.

Orton and Batista tease them, and Cody calls them a “Skinny jeans sell-out” and RKBlows. He called them HHH’s lap dogs, so HHH comes in, and makes the match.

Oh boy, Drew McIntyre is facing El Torito. We have had some bad matches tonight, already.

El Torito wins the match, and Hornswoggle yanks his tail off.

Yes folks, the Hornswoggle Vs El Torito feud continues.

Bray Wyatt will speak to the C-Nation, next.

We actually have a Moments ago, seeing Hornswoggle rip off El Torito’s tail, and now they have the tail on ice.

Tennessee, we’re here.

He’s got the whole world in his hands…..he’s got the whole wide world in his hands….he’s got the whole world in his hands…

Never, ever have those words been more true than it is now. Bray truly has the whole world in his hands. The world knows that Bray truly wants what is best for them. We all make sacrifices, and break our back to feed our children, yet someone has a trigger telling us who to be, and who to act. Is Bray a snake? Or is he a cure? He knows what role he needs to play in this world. He is the necessary evil the world needs, yet if we truly are his brother, we will stand right beside him. And if you’re his enemy, they will lay on his feet. We know what role John Cena plays, and he will prove to be the last man standing at Payback.

And why should Cena be the only one to deal with his throne? He knows that in order to lay out the king, he must take out the pawn.

We know Cena is the king, and he asks Jerry Lawler to have a word with him.

King refuses, and he sends the Wyatts after him.

He goats after JBL, calling him a coward, and JBl stood up, but is met with a lariat, courtesy of Luke Harper.

Bray wants Jerry to join him in the ring.

He offers a chair for Jerry. Bray just wants to ask a few questions.

Is it safe to say that Jerry and Cena are good friends? It’s also true that Jerry helped launch Cena’s career, by spewing lies on the mic. In doing so, he has fed the poison, and now it’s out of control. Does Jerry feel guilty about this? Does he feel corrupting millions of lives with lies? How does it feel to be a liar?

He wants Jerry to understand he is sorry it had to be him, but he’s talking about the necessary evil.

They have Jerry set up for Sister Abigail, and here comes Superman.

Rowan and Harper have Cena locked up, and Bray tells him he will hurt Cena at Payback, but for now he wants Cena to watch him hurt his friend, and know it’s all of his fault.

But here come The Uso’s to help Cena.

King is safe, and JBL is still knocked out.

Cena has the mic, enough is enough. He has just crossed some serious lines, Bray Wyatt. When he first got here, everyone was excited, including Cena. he was different, he was charismatic, but now, does he listen to himself? He just said he was God. Abraham Lincoln just said that when you reach through power, you will see evil. Bray Wyatt is just pure evil.

Half of the crowd is cheering him, and half of the crowd is booing.

Cena believes in who he is, and what he does. he believes that Bray needs to be stopped. Payback is not about winning, it isn’t about losing, it’s the last man standing.

He has accused him of being a liar, and he has accused him of being a fraud. Bray Wyatt will be stopped, and Payback will be a bitch.

Tonight, will Daniel Bryan surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Title?

Also, a contract signing between The Shield Vs Evolution.

We come back, and see just Cole and King. JBL is in the back.

Woo Woo Woo….You know it.

Zack Ryder sighting, carrying the American flag.

I fear he is Rusev’s opponent.

Zack has the mic, and before he really gets it going, here comes “The Ravishing Russian” Lana.

Typical Americans, going on past glory. We need to be more like our fearless Vladimir Putin.

Zack Ryder’s opponent….Rusev!!

Lana told him to crush him, and he did with The Accolade.

Here comes Big E.

Big E has the final say with a wicked clothesline, sending Rusev over the top rope.

Big E has the American flag.

Stephanie McMahon is talking with Alberto Del Rio. Will Daniel Bryan surrender the WWE World Title?

Also tonight, the contract signing for Payback is coming tonight.

Our next match is The Rhodes Brothers Vs Orton and Batista.

Evolution wins the match with a Orton RKO 2 times.

Justin Roberts made the announcement this is an elimination match, so now it’s Goldust Vs Orton and Batista in a No Holds Barred match.

Orton and Batista pin Goldust with a Batista Bomb.

A preview of Payback?

Bo Dallas tells us we will BOleieve!!

His Raw debut is next.

JBL is back, and Bo Dallas will make us BOlieve against Sin Cara, again.

Bo wins with the Bo-Dog.

He wants to thank his BOlievers. If we give it all we have, we are already a winner. You just need to BOlieve.

He hugs Sin Cara for his effort.

Daniel Bryan will tell us if he surrenders the WWE World Heavyweight Title, next.

Tomorrow night on The Main Event, it will be The Uso’s Vs Rowan and Harper.

Earlier tonight, Brad Maddox was fired, and Kane gave him a Tombstone Piledriver.

Stephanie McMahon comes out, again.

She reminded us that tonight was a night of choices, and we need an active WWE World Champion, so Daniel Bryan, it’s time….do the right thing.

Stephanie tells Daniel it’s so good to see him, and doing so well. She can strip him of the WWE World Title right now, but that would make him a martyr, and he is being cheered enough. He knows the people deserve an active champion, and he can’t physically compete right now. She knows he is not a selfish man, so do the right thing for them, not her, but them and surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Becoming the WWE World Champion was the payoff for years of the sacrifice he took. But Stephanie is right, his neck surgery was in worst shape than they originally thought. But seeing what the demon did earlier, she is a liar that she had nothing to do with him being hurt by Kane. But there is no shame in doing the right thing.

Stephanie agrees, and tells him he can get the title shot again.

The fans deserve an active champion, but this isn’t about them, she is doing this for herself, because she hasn’t gotten over him beating her husband at Wrestlemania 30. And everything that had happened prior wouldn’t mean anything, if he handed this title back to her.

So he is going to say a word she has never heard in her entire life. You want Daniel to hand her the title back?




Stephanie knew this was going to happen, with Daniel being selfish. But she needs to bring this up. 2 weeks ago, while he was being wheeled into the ambulance, his wife put her hands on her.

We see a segment from two weeks ago, when Brie shoved Stephanie.

She can’t put her hands on her boss, not just her boss, but his boss. And every reaction must take action. So this Sunday, either he surrenders the WWE World Title, or his wife is fired!!

Have a nice day.

Tonight, Payback Contract Signing with Evolution Vs The Shield.

This Sunday, it will be Paige Vs Alicia Fox, for the Divas Title.

Alicia Fox will face Emma, now.

Emma picks up the shocking victory with an Emma-Roll.

Alicia takes it out on the “princess” Emma.

She just throws Emma out of the ring, like she’s garbage.

Now Alicia is going after the commentary table.

She rings the bell, and takes it. She is not a loser.

She gives some guy a wedgie, and now spills pop all over herself.

Alicia Fox is awesome!!

Contract signing later tonight, but next….Adam Rose is in action.

Our Payback Kick-Off show match is Hair Vs Mask…El Torito Vs Hornswoggle.

The legendary feud continues.

Now, it’s Davey Crockett (Damien Sandow) Vs Adam Rose.

Rose wins with a Party Foul, but Swagger has a lemon and is holding him hostage. Boy, this is terrible.

Adam Rose has the final say, because nobody touches his lemon.

Now its party time.

Next, we will see Sheamus Vs Del Rio.

This Friday Night on Smackdown, we will see Champion Vs Champion. The United States Champion Sheamus face The Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett.

Sheamus wins with a Brogue Kick.

Paul Heyman intervenes with us. This was a win, but not against a Paul Heyman guy, but at Payback he will get that chance.

Here comes Cesaro, kicking Sheamus in the head where he is a bit loopy from Del Rio’s kicks.

Sheamus tries to fight back, but Cesaro nails a Neutralizer for good measure.

The contract signing with Evolution Vs The Shield is next.

The table is set with all 6 chairs. Cole makes the announcement for all 6 men.

Here come The Shield to interrupt.

Tonight is historic, and tonight is the final time you see The Shield and Evolution together in the ring on Raw. Because one team will be eliminated, forever. Evolution is done.

Reigns throws the chairs out of the ring, and Rollins wants us to get down to business, there goes the table.

Here comes Evolution.

HHH wants them to be aware of what they are about to sign. This will be the last time we will see The Shield ever on Monday Night Raw. It’s a shame, because they could have had it all. HHH remembers looking at them, and seeing the ink dry to allow them to have their dreams. These guys will be the future of WWE, and ironically, he is going to watch the ink dry as they go into obscurity.

So are they sure they want to sign the paper, and this is the last time we see The Shield?

The Shield signs the contract, and throws it to Evolution.

The contract is signed, and HHH told them they will be nothing but a statistic.

Reigns cuts him off and tells them to come in the ring, and fight.

Here we go, all six men are in the ring.

Evolution has the final say, taking out Reigns with a Triple Powerbomb.

This Sunday, these six men go to war.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

If you tuned in for the wrestling, then tonight wasn’t the right show. This was about building up the PPV, specifically talking the 3 main matches, and they did their job.

I also don’t have an issue with the World Title not being on the PPV, because we have seen many title matches on PPV. We will see what happens there.

I’m not much of a fan of Adam Rose yet, but I will give this time. I did like seeing Alicia Fox freak out.

We will see what happens this Sunday. What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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