Impact Wrestling 5/29/14…MVP New Group Clears A Path

After last week, MVP’s new alliance of himself, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King wrecked havoc all over The Impact Zone. Where do we go from here?

Impact Wrestling is next.

We are in Orlando, Florida.

Bully Ray heads to the ring to kick the show off.

Do you know who he is? He is Bully Ray, and as long as his heart keeps beating, he will keep on fighting. He is obsessed with 6 people in TNA. 6 people who have bull’s-eyes on their back, and promises every single one of us in the world those 6 people will go through tables.

The 6 people are Lashley, EC3, Kenny King, MVP, Rockstar Spud, and Dixie Carter.

Not Spud.

Dixie is the one we want to see go through a table the most.

Bully wants anyone to get into the ring, and fight.

Enter MVP.

MVP isn’t sweating the tables. He doesn’t respond too well to threats, and he needs to rethink his position.

Nobody is going through tables tonight, but if he wants a fight, he would be happy to do that. But he doesn’t want to just have fun by himself.

Kenny King and Lashley come out for some fun, but EC3 clips Bully from behind, with Spud cheering on and all four men beat down Bully.

EC3 and Spud are carrying the Spud table.


Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, and he has some backup.

Austin Aries and The Wolves come out to help him, but they leave Spud from behind, hiding underneath the table.

Aries makes it known Bully Ray isn’t the only one obsessed. So he suggest they do a 3-on3 match, and they do it now.

Bully wants a 6-man tag match next, and he wants to remind MVP what will happen to all of them, eventually.

Load Spud up EY, and Spud is put through a table.

MVP isn’t sweating it, but EC3 looks like it.

Will we get a 6-man tag match? We will find out, next.

Eric Young has a new series called “No Limits” airing on The Animal Planet.

6-man tag match of MVP, Lashley, and King Vs The Wolves and Aries.

MVP, Lashley, and King win with a Lashley spear, and a MVP mafia kick, pinning Davey Richards.

Bram wants the old Magnus match, Bram has a match, and Magnus will feel and see the violence.

I still want to see more of a back story between these two, and man does this crowd suck tonight.

EC3 runs to tells Dixie about what took place earlier tonight. Dixie doesn’t care about Spud. She has a proposal for MVP, and EC3 needs to be there with her.

Bram Vs Tigre Uno, now.

Bram wins the match with a TKO. He is about to grab some pliers again, but Magnus stops him.

Magnus doesn’t care about Tigre, but he doesn’t need to do these things. Bram is a world-class athlete who can beat anyone with his God-given abilities.

Bram said Magnus used to rip guys’ masks off, and has gotten soft.

Magnus brings up he needs to see bigger competition for Bram, and issues a challenge against Willow.

Gunner is ready for his tag match with Mr. Anderson. Anderson wants to know why he is talking to Shaw. Samuel has professionals that he can speak to, and Gunner brings up both of them serving in the Gulf War, and has seen people like Samuel. Anderson asks if he can count on Gunner to be focused tonight. Gunner assures him everything is good.

When we come back we have Madison Rayne and Brittany. Brittany wants Madison to be her tag partner against The Beautiful People. Madison doesn’t think Brittany is ready for this kind of match, they will embarrass her, so she wants to promise Madison the match won’t take place.

Brittany looks disappointed.

Anderson and Gunner Vs The Bromans, now.

Gunner and Anderson win the match with a top rope elbow, pinning Robbie.

The Menagerie are interrupting The Bromans a bit.

The Menagerie make easy work with The Bromans.

The Carters are heading to the ring, next.

Brittany wants Gail Kim to be her partner tonight, and Gail is all about it. Brittany is excited.

It’s now Dixie Carter, darlin’.

She needs new music.

She started a conversation with MVP last week, and she wants him to come out so they can finish it tonight.

Enter MVP, with his new crew.

MVP thought she said everything last week, but that “thug” interrupted things, and he might need her.

Problem is MVP has the power, people actually respect them, MVP has the World Title match with EY at Slammiversary, so why would they need her?

Dixie could go back home in Nashville, or she could go back to the board and tell them the new person in charge has abuse of power.

MVP isn’t impressed, this is about a different vision. While MVP has money, he has access to more money than she knows. That was dirty money.

Dirty money, or inherited money. Money is money, and if she wants to play, then let the games begin.

Here comes Bully Ray and Eric Young, ready for a fight.

EY and Bully are in the finer things in life, and nothing would be finer than to see all five people go through a table.

MVP will take the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from him at Slammiversary, and he will dismiss him, and do what he is good at, fishing.

EY goes after MVP, but Bully tells EY there is a place for everything.

MVP says Bully is someone that scares people, and Bully doesn’t scare him. He is just another New Yorker with a loud mouth.

Now Bully goes after MVP, but EY stops him.

MVP gives us a main event match tonight. Bully Ray vs EY, with EC3 as a special guest ref.

Bully isn’t doing it, but MVP will fire him.

Bully dares him to fire him, and Dixie asks him if he is quitting, or getting fired?

Who will step in and fight them then? EY? He might be crazy, but he doesn’t have the go and stomach to fight them. She thought he was a New Yorker, and New Yorkers do not quit.

Bully will never quit until he gives the people what he promised. Unlike Dixie, these people actually want Bully here. They want Dixie back at her ugly home in Nashville.

MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley, EC3, Dixie Carter. He will make good on his promise, every single one of them and he means every single one of them will go through a table.

Later tonight, Eric Young Vs Bully Ray.

The Beautiful People are not impressed with Gail Kim and Brittany. The Knockout Title will stay with The Beautiful People, and that match is next.

Footage from a few weeks ago, when Kurt Angle blew out his ACL. He gives us an update.

He is slowly getting better, and thanks the fans for the support.

The Beautiful People Vs Brittany and Gail Kim, now.

Brittany never tagged Gail in, she loses with the Botox Injection.

Still to come tonight, Eric Young Vs Bully Ray, with EC3 as referee.

EY and Bully shake hands, and make it be known, may the best man win.

We come back, and Brittany is still in the ring. She wants Madison Rayne to come into the ring, and when she did, she wanted to know why Madison was not her partner tonight.

There is a long history between herself and The Beautiful People, and she doesn’t want any responsibility for Brittany.

Brittany told her she can take care of herself, she just wants to be with Madison.

Now it just went there.

Madison totally blows her off. Now Brittany is heartbroken by this, and Beautiful People tell Brittany they made Madison this way.

Madison tells Angelina she will invoke her rematch clause next week, for the Knockout Title, and its coming home.

Brittany just wants to be with Madison though.

MVP, Lashley, and Kenny King assure EC3 they can work together, and he will do the right thing tonight. They will watch his back, and they will be closer than he thinks.

Our main event is up now, Eric Young Vs Bully Ray. But here comes Kenny King to interrupt.

Kenny King is the special ring announcer.

Eric Young Vs Bully Ray, with EC3 as the referee, now.

Bobby Lashley and MVP will serve as the special enforcers in the ring.

The match ends in a no contest, when the ref is knocked out, we have MVP’s crew beating both Bully and EY, but here comes Samoa Joe saving both men, and taking out MVP’s crew to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed the wrestling tonight, especially the 6-man tag. But this sho was highlighted by the return of Samoa Joe.

He is going to have something to say. Next week, we get Willow Vs Bram, and more from Joe and MVP. What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me, here.


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