WWE Monday Night Raw 6/2/14….Payback Fallback Equals Money

The day after what was a fun PPV, we set sail for Money in the Bank on June 29th. What will take place tonight?

Raw is now.

We are live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Evolution kicks things off.

They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. The funny thing is they thought they won. You all think they won, they think this is over. You don’t get it, nobody gets it. Hunter always wins, this won’t be over, until The Shield exists no longer.

And that happens tonight.

Batista doesn’t want another match with The Shield, he wants his one on one match that HHH promised him.

There is a reason Hunter is the leader, and a reason he is the boss. He has the ability to see a bigger picture.

Batista doesn’t care about his plan, he doesn’t care about The Shield. He won the Rumble, and he earned his one on one match, tonight.

Not sure if Batista doesn’t know, but Daniel Bryan is injured. Even if he wanted to, he can’t give him a title shot. If he did, he’d choke on that shot too.

Batista is not happy, and HHH talked about there is a bigger plan. Does Dave want to go down as the man who was taken out by The Shield? HHH doesn’t quit a fight he starts. And when The Shield is taken out, then he will get the title shot he wants.

Batista understands, and he quit.

Dave leaves, while HHH tells him he’s going back to Hollywood, then if he comes back, Hunter won;t take him back.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Last night, Brie Bella quit and slapped Stephanie, so how does Stephanie react?

But next, RVD and Sheamus Vs Bad News Barrett and Cesaro.

RVD and Sheamus wins when Heyman pulls Cesaro out of the ring, to save Cesaro from a Brogue Kick, so Barrett gets one, and Rob wins with a Five Star Frogsplash.

Barrett had some bad news, it seems.

Now here comes “Lance Stephenson”, Damien Sandow.

Chris Copeland is in attendance, and he is not amused.

“Lance” wants to publicly state Lebron James is the greatest basketball player in history. Indiana Pacers are a losing team, in a losing city. And as an act of charity, for the fans to be supporting such a losing city, he will display his talents.

We have a basket in the ring, and he keeps missing.

Here comes The Big Show to destroy “Lance”.

But first, a basketball contest between the two.

“Lance” tried to blow in Big Show’s ear, and Show threw the ball in his gut, and knocked him out, followed by slamming the ball through the hoop.

Chris Copeland approves.

Tonight, more from The Shield, with the thoughts about Elimination being eliminated.

We get our Payback rematch, Bo Dallas Vs Kofi Kingston, now.

There is only one reason why the Miami Heat beat your Indiana Pacers, and that’s because they all, especially Lebron James are BOlievers. They all BOlieve.

Bo wins with the BOdog.

Ready for his victory lap, you too can be a BOliever.

Earlier tonight, Batista quits WWE, and Evolution.

Exclusively on WWE App, Tom Phillips tries to get a word from Batista. He’s done, he’s had empty promises, so he is done.

Renee Young is backstage, trying to get a word from HHH, but Stephanie McMahon tells Renee HHH is busy, but she is about to give us details on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

That is next.

Here comes one of the principle owners of World Wrestling Entertainment, Stephanie McMahon.

Daniel Bryan showed his true colors, he showed that he is a selfish little man, and put himself over his wife. We all deserve a fighting champion, and he was standing by while his wife fell on a sword.

And when it came to his wife, she put her hands on her a few weeks ago, she should have fired her on the spot, but she showed restraint, and her punishment was a slap in the face. But she is a McMahon, she is tough and will live.

But enough of Daniel, if he can compete for the title, in 4 weeks, he will go up against Kane, in a stretcher match. If he can’t, then the WWE World Title will be vacant, and the winner of the Money in the Bank Ladder match will be the new WWE World Champion.

Yet the fans are still chanting yes….

Here comes John Cena.

Stephanie tells us John is as popular as she is, with the fans. She also congratulates Cena on his grueling win last night.

Stephanie has a very tough job, she has to make complicated decisions. Some are good, but others are a bit questionable.

We have the Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks chants.

Cena loves this, but he’s not a fan of the title situation. He speaks tonight as a 14-time World champion. He knows what it takes to win titles, lose titles, and give up titles.

He had to give up the title with an injury. He agrees no one person is bigger than the WWE World Championship.

She interrupts him, and agrees. Not an injured person is bigger, nor a spoiled, bratty rich girl named Stephanie McMahon.

Face it, she never liked Daniel, and he won the title. He is a very good competitor in the ring. He lost to Daniel last year at Summerslam, and she took that title away from him. He gave up the title because he knew he would have an opportunity to get the title back. Daniel Bryan loses the title, he may never get that title shot again, and Stephanie created all of this.

Stephanie brings up he is injured, and proved he is a B+ player, never an A and because he won’t compete for the title, then he shouldn’t be the champion.

Cena talks about how Cena has had injuries, in the ring, as has her husband, HHH. And well, Stephanie has had surgeries.

Cena isn’t speaking as a champion here, he is speaking as her employee, and if he had to give her a review, from 1-10, he’d give her a 0.

Which means she sucks.

She doesn’t care what he thinks, or the fans. She is about giving opportunities. If Daniel can compete, she will not strip him the title. He hasn’t competed in over 30 days. But Cena will compete tonight, even though he is a bit banged up from his “little” Last Man Standing thing, and go against the man who could face Daniel at Money In The Banks, “The Demon” Kane.

That match is now.

Kane is DQ’d when he refuses to back up out of beating the hell out of Cena.

Cena fights back with Kane, and throws the steel steps at Kane, until the officials separated him.

Earlier tonight, Batista quit WWE and Evolution.

Renee Young catches up with Orton. Batista took his ball, and went home. But tonight, Orton gets a match with Roman Reigns.

3MB comes out, and tells us that Hornswoggle has hair, again.

It’s a wig.

Los Matadores Vs McIntyre and Slater.

Los Matadores win when Torito took Horny’s wig, and Horny ran away. This distracts Slater, and Diego rolls him up.

Next, Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match.

Nikki Bella comes to the ring, she is going to face off against Alicia Fox and Aksana in a Handicap match.

Alicia and Aksana wins, with Alicia doing all of the work.

Now they beat up Nikki outside of the ring.

The Wyatts interrupt this fun fest, with Luke Harper doing the talking. They will be fighting for HIS cause. They will take over, and we will follow the buzzards.

Or something like that.

When we come back, Swagger and Zeb Colter are in the ring, talking about getting rid of immigrants, and Adam Rose is one of them.

Adam Rose Vs Swagger, now.

Party Foul, match is done. My how Swagger has fallen.

Byron Sexson is here, with The Uso’s.

Tonight, they take on Harper and Rowan in a non-title match.

Tonight, they handle their business. Last night they had fun, are banged up, but will show they aren’t going anywhere.

Harper and Rowan won when Rowan hit the Sidewalk Slam, pinning Jey. It was a fantastic match here, and we saw an empty chair, where Bray Wyatt would be sitting.

They made it clear that Rowan and Harper put them in position to wrestle for the Tag Titles.

Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns tonight, and next, Ziggler Vs Del Rio, in a Money in the Bank Qualifying match.

Del Rio wins with the Cross Arm Breaker, and he moves on to Money in the Bank Ladder match.

We saw Cody telling his brother he needs a better tag team partner, after losing to Rybaxel last night.

Cody will pick Goldust’s partner who will face Rybaxel, next.

Goldust’s partner?

Sin Cara, that might not be good.

Sin Cara loses with Rybaxel picking up the win.

Cody was watching on the monitor, backstage.

Next, we will have a Hero of the Russian Federation Ceremony.

“The Ravishing Russian” Lana makes an appearance.

She calls Eric Snowden a “true” hero, because he is speaking out on his first amendment right in Russia. And that is why Russia is becoming the leader of the world, who is led by President Putin.

We honor a hero tonight. Rusev.

He is now being recognized, and we need to show some respect.

They are giving him an honor medal.

He says something in Russian, and Lana is quite pleased.

Now, the Russian National Anthem.

Who will interrupt?

Nobody, because our main event, Roman Reigns Vs Randy Orton is next.

Indianapolis Colts RB Trent Richardson is in the house, and his kid is bored, just like me.

Bray Wyatt returns this Friday night on Smackdown.

Earlier tonight, they show us for the fourth time, Batista quits WWE.

Reigns Vs Orton, now.

Ambrose feels good tonight after they demolished Evolution.

Rollins talking about how they adapted last night, and Evolution perished. We also witnessed Evolution dissolving, because ultimately they weren’t on the same team. They all stood out as 3 separate superstars.

Reigns talked about how Evolution are not brothers and not a single unit.

He’s ready for Orton.

HHH comes out with Orton, with his sledge-hammer. HHH has a plan B, there is always a plan B.

Rollins attacks Reigns with a chair, then nails Ambrose with that chair, and it breaks.

Rollins hits a Curb Stomp on a chair with Ambrose.

There is a plan, there is always a plan.

He hands Orton the chair.

Orton has some fun, ending with a RKO.

Is Rollins now a part of Evolution?

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a long, painful, disappointing, and boring episode tonight. 3 hours is a long time when the writing isn’t good. And the end, wasn’t really revealing to me.

I loved The Shield, and while I will give this a chance, I am not sure why they would want to split up The Shield. It’s like when Lesnar beat Undertaker, yet haven’t done anything with him since. If The Shield dominated Evolution last night, why split them up the very next night?

Maybe they will bring in another person for The Shield, but it won’t be the same.

What did you think? Send me your thoughts.


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