Impact Wrestling 6/5/14…Who Needs NBA Finals When We Have Impact?

Tonight is a very tough sell, because Game one of the NBA Finals is tonight, so Impact has to hit a Home Run. And with Raw being flat this week, it has a good chance of being the best wrestling show of the week.

The pressure is on, so in 5 minutes, we are kicking this show off.

Impact Wrestling is now.

We are in Orlando, Florida….in the Impact Zone. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

MVP, Lashley, and Kenny King are looking backstage for Samoa Joe.

But Joe enters the ring.

It seems MVP is looking for Joe. So he came down to the ring to end his escapade in the back. If you want to find Joe, get in the ring, and they can figure things out.

Here comes The Unit, I will call them that until they officially name their group.

The Unit, eh….it fits.

Kenny King makes it clear, they are disrespecting the Director of Operations.

Joe blows him off, and tells MVP that Kenny should have come out, and kiss his ass.

MVP just wants Joe to have some answers, and Joe calls him a liar. He trusted MVP, and he turned his back on him. He is just like everyone else, corrupted absolutely.

MVP brings up Joe has had chances for the World Title, but he didn’t show. So it was MVP that did his job, and not Joe.

Joe did not do his job, and beat people up, so he suggests Joe Vs the three of them.

Joe is that stupid.

Here comes Austin Aries.

It seems like MVP doesn’t want any piece of Joe, because the playing field is even, and MVP just wants to stock the deck, so he can get the advantage.

Joe is in a breach of contract, and his hands are untied.

But MVP is the Director of Operations, so he can do what he wants.

MVP has an idea here, since the two want to wrestle. So we will have Joe Vs Aries, tonight. Loser leaves TNA.

Magnus checks on Bram to see if he is ready.

Bram is always ready, but Magnus reminds him this isn’t the same Jeff Hardy that he knows, this is the dangerous Willow. And he became Willow after Magnus beat him for the World Title.

Bram brings up Magnus was hungry then, and he did whatever he could to win. But then he got complacent, and possibly he will never get that edge again. But Bram is doing this for Magnus.

Bram Vs Willow, next.

Bram is DQ’d when he took a crowbar and was about to hit him, Magnus stopped him, grabbed the crowbar and nailed Willow with it, continuously. Bram is happy about this.

The Wolves are in MVP’s office. MVP is not amused.

Richards gets this now, they are the Wolves, and MVP is sheep in a suit.

MVP brought up he signed this team, and he is responsible for getting the titles. So they need to earn their keep.

They will face each other, and if they don’t, he will strip them of the titles.

That match is next.

Mr. Anderson is dressed as a “Cowboy”. He likes beer.

Davey Richards Vs Eddie Edwards, with Kenny King watching at the ramp, now.

Eddie Edwards wins with a rollup, but Kenny King isn’t satisfied, because both men took it easy on each other. And if Kenny isn’t satisfied, the Tag Titles are going to The Bromans.

But The Wolves lays out Kenny.

Dixie Carter is not happy about the Joe Vs Aries, with contracts on the line tonight. He doesn’t know what he is doing. MVP assures her tonight, someone is getting fired.

Last Thursday night on Impact, Brittany tells Madison Rayne that she is into her.

Tonight, Madison Rayne Vs Angelina Love for the Knockout Title.

Brittant tells her that she is here for her, and Madison warns her to do nothing tonight.

The Bromans are playing phone games, but Robbie is afraid of The Menagerie. He’s afraid of the clown.

Tonight, Joe Vs Aries.

MVP is talking to Brian Hebner, he is the ref for the match. He needs a winner, and a loser.

Joe is ready for his match, he vouched for MVP and he turned his back on him. He went home, because he knew what MVP was about.

Austin told Joe he saw what MVP was the day he met, and he was sent home. And now he is fighting him, and one of them has to leave.

As much respect as Austin has for Joe, he will do whatever it takes to make sure he still has a job. So will Joe.

When we come back, The Bromans are in the ring. Robbie is afraid of the clowns, bro.

Jessie is trying to psyche him up, but it’s not helping.

Here come The Menagerie.

Including that freak, and that Steve, he is crazy.

Robbie is afraid of the clown, and Crazy Steve shows us he is crazy. The Menagerie takes care of The Bromans.

Bully Ray and Eric Young are trying to tell Brian to do the right thing, and Brian reminds them he has a family to raise, and put food on the table.

Joe Vs Aries is next.

The match ends with a no contest, because Bully Ray knocks out Brian Hebner.

They do what they had to do, because this was bigger than Hebner. This was bigger than the World Heavyweight Champion. This was about ending one career, and putting them out of work.

Here comes MVP, and his unit.

Bully Ray talks about the history of this company, and this is about respect. He proposes that we have an 8-man war tonight. Bully, EY, Joe, and Aries Vs The Unit and EC3. EY proposes this is an 8-man First Blood match.

MVP first denies that request, but Kenny King agrees to it.

“Cowboy” Mr. Anderson is out next.

Old-school “Cowboy” James Storm, with his “Longnecks and Rednecks” song, but of course, it’s Mr. Anderson.

I like beer….

But he spills all of the beer in the ring…I like beer.

The real “Cowboy” James Storm comes out.

Does he think this is funny? To drink with a man, and reveal that he wasn’t consuming alcohol.

Yes he does, and then he whooped his ass.

He just pissed James off, and now he is here to go another round, but you can’t buy this at the beer.

Does he want to go now?

No, because James’ time is better than these people’s time. So he is closed for business tonight.

Anderson’s bar is open 24/7, and he serves 101 different cans of ass whooping….102.

The fight is on now.

Storm his a Last Call. He tells Anderson if he wants to be a cowboy….June 15th, bring your cowboy boots at Slammiversary.

More stuff from Gunner and Samuel Shaw.

Can he look at Samuel’s drawings? Okay, we go to a commercial break.

We see pictures, Samuel has a picture of his room, his mother, and an unfinished picture of Gunner.

Maybe he can finish the picture, for Gunner.

They are bonding.

Knockout Title match, Madison Rayne Vs Angelina Love.

Angelina wins when Velvet has the spray. Brittany tried to help out Madison, but she didn’t want Brittany out there.

The Unit is ready for the main event, with EC3 joining them, next.

Madison asks Brittany why she didn’t do anything after Velvet used the spray. Brittany explained that she did what Madison wanted her to do, nothing.

The Unit and EC3 Vs Joe, Aries, EY, and Bully in a First Blood match.

Bully Ray makes EC3 bleed with a shot from a chain.

We cut backstage, and see The Unit lay out EC3. Dixie warns MVP they crossed the line.

They just started a war, and they will pay.

Next Thursday, what will MVP have in store for EY?

Tune in next week.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show had its moments, and told a story of The Unit, (My name, but TNA does need to name them officially.) gaining control.

Not sure though if Dixie can ever be a face again, so I don’t know what role she can have.

Aries Vs Joe was good, considering how short it was. Davey Vs Eddie was good, but that too was short.

But where do we go from here? The main event was fun, and next week is the go-home episode. We will see where that leads us.

Send me your thoughts on tonight’s show. Did you like it?

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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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