Impact Wrestling 6/13/14…MVP Gets Eric Young Ready For Slammiversary

This Sunday, TNA presents Slammiversary. Tonight, MVP sets the course for Eric Young.

Impact Wrestling is now.

We are at the Impact Zone. The World Heavyweight Champion, Eric Young kicks off the show.

3 days, it’s MVP Vs Eric Young, in the biggest match of his life at Slammiversary. He invites MVP, and his Unit to the ring.

MVP isn’t friends with Dixie, he is focusing on Eric Young at Slammiversary.

EY knows that MVP will need to use Lashley and Kenny King to beat EY at Slammiversary. MVP denies it, and says he is a gifted athlete and doesn’t need any help. He will prove that he can beat him for the title, and then they can compete in some extreme fishing.

Cheap plug…

EY wants a request here, a fair fight.

MVP can’t guarantee that, because there are no guarantees in life.

EY is talking to MVP man to man. Listen real good. If a bigger, better man can take this title from him, so be it. But if another man attacks him from behind to take the title, that is complete garbage and he is willing to do anything to prevent that from happening.

MVP is a fair man, so EY can pick any stipulation, if he earns that opportunity by beating the three of them in one night.

Kenny King works his mouth. EY will damn sure try.

Is it two, or three?

If EY can beat two of them tonight, EY can pick any stipulation. It doesn’t matter to him, it’s a no-win situation.

Maybe EY shouldn’t be World Heavyweight Champion, but he is. And he doesn’t think MVP is man enough to take it from him.

MVP is a reasonable man, and if he beats them two times, EY can pick any stipulation, and MVP will take his title.

His first opponent? Bobby Lashley.

EY Vs Lashley, next.

Lashley wins against EY for the second time. He hits a Dominator, so if EY wins this Sunday, is Bobby in line for the next shot?

As Lashley was ready to lay out EY, Samoa Joe comes out and watched Eric’s back.

Willow promo, doing what he does best. He will not be alone against Bram and Magnus.

Or something like that.

Eric Young hurt his rib it seems, he is being checked on.

Joe talks about something needs to be done about this, and while Bobby is a great athlete, he is Joe’s next victim, and MVP is next.

Magnus and Bram make their way to the ring.

Bram wants to introduce us to the old Magnus.

Magnus was trying to be everything THEY want. THEY wanted him to be this wore-down, suit wearing joke. He isn’t that guy. It’s now about Magnus being himself. With Bram standing by their side, they are unstoppable.

Jeff needed an alter ego for an edge. So Jeff, or Willow, you now know who the real medallion is.

We hear laughter in the background, and here comes Willow.

With a mic….

Willow is dangerous, and is from Jeff Hardy’s im-ag-in-attttionnnn.

Now we get the Hardy chant, and now he starts a Willow chant.

Magnus has awakened something in Willow, and at Slammiversary, they will take Magnus down.

Magnus doesn’t have an alter-ego, but he does have Bram as his insurance policy.

We are ready to fight….

Bram brings up Hardy and Willow are the same people.

Willow talks about they are the same people, and at Slammiversary, THEY will take them out.

Who is WE?


Who’s there?

“The Monster” Abyss.

He’s back!!

They handle Bram and Magnus.

Last Thursday, Bully Ray busted EC3 and his tag team partners attacked him backstage.

EC3 has a band-aid, this is where Bully made him bleed. Nobody makes a Carter bleed. Aunt Dixie may be in Texas, but they will make him pay, and expose him as the fraud he is.

Do you know who he is? He’s a Carter, and the world needs them.

At Slammiversary, The Von Erichs return to Dallas. Kevin Von Erich’s two sons will compete.

DJ Z introduces us to The Bromans. It seems that Robbie E has finally cured his phobia of clowns.

Robbie E Vs Knux, now.

Kurt Angle will be at the PPV, telling us who the next inductee to the Hall of Fame is.

Robbie had no shot at winning, Knux wins.

Crazzy Steve put balloons in Robbie’s package, and Robbie is running away.

The Menagerie wins.

EC3 wants to make sure Spud has the special guest he asked for, and it’s Brooke.

Last week, Dixie Carter has seen enough, MVP has a war and all of them will pay.

Ladies and gentlemen….EC3.

We have chairs set up, like this is a talk show. Playing the part of Ed McMahon is Rockstar Spud.

Heeeeeeyyyyyyy Hoooooooooooooooooo!!

We all deserve the truth, about Bully Ray’s checkered past. To get to the truth, here is the lovely Brooke.

EC3 calls this a tree of trust, they are all friends and filled with honesty.

Did she have a relationship with Bully Ray?


Is this relationship still going on?


Very sad to say, it’s tough when relationships go wrong.

Did this relationship end because he fooled around?


Did it end when he tried to pur her through a table?


Spud wants the spotlight. She doesn’t have to protect him. She’s not protecting him.


She can tell the truth here, but she has nothing to hide.

Spud has the truth, we now know Bully Ray is THE FATHER!!!

But Brooke isn’t pregnant.

Spud has the proof.

A picture of a baby and Bully Ray, he is the father.

Spud calls her a hussy, and Brooke gets into his face. This wasn’t why she is here.

EC3 now gets personal, hey toots….maybe he should do to her what Bully didn’t do, put her through a table.

Here comes Bully Ray.

Bully asks how EC3’s head is. The head he made bleed, and guarantees that Ethan will go through a table.

Bully tells Brooke they haven’t seen each other for a while, and she was an awesome girlfriend. He is in a different part of his life now, and hopes she is happy.

EC3 is sick of this, and he says there will be tables this Sunday, in Dallas, Texas. EC3 is officially challenging Bully to a Tables match.

And if he ever puts Dixie through a table, it will be over his dead body.

Did Ethan just say over his dead body? Over his dead body? Normally, he would jump at the chance at a tables match, and the people would love to see him put through a table, over his dead body. This will be in Dallas, Texas…In Carter’s own hometown. Let’s go old-school and have a Texas Death Match, over his dead body.

Over his dead body.

Challenge is accepted.

EC3 is dead.

Tonight, Number One Contenders match for the Knockout Title. Gail Kim Vs Brittany Vs Madison Rayne.

But next, it will be Eric Young Vs Kenny King.

MVP and Lashley is getting Kenny ready.

EY needs a win to survive.

EY wins with a Piledriver, evening the series.

Later tonight, it’s EY Vs MVP.

Madison is focused on her match tonight. She doesn’t care about the weird vibe from Brittany.

Triple Threat Knockout match is next.

When we come back, EY is getting checked again by the doctor. He advised him to not wrestle later tonight, but we all know he will, and he confirmed it to JB.

Gail Kim Vs Madison Rayne Vs Brittany is now.

The Beautiful People are making an appearance.

Gail Kim wins when Velvet tried to spray Gail’s eyes, but Gail ducked, and it hit Brittany’s eyes instead. Gail hits Eat Defeat, and Gail faces Angelina at Slammiversary.

MVP is talking to Brian Hebner, and they seem to be on the same page.

MVP Vs Eric Young is next.

EY wins the match by DQ, when MVP nailed EY in his injured back with a chair. The Unit came out before the match started, and Lashley shoved EY through the pole, before Eric officially entered the ring, so the bell can be rung.

MVP told a laying EY it doesn’t matter what kind of match they have, because MVP is taking the title.

He leaves with The Unit, but EY tells MVP that he can’t win by himself, and he proved that tonight. So they will have a World Title match, inside a steel cage.

The show ends when both men stare each other down.

Slammiversary is this Sunday.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I have a big issue with giving us a free match that is our main event on a PPV. Although there was no clear winner, I think these two shouldn’t touch each other until the PPV.

TNA also had 6 weeks to properly build the PPV throughout, and nothing. Everything was thrown together like they were hitting darts, and everything landed where they did. Not much mention either on the Ladder Match for the X-Division Title, with Senada facing Crazzy Steve, Tigre Uno, The Wolves, and Manik. So our Tag team Champions are going after the X-Division Title? It will be good to see the Von Erich Boys, but why no promo video on them?

If TNA has to tape weeks of shows, they need to plan everything out. Give the fans a reason to watch the PPV.

Does anyone think AJ Styles is the next inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame? Jeff Jarrett?

The show was okay, stories were told here, and that’s good, but it needs to be better. Give us a hook to WANT to see the PPV.

One more thing, which name do you like better for MVP’s faction? The Unit, or Power Play?

Let me know, and give me ideas.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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