Impact Wrestling 7/3/14…Eric Young Vs Lashley…World Title Rematch

Tonight, TNA celebrates 4th of July weekend with a World Title match. We will also see The Wolves in action.

Impact Wrestling in 5 minutes.

We are in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Kurt Angle kicks off the program, now.

Tomorrow, we celebrate our country’s independence. Tonight, we celebrate freedom. This is Kurt Angle’s Red, White, and Blue Throwdown.

Before we get to the matches, Kurt calls for Earl Hebner to come to the ring.

MVP fired Earl a few weeks ago, and as his new boss, Kurt just re-hired him.

First match is EC3 taking on Bully Ray, in a Tables Match.

Second match is Triple Threat for the World Tag Team Titles with The Wolves Vs Jessie Godderz and DJZ Vs The Menagerie. We will also see a Knockout Title match with Gail Kim Vs Angelina Love, and Eric Young Vs Bobby Lashley.

Here comes Samoa Joe.

Joe seems to be mocking Kurt’s new role. Kurt isn’t righteous and is no different from his processors.

Joe knows Kurt better than anybody in this company, and he covets the World Title more than anything. So how long before he gets into the Title mix after his leg heals?

Kurt has went through the same BS the last 8 years, as Joe.

Joe makes this clear, Kurt was bought and brought here, while Joe had to fight for everything he had.

Kurt said that one night Joe kicks everyone’s ass, then the next night, he comes half-ass. Does Joe have that same dedication as Kurt?

Joe was here building the wrestling industry, while Kurt was wined and dined, on leer jets. His name is Samoa Joe, and he IS pro wrestling.

That is the Samoa Joe we all want to see.

Kurt, be careful what you wish for.

Backstage, MVP runs into Bobby Roode, and MVP wants to fight, but Kenny King does it all for him.

Bobby isn’t even in MVP’s league.

Kenny leaves him laying with another kick.

Bobby Roode is being checked on, and Kurt comes in. He makes sure he is okay, and now he wants them to find Kenny King.

The Wolves Vs The Menagerie Vs The Bromans, Tag Team Titles is now.

The Wolves win, with Richards hitting a kick to the gut, pinning Jessie.

Angle gives us Roode Vs Kenny King in a Streetfight, later tonight. Also, a Tables Match with EC3 Vs Bully Ray.

Our streetfight, Roode Vs King is now.

Roode wins with a Roodebomb on top of a steel chair.

EC3 tells us that Bully Ray will not put him through a table, because he is a Carter.

Brittany has something to say, next.

Roode has been at home for two months, and he gets jumped on his first day. Kurt and Bobby hasn’t always gotten along, but he did the right thing. Tonight, he took care of Kenny, and he is destined to be the World Heavyweight Champion.

Austin Aries has a word with Kurt Angle.

He needs to prove he is the Denominator of Greatness. So he wants a rematch against Senada, for the X-Division Champion.

Kurt is on to him, Austin created “Option C” and we are upon Destination X. So he will grant him his rematch next week. And Kurt tells Austin the two of them need to have that match again, to see who is the greatest someday.

Austin likes that idea, and so do we.

Brittany has something to get off her chest, so she asks Madison Rayne to come to the ring, and she does that.

Madison tells Brittany if fighting her is the only way to get through to her this must stop, then get a referee.

Brittany tells Madison she was right, and Brittany was wrong. Brittany was a newbie, and she believed she could do anything without any consequences, and Madison tried to stop her. Brittany is sorry. Before Brittany got here, she looked up to her, and wanted to be just like her. Brittany learned a very important lesson in this.

If Brittany learned something, and she is genially sorry, she will be there for Brittany. She sees potential in her.

They hug it out, and the real lesson Brittany learned in this is never meet your hero.

Clothesline, and she tells the world they only disappoint.

DDT on the floor, and Brittany is admiring her move.

Over my dead body, those were the words Bully Ray heard before Slammiversary. EC3 showed he was tough to hang with him at the event. But if it wasn’t for Dixie and Spud, EC3 would have never walked out alive. He promised the wrestling world he would put his aunt through a table, but first, EC3 goes through a table….next.

EC3 puts Bully Ray through a table, because Rhino comes to the ring, and gores Bully Ray.

Rhino is now associated with The Carters.

Roode tells EY tonight is his night. EY is a bit concerned because he hasn’t beaten Lashley yet.

But Roode brings up the facts about EY. Nobody believed he would be World Champion. Nobody thought he would defend his title week after week against caliber of Roode. And the fact is EY retained his title at Slammiversary, and he will prove the naysayers wrong.

Roode is walking with EY to the ring tonight, to make sure MVP and Kenny King does not interfere.

Moments ago, Rhino makes his return to TNA, and gores Bully Ray.

Rhino does things because he wants to. Just ask Bully, he knows Rhino better than anyone.

Bound for Glory heading to The Rising Sun, Tokyo, Japan on October 12th.

History video of Samuel Shaw and Gunner.

Earlier today, Gunner brings Samuel Shaw back to TNA. He has to build that trust, and we start apologizing to you know who.

They run into Mr. Anderson.

Anderson doesn’t trust him.

Gunner wants Anderson to just give him a chance. Anderson takes him to Christy.

Samuel wants to move on, and he sincerely apologizes to Christy. He has been working out on his problems, and is trying to be a new man.

They aren’t quite buying it.

Stiffler is with Angelina Love. They are trying to butter him up.

Stiffler is the ref for tonight’s match against Gail Kim.

Knockout Title match is next.

Kurt pulls Stiffler out of the Knockout Title match, and putting Brian Hebner in.

Knux is telling Crazzy Steve and The Freak in order to make money, they must start winning matches.

They don’t understand.

Knockout Title match is up now.

Gail Kim, for the 4th time became the new Knockout Champion, when she hits an Eat Defeat, after Angelina had Gail beat.

Brian threw out Velvet during the match, so this was a clean win.

Bobby Lashley, defending his TNA World Title against Eric Young, next.

Jason Hervey wants Kurt’s take on tonight, and future. Impact will be in New York, with all of the titles on the line, except World Title Match. Kurt has a 20-man Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender to the title.

Our main event, Eric Young Vs Bobby Lashley, for the World Title is now.

Lashley wins with a spear. Earl Hebner threw out both Roode and MVP, and Lashley earns the win. Bobby celebrates in the ring, as the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The crowd wasn’t as jacked as they had been the last few weeks, but it was still far better than the last few months. I am actually looking forward to Impact now, and I used to not say that.

I enjoyed the matches too, every single one of them meant something, and even next week….X-Division Title match, and a Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender.

Another thing that I enjoyed were the last two matches were clean, and had finishes. It looks like Eric Young’s quest as champion might be over though, which is not right. But Roode looks in gear to take it from Lashley, eventually, right? Bound for Glory?

I can’t wait for the coming month, we had a surprise return, in Rhino, and we will have more surprises to come.

Stay tuned. What were your thoughts? And I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend, and a very safe night tomorrow.


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