Impact Wrestling 7/10/14…Champion Showcase

Tonight, everything is on the line. The Tag Titles, The X-Division Title, The Knockout Title, and a big 20-man Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender to the World Title.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Our final Bethlehem, Pennsylvania show is on now. Kurt Angle, the new Director of Operations for TNA is in the ring.

Tonight is Champions Showcase, which means all the matches have Champions ramifications.

Tag Title match with The Wolves Vs Bram and Magnus.

The Knockout Title is a Fatal 4-way between Gail Kim Vs Brittany Vs Madison Rayne Vs Angelina Love.

X-Division Title match with Austin Aries Vs Sanada.

And a 20-man Battle Royal to determine who faces Lashley next week.

Kurt wants to talk to Willow first.

Kurt understands what Willow is about. Dixie Carter took advantage of Jeff Hardy, and Jeff had to go to a dark place, and that is how Willow came about. But Dixie is no longer in charge, and neither is MVP. These fans want to see Jeff Hardy, he wants to see Jeff Hardy. Kurt is just asking Willow to leave tonight. Will he consider that?

They shake hands.

Tag team Title match is up next.

Austin Aries is ready for his X-Division Title match, and with Destination X among us, he is ready to prove he is the greatest X-Division Champion, and is ready for Option C.

Bram and Magnus Vs The Wolves for Tag Titles.

The Wolves win with a Bridge Suplex, with Richards pinning Magnus.

Now Bram attacks The Wolves, and Magnus tries to stop him. Another time for this.

Bobby Roode entered the building.

He had his retribution with Kenny King, but he wants MVP. He’s calling him out, next.

Here comes Bobby Roode.

He has a dream, and strives to be World Heavyweight Champion. But he was suspended, simply because MVP saw him as a threat. But that threat is gone, and he wants a piece of MVP, with or without that doctor’s note.

So Bobby is going to count to 10, and if he doesn’t answer to it, he will find him, and kick his ass.




Here comes MVP, in a wheelchair.

MVP didn’t take Bobby away from anything, he did him a favor. But what did he take from MVP? He was days away from being cleared, but then he decked him and now his knee is so swollen, he can’t stand for this.

Roode will kick his ass anyway.

Kenny King tried to help him, but Roode took care of him. So now Roode pushes MVP off the ramp, and Kenny nails him in the back with a chair.

But Eric Young comes out to help Roode.

Lashley comes up from behind with a spear.

“Cowboy” James Storm approaches Sanada backstage. He brings up that he doesn’t want to let down his mentor, The Great Muta, because if he loses, he disgraces Muta. Doesn’t he control Sanada? He’s coming to New York to watch him defend his title. So what happens if he loses?

Sanada tries to respect Storm, but James tells him to not choke.

Sanada Vs Austin Aries, for the X-Division Title is next.

Earlier tonight, Kurt Angle pleaded with Willow we want to see Jeff Hardy in the Battle Royal tonight, to determine who gets the Number One Contender spot.

Kurt needs the most competitive man on the roster tonight, and that is Jeff Hardy.

X-Division Title match is now.

Aries wins the X-Division Title with a 450 splash. An incredible match here.

Austin Aries has Option C, and is now a 5-time X-Division Champion.

20-man Battle Royal is tonight to determine who faces Lashley next week.

Bully Ray will confront Rhino, next.

Last week, Rhino turned his back from Bully Ray. He wants answers, and Rhino is about to give them.

Bully Ray heads to the ring.

When Bully was a young man in the industry, a great man named Bam Bam Bigelow, God rest his soul told him when he retires in the industry, he will have as many real friends as one single hand. He thought of Rhino as one of his friends, but not now. He wants to face Rhino, face to face.

Here comes EC3, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino.

Bully needs answers, and Rhino tells him that when he saw him being named as a Hall of Famer, he realized that he was a con man. If he was so righteous, then where is Devon? He conned Paul Heyman. He conned Dixie Carter.

Bully says this is jealousy. Rhino doesn’t want to hear about that. And Bully Ray said that Rhino is the reason he was fired from WWE. He was fired from TNA. It’s not his fault he’s a sellout bitch, and is no longer hardcore.

EC3 informs Bully he should have helped out his friend, his brother. EC3 paid Rhino to take Bully out. Now, EC3 will take him out.

Bully will take out EC3, but Rhino gores him.

Tommy Dreamer comes out to help Bully out.

Angelina Love wants her Knockout Title back, and to become a 7-time Knockout Champion.

Knockout Title match is next.

Gail Kim wins, pinning Angelina with Eat Defeat. Angelina and Brittany teamed for a bit, but that didn’t last long.

20-Man Battle Royal is next.

Willow’s mask is off.

Austin Aries makes this clear, the X-Division Title will represent a chance to become World Heavyweight Champion. And everything makes sense, but then again, Austin Aries isn’t predictable. But the X-Division is relevant again, it is great, and Austin Aries holds the key.

Destination X on Thursday, July 31st.

Is Kenny King or MVP a distraction to Bobby Roode? Roode is focused on winning the Battle Royal, but make no mistake, MVP, their issues just got started.

Is MVP’s group called The Franchise Players?

Lashley video is playing.

Our main event, Battle Royal is up now.

Jeff Hardy shows up, and wins the Battle Royal, throwing Eric Young over the top last.

JB is with Hardy, it feels great to move on to face Lashley next week. Next week, creatures, here we go again.

Lashley comes out to the ring to go face to face with Hardy.

These two clash in New York.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Things tonight set the tone for the Clash in New York. Not much 6-sided ring talk, but it is returning next week.

I enjoyed the show tonight, all four matches meant something, as did the segments. What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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