Impact Wrestling 7/17/14…TNA In NYC

For the next five weeks, TNA will celebrate in New York City, at the legendary Manhattan Center, former home of ECW. Tonight, Jeff Hardy faces Bobby Lashley, for the TNA World Heavyweight Title…inside a 6-sided ring.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Kurt Angle introduces us to the 6-sided ring.

Taz shows up on the balcony of the Manhattan Center.

Taz couldn’t be happier with a man like Kurt Angle heading this ship. He understands how vital wrestling is. We know how important that is, and Taz was fortunate enough to be a part of the greatest wrestling revolution of all time, ECW. And during that time, he remembers turning that corner, and he says that locker room has that same look, they are ready to go.

In closing, think of that one sentence that defines this company, and that was the mood is about to change. And if you didn’t know who he was, his name is Taz….beat him if you can, survive if Taz lets you.

Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray are headed to the ring.

The reaction right here is the reason why New York City is the greatest wrestling audience in the world. Tonight, TNA and NYC will grab the world by the balls, and rip them off.

Bully Ray made us a promise that we want to see Dixie Carter gr through a table.

The crowd wants tables. If you want tables, tables you are going to get.

Tommy Dreamer had a moment of reflection today going to the Westward highway. 1997, Tommy, Bully, and a bunch of hardcore freaks had their first national exposure in this house.

There are men and women in the back, ready to go balls to the walls for the fans.

Enter Rhino and EC3.

EC3 makes this clear, nobody is going to put his Auntie through a table over his dead body. He didn’t put her through a table at Slammiversary, he didn’t put her through a table in Pennsylvania, and he won’t put her through a table in New York City.

Rhino makes it clear not to boo EC#, because he is a Carter.

The fans all chant that he sold out, and Ethan said he did, because he paid him well to protect The Carters. E stands Extreme, and C stands for Cash.

Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer represent the very definition of New York. You call this the Big Apple, he calls this the Big Crapple, because they are crap.

Dreamer tells Ethan it is prevalent that he doesn’t know where he is. New York isn’t politically correct, this isn’t PG, kid. And there is one thing Dreamer wants to see in wrestling, a little less talking, and more action.

Big tag match is up now.

EC3 and Rhino wins with a little assist from Rockstar Spud. EC3 pins Dreamer.

Earlier today, both champion and challenger entered the building.

Kurt Angle runs into the newest X-Division Champion, Austin Aries. Kurt tells Austin he is one step away from Destination X, facing an 8-man X-Division Gauntlet.

Austin is ready, and that match is next.

Storm catches up to Sanada. He is driven, he is fast, he is disciplined. Storm slaps Sanada, and he tells him that he listens to his mentor, and if he continues to do that, he will prove to be a choke artist. Be careful who you listen to.

X-Division Gauntlet Match is up now.

Aries survives, last pinning Sanada with a Brainbuster. Sanada made some key mistakes here, setting up the pinfall. But this is where the 6-sided ring came in. Some amazing moves, and angles.

Austin shakes Sanada’s hand, and now the question is will Austin choose Option C, and go after the World Title at Destination X?

Bobby Roode and Eric Young teaming together again. They are on the same page.

James Storm catches up with Sanada, punishes him for losing, but Sanada won’t fight back. Muta is a loser, so is Sanada.

Dixie Carter is in New York City, she is on the way to the ring, next.

We are in New York City, is there a table in Dixie Carter’s future?

Still to come tonight, for the World Heavyweight Title, Jeff Hardy Vs Bobby Lashley.

Jeff Hardy is back, and the time is now. The moment is Jeff Hardy becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.

MVP is in the ring, on crutches.

MVP is in the ring, on crutches, because he has a torn meniscus. But he is still in the ring, ready to compete.

Kenny King tells us that Kurt Angle is a power-hungry maniac.

MVP tells us this match will be under protest.

EY and Roode win by DQ, when MVP took a crutch and nailed Roode with it. MVP didn’t do a whole lot, but honestly, not sure why he is wrestling anyway, when he is hurt.

Next week, The Great Muta will arrive in New York City.

Our next match is a No DQ, No Countout match with Brittany Vs Madison Rayne.

Madison wins the match with a Package DDT.

World Title match, Bobby Lashley Vs Jeff Hardy is next.

Dixie Carter is here, because she own this company. When she barks, she bites, unlike Bully. Bully is all bark, Dixie is all bite.

Earlier tonight, Kurt Angle congratulates Austin Aries on his big win. Austin didn’t just create option C for himself, he did it for respect of the other men that paved their ways, to get opportunities for title shots.

Austin has a week to make that decision, to see if he is giving up the X-Division Title to get a World Title shot.

World Title match, our main event….Hardy Vs Lashley is now.

Lashley retains the title after spearing Hardy. Jeff tried a Swanton right on a steel step, but Bobby moves away, and Jeff landed on his back with a thunderous thud.

This had a big-match feel, but Lashley finds a way to win.

Kurt tries to stop Dixie Carter. She is not afraid of Bully.

The Franchise Players are celebrating Bobby’s win. Kurt interrupts the celebration. Next week, Kurt is booking MVP Vs Roode in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Rockstar Spud, complete in a bright orange suit, introducing us to Dixie Carter.

Rhino and EC3 escort Dixie to the ring.

Dixie is not impressed with New York.

She can see why people call New Yorkers foul-mouth, garbage ingrates. She had to wear extra sprinklers just to add a little class here.

New York has no class, and yet they cheer for people without any class. Guys like what’s his name? The guy that cries, oh yeah Tommy Dreamer. “You can change wrestling, Dixie”. You can’t change perfection, darling.

And guys, like Bully Ray who doesn’t have any idea on how to be a star.

Dixie should be labeled “The Hardcore Star”, because she continues to put him through tables.

Here comes Dreamer and Bully, with a table.

Dreamer and Bully take out Rhino, EC3, and Spud.

Rhino and EC3 get Aunt Dixie out of the ring, and here comes Devon.

Devon helps Bully Ray clean house, and now only EC3 is in the ring.

Hey Ethan….WHAT’S UP!!!


And now….Devon….1…2….3….


Ethan gets up, and is met with a Team 3-D.

The show ends with Team 3-D celebrating, and Dixie Carter finally looks worried.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not exactly the best show this year, but this was fun. The crowd reacted, and I think Dixie should have eaten up the heel heat a bit more.

But I like this storyline of Bully getting obsessed with putting Dixie through a table. I’d like to see where they go from here with this. And Rhino being added is a nice touch too as the bodyguard.

Lashley Vs Hardy was intense, and they have made him look like a credible, monstrous beast with the title. The nice thing is he doesn’t cheat, despite being a heel. He just dominates, and allows MVP to do the talking.

The upcoming matches too will be fun.

And there is more to come with Impact in New York. What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here, but I want to see more.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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