Impact Wrestling 7/24/14…The Hardy Boys Reunite

Tonight, Impact is in New York City, and after last week, Jeff Hardy lost the World Title match to Bobby Lashley. Tonight, Jeff will invite his brother Matt to New York City. Will we see The Hardy’s in action?

Impact Wrestling is now.

It’s decision time for Austin Aries. Will he choose option C and face Bobby Lashley next week at Destination X? We will find out tonight.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. Team 3-D and Tommy Dreamer faces Rhino, EC3, and Rockstar Spud. Gail Kim also puts her Knockout Title on the line against Taryn Terrell, and kicking things off, in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, Bobby Roode Vs MVP.

Backstage, MVP refuses to go out, but Kurt Angle orders him to go out there, and Roode will meet MVP backstage.

Roode worked a game plan, and it worked. MVP taps out to a Sharpshooter.

Kenny King tries and help his fellow Franchise Player, but Eric Young helps out his Team Canada friend, and Bobby takes care of the rest.

Footage from last week with Hardy Vs Lashley.

Next, Jeff Hardy speaks.

Last Thursday, Bully Ray came close to putting Dixie Carter through a table.

Dixie is here, to support her boys. She makes a promise that Dixie will stand over Bully Ray’s body at the end of the night.

Jeff Hardy heads to the ring.

Kurt Angle asked Jeff Hardy to come back, the people wanted Jeff back. Willow heard, and now Jeff is back. We haven’t seen the last of Willow. Sometimes, he will wear paint, at times, he will wear a mask. But he will entertain us.

Lashley brought out the best, but let’s talk about the future. The person he brought with him tonight is part of the future.

He’s 3 years older than him, he is cold-blooded. He has a great mind for the business. His name is Jeffrey Nero Hardy, and he wants to bring in Matt Moore Hardy.

A big welcome back chant for Matt.

Matt loves the crazy New York fans, and he thanks Jeff for bringing him back. This isn’t just about Matt being back, this is about two brothers reuniting. This is about 2 kids from North Carolina who dreamt about being successful wrestlers. If they had just won 1 tag team title, they would have been happy, but they won many times.

Matt needed some time away from the ring, he had made mistakes, and needed to get stronger mentally, and physically. He let Jeff down, and he let the fans down. But he can apologize many times, this isn’t about that. This is about redemption, and in order to be the best, they have to beat the best. And right now, the best Tag Team are the current Tag Team Champions, The Wolves.

Come on down.

Eddie and Davey have a tremendous amount of respect for The Hardy’s, but as Matt said, in order to be the best, they must beat the best. Well, for The Wolves to be the best Tag Team, then they must beat the best Tag Team, The Hardy Boys. And at Destination X, the match is accepted.

Tonight, Bully Ray, Devon, and Tommy Dreamer faces EC3, Rhino, and Rockstar Spud. And what decision will Austin Aries makes?

Jason Hervey asks if Austin made his decision, and Aries admits he has, but we all must find out together.

Robbie E is back, and he is no longer afraid of clowns, bro. He has also been busy on being a part of “The Amazing Race”, bro.

DJ Z wants to tell us he is better than anyone at the X-Division, and he is better than anyone in New York. He will prove he to be “The King of New York”.

It will be DJZ Vs the returning Lo-Ki.

Lo-Ki wins the match with a Driver.

Tonight, Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrell, for the Knockout Title.

But next, Magnus and Bram Vs Gunner and Mr. Anderson.

Anderson still doesn’t trust Samuel Shaw, who is backstage with Gunner. Anderson doesn’t want Shaw involved.

EC3 is the streets, born in the streets of Boca Rica. Rhino tells EC3 and Spud that the cops stop a streetfight, there aren’t any cops here.

Dixie Carter rallies the troops, with King Mo standing by her side. They must beat Team 3-D and Dreamer in their hometown. Mo said he wants a piece of Bully Ray, but Dixie makes sure he has her back.

Bram and Magnus Vs Gunner and Anderson, now.

Bram and Magnus wins, with Magnus hitting the Spine Shaker, Magnus pinning Anderson.

But now Bram and Magnus nail Gunner and Anderson, but Samuel Shaw stands in the way of Bram. It doesn’t matter, because Bram hits the crowbar on Shaw.

Here comes Abyss to even the offs.

Abyss hits a chokeslam on Bram, and Magnus holds off Bram.

Austin Aries is headed to the ring…decision time, next.

Bully truly wants to make his promise come true, and put Dixie Carter through a table. Bully, Tommy, and Dreamer are ready for tonight.

Austin Aries is ready to make his decision.

Here comes Kurt Angle.

Next week is Destination X. He wants to bring out the X-Division Champion, Austin Aries so he can give us his answer.

Austin created option C, and every wrestler that has cashed in the title has become the World Heavyweight Champion. So Austin can hand over the X-Division Title, and get a title shot against Bobby Lashley.

This is a far-gone conclusion, right Kurt? Every year, since this has been adopted.

Here comes Lashley and MVP.

Has Austin put any thought into this? Lashley is stronger than Aries, he is bigger than Aries, he is more hungry than Aries. As far as MVP goes, Bobby can be champion as long as he wants.

Now, Austin is a good wrestler, he isn’t dumb. The fans like Austin, but that World Title isn’t going to happen.

Austin stops MVP.

MVP wants Austin to keep doing what he knows how to do. Option C worked once, but lightning won’t strike twice.

So stick to what Austin knows? Austin knows how to touch things, and it becomes gold. Austin knows what its like to be World Champion, unlike MVP.

2 years ago, Austin created Option C, and he believed in the X-Division so they can get noticed, and he wanted a legacy. This is what holds TNA apart, he knows how to do things in this ring. He has come too far to stop. He has some unfinished business in TNA. Lashley is stronger than Austin. He is faster than Austin, but he’s not tougher than Aries. Toughness isn’t measured by size, its measured by heart. Which is why he is handing in the X-Division Championship, so he gets a World Title shot. And when he beats Lashley, not if, but when, he will create Option D. Option D is being a fighting champion, and defending the title against the X-Division Champion anytime, anyplace.

Lashley informs Aries this is the biggest mistake he ever made.

Next week, Lashley Vs Aries, for the World Title.

We see footage from last year, Slammiversary, and on Impact in July….2 unforgettable matches, Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrell.

Tonight, it’s the tiebreaker….Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell, for the Knockout Title, and it’s next.

The Beautiful People end the match when they attack both Taryn and Gail.

The BP win this match.

The Great Muta returns to New York, next.

Dixie Carter is on the phone with someone.

Jeremy Borash introduces Muta, and Robbie challenges him to a match.

Green mist, kick to the head, and the match is done. Muta is a legend though.

Here comes “Cowboy” James Storm.

So this is The Great Muta? He is what the boys calla legend in the back? This is The great Fraud. A joke, a has-been, a so-called quote legend. He may have Sanada fooled, but this is the company Storm built with his own hands. In this company, Storm is a legend.

And where he comes from, the great state of Tennessee, they don’t spit mist, they spit beer.

He beats Muta some more, and Sanada comes with a chair.

Sanada turned on his mentor, with a chair. Now Sanada spits mist in Muta’s student in the eyes, and lays a Moonsault on Muta.

Storm accepts this, and they leave together.

Our main event, New York City streetfight is next.

Dixie Carter is with King Mo, JB interviews them. King Mo is with Dixie, and he has her back. But she warns everyone help is on the way, and Mo will show it.

Our main event, 6-man Streetfight, with Team 3-D and Tommy Dreamer Vs EC3, Rhino, and Spud.

EC3, Spud, and Rhino win when 2 fans come to the ring to lay out Bully and Devon. The 2 men are Gene Snitsky and Ezequiel Jackson. EC3 hits a One Percenter, to end the show and the match.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Another strong show that sets up what should be a strong show next week. Do you see a pattern here? Impact has picked things up, and I love the 6-sided ring, and the New York location.

Seeing the Hardys in the same ring was very cool, and I am looking forward to seeing their match with The Wolves next week.

I also liked Sanada turning on his mentor. He extended his contract with TNA, so he is here to stay, and should build something up for Bound for Glory.

Not much of a fan with Gunner and Samuel Shaw storyline. But who is?

I did enjoy the promo between Lashley Vs Aries, setting up next week. That should be a good World Title match. Who comes out on top? Check it out next week. Share me your thoughts on the show, and thoughts about the 2 New York shows so far.


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