WWE Monday Night Raw 7/28/14…The Summer of Lesnar

With news that at Summerslam, we will see Lesnar Vs Cena II, for the WWE World Title, what will Cena’s reaction be, and can Brock make another impact?

Raw is up now.

Last Monday night, Stephanie McMahon was arrested, after striking a “fan”, Brie Bella.

John Cena is coming to the ring to kick the show off.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

He never imagined his opponent and plan C would be Brock Lesnar. He heard last week, there were cheers when Heyman spoke. It seems the Universe wants to see Lesnar beat Cena.

40 men have won the Championship, one man has defeated The Streak. Cena isn’t ignorant, he knows at Summerslam, he will get a beating of a lifetime. At Summerslam, Cena knows he will get his ass kicked.

But he will not lie down, he is going to fight and will beat Brock Lesnar at Summerslam, just like he did in 2012.

For those that cheer, and those that boo, because he doesn’t think The Authority know what they will get if Lesnar is champ.

He is a mercenary, and beats who he wants, he competes when he wants, and there might be nobody that can stop them, not even Paul Heyman.

Ladies and gentlemen…

His name is Paul Heyman. And at Summerslam, his client, Brock Lesnar will conquer John Cena and take away from him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Cena might not know what it’s like to truly take a beating. He has come back after being beat before, but he never knew how to be victimized.

Ask The Undertaker….

Oh right, nobody has heard or seen from The Undertaker. Cena is rather defensive.

He wants to defend the title, but his client wants to conquer Cena. And that is what Lesnar will do. He won’t just beat John Cena, he won’t just pin Cena, he will victimize Cena. He loves the title, he loves being the champion, he loves defending the fans that chant let’s go Cena, and he also defends the fans that chant Cena sucks.

But Brock loves to victimize people, he loves to hunt them down. But Cena won’t be just beaten, he will be beaten, victimized, and conquered.

Cena has a passion, just like Heyman does, because deep down, he is proud of the ECW chants. Cena has that same passion for the WWE, he has the same passion for the title, he has that same passion for the fans. So bring that big son of a bitch after him, he will walk out the arena as the WWE World Champion.

Cesaro now comes to the ramp.

He tells Cena he isn’t a wrestler, he is just a billboard with sneakers. Where did he get those sneakers? K-Mart? Oh that’s right, he got them from cant, as in can’t wrestle. He challenges Cena to a match, and Cena accepts.

An incredible match here that had Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment off the top rope, to pin Cesaro.

Cena is getting ready for Lesnar.

Tonight, Stephanie McMahon will confront with Brie Bella.

Backstage, Stephanie doesn’t think she can do this. She can’t bear to see the look on her daughter’s eyes of disappointment again. HHH assures Steph this will work.

Orton wants to talk. The original plan was Orton would get the title back, but Roman Reigns got involved.

HHH won’t change the plan, because as long as Roman is in the picture, there won’t be any more title shots. So take out Reigns.

Orton tells him he will be taken out, HHH informs Orton that tonight Reigns will face Kane.

Orton has a problem with Reigns, he has a problem with Kane, and now….he has a problem with HHH.

Paige is in the ring, they go over what happened last week, when Paige turned on AJ.

Paige is saying she is young, and can make mistakes from time to time. At the time though, she was looking at AJ as someone who took her title, but she promises she will never act like that again.

Here comes AJ Lee, skipping along.

AJ isn’t buying this, but Paige swears she didn’t…

AJ isn’t finished talking.

She understands why she is mad, because she knows what it’s like to have the Divas Title to be taken from her. So if Paige wants to be like her, then skip like her. She doesn’t smile, and then stab her in the back.

If she has an issue with her, she will say it to her face.

Paige assures her that she is telling the truth, and if she doesn’t believe her, she is crazy.

What did you just call her?

She was just joking, she would never make fun of her mental state.

AJ understands, even those that are off their rockers.

AJ attacks Paige.

The Authority, HHH and Stephanie McMahon come out.

HHH is very disappointed in us last week, he was angry, and mad. We laughed at his wife, when she was arrested last week. We found that funny, that the mother of his children were handcuffed in this arena, like a common criminal.

HHH will never forgive us for that. Do we know what that did to his wife? yet we think it’s funny. And all of that over a simple misunderstanding. We know Brie Bella agonized his wife. Stephanie did what she had to do, and all of this was a misunderstanding. The charges were dropped, except the assault and battery charge. Brie Bella has not let that go, so they are here to reconcile.

Stephanie asked for Brie to come here tonight, and they can put all of this behind them.

Stephanie asks nicely for Brie to come out.

Enter Chris Jericho.

Chris apologizes for interrupting. He feels very bad for what happened to Stephanie. He thought he’d give her a song.

Bad Boys….Bad Boys….whatcha going to do, when they come for you….

HHH asks if this is pretty funny? Yes it is, but remember, this is 2014 Steph, orange is the new black. And this was the very reason The WWE Network so we can watch her get arrested over, and over, and over.

But Chris gives HHH some props, he has been standing by his wife’s side so much, but he does have a question, why when she was arrested, didn’t he go to the car with her?

He waited 15 minutes after the show was done, to stand by her side. He is starting to figure out something he has known for 10 years, that Stephanie is a filthy, dirty, bottom-feeding trash bag….

Stop it, HHH tells Chris he should focus on Bray Wyatt, and not on them.

This is the reason he is out here, he wants Bray in the ring.

HHH tells him that will happen at Summerslam, but tonight, he gets to face….

Seth Rollins attacks Jericho with the briefcase, and he faces Seth Rollins.

Earlier tonight, we hear John Cena’s passionate promo about his match with Brock Lesnar at Summerslam.

Cena defeated Cesaro.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Kane.

We have The Miz and Rybaxel facing Dolph Ziggler and The Uso’s.

Ziggler and The Uso’s win, when Ziggler pins Ryback. We also saw Xavier Woods, Big E, and Kofi Kingston, all in a group watch on.

This was a good match.

Brie Bella is here tonight, and will confront Stephanie McMahon.

R-Truth is out, and Bo Dallas tells him he has been losing a lot of matches, but in order to win, he must BOlieve.

And Truth wins with a rollup.

So Bo shakes his hand, and attacks Truth.

Wow, the first person that beats Bo is R-Truth?

Bo still does his victory march.

Rusev and Lana are in the ring.

Talking about our American flag.

It’s a statement that used to represent a statement of all the nations. It even landed on the moon itself. So where is our so-called old glory now? We are one nation that is ruled by cowards, while Russia continues to show its might, and is commanded by its fearless leader, Vladimir Putin. And what does our “puppet” President Obama do? He wags his finger like a school children, and preach about our peace movements. Pathetic.

We see a picture of George W. Bush though, and here comes Swagger and Zeb.

This right here is a real flag. This is a flag of 50 stars, and make no mistake about it, anywhere in the world, it represents The United States of America.

It represents a family at Thanksgiving, giving thanks that they survived another year. We the People.

It represents people surrounding the TV watching football. We the People.

It represents a son and a father playing ball, and a mother and daughter cooking. It represents good food, and beer.

We the People.

People like Lana make it very easy to stand up, and put their hands over their hearts and yell….

We the People.

The two start to fight, and Swagger has the final say.


Tonight, Roman Reigns Vs Kane.

Astro Sandow is in the ring, and Adam Rose interrupts.

Astro wants a match, so we get that.

Party Foul, match is done, in almost record time.

Ambrose Vs Del Rio tomorrow night on Main Event.

But it’s time for Reigns Vs Kane, now.

The match never happens, because Orton attacks Reigns in the crowd. Kane left Reigns for Orton, with a Chokeslam, and Orton took over, ending the beat down with 2 RKOs, through announce table.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

It is now Diego Vs Fandango, with Layla and Summer Rae coming out with Torito.

Diego wins with a rollup, after Layla and Summer distracted Fandango.

Stephanie McMahon is being shown backstage, knocking at the divas locker room. Nikki Bella shows up, Brie will be here.

Stephanie hopes Brie can be reasonable, and Nikki tells her there aren’t many times people like Steph eats a plate of crap, and she hopes she is ready for it.

Stardust and Golddust are still looking for the Cosmic Key.

Natalya and Naomi Vs Cameron and Alicia Fox, now.

Naomi makes Cameron tap out to a leg lock.

A sold out crowd in Booker T’s hometown, Houston, Texas.

Lesnar Vs Cena, at Summerslam. Also Wyatt Vs Jericho.

Jericho Vs Rollins, now.

The match ends in a no contest when The Wyatts come out, and give Chris Sister Abigail.

Follow The Buzzards.

Steph and Hunter are on their way to the ring, the confrontation with Brie is next.

Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring, by herself. She is here a humbled woman. She represents 4 generations of McMahon. She represents a corporation, sponsors, a board. They think of her now as a common criminal.

Their children do not understand why their Mommy was arrested. They can’t even come to camp, without being teased, they can’t have play dates.

Here comes Brie Bella.

Brie doesn’t buy this, and calls her a rich, spoiled little bitch. Stephanie wants the court order to be dropped. Steph promises to treat Nikki fairly.

Don’t insult them here.

How about she gives Nikki a raise? Yeah okay, as long as Stephanie gives in to her demands.

For one, give Brie her job back. Steph declines, and Brie will continue the charges.

Steph will hire Brie back, and Brie wants another thing, a match.

Steph agrees to that, and will give her a match for the Divas Title.

Brie wants a match against Stephanie.

But Stephanie hasn’t competed in the ring in 10 years, she is a mother, a wife. She can’t compete in the ring. Brie walks away.

Wait, she can’t do this, she refuses to lower herself to get in the ring.

Brie walks away, but wait.

If Stephanie wrestles Brie at Summerslam, she will drop all of the charges?

Okay, yes, she will get her match. But she has to remember that at Summerslam…

Stephanie slaps Brie….

She will make her Stephanie’s bitch.

Now the fighting happens, Lou Thesz Press. Officials, Jamie Noble, Dave Finlay, Joey Mercury, and HHH all come out to separate them.

Jamie Noble gets a chant as the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Another strong show tonight that is setting up the PPV nicely. What I liked to see here was a major PPV being presented as a big deal. And believe it or not, I want to see Steph Vs Brie. Although I have a feeling Nikki will help Stephanie win. But Stephanie is starting to become more and more like her father, and a huge presence on TV.

I also loved to hear Cena with a passionate promo, setting up his match with Lesnar, at Summerslam.

Cena Vs Cesaro was good, as was Y2J Vs Rollins. I also love the new stable of Woods, Kingston, and Big E. need to see more of them, and Miz has done more with the IC Title than has been done in a year, at least already.

A good start to Summerslam. What were your thoughts? Share them with me, here.


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