WWE Monday Night Raw 8/4/14…Did You Know WWE Network Is Just $9.99 A Month?

We begin the show with footage from last week, when Randy Orton attacks Roman Reigns.

RKO off the announce table.

We are live in the University of Texas. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

The Authority begin the show, complete with Orton, Kane, and Seth Rollins accompanying HHH and Stephanie.

It’s official, Summerslam will also give us Reigns Vs Orton, one on one.

We are 2 weeks away from Summerslam, which will be shown on The WWE Network, for just $9.99 a month. This is looking to be one of the best cards in Summerslam history.

We will see Chris Jericho Vs Bray Wyatt, inside the ring. We can catch that on The WWE Network, for just $9.99.

We will also see Seth Rollins Vs the “sadistic” Dean Ambrose, on the WWE Network, for just $9.99.

Seth Rollins had a good idea here for tonight. We will have a Beat The Streak match, where the winner will determine the stipulation for their match. Dean will face Alberto Del Rio. But Seth will also face Rob Van Dam.

Stephanie is showing off her boots to match Texas. Tonight, we will have an official contract signing for her Summerslam match against Brie Bella.

Which, as HHH reminds us that you can watch it on WWE Network, for just $9.99.

Stephanie tells us that if Brie touches her, she will slap the taste out of her mouth again.

HHH informs us that our official main event is “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar facing the 15-time WWE Champion, John Cena. Which, you can see on The WWE Network for….


But wait, there is more.

Randy Orton informs us that he will face Reigns at Summerslam, and he took him out last week. We saw the table still being superglue together, it seems.

Now, here comes Reigns.

Reigns reminds us that “The Viper” is back? Well, he took the best Randy had and is still standing. But you want to talk about prices, Hunter? How about he beats Orton’s ass tonight, for free?

HHH has a better idea, Orton will have Reigns at Summerslam, but for now, Reigns faces a “Demon”, and that “Demon” needs to show up tonight.

Reigns Vs “The Demon” Kane, in a Last Man Standing match, and that is now.

Reigns spears Kane, and he does not answer the 10 count. A fun match here between the two men. It sets the tone for tonight’s show, hopefully.

Tonight, Beat The Clock matches with Seth Rollins Vs RVD, and Dean Ambrose Vs Alberto Del Rio.

Next, a preview of Lesnar Vs Cena, at Summerslam.

Fozzy has the official theme song, called “Lights Go Out” with the album “You Want To Start A War”?

In two weeks, Summerslam’s main event will be John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar.

A preview is up now.

This was a UFC style presentation, with Lesnar showing us he is an ass kicker.

Now we get to hear from Cena’s view.

Cena is ready for the fight of a lifetime. He knows Brock is tough, but he has beaten him before, and he’ll do it again.

I am ready to see that match, at Summerslam.

WWE Network plug, yes folks….$9.99 a month.

Tonight, Chris Jericho Vs Luke Harper.

If Jericho wins, Harper is banned from ringside, at Summerslam.

Oh good God, Damien Sandow is wearing a Oklahoma jersey, in Texas.

Somebody is going to get their ass kicked, and Mark henry is wearing a Texas jersey.

This won’t last long.

World’s Strongest Slam, that’s all she wrote.

Adam Rose is now talking to his Rosebuds. We have a Octavulus” moment, with Adam staring at himself, wearing a suit.

Beat The Clock match, Ambrose Vs Del Rio, next.

Next week, it’s Hulk Hogan’s birthday celebration, on Raw.

Dean Ambrose wins the match with Dirty Deeds,in 15:42. Seth Rollins now must beat RVD in 15:42, or else Ambrose will choose the stipulation at Summerslam.

Ambrose worked the match with a hurt arm, and the story was told with that.

Later tonight, Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella will have their contract signing.

We see footage from last week, when Brie demanded the match with Stephanie.

Rusev is in action, next.

Actually, we come back and find out that Rusev defeated Sin Cara on the WWE App, squashing him.

Dmitry Rogozin tweeted a picture of their president, and our president. Or so Lana tells us.

It’s our president’s birthday, and Lana will sing Happy Birthday, in Russian.

Somehow, it works for me.

Here comes Swagger and Zeb Colter.

Lana talks in Russian, but Colter isn’t impressed.

He is tired of hearing about Vladimir Putin, and Mother Russia. He is sick and tired of hearing about Rusev crush. These Bolshevik twitheads do not understand what they will be fighting.

Swagger is fighting for the 50 stars, and 13 bars. But Rusev will be fighting against all of these Americans.

Swagger is fighting for Nick, who works for his wife, and 2 kids. He is fighting for Megan, who works 60 hours a week in healthcare, to save us. But most important, he is fighting for the troops that are guarding against terrorists, foreign, and domestic.

USA chants going here. A Summerslam procrastination. The last thing these two will be seeing is Old Glory being waved, and her ego will be crushed.

So shall we all stand up, and say it loud….We The People.

Rusev goes after Swagger with his flag.

Now Rusev has Colter cornered, and Lana screams out We The People.

Again, it sounds better when she says it.

Tonight, Chris Jericho Vs Luke Harper, one on one.

Cesaro Vs Dolph Ziggler, with The Miz doing commentary is up now.

Ziggler wins with a jumping Zig Zag.

Miz shows Ziggler the IC Title. At Summerslam, these two will clash for the title. Ziggler shows Miz he is a kick away from getting beat.

Also at Summerslam, AJ Lee Vs Paige, for the Divas Title.

We see footage from last Friday night on Smackdown, when Paige attacks AJ from behind, causing her to have whiplash.

Paige is with Tom Davis.

Paige is wishing AJ Lee a speedy recovery, and she is looking forward to facing her at Summerslam.

The Rhodes Brothers….AKA Stardust and Goldust are in action, next.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman” is out tomorrow.

The Rhodes Brothers Vs Rybaxel, is now.

Stardust and Goldust win with Stardust hitting Dark Matter, a Facebuster, pinning Axel.

Stephanie and HHH are in the back, Kane comes in. He removes the mask, and walks away.

Chris Jericho Vs Luke Harper is next.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Kane taking his mask off, and leaving.

Jericho Vs Luke Harper is up now.

Jericho wins by DQ, when Bray Wyatt comes out, and attacks Jericho after Chris took care of Harper and Rowan.

Sister Abigail.

Follow The Buzzards!!

Tonight, Official Contract signing between Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella.

Last week on Friday Night Smackdown, Paige knocks out AJ Lee. Tomorrow night on Main Event, AJ Lee returns.

Diego, with Torito, Summer Rae, and Layla Vs Fandango.

Fandango’s new dance partner? Hornswoggle.

Diego wins with a Backstabber, after Fandango runs into Hornswoggle.

Now Summer Rae and Layla tend to Hornswoggle.

Now all five are dancing around Fandango, including Hornswoggle joining forces with his heated rival, Torito.

Fandango is cut through at the end.

Renee Young sighting, she is with Randy Orton.

Renee is about to show Randy footage of Reigns match against Kane, and Orton shows us what he did the last week to Reigns.

While Kane is a vicious competitor, he is not as sadistic as Orton. He might as well have his head on a swivel, because Orton might just kick it off.

It’s time to BOlieve now.

Bo Dallas Vs R-Truth, the rematch.

Bo Dallas wins with a rollup, and hand on the tights.

Truth attacks Bo after the match, but Bo hits a BODawg on a step.


Official contract signing tonight with Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella.

The same video for Lesnar Vs Cena is playing, and again, this is our main event of Summerslam. After Raw, WWE Network is showing us their match from Extreme Rules 2012.

Seth Rollins is ready for his Beat The Clock match. But sadly, RVD isn’t going to wrestle. Instead, it’s Heath Slater.

He’s a One-Man Rock Band…BABY!!

In what was the upset of the year, Heath Slater defeats Seth, with a rollup. Dean Ambrose came out, and started dancing, and showing off. Seth sees this, and turns his back on Slater. So now, Ambrose chooses his stipulation for Summerslam this Friday night on Smackdown.

Our main event, contract signing with Brie Bella Vs Stephanie McMahon.

HHH is here, with Michael Cole. HHH informs us that in 2 weeks, an ICON will step back into the ring, and take on a never has-been. Tonight, he brought Cole up here because he is not serving as COO, but rather a supportive husband.

They share a kiss, and Brie isn’t amused.

She calls Stephanie an embarrassment to the McMahon family, and she continues to bully hard-working wrestlers. She is a spoiled, rich brat who hasn’t earned her spot. She is going to beat her at Summerslam, and will do so for people like Vickie Guerrero, The Big Show, The Rhodes Brothers, Daniel Bryan, people she continues to crap on, because she can.

Stephanie counters, telling Brie she is just using her husband’s name to get ahead of the company, and where did that land you? You quit on your husband, and now he is a broken down man, and even mocks her asking how his recovery is. She tells Brie that at Summerslam, Stephanie will destroy Brie, and even start now.

They both sign the contract, and HHH shoves the table right into Brie, blocking her, so that Stephanie can go right after Nikki, who was standing by her sister.

HHH was cheering her on, when Stephanie lays Nikki out with a Pedigree.

HHH mocked Brie, and Brie slapped the taste out of HHH, and goes right after Stephanie.

But Stephanie has the final say with a Pedigree of her own.

The show ends with Stephanie chanting yes, and makes out with HHH, while both Bellas are on the ground.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I find it ironic that Cena bitches about wrestlers coming, then not appearing on Raw, yet he is here every single week. But Cena hasn’t been on Raw in 2 of the 3 weeks. But whatever.

Raw was up and down for me, I liked the promos to set up Summerslam, but not many stand out matches, except with Slater winning. I just hope it means something. Probably not, but he sure has earned that.

Brock and Cena have to show up next week to put their match in finishing touches.

Going into this show, I was thinking Nikki Bella was going to turn on her sister, and help Stephanie win. But how can that happen if Steph continues to lay out Nikki? I am not thinking Brie will win, but I am still wondering what does this mean if she does win. This match needs some stipulation, does it not?

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here, and one last thing….WWE Network is just $9.99 a month.


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