Impact Wrestling 8/7/14….It Happens

Tonight, New York City Impact continues with a big 8-man tag match, and yes my friends, TNA is promoting, so I will too….It happens, tonight. Dixie Carter is put through a table. So watch Impact, or check this page throughout the night.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Earlier today, Dreamer, Devon, and Bully are discussing thoughts about tonight’s war. Bully brings up they will do what they do better than anyone else, tear the house down. And Bully pleads that Devon will pick Dixie up, and Bully will drive her through a table.

It happens….TONIGHT.

Manhattan Center, Team Bully Vs Team EC3.

We kick the show off with a Monster’s Ball Match….Abyss Vs Bram.

Bram wins a crazy match with a shot to the gut by Janice. We had thumbtacks, Janice, board with nails, and the crowd ate it up.

Tonight, X-Division Title match, Joe Vs Lo-Ki Vs Sanada.

Joe represents no-limits in the X-Division.

Lo-Ki tells him they have been through wars, pain and suffering. But tonight, this is about the championship. Joe won’t stand in his way, Sanada won’t be in his way of winning the X-Division Championship.

Joe tells Lo-Ki that he won’t be able to take Joe’s pain and the next time he hears his name, Joe will be the new champion.

Team EC3 is with JB. They are completely ready to finish off Team Bully, once and for all. We have four men that can dish out pain. And when that happens, it’s not Skitsky’s fault. And EC3 pleads that Bully will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever put Aunt D through a table.

The Franchise Players, including the World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley come out to the ring.

They are surrounding themselves with New York City’s finest. When MVP was the Director of Operations, he felt like he was riddled with babies in the back. But now as long as they have the power, they are in control of TNA, minus the headaches.

Lashley will hold onto the title for as long as he wants. Eric Young is good, but Lashley took care of him. Jeff Hardy is great, but Lashley took care of him. And Austin Aries? Option C proved to be history.

Here comes Bobby Roode.

Roode hears about what MVP said, and it pains him to admit, he might have been right about some things.

Lashley is a destroyer. He is one of the most dominant World Champions to ever hold the title.

MVP isn’t impressed.

Roode is not here to talk to MVP, he is here to talk to Lashley.

Roode is a former World Heavyweight Champion, and he is the longest reigning TNA World Champion in history.

Roode knows how to win the title, he knows how to be a champion. And this is why MVP suspended Roode for 2 months, because he saw Bobby as a threat, and MVP was using Lashley so he can be champion himself.

Roode sees this, while Lashley has dominated, Roode kicked Kenny King’s ass….he kicked MVP’s ass. So how about the two men face each other for the World Title?

Kenny King lays out Roode, but here comes Eric Young and Austin Aries to even the odds.

MVP tells them they aren’t dressed to compete, they are dressed to go out.

Gunner tells Samuel Shaw he has a match tonight. Mr. Anderson tells Gunner he doesn’t trust him.

Gunner trusts Shaw, Gunner trusts Anderson, but does Anderson trust Gunner?

Jason Hervey wants a hint about who Bully’s 4th guy is, and Bully isn’t giving it to him.

The Bromans and DJ Z Vs Anderson, Gunner, and Shaw.

Shaw had Anderson’s back, but Anderson still wasn’t buying it. The Bromans clipped Anderson, and rolled him up for the win.

Anderson was about to take it out on Samuel, but Gunner stops him.

Dixie is not afraid, she tells King Mo that he is going to watch her back, and she is going to watch Bully get his.

8-man war is up next, Team Bully Vs Team EC3.

Gunner is irate that Anderson doesn’t give Samuel a chance. Samuel is now being the voice of reason.

8-Man Hardcore War. Team EC3 Vs Team Bully.

WarGames style rules, where one man faces one, then every few minutes, a new man comes out. Team EC3 has the advantage.

EC3 Vs Dreamer begins the match.

The 4th man is Al Snow, with head.

Team Bully wins with a Team 3D, pinning Rhino.

Bully looks for Dixie, who is with the audience. He tells her she looks like she just got done watching her nephew’s team go down.

Tick Tock, Dixie is going through a table tonight.

Dixie assures Bully that won’t happen, and by the end of the night, King Mo will knock Bully Ray out.

The Beautiful People are on their way out to the ring, next.

Moments ago, Team Bully wins, and Dixie assures Bully that King Mo will knock Bully out.

EC3 tells us that his team let him down, but tonight, they will still watch Dixie’s back.

Bound for Glory is going to Tokyo, Japan.

The Beautiful People are out in the ring. TNA is going ga-ga over Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim. But The Beautiful People are hotter, and Angelina is a better wrestler. So they broke up the match, and she wants her title rematch, now.

Taryn Terrell comes out.

Taryn didn’t steal from Angelina, Angelina took her match away from Taryn, because she has never had the Knockout Title. So she is here to take it away from Angelina.

Angelina is better wrestler than Taryn, she is a better wrestler than Gail Kim. She will have to tell her little girl that Mommy is second best, or third best, or fourth best….

Here comes Gail Kim.

She talked to Kurt Angle last week, and she gets to choose who her next opponent is. She wants Angelina Love. And Taryn Terrell. And Velvet Sky.

Fatal 4-way for the Knockout Title, to determine who is the best Knockout.

“Cowboy” James Storm tells Sanada that he isn’t doing this for the fans, he’s not doing it for The Great Muta, or even for himself. He is going to win the X-Division Title for Storm.

He slaps him, and tells Sanada to bow.

Triple Threat for the X-Division Title is next.

Havok is coming to TNA.

Next week, Team 3D Vs The Hardys. Also Fatal 4-Way for the Knockout Title. A X-Division Scramble match, and a big 6-man tag match of The Franchise Players Vs Roode, Young, and Aries.

Bully tells the camera guy that this wasn’t hell, this was Hardcore Heaven, tagging up with his brothers, and anytime you beat a Carter, it’s a good day. As for King Mo, he will fight him in a TNA ring, a Bellator ring, it doesn’t matter. Dixie Carter is going through a table.

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

Samoa Joe Vs Sanada Vs Lo-Ki for the X-Division Title is up now.

But “The Legend” James Storm comes to the ring, to introduce the man who ended The Great Muta’s career, Sanada.

Joe is the new X-Division Champion, after making Sanada tap out to the Kokura Clutch.

A good, but short match.

Dixie wants Mo to take Bully out.

It happens, next.

A video giving us Bully Ray Vs Dixie Carter feud.

Do you know who I am? It happens….now.

Dixie Carter comes out, complete with her cheesy music and everyone comes out all beat up.

Dixie isn’t smiling.

Dixie is now riding on her team, calling them all worthless.

She now fires Snitsky and Zeke.

Dixie now fires the fans, ordering them all to get out of her building.

Here comes Bully Ray.

Devon and Dreamer come out too, and they have a table.

For a long time, Bully has promised the world one thing, that Dixie, the most hated woman in wrestling was going through a table.

Dreamer has told Dixie that the reason she is going through a table is because she is everything that is wrong with this business.

Mo punched Dreamer, and now everyone was fighting. But Team Bully sent everyone out of the ring, leaving them with Dixie. But Spud saved his “queen”, and told us it will not happen.

But the entire TNA locker room came out to assure everyone that Dixie was getting through a table. Dreamer put her back in, Devon lifted her up, put her between Bully….



The show ends with chaos in the ring, and order has been resolved.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What an ending to the show, this was a moment that will probably be talked about for years. The crowd loved every second, and ended it with a huge TNA chant.

Where do we go from here?

I loved the promo Roode gave Lashley, and certainly there are some truths behind what he said. I can’t wait to see their eventual match.

A new X-Division champion, and I want to see Joe Vs Lo-Ki, one on one. Joe with the title can do wonders for the company.

I now can honestly say I look forward to every week of seeing Impact, and part of that is because of these New York tapings. A very good show, and give Dixie credit for going through a table. She sustained many injuries through that bump, but on TV, it was incredible.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.


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