Impact Wrestling 8/14/14…One More Time….The Hardys Vs Team 3-D

Last week, after fulfilling his promise, putting Dixie Carter through a table, how does Bull Ray top that?

Impact Wrestling is now.

This is the biggest moment in Bully Ray’s career.  And this isn’t just for Bully, but it’s also for the fans.  And Bully had the best tag team partner in the world.  Hawk had Animal.  Bret had The Anvil. Scott Had Rick, and Bully has Devon.

Devon shows up to the ring, now.

Devon is honored to be back in TNA Wrestling, and the greatest city of the world, New York City.

Here come The Hardy Boys.

It’s been 12 years since these four men have been in the ring together.  They are happy to have Team 3-D being TNA Hall of Famers.  But these men have a history together.

Bully talks about that Triple Threat Ladder Match they had in Anaheim.  They also had another one in North Carolina.  And another in the Astrodome.

The crowd wants one more match, and all four men seem to agree.

Jeff painted his face, so if it’s cool with Matt, it’s cool with Jeff.  And Devon?  Oh my brother, testify.

Footage of Samoa Joe winning the X-Division Title last week.

Joe brings up his talk with Kurt.  It’s time to reinvigorate the X-Division, and that starts tonight.

EC3, Rhino, and Rockstar Spud enter the building, we find out what is on their mind, next.

Last Thursday, we see many different angles of Dixie Carter being sent through a table.  We will also have an update on Dixie, later tonight.

Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Eric Young are backstage.  Later tonight, those 3 men, all former World Champions face The Franchise Players.  Took out the garbage last week, time to do it again.

X-Division Scramble match is up now.

Manik Vs Homicide Vs Lo-Ki Vs Tigre Uno Vs Crazzy Steve Vs DJ Z.

Winner faces Joe for the X-Division Title, next week on Impact.

Lo-Ki wins the scramble, pinning Homicide with the K-Crusher.  Lo-Ki Vs Joe, next week.

Impact Wrestling moves to Wednesday night, starting next week.  Again, Impact moves to Wednesday night,s starting next week.

EC3, Spud, and Rhino are out, next.

Spud tells us we need a moment of silence, because last week, the biggest travesty happened.  Our “Madame” Dixie Carter, was put through a table.

The crowd isn’t obliging, and EC3 demands a termination of Bully Ray.  He will stand out here, until he is terminated.

Here comes Kurt Angle.

This isn’t Nashville, Tennessee Mr. Carter, this is New York City.  These fans can say whatever they want, they can cheer for whoever they want.  They deserve the best show possible, and frankly, don’t need this.  So EC3 will either wrestle tonight, or he will get the hell out of the ring.

Ethan spilled blood last week in this ring, so he isn’t going to wrestle this week.  They aren’t going to wrestle tonight.

Kurt calls for New York City’s finest to remove them from the ring.

Rockstar Spud isn’t taking this, he has diplomatic immunity, and he is angry.

Cops don’t care, and they put handcuffs on Spud and Rhino.

Carter isn’t taking this lying down.  He has money, he knows Trump, Bernie, and Carmelo.  He is Mr. Wallstreet, The Weath of Wallstreet, the Carter of Wallstreet.  If cops want money, he has money.

They aren’t interested, they take them all away.

Samuel Shaw blames himself for last week.  Gunner tells him it’s not, he and Ken will settle their differences.  But maybe Ken just won’t see Samuel has changed.  It’s okay, they will all settle their differences.

Ethan is trying to plead with the cops with letting them go, but they are all booking them in jail.

Anderson Vs Gunner, now.

Gunner is DQ’d, when Shaw interferes, he tried to play peacemaker, but Anderson decked him.

Nothing is settled.

Tonight, Fatal 4-Way for the Knockout Title.  Gail Kim Vs Angelina Love Vs Taryn Terrell Vs Velvet Sky.

Angelina checks on Velvet to make sure they are on the same page.  Velvet tells her one of them will walk out as Knockout Champion.

Next, we will see exclusive footage from Dixie Carter.

The entire wrestling landscape made their comments last week on Twitter, even Jim Ross.

Footage from last week is being shown.

Dixie broke her back, she had a L2 and L3 fracture.  

Next week, Mike Tenay will have an exclusive interview with Dixie Carter.

Fatal 4-way match for the Knockout Title is up now.  Gail Kim Vs Angelina Vs Velvet Vs Taryn.

Gail wins the match with Eat Defeat, pinning Angelina and adding some tension with Beautiful People.

Franchise Players do not care about Dixie Carter, she is the old, and they are the new.  

Big 6-man tag match is up next.

Lashley, King, and MVP Vs Aries, Young, and Roode is up now.

Franchise Players win, with a vicious spear by Lashley, pinning Aries.  I still am not sure why MVP is wrestling on crutches.

We will hear from Abyss, next.

Havoc is coming.

The Wolves have been together for 6 years, it’s now time to take care of their legacy.  They beat The Hardys, and tonight they will watch Team 3-D Vs The Hardys.  They respect Team 3-D, but they will put their Tag Titles on the line anytime.  While they were once fans, the hunters become the hunted.  Let the hunting begin.

Here comes Abyss to the ring.

Bram has something that belongs to him.  Get out here, now.

You ask, and you will receive.  Bram is here.

Abyss brings up possession is 9 tenths of the law?  Not in his book.  He wants Janice back.

Bram brings up that he has beaten Abyss twice with her.  And he is enthralled by her, so no he is not getting it back.

Does Bram really want to get extreme?  Abyss asks him if he really wants to get extreme?  Does New York City truly want to get extreme?

One more time, it will be tables, ladders, chairs, barbed wire, and while we are at it, let’s take Janice, and hang her 15 feet up in the air.

Abyss will climb up that ladder, he will get his girl, and chomp his ass to bits.

Bram accepts.

Magnus now brings up Janice has screwed Abyss twice, and more than likely the only time Abyss has been screwed by a girl.

Abyss tries to fight, but 2-on-1 attack does him in.

At Stairway to Janice, he will show Bram what kind of bitch his girl Janice can be.

Team 3-D Vs The Hardys, next.

“The Revolution Is Upon Us”

“Legend” James Storm is with Sanada, calling him weak and confused.  Storm is his light, Storm is his strength.  He will make him The Great Sanada.

Next week, Hardcore Justice, on Wednesday night.  Abyss Vs Bram in a Stairway to Janice Match.  Samoa Joe Vs Lo-Ki for the X-Division Title.  And for the first time in 4 years, Six Sides of Steel, involving a Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Title.

The Hardys Vs Team 3-D, now.

Team 3-D wins the match with a 3-D.

A fun match and the great thing is these four men still have chemistry together.  Highlight of the show.

All four men shake hands after the match.  

The show ends here, with next week, Impact moves to Wednesdays.  Hardcore Justice.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Last week’s show was gigantic, so this week’s show was bound to be a let down.  While it wasn’t as good as last week, it still was a solid show, highlighted by the monumental main event of the show.

I loved how The Hardys and Team 3-D have not been in the same ring, as a group in 12 years, and tonight, we get this.  I just think this needs to be showcased more.  Such as advertising this for a full week, set this match last week, and not being set up in the beginning of the show.  But we will see more, from The Wolves.  Remember, they are the Tag Champs, and now all 3 teams will be featured.  We are in line for some good matches in weeks to come.

But the big news here is Impact will now be moved on Wednesday nights.  With NFL season starting up, and rumors of Smackdown being moved to Thursday nights, it will prove to be wise.

But where was the advertising?  Again, this is being moved immediately.  They easily could have set this up as 3 shows left until Thursday nights are being moved.  2 weeks left, and so on.  Also Spike TV needs to do some advertisement this week, because I guarantee that we will have some people tune in on Thursday night, forgetting, or not knowing Impact has been moved.

Other than that, not much else have been going in Impact this week, and oh yeah, Hardcore Justice is the next week.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.



























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