WWE Summerslam 8/17/14…The Biggest Fight of the Summer

Tonight, the biggest fight of the summer takes place inside the Staples Canter, in Los Angeles, California.

Renee Young, Booker T, Ric Flair, and Alex Riley are a part of the Summerslam Kick-off show.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar faces John Cena for the WWE World Title.

We are previewing Brie Bella Vs Stephanie McMahon.

Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL welcome us to the show.

RVD Vs Cesaro is up now.

RVD pulls off a stunning upset over Cesaro with the Five Star Frogsplash.  Cesaro’s downfall continues.

Tonight, Roman Reigns will face Randy Orton.

Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena preview.

Summerslam starts now.

Hulk Hogan kicks off Summerslam, it feels like home.

Hogan tells us to buy WWE Network for $9.99.

A complete waste of time, because chances are if we are watching Summerslam, live….then we already know it’s $9.99.

Okay, Summerslam is officially on.

Our first match is Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz, for the Intercontinental Title.

Tonight, we are blessed to be in a pressence of a non-CGI movie star.  We wish we all had this….the moneymaker.

Tonight, The Miz will make Ziggler from a shining new star to a fizzled has-been.  Just like the Lakers.

Ziggler Vs Miz is now.

Dolph Ziggler wins the IC Title when he pins Miz with a Zig Zag.  Ziggler kicked out of a Skull Crushing Finale, and this had Miz puzzled for a bit, but the challenger rises to the occasion.

Ziggler is now a 2-time IC Champion.

We see the trainwreck from last week on Raw, when we had Brie Bella arrested for slapping Megan Miller.

Tom Miller is standing by with Brie Bella.

During her time in jail, Brie did some reflecting, and know that when you fall down, you keep getting back up.  She was thinking about all of the times Stephanie smiled calling her husband “A B+ Player” or the times that she tortured her sister, because of the dealings she had with Brie, or the time that she paid Daniel’s physical therapist to lie.  Stephanie will pay for those things, and this is the rare time Staphanie will pay back from the things she has said, and that is best for business.

AJ Lee Vs Paige for the Divas Title is now.

Paige wins the match, and Divas Title when she hit a DDT called the Rampaige.

2 matches, 2 title changes.

Now Paige hugs and kisses her “frenemy” on the cheek.

Our next match is Rusev Vs Jack Swagger in a Flag Match.

Lana tells us that Rusev represents reality, while Swagger represents dreams.  There is no happy ending for our U.S.A.

Marine corps are now coming out to Swagger’s entrance.

Swagger must win here, I think.

So this Flag match had nothing to do with trying to grab the flag on the other end of the ring, or a pole.  It was just a regular match, so we had Swagger tap out to the Accolade.

Rusev kicked Colter, to brush him off Swagger.

So the rules of the Flag match is to raise it, and play the Russian National Anthem.


Switching gears, Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose in a Lumberjack match is now.

Seth Rollins defeated Ambrose with the MITB briefcase.  This was action throughout the entire building, not even the lumberjacks could contain them.  Kane comes out, and makes sure Rollins wins.

So far, the match of the night.

Bray Wyatt Vs Chris Jericho is up now.

Bray Wyatt hits 2 Sister Abigails, one on the barricade, other one in the ring.  Bray picks up the win, and evens this series 1-1.  I am sure we will get another match.

Bray is on the mic, and tells us Chris just found out what its like to follow the buzzards,  He’s got the whole world in his hands….

Stephanie McMahon Vs Brie Bella is next.

Stephanie wins the match when the ref was knocked out, and Nikki Bella turns on her own sister and decks Brie.  Steph hits the Pedigree, and pins Brie.

A very good match and the ending was effective.

Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns is up now.

Reigns wins with a spear, pinning Orton.  The match started slow, and it didn’t help it was in the “kiss of death” spot on the card, but the ending was very cool, and we saw an amazing RKO from Orton that woke up the crowd.

Announcers are putting this match over as the biggest win in Roman Reigns’ career.

Our main event, Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena is up now.

Lesnar completely dominates Cena, hits 16 German Suplexes, pins him after a 4th F-5.  I mean completely destroyed Cena here.

As Cole put it, for the first time in 10 years, Lesnar is the WWE Champion.

Cena is being checked on by EMTs, with Heyman and Lesnar celebrating outside of the ring.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This show delivered in my opinion.  It started off with a very good Lumberjack match, and we even had a good Stephanie Vs Brie match.

That might have been the most dominating WWE World Title match since the night Diesel beat Bob Backlund in MSG.

Bray Wyatt Vs Jericho told a good story, and all 3 titles changed hands.

So where do we go from here?  Tune in, because the story is about go in a different direction.  Share your thoughts about the show here.  I will talk to you tomorrow.
































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