Impact Wrestling 8/20/14…Hardcore Justice 2014

Tonight, on the very first Impact Wrestling on Wednesday night, we present Hardcore Justice.  Our main event is a 6-Side of Steel Cage main event, 6 men vie for the opportunity to face Bobby Lashley.  We will also see Samoa Joe face Lo-Ki for the X-Division Title.  We will also see Bram Vs Abyss in a Stairway To Janice match.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Taz and Mike Tenay welcome us to the show, and we kick off Abyss Vs Bram in a Stairway to Janice match, now.

Bram defeats Abyss again, this time taking Janice from Abyss, kicking him in the balls, and whacking him in the gut.

So now Janice is in possession of Bram.

The camera guy wants to catch up with EC3, Spud, and Rhino.  His time in jail has allowed him to ponder on things, and those who are responsible will be held accountable, next.

Moments ago, Bram defeats Abyss in a Stairway to Janice match.

Backstage, Magnus and Bram celebrate.  Magnus tells Bram now that he was victorious, he will win the 6-Sides of Steel match, and become the new Number One Contender.

EC3, Rhino, and Spud all come to the ring.

2 weeks ago, the most heinous incident happened, when his Aunt D was put through a table.  The New York people love to see an innocent woman get put through a table.

Last week, he demanded Bully Ray be terminated immediately, but Kurt Angle had him arrested.  And Kurt, for that he has something to say….thank you.  Because he had a moment of clarity, and while Bully Ray was responsible, someone else was responsible too.  A man he brought in from the streets, a man he paid well….Rhino….This is all your fault.

Rhino owes Ethan.

Rhino tells him to forget him, and he might be looking at a dead man if he doesn’t shut up.  He would rather be dirt poor than to take money from a bitch ass.  So take your money, and stick it up your ass.

EC3 slaps him, and now the two men fight.

EC3 even shoves Spud, and lays a kick to the head on Rhino.

This might be a new side to EC3.

Joe is backstage, he has a history with Lo-Ki, with blood.  So tonight, Lo-Ki is supremely self-confident he can beat him for his X-Division Title.  So many people are self-confident in beating him, but then they wind up losing.

The Hardys are in the back, they still have to prove they are the best tag team in the world.  They promise us they will be at the forefront of the tag team movement.

Joe Vs Lo-Ki, now.

Joe retains his title with a Muscle Buster.  I was hoping this match was longer, but I have a feeling we aren’t done with this.  I did like hearing Tenay comment Lo-Ki was the 2nd X-Division Champion in the history of the company, beating AJ Styles.

The Hardys want to talk to Team 3-D.

JB is with Mr. Anderson, who is upset he freed “The Creepy Bastard” Samuel Shaw, and Samuel takes the exception to talking about his friend, and the two men fight as we go to a break.

Anderson makes Samuel Shaw quit with an Armbar.  Gunner watches this, and Anderson walks away from him.

The Hardys walk away from Team 3-D satisfied.  Bully Ray and Devon head to the ring, The Hardys have a great idea, and now there is only one more piece to the puzzle, and they need to find out if they are in.

Next, Tenay’s exclusive interview with Dixie Carter.

We see footage from last week when after her Fatal 4-way, Gail Kim gave an interview and Angelina Love attacked her.

Gail went to Kurt and demanded she has a Last Knockout Standing Match with Angelina.  Kurt warns Angelina be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

Earlier tonight, Bobby Roode shares his thoughts on the 6-Sides of Steel match later tonight, and what it means to be World Heavyweight Champion.

The Hardys are in the ring now.

Jeff makes it clear they did not get back together, because they wanted to, the fans wanted it.  And they have had some great matches since coming back, but they can get better.  They will get better, and they ask Team 3-D to get into the ring.

Do you know who they are?  They are the guys that put Dixie Carter through a table.

The Hardys and Team 3-D have made some history together.  Not because they say it, but because the fans say it, two of the best tag teams in the history of the business.  The Hardys are on a mission because they want to be Tag Team Champions.  And it would be kinda cool if they were inducted in the TNA Hall of Fame as Tag Team Champions.

The Hardys aren’t the champions, Team 3-D aren’t the champions, we need the Tag Team Champions to get this done.

You ask, and here they come.

Eddie Edwards wants to get down to business.  These four are 2 of the greatest tag teams in the history of our business.  And that is the conversation The Wolves want to be a part of.

Davey makes it clear, Team 3-D, you want a shot at these belts?  The Hardys, you want a shot at these belts?  Anytime, they will make it happen.

Tenay interviews Dixie Carter.

Dixie broke her back, she knows that Bully made a promise, and delivered on it.  She is taking time off, but we haven’t seen the last of Dixie Carter.  But keep watching Ethan Carter, he is a true talent, and going places.

More or less the interview.

The Great Sanada will be revealed next week.  But now, Last Knockout Standing match, with Angelina Love Vs Gail Kim, now.

Gail Kim wins with a Samoan Drop on a chair.  Incredible match with the Knockout Champion retaining her title.

Next is the 6-Sides of Steel match.

Kurt Angle confirms to us that all 3 tag teams, The Hardys, Team 3-D, and The Wolves came to Kurt to propose Kurt to a match to determine who is the best tag team.  Kurt is doing one thing better, we will have a best of series tag match.  The first team to score 2 wins get the Tag Team Titles, and that starts next week, with the winner choosing the next stipulation for the next match.

The Franchise Players make their presence now.

MVP tells him that in Dallas for Slammiversary, he was scheduled to wrestle for the World Heavyweight Title with Eric Young, but was injured.  Bobby Lashley slid right in, and the rest they say is history.  Now Lashley has overcome all odds, faced off against competitor after competitor, and finished them off.  Whoever wins this match will have the same fate.

6-Sides of Steel Cage match now.  Gunner Vs “Showtime” Eric Young Vs “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Magnus Vs Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode.

They did the double finish here where both Bobby Roode and Eric Young touched the floor at the same time.  2 refs awarded different winners, so who won?

Next week, who is the best tag team?  The Wolves Vs The Hardys Vs Team 3-D, match one.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A new night for Impact.  I liked the matches, but there were too many promos for me.  If you had cut down Anderson Vs Shaw, the promo for EC3 and Rhino, even the Dixie Carter promo seemed a bit odd in this spot.  The only promo that seemed suitable were The Wolves, Team 3-D, and The Hardys, because it’s setting up a future match.  Less talking, more action would have been better, especially in some of these matches.

But a good start to Wednesday night, giving us more important matches, and I love the Best of Series here.  We will see where that goes.

And I loved the World Champion was there to remind us he has the gold.  What happens next week?  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.






















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